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Christmas gifts for dog lovers

The world has been divided into two categories: dog lovers who are so in love with their fur friends and the rest. If you fall into that latter category, it can be tricky to find a perfect Christmas present for a dog lover in your life, something that is practical, meaningful, or maybe both, (even in case you’re a dog-obsessed human too). 

When you're making your Christmas gift list, we encourage you to think a bit about their fur-four-legged friends, something that the owners can enjoy with their pups at home, in the office, on a walk, or wherever else they go. 

To help you make gift-giving much easier, we’ve rounded up all the best Christmas gifts for dog lovers, dog owners, and anyone passionate about pets. From chic coffee mugs, beautiful wall arts, new home accessories to funny dog lover gifts, these ideas are sure to bring lovely smiles to their faces. 

So without further ado, here are the best dog and dog owner Christmas gifts! 

Heartwarming Christmas Gifts For Dog Lovers

The special bond between humans and dogs is one that's uniquely cherished. Loyal, gorgeous, playful, and affectionate are some of the many beautiful words to describe our true man's best friend. When it comes to shopping for dog-loving people, a gift that cherishes this powerful bond will always win. 

This Christmas, you can surprise any dog lover in your life with a personalized dog gift that they will never expect but always treasure. There are a few best-selling and top-rated ornaments, coffee mugs, and apparel on the list below that you don’t want to miss. 

1.1. Christmas Ceramic Ornament gifts for dog lovers

Christmas time is a great occasion to cherish dog lovers in your life. This ornament features the whole dog family sitting around the campfire which is beautiful and adorable. Not only does it brings warmth and a cozy atmosphere to the home, but also makes any dog parents feel loved and appreciated. 

Christmas Ceramic Ornament gifts for dog lovers

1.2 Dog Mug Gifts for dog lovers

The dog-lover in your life won't be able to resist this beautiful coffee mug, perfect for morning coffee, night hot drink, cold brew with the love of their favorite four-legged best friend on every sip. Design now! 

 Personalized dog mug Christmas gifts for dog lovers

1.3. Dog Mom Dad Long Sleeve Christmas Gifts For Dog Lovers

Comfy, cozy, and beautiful, this Christmas long sleeve is just the thing to give your favorite dog lover this holiday season. You will love the ability to customize every detail, such as skin tones, hairstyles, dog breeds, and the option to put angel wings on. Such a truly sentimental gift to give this Christmas season! 

Personalized dog mom dad Long Sleeve Christmas gifts for dog lovers

1.4. Dog Blankets Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers

There isn’t much that says “cozy” quite like curling up with a good blanket. This super-light weighted, soft blanket is designed to keep your beloved dog-loving friends warm during the frosty winter months. 

Personalized dog Fleece Blanket gifts for dog lovers - DOG & COUPLE

1.5. Beautiful Canvas Prints for Dog Lovers

Dogs are not only human’s best friends but also our great travel companions! If you have outdoorsy pals who love bringing their dogs anywhere they go, then this pickup truck personalized canvas is a perfect way to win their hearts. It comes with multiple available design options, from beautiful backgrounds, travel quotes, to dog happy faces so that you can make the gift close to life. No one ever says no to this special, adorable gift! 

Personalized canvas print wall art gifts for dog cat lovers - Pickup Truck

Christmas Gifts For Women Who Love Dog

We all know a woman who loves dogs. Although the list guide above works well for both men and women, we have compiled a special list of gifts for every dog-loving woman. Whether you’re buying for your wife, mom, grandma, friends, or even yourself, these personalized picks below are sure to bring a euphoric feeling to your special recipients on Christmas night.

2.1. Christmas Mugs For Dog Mom

For the dog-loving woman who loves coffee, consider creating a personalized Christmas Mug so she can enjoy her drinks in style. This cup is available in two sizes and comes with dozens of personalized options. Microwave and dishwasher safe! 

personalized dog & cat Christmas accent mug

2.2. Personalized Stone Coasters - Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers

If you’re shopping for someone who loves home decor and dogs, you can never go wrong with a stylish personalized coaster set. Not only does the design look amazing, but the coaster set makes perfect holders for resting her favorite morning cup of tea or any beloved beverage. 

Elegant, long-lasting, and durable, this stone coaster set will make a great gift to be cherished and well-used for many years to come. 

Dog Coasters

2.3. Personalized accent mug gifts for those who adore dogs and books

When you’re thinking about the best gift for the dog-loving woman who also describes herself as a bookaholic, this accent mug with a funny saying is highly recommended. She can enjoy hours of the day reading with her beloved pups around. The adorable accent mug would become such a special Christmas gift to give during this holiday! 

accent mug gifts for dog lovers - Dogs & Books

2.4. Personalized Rounded canvas tote bag for Dog Mom

Surprise her with a beautiful canvas tote bag that she can bring her puppies to whenever she goes! The tote bag features up to five adorable dogs’ faces, their names, a few paw prints, and all of the elements are designed perfectly. She can proudly show off her love to her canine friends. 

canvas tote bag gift ideas for dog lovers - Dog Mom

2.5. Funny Doormat Gifts For Dog Lovers 

This funny doormat will enhance her entryway design with laughter. All guests must be approved by the dogs! Not only serves a practical purpose, but this doormat is a funny way to inform the presence of cute four-legged animals in this house. 

