20 Best Friend Christmas Gifts 2021 - Adorable Ideas for Female BFF

20 Best Friend Christmas Gifts 2021 - Adorable Ideas for Female BFFs

Tons of adorable, funny, and heartwarming ideas ahead.

Having great friends is one of the most precious gifts in your life. They have always been there for you, through life’s ups and downs, whether it’s good or bad times. They make you laugh and give you a lot of support at the toughest of the time, they will answer your phone no matter how late it is. For that reason, and so much more, they deserve extra-thoughtful gifts in this suggestion “Best Friend Christmas Gifts 2021”.

Finding Christmas gifts that are as incredible as your BFFs can be tricky. To help, we’ve rounded up a list of amazing ideas that every type of friend will love. Most of the picks arepersonalized, some of them are made to make your BFFs smile, while the others can bring an emotional feeling to both. You can find tons of special goodies for your besties, whether it’s yourlong-distance pal who you miss madly or yourchildhood friend who becomes your sister. 

Just browse the list until you land on something to cherish your special people. We promise you will find awesome Christmas gifts that your friends would be excited to open up for the holiday! 

Personalized Christmas Ornaments Best Friends

When you want to honor your friendships or just remember your friends how you love them dearly, these Christmas Ornaments for best friends can get you well on the way. Share these adorable ornaments with your besties or even create some beautiful ones for you too. 

Personalized best friend Christmas gift ideas Ceramic Ornament

Best Friend Ornaments On Beach Background 

Your besties will love the way the ornaments turn out. It perfectly captures a group of friends watching the sea and enjoying peaceful moments together. Imagine how adorable these ornaments are when they are hung around the Christmas trees. Click hereto design! 

 Personalized best friend Christmas gift ideas Ceramic Ornament

Best Friends Ornaments On Hiking background 

Vacation may end but memories last forever! Remember your last trip to the mountain with these beautiful, customized ornaments from Unifury. Your besties will cherish them as much as you do! hiking ornaments circle


Personalized Best Friend Gifts Coffee Mug

Nothing will make your besties a little emotional quite like a custom illustrated image of your friends and you on the BFFs mug, especially with a sweet personalized message on the backside. This mug will make her each and everyday morning coffee more cheerful and delightful. 

best friend birthday gifts Coffee Mug - Wooden Dock

Long-Distance Relationship Coffee Mug For Besties 

True friendship continues to grow even over the longest distance. If you and your best friend live far away, there is still a way to express how much she really means to you. This coffee mug has a perfect capture of you and your best friend on the one side, while on the other, you can customize the states or countries where you live. The line connecting two hearts in each state represents that your friendship will last forever no matter how far you have been from each other. This is such a sentimental sweet gift to give friends this Christmas season. 

Personalized best friend Coffee Mug Long Distance Relationship

Long-Distance Relationship - Canvas Print

Another option to cherish your best friend from far away is giving her a beautiful friendship canvas print. You can customize your bestie by selecting available online options or uploading a photo of your choice. Each time she passes by the picture, the lovely friendship memories are sure to come up that will bring a happy smile to her face. 

 Personalized BFF Long Distance Relationship Canvas - Wooden Dock Personalized best friend birthday gifts Canvas Print Long Distance Relationship

Best Friend Christmas Gift Ideas Fleece Blanket

Anxiety and stress have nothing on this top-rated blanket, available in an array of sizes, and personalized options. This luxury best friend blanket is such a sweet reminder of your friendship. When she’s feeling down, snuggling up in this blanket makes her a little better. 

Personalized best friend Christmas gift ideas Fleece Blanket

Long-Distance Relationship Coffee Mug Gifts - Night Sky

What does distance mean when it comes to a true friendship? No matter how far apart you are, this long-distance coffee mug will constantly remind her about the beautiful memories you spent together. With a sweet “Always Remember We Are Under The Same Sky Looking At The Same Moon book ” motif, this is guaranteed to put a smile on her face every time she enjoys her tea or coffee!

Personalized Best Friends Long Distance Relationship Coffee Mug Gifts - Night Sky

Personalized Best Friend Spiral Journal - Custom Message

From jotting down to-do lists or doodles to brainstorming strategies on the job, this spiral journal is a perfect way to help her keep everything organized. It features beautiful designs, fun friendship sayings that will always bring her joy and comfort. It will become her must-have item keeping her up with the busy school or workday stress-free!

