15 Best Halloween Activities And Ideas for Kids and Adults 2021

Halloween activities 2021 for kids and adults

ï»żIt's the most wonderful time of the year

There are plenty of fun and interesting Halloween activities from carving pumpkins, dressing up as someone else,decorating your haunted house, or participating in trick or treating. So who else doesn't love Halloween?

While last year felt like an extra-long episode of an honor movie, many people are wondering what trick-or-treating looks like for Halloween 2021. Kids won't be able todisplay their costumes to the furthest extent, but hope remains because there's still plenty of things to do with their family to celebrate the fall holiday. 

Today, we've compiled a big list of super fun and creatively satisfying activities for kids and adults to do throughout this October. Check out these Halloween activities that will get you in the mood for the spooky season!

Create Custom Halloween Costumes

If you and your kids can't participate in crowded Halloween activities, you can still show off your costumes at home! Dress up as a ghost or wear aPersonalized Hoodie or Sweatshirt for a distinct look. And don't forget to set up a Halloween fashion show so everyone can display their best creative costumes!

Custom Halloween Costumes

Monster Freeze Dance

It's the best time to encourage your kids to show off their best dance moves and look as silly as possible. Put on some Halloween tunes and have the kids boogie until the music stops when they have to freeze. Anyone keeps moving while the music playing is out of the game. The last monster standing is the winner.

Monster Freeze Dance

Visit A Haunted House

Visiting the haunted house or a haunted town is one of the most loved Halloween activities. Make sure you practice social distancing, wear a Halloween face mask, and bring hand sanitizer. 

Visit A Haunted House

Need some ideas on how to choose aHalloween Face Mask, please click here! 

Decorate Cookies or Cupcakes

How does Halloween look without an abundance of sweets and cookies? Delight your little monster with some super fun and spooky cupcakes or cookies. Whether you go for black cats, spooky ghosts, or scary skulls, there is sure to be something to impress and satisfy your kids. 

Halloween Decorate cookies

Make Your Own Mummies

Do you have in your mind some Halloween activities and games? Divide children into groups of three to five kids. Choose one child to play the role of "mummy" in each group, and give the others a roll or two of toilet paper. Instruct the kids to wrap the mummy on paper, exposing the eyes, nose, and mouth. The first team to finish their roll of paper wins. 

Make Your Own Mummies

Play “Bob For Apples”

Apple bobbing is one of the most common Halloween Activities. All you need is a large tub or a basin filled with water and some apples. Players will try to catch apples with their teeth, and no arms use! In this game, the whole family can enjoy and have fun together. 

Play “Bob For Apples”

Play Halloween Puzzle

If you're looking for a Halloween activity that the whole family can enjoy, then playing puzzles is one of the great choices. Unifury has an abundance ofHalloween jigsaw puzzles to be personalized. After finishing the puzzle, you can see the amazing picture of your family. You can turn it into a beautiful canvas print and hang it on your wall! 

Play Halloween Puzzle

Craft Some Stone Decorations

Collect a few smooth stones from the yard or garden, and let your kids draw some silly and scary faces. Then, you can use these stones as Halloween decorations. 

Craft Some Stone Decorations

Make A Wonderfully Wicked Halloween Decoration

This time of the year, why don't you try to do some fun DIY decorating that will make your house look more festive—of course, still scary. Decorate your porch with spooky DIY Halloween wreaths, witch brooms on the door, or oversized spiders to impress any guests who visit your party. If you are not good at creativity, you can browse ourPersonalized Halloween Indoor Decor Collection to get more ideas. 

Make A Wonderfully Wicked Halloween Decoration

Turn Your Home Into A Haunted House

It's the perfect time to fill your house with spooky decorations. You can set up a cemetery or hang up ghosts, display aHalloween Personalized Garden Flag to make your garden or yard truly spooktacular! Finally, add some fake spider web and scatter evil eyes around to make your house more spooky! 

Halloween Personalized Garden Flag

Throw A Halloween Party

When it comes to throwing a memorable Halloween party, you may need to pay attention to details. You can decoratecreative and unique home decorations, wearHalloween Costumes, prepare trick or treating for kids, orhostess party favors for your guests. We're sure all the guests will have a ghoulishly good time!

Surprise Your Neighbors With A Candy Drop-off

Well, Halloween is a really fun day to surprise your neighbors or friends with a special treat on their doorstep. You can leave instructions or notes on how to BOO other neighbors. Hopefully, they will continue the chain, and it will spread the fun spirit throughout the whole neighborhood.

Surprise Your Neighbors With A Candy Drop-off

BOO Your Loved One With Personalized Gifts

Gifting is not a common Halloween activity; there are plenty of reasons to surprise your loved ones with a little something that they won't expect. If you have a friend or your loved one who's obsessed with Halloween, they are sure to cherish small presents in October. VisitUnifury’s Halloween collection to find perfect, scary gifts for your loved ones! 

Read the article to find more gift ideas on Halloween!

Don't forget your Pets 

Halloween is the funniest season, and you can celebrate this day with your beloved dogs and cats. There are many great Halloween activities that you can join with your fur friends! You can involve your dog's kittens in pumpkin carving, decorate the house with your Pet Canvas Prints , buy a Halloween Coffee Mug with your dog happy face or enjoy Halloween inside. We hope you will have a wonderful time with your pets this season! 
Halloween Coffee Mug

Enjoy Scary Movies

Finally, reward yourself with an honor movie! October is a great time to enjoy the spookiest, silliest, and best Halloween movies. Make yourself aHalloween cup of coffee, wrap up ina soft and warm Halloween Personalized Blanket, and watch your favorite; well, what do you need more for October?

We hope you enjoy our list of Halloween activities! Please leave a comment below and let us know what your plan for this holiday season is! 

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