Personalized doormat gifts for dog lovers - Funny

Christmas Gifts For Men Who Love Dog

How can we describe a man who loves dogs? It’s possible to tell that he’s got a big heart and is capable of giving time, energy, and affection to something other than himself. Because he is a loving person who always cares about others, he deserves some special treats on Christmas. Following the gift guide, you can find some practical and meaningful gifts to cherish any great dog dad in your life. 

3.1. Personalized Dog Dad Dog Mom Coffee Mug

Does the man love coffee and dogs? If yes, this coffee mug is an excellent Christmas gift. You can select specific breeds and add the dogs’ names on the backside. Everything tastes better with this mug because it contains the pure love of his fur friends. 

Personalized Dog & Cat Owner Mug

3.2. Personalized Dog Owner Hiking Canvas

Through the ages, dogs have become incredible friends to humans, a part of the family. They are kind, loyal, understanding, and serve important roles in our life: protector, helper, lifesaver, and companion. The bond between dogs and humans is unbreakable, precious, and deserves to be cherished with a special treat. 

This Christmas, show off your love to your great dog owners and their babies by giving them this special canvas print. It is high-quality and very realistic-looking. This would become the present you are most excited to give this holiday. 

Custom Dog Canvas Print Wall art for Dog Lovers Hiking

3.3. Personalized Dog Dad Dog Mom Long Sleeve - Christmas Gifts

Crafted from cotton for comfort, this Long Sleeve T-shirt is comfortable, versatile, and reliable. It has a festive personalized Xmas print that’s sure to bring a smile to his face. 

dog mom dad Long Sleeve Christmas gifts for dog lovers

3.4. Puppy Love Monogram Steel Sign 

This Monogram Steel Sign will make a perfect addition to his favorite space. Simple yet powerful, this sign can be customized with the pet's name. If you’re looking for a unique and unforgettable gift for any dog-loving man in your life, then this sign is just a perfect thing to give. 

Custom Metal Art Puppy Love Monogram - Steel Sign

3.5. Polyblend washable fabric cloth face mask

This is the cutest face mask your dog lover has ever seen. Check out the whole pawdorable collection now.

 Polyblend washable fabric cloth face mask

Memorial Christmas Gifts For Dog Lovers

In the last part of this article, we would suggest you some meaningful and heartfelt memorial gifts that you can select to honor the beautiful life of your dog or give it to any grieving dog lover. Some of the gifts include the image of your beloved animals, some represent the thoughtful conversation between your dogs with the rainbow or heaven backgrounds. These gifts can serve as special remembrances of your loving pets or a way to keep your loving friends close to your hearts. 

4.1. Dog Memorial Rainbow Bridge Christmas Ceramic Ornaments

This memorial ornament will keep the memories of your loving animals that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, beautifully on the Christmas tree. Not only are heartwarming tributes to the loving dogs you'll never forget but also make thoughtful gifts that your dog-loving friends and family will cherish all year long. 

“Your wing was ready but my heart was not.”

4.2. Custom Memorial Dog Blanket 

Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is never an easy experience. You will never forget, still talk and miss them every day. There will forever be a place in your heart and memories you'll forever cherish that will never go away. This super-soft blanket gives you a chance to keep the fond memories alive now and forever.

Fleece Blanket They still talk about you

4.3. Personalized Memorial Dog Cat Photo Ornament 

Keep the cherished memories of your fur friends close in your heart with these beautiful ornaments. It is made of quality material and is able to personalize with a pet's image, name, and a memorial saying of your choice. What a nice way to memorialize your pet during the Christmas season! 

You have left my side but never leave my heart

4.4. What the entrance to heaven must look like - Throw Pillow 

We believe that pets who gave us their whole life are waiting to greet us in heaven. From very very high above, they are still watching us every single day. Soft, cozy, and beautiful, This Throw Pillow is such a heartwarming gift that you’ll love to give this season. 

What the entrance to heaven must looks like

4.5. Waiting at the Door - Canvas Print

Losing your loved fur-baby is devastating enough. But remembering the moment they were waiting for you to come home at the front door can be even worse. This canvas print is a touching gift to give a dear friend or family member whose pets have gone away. 

Waiting at the Door Canvas

Final Thought 

Christmas is coming, and it’s a perfect time to prepare super fun, thoughtful, and useful gifts for your loved ones. If you’re buying for a dog lover, these suggested presents above are just the right things to give out. 

From personalized items that just bring a tear to your giftee’s eyes to practical products that they can use again and again, you can find perfect items to get the wagging tail friends and their great owners some serious smiles. 

Don’t forget to visit our Christmas Gifts for Cat Lovers collection to get awesome ideas. 

Check these out and Happy shopping!

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