Top 6 Cheap Christmas Presents That Look Expensive

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Christmas shopping can be very expensive and stressful. There are lot of thing to do at Xmas like buying Christmas presents, finding the perfect tree , getting the front porch looking stunning for guests, these spending can easily cost upwards of thousands of bucks. 

If you have a super long shopping list to get through but you don’t have much on your budget, there are still some ways to find perfect presents for family, friends, and other important people in your life. In this curated list, you can find cool, fun, and unique items that they’ll actually use and love. All of these finds are less than 35$ and just a click away! 

No matter who you’re shopping for - from your outdoorsy friends to dog cat-loving family members, your dad, mom, grandpa, grandma, kids, these friendly budget gifts are sure to make them feel loved and appreciated. Don’t forget to get yourself some things, too—you deserve it after the year you've had.

Now scroll ahead and get inspired with the 6 best inexpensive, totally affordable-yet-still-cool Christmas and holiday present to surprise all the most important people in your life in the year 2021.

1. Personalized Christmas Ornaments - Price 22.65$

It’s hard to shop for all the loved ones in your life when you’ve got a lot of them and not a lot of money. However, these personalized ornaments can help you make holiday shopping a win-win for both you and your debit card. You can buy in a set of 2 or 5 to save more money! 

We offer the widest range of personalized ornament designs, from Christmas theme, hiking, camping, to wooden dock and so much more. You can find the right ornament for every type of person on your list, from dog lovers, cat lovers, family to friends. These unique and adorable ornaments can look like they cost an arm and a leg but actually quite reasonable. They are lovely and unsurprising gifts that your beloved recipients will cherish for many many years to come. 

CHristmas ornaments unifury cheap gifts

2. Personalized Coffee mugs for those who love coffee - Price 23.95- 27.95$

There are lots of expensive-looking products that cost much less than their look and perform just as well. If you want to celebrate your loved ones at Christmas while still stay on budget, you can select one of these Personalized coffee mugs. They‘re unique and personalized and come in two sizes of your choice. 

Unifury offers a myriad of different designs, that can suit a variety of occasions and recipients.  Just browse our coffee mug collection until you land on something you like, and feel free to personalize the gift that you and your cherished recipient will love most.Furthermore, these mugs are crafted from durable ceramic, microwave-safe as well as dishwasher-safe, which makes them a pleasure to use. 

Christmas mug unifury cheap gifts

3. Personalized campfire mug - Price $ 27.95 

You don’t need to burn through a ton of money to score a luxurious gift, because you’ve got this campfire mug.Sturdy and stylish with stainless steel and an enamel finish, and customized designs on both sides, it is simple but charming enough to elevate your loved one’s daily mood.

Personalized campfire mug

4. Personalized tote bag - Price $30.65

If you’re looking for a gift that’s functional and surprisingly elegant for any woman in your life, why not choose a personalized canvas tote bag. The tote bags come in different designs for all tastes. Incredibly well designed and constructed, machine washable for cleanliness and durability, these tote bags would become her most favorite daily essential. 

Tote bag Christmas gift - cheap gifts

5. Personalized face masks - Price $17.65

In the age of the coronavirus pandemic, we all need a few extra face masks, which is why anyone would appreciate a beautiful and stylish one. There are a ton of personalized options to choose from (including seasonal ones) to best suit your recipient’s taste and style. Our affordable face masks are not only unique in design but also comfortable to wear.Made with moisture-wicking material that is soft, cozy, and breathable, your recipients will love to wear it whenever they go out. 

Personalized face masks Unifury

6. Personalized Stone Coasters - Price 36.95 (set of four)

The set of four beautiful personalized stone coasters can make a brilliant and beautiful Christmas gift that everyone will cherish. Crafted from natural soapstone, our coasters can absorb sweating from cold drinks or stand the heat of hot coffees and teas. Each coaster has a cork backingthat keeps your favorite surfaces, tables scratched and damaged-free. Furthermore, the unique and personalized elegant design printed on each can bring a personal and glamorous touch to anyone’s table. 

Personalized Stone Coasters

Wrapping up:

The holiday is almost here and it’s a perfect time to start thinking about Christmas gifts for family, friends, and anyone special in your life. While it’s the most usual time that people can easily throw the caution to the wind and spend crazily, you can try Secret Santa gifts with a small budget.

With these inexpensive but cool and festive finds above, we hope you can find appropriate gifts for family and friends. Let spread Christmas cheer and joy without feeling guilty for spending way more than you’d planned. We hope you have a very merry (and cheap) Christmas – good luck with the budgeting.

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