2021 Holiday: How to Make Your Christmas Shopping Early, Hassle-free?

2021 Holiday: How to Make Your Christmas Shopping Early, Hassle-free?

Halloween isn’t officially over, yet you should definitely have holiday shopping on your mind! 

Just like last year, 2021 is shaping up to be an eventful year. The delta variant of COVID19 has created uncertainty about how the holiday will look like. Product shortages, delivery delays, continued social distancing protocols, and many challenges that did not exist prior to the epidemic can make this year’s shopping more stressful than ever. If you haven’t planned yet or wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday to kick off the season, we highly recommend you start thinking about your Christmas shopping right now. At this point, no one can predict this year with certainty, but you still can make this year’s Christmas shopping and holiday preparations easy, smooth, painless, and hassle-free. 

What will Christmas shopping look like in 2021?

According topredictions from CNBC, holiday sales this year are anticipated to increase by at least 7% over last year. However, due to the shortages of workers, supply chain disruptions which are the results of the outbreak of COVID in many parts of the world, retailers may be in trouble restocking items and delivering goods to their customers quickly. As a consequence, customers may expect fewer discounts, longer shipping times, and limited inventory both online and in physical stores. 

Holiday shipping delay example

Earlier holiday shopping has also become a trend this year. While most Americans will wait to start their shopping in November or later this year, 27% of holiday consumers start their shopping before Halloween - right around peak pumpkin season, as reported bya survey of Many retailers, with both online and physical locations, are starting their holiday promotions earlier than in years past to encourage customers to start Christmas shopping in advance. Not only do people anticipate the delays in delivery but also experts suggest that this is the most ideal way for consumers to get their orders both online and in-store on time.

This holiday is also expected to be one of the busiest online shopping seasons on record, which will have a major impact on DHL, USPS, UPS, FedEx, and other delivery services. If you don't want to deal with the stress of unexpected delivery delays or fast shipping costs like last year, you should act right now. Shop early and do as much as possible before December when most people will start shopping during their holiday.

How to make 2021 Christmas shopping stressful-free, hassle-free!

1. Make A List…

As always, you should have a detailed plan to make everything a whole lot easier. Start thinking about where and when you should be shopping. Write down your to-do list and brainstorm everything you need to do. This is the easiest way to make your season shopping organized!  

Christmas plan - to-do-list example

Decide who you need to buy gifts for. Your list may include your close family or friends, co-workers, teachers, and more. Next to each person's name, add some additional details like ages, hobbies, relationships, favorite colors or more so you can get more hints when shopping for those people. 

Finally, think about what kind of presents suit the recipients most. Have a rough idea of what secret Santa gifts would delight your beloved? Just write it down. And remember two things: The best gifts do not come from a store or anywhere but should go straight from your heart and buy gifts that they actually want and use. 

We all have a person that’s impossible to shop for. You should listen to the people on your list for any hints they drop about gift wishes for inspiration. You can browse our Christmas gift collection and our Christmas gift guide to get more ideas. 

Christmas wish list

2. Have A Christmas Shopping Budget

Before jumping on any Christmas shopping, take time to determine your ideal budget, and how much you will spend on each person. It’s crucial! The holiday always equates to spending lots of moolah, and we’re sure that you don’t want to end up getting into debt and paying it off well till the next April. 

After you set a Christmas shopping budget, just stick to it – then overspending shouldn’t be an issue this year. Make sure you include all other aspects of holiday shopping such as wrapping paper, cards, decorations, and shipping fees. Don’t forget to check out the article “6 types of Affordable Christmas gifts but look expensive” to get some ideas of how to have an enjoyable holiday shopping without hurting your debit card. 

3. Subscribing Is Vibe

Say goodbye to Black Friday and Cyber Monday because many retailers now are planning to launch their promotion campaigns ahead of the peak time. Besides, do you know that subscribing is the best way to earn big promotions? Many big brands don’t publish their discounts online officially but they send them to their loyal customers via email. By subscribing to a brand email, you’re the first to hear about news, promotions, product releases. Such a very easy way to score a bargain! 

Let’s join our Unifury community here because there are big, numerous secret discounts waiting for you! 

4. Shop Earlier 

Believe us, the earlier you start shopping the better you get! Don’t leave it till December or Christmas Eve to get started because you may find yourself depleted, pressed for time, and praying for the holidays to be over. 

Being in a rush can make your gift decisions harder. You don’t have an available amount of time to consider each person, their wants and needs then you will be trapped between two less-than-desirable options when all other choices have run out.

Besides, shipping delay is always unpredictable. During the last few months of the year, there is a significant increase in the number of orders and product demand putting retail and shipping industries under high pressure. Especially, in the age of the pandemic, the delivery system is even worst. In order to avoid the worst of it, you should start your holiday shopping as early as you can.

5. Do Your Shopping Online

Luckily, pretty much everything now can be bought from the warmth and coziness of your home This year, instead of going to online stores, you can just sit on your sofa, enjoy your favorite coffee and get everything you need just in a few clicks. Just one thing to remember is that you should focus on their specific holiday shipping schedule so every package and gift can have enough time to be delivered. 

Popular Sites for Buying Christmas Gifts: 

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  • Etsy is an amazing source to get gift ideas and inspiration created by talented artisans around the world.

6. Relax

The last thing to recommend you is to relax and enjoy your hard work. If you already have a detailed plan, budget, just stick to that. We are guaranteed that delays and stress would not be problems this year! 

Final thought

Sorry for reminding you about the Christmas season before you even had a chance to enjoy your spooky season this year. However, Christmas will be here so soon, so don’t let it sneak up on you. The early bird gets worms (and great deals too). 

Christmas is the best time of gathering, gift-giving - the season of joy, warmth, and happiness. We hope these simple, easy Christmas tips will help you get everything you need with as little stress and effort and as possible. Write down your plan, set your ideal budget, and start Christmas shopping right now. Wish you a wonderful holiday!

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