4 Unique Ways To Surprise Your Mom With A Gift

4 Unique Ways To Surprise Your Mom With A Gift

Gifting can be a way of showing you care about someone, or reflecting the care someone has shown you. Gift-giving is also a love language that anyone can learn to speak fluently.

If you're still thinking about how to give a special gift to Mom or Mom-to-be on this Mother's Day, here are unique and heartfelt ways to reveal a gift just for you.

Let's try our creative ways to make your gift even more special.

Happy gift-giving this Mother's Day!

1. Treasure Hunt

Instead of handing over a gift-wrapped box, give Mom clues/questions that lead them to where the gift is. Make it a full-scale scavenger hunt, where one clue leads to another.
Make the clues riddles or inside jokes that only you two would know.

2. Fake-Out Packaging

It can be boring to be handed a wine-bottle-shaped gift that turns out to be just that. A bit of creative packaging can make your gift look like something completely different. Pack the original gift in a prank box that will make them wonder if such a product really exists!
The key here is to make the pressie look less appealing than it actually is – not the other way round!

 Fakeout Package

3. Discovery

This is where you hide your gift somewhere Mom will stumble upon it, getting a pleasant surprise. Hide your gift in a place like a drawer, cabinet, etc that Mom uses daily, but doesn’t expect to find a gift there.
Another option is to leave the gift out on the kitchen table in the morning, next to her bed, on her driving seat, on the coffee table,...


4. Distance Delivery

At times, when the distance is an issue for someone who is far from Mom, getting the gift delivered to her is the only viable option. Receiving a surprise gift in the mail is a big surprise in itself. But to add to it make the gift box interesting as well.
The box will be a big surprise and all the work you did to decorate the box will speak volumes as to how much you love them.

Distance Delivery 

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