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About Our CEO

Lya Myers

Lya's journey as an entrepreneur and CEO of Unifury is a testament to her creativity, passion, and commitment to spreading kindness and joy in the world. Her love for beauty and emotion has been transformed into unique and personalized products that have touched the lives of millions.


  • Education: University of San Francisco
  • Major: Business Administration


Lya is a passionate entrepreneur, loving mother, and dog mom who has always been attracted to beauty and emotion in simple things. Her career began as a manager in an IT company, where she honed her leadership skills for over a decade. However, she felt unfulfilled and yearned to create something of her own. This led her to start Unifury, a gift company that specializes in personalized products for the US market.

Lya's creativity and eye for beauty have been the driving forces behind Unifury's success. She is a loving mother to her two young daughters and a dedicated dog mom to her loyal companion who showers her with unconditional love. Lya's passions and life experiences are reflected in the products and services offered by Unifury.


Unifury's success can be measured by the sheer number of items sold on its platform. With over 50,000 items sold on a single e-commerce platform, Unifury has become a household name in personalized gift-giving. Millions of customers have purchased Unifury's unique and special products that cannot be found anywhere else.


At the core of Unifury's mission is the belief that personalized gifts have the power to brighten someone's day and bring joy to their life. Lya and her team strive to create products that are not only special but also deeply meaningful. Whether it's a personalized gift for a significant other or a keepsake to commemorate a special moment in life, Unifury aims to transform creative ideas and heartfelt moments into tangible forms that can be seen, worn, or given away.


Unifury's primary goal is to help customers nurture and strengthen their close relationships. Lya believes that personalized gifts have the power to bring people closer and make them feel more connected. With Unifury, Lya hopes to be a part of her customers' special moments and events, and for her products to serve as a reminder of the love and bond that exists between people.