Personalized best friend birthday gifts spiral journal - Beach - Custom Message

Personalized Pillow Gift For Best Friends

This crazy pillow gift for best friends is a beautiful and charming way to tell how much your besties really mean to you. It can serve as a Christmas present for best friends or a special gift for her birthday, friendship day, or just because. She will love using this every single day. 

Best friend pillow - birthday gifts

Silky Sleep Mask Gifts For Your Friends

This silky sleep mask helps her take midday naps or rest easier. It blocks out all light. This is an incredibly lightweight, comfortable sleep mask that can be used anywhere - in a bed, on a flight, on a long car ride, while camping. 

Sleep Mask - Pink

Personalized Best Friend Gift Campfire Mug - Summer Camping

Camping is a lot of fun, especially when you go with your besties. Sitting around the campfire, sharing stories, and enjoying the moment with no distractions would become the best memories. This campfire mug will remind her about the last wonderful trip and serves as an ideal best friend Christmas gift that she always cherishes. You can simply add personalized options, names, hairs, skin tones to match yours. 

Personalized best friend birthday gifts Campfire Mug - Summer Camping

Best Friend Rounded Canvas Tote Bag - Wooden Dock

What makes better Christmas gifts for friends than a canvas tote bag with an amazing personalized picture of you and your besties. It’s spacious enough to store all her everyday essentials. While she will look gorgeous and stylish with our Canvas tote bag, she always thinks about her best friends and the best friendship memories.

rounded canvas tote bag - Wooden Dock

Best Friend Christmas Stone Coasters

Christmas is a perfect time to gather with friends and family to enjoy each other's company while you exchange gifts. This year, if you want to surprise your best friend with something she will never expect, a set of 4 adorable stone coasters would be a perfect choice. It captures a magical moment when everyone is sitting around the fireplace and enjoying the warmth and joys of the holiday. Such a beautiful gift to give this season. 

best friend Christmas gift ideas stone coasters

Personalized Skinny Tumbler Gift Ideas For Curvy Girls

Nothing is as incredible and unique as your bestie but this skinny tumbler comes pretty close. Adding a personal touch just makes it true to life. Choose a body style to match her, and add a saying to tell how special she is. She will love using this skinny tumbler again and again. 

skinny tumbler gift ideas for curvy girls

Women's Satin Pajama Set

She will love having a new fresh Pajama. It is made from luxurious silk-like satin fabric, lightweight, and comfortable year-round wear!

Women's Satin Pajama

Personalized Coffee Mug Gifts For Dog Lovers - Dogs & Books

If dogs and books are her best friends too, why not combine her interests into one gift. She will appreciate your effort and time when picking this item. This item will bring a lovely smile to her face. 

Personalized Coffee Mug Gifts For Dog Lovers - Dogs & Books

Personalized Yoga Mat For Dog Lovers

If you have a friend who loves yoga, give her a personalized yoga mat that will inspire her to practice all year. She will love looking at this adorable personalized design that she is hugging her beloved fur friend. This would become her favorite workout essential, for sure! 

dog lovers yoga mat - Dog Mom - Mountain Hiking

Ugg Slippers For A Friend Who Has Cold Feet

Soft and warm slippers make lovely best friend Christmas gifts. These slippers will give a cushion to her feet while walking around the house and doing daily chores. It consistently is a good fit, holds up extremely well, and is so wonderful for relaxing her feet after a long day on high heels. 

Slip Suede Soft Sole Slippers Shoes

Personalized Fleece Blanket - First They Steal Your Heart, Then They Steal Your Bed

If your best friend loves her pets as much as she loves you, then selecting a gift associated with her fur babies is an excellent choice. This blanket with the funny saying “First they steal your heart, then they steal your bed” will make your bestie’s day more delightful and special. 

First they steal your heart, then they steal your bed

Wrapping up

If you have one or a group of friends, who are always beside you in happy as well as sad times, you must be highly grateful to God. They share with you everything from the smallest, they inspire you to grow into a better version of yourself. While they never ask for a return, your best friends definitely deserve something special on Christmas. 

There is a saying that “Best friends are like diamonds”, then you should always treasure yours with great love and care! After reading the article, we hope that you can find some perfect best friend Christmas gift ideas to surprise your besties. Hope you enjoy our list and have a wonderful holiday ahead! 

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