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30 Quotes to Celebrate National Dog Day 2023

30 Quotes to Celebrate National Dog Day 2023

Dogs are more than just pets; they are loyal friends, protectors, and family members. A four-legged friend will make our life so much better and why we should truly appreciate these amazing companions every day. Celebrated annually on August 26th, National Dog Day is a great opportunity to appreciate our canine friends and the love and joy they bring to our lives. 

In this article, we've compiled 30 inspiring National Dog Day quotes that capture the spirit and essence of dogs. Whether you're a dog owner, a dog lover, or simply looking for some heartwarming words, these quotes will remind you of the special place that dogs hold in our hearts. So, Let's spread the love and appreciation for our furry friends with these 30 inspirational quotes, messages, and wishes from the list below. 

Why do we celebrate National Dog Day on 26 August?

August 26 every year is recognized by many animal lovers as National Dog Day. Created by Colleen Paige in 2004, in the US, she is also the founder of the National Cat Day holiday (October 29). ), National Puppy Day (March 23), and many other pet holidays. The purpose of National Dog Day is for you to be more aware of the animal's importance to life and express your love for dogs.

On this day, dog lovers often show their close affection and love for their pet dogs. Many people even go to animal care centers to adopt abandoned or homeless dogs. Since being first celebrated by celebrities and animal lovers in 2004, National Dog Day has received much support from people around the world. 

There are many ways to honor and show love to the dog on National Dog Day. If you are a dog lover, also explore the article below.

How to Celebrate National Dog Day

There are many things to do on national dog day. We love to recommend dog lovers suggestions to celebrate this meaningful holiday:

  1. Adopt a puppy or abandoned dog from your local animal shelter.
  2. Donate food, toys, or an old mattress to animal shelters
  3. Check your house to make sure there is nothing dangerous your dog can step on, this should be checked regularly
  4. Give your dog a gift: maybe a toy, or a snack
  5. Take your dog out to play, so that he can freely run, play and release energy (please do this after translation).
  6. Participating in supporting animal protection organizations
Cute national dog day quotes

Cute national dog day quotes

Every little thing above is important and meaningful to your dog. And if you can do all of the above, believe that you have contributed to improving the lives and longevity of children.

National Dog Day Quotes

Dogs have been faithful friends of humans for thousands of years. Here are some good National Dog Day quotes.

  1. "If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and man." - Mark Twain.
  2. "A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself." - Josh Billings.
  3. "The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven, not man's." - Mark Twain.
  4. "The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants." - Johnny Depp.
Happy national dog day quotes

Happy national dog day quotes

Fun National Dog Day Quotes

If you are looking to share your pride and love for your dog with everyone, these funny National Dog Day quotes below will help you. Although the words are simple, these beautiful stories about dogs show the feelings of the owner for their dogs.

  1. A lover may not have one, but a dog must have one.
  2. A man's life has three loyal friends: a good wife, a dog raised since childhood, and some money of his own.
  3. The more I look at humanity, the more I love my dog.
  4. Dogs can talk, but only to those who know how to listen.
  5. If you want a friend, get a dog.
Love national dog day quotes

Love national dog day quotes

National Dog Day Simple Quotes

Dogs are loyal animals close to humans or a long time ago. The dog is a close friend who will never betray you. The following National Dog Day quotes will help you understand more about these adorable puppies.

  1. Dogs are not our whole life, but they make up our whole life.
  2. A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than it loves itself.
  3. Dogs are great friends, they always accompany us whether happy or sad, especially never giving up until the last breath.
  4. Life is too short, so dogs have to spend the rest of their lives with us, and they spend most of their time waiting for us to come home every day.
  5. Dogs are inherently the greatest teacher to help you better understand loyalty.
National black dog day quotes

National black dog day quotes

National Dog Day Wishes

All dogs have unconditional love for their owners. These days, in addition to activities, to Celebrate National Dog Day, you can also give dogs best wishes.

  1. Hope that all the dogs in this world are sincerely loved.
  2. Happy National Dog Day! This day is for all lovely dogs!
  3. Best wishes for all sweet dogs on National Dog Day.
  4. All dogs deserve to be loved on National Dog Day and every day.
National dog day 2022 quotes

National dog day 2022 quotes

National Dog Day Message

August 26 is also a perfect day for you to send your dog sympathy National Dog Day Messages.

  1. When you save a dog, it may not be in your world, but you change their world.
  2. A dog will not care whether you are clever or stupid, beautiful or ugly, just give your heart to it, and it will give it back to you.
  3. When a dog is abandoned, no matter how painful, he will find the place that once gave them love.
  4. Life is too short, so dogs have to spend the rest of their lives with us, and they spend most of their time waiting for us to come home every day.
National dog day quotes

National dog day quotes

National Dog Day Slogans

Every year, August 26 is not only the day that dog lovers celebrate National Dog Day to honor their dogs. Let's spread that pet dog love to everyone around through the slogans below. 

  1. If you want a true friend, adopt a dog.
  2. With dogs, there is no need for an exact National Dog Day. For them, happy days with their owners are all National dog days.
  3. Let's make every day for your dog a special National Dog Day.
  4. Happy National Dog Day! Happy dogs!
Quotes for national dog day

Quotes for national dog day

Wrapping up

Whatever you do to celebrate International Dog Day, remember to do it with your sincerest love. It is an opportunity for us to help people understand more that dogs, regardless of being raised or abandoned, regardless of breed, need a lot of care and affection from people. Once you adopt a dog or any other animal, be responsible for them.

Giving you and your dog all the best messages and National Dog Day quotes. Wish everyone always be happy with their lovely dog.

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