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20+ First Mother’s Day Gifts to New Mom That Will Delight and Surprise Her

happy first mother's day

Mother’s Day is going to be important this year for new moms, and it is important to choose a gift that makes them feel cherished and precious. There are a lot of choices when it comes to choosing Mother’s Day gifts for new moms. A keepsake gift, a self-care gift, or a customized gift is something she will treasure, and it will help you make this occasion memorable and meaningful for your daughter or the woman you love.

The meaning of motherhood can differ from person to person. Being a mother is amazing. Let the new mom celebrate the new journey with a smile on her face and let her experience the mother-daughter bond in her unique way this year. Make your daughter or the woman you love feel your love and enable her to create the same loving and everlasting connection with her child.

See the smile on her face as she unwraps her first Mother’s Day gift. Show her how much you love her and appreciate her and let her bask in the warmth of your care and love.

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Why Does First Mother’s Day Deserve Some Celebration?

The first Mother’s Day is a special occasion.

Anyone who has ever been pregnant knows that it’s not always easy. It takes a lot of patience and sacrifice to be able to carry a child for nine months and then gives birth to it. And the woman who manages this deserves some kind of recognition. That’s where Mother’s Day comes in!

There are so many ideas that can be incorporated into making the gift exclusive and meaningful.

Make this day all about her. Celebrate her, cherish her, appreciate her, and tell her the joys of motherhood is more than the hurdles she will face being a new mom.

Mom gifts

    What You Shouldn’t Give a New Mom for Mother’s Day

    Being a new mom is hard by itself, so you must make sure the gifts you pick up do not highlight that angle. It may seem like giving a new mom something for the baby is a safe bet but in reality, she likely has everything she needs to care for the baby. Anything else will just be clutter. You also want to avoid giving her something that doesn’t help her feel appreciated or that puts too much emphasis on how hard it is to be a new mom.

    Let it be her day and make her feel wonderful and excited. Let the good vibes give her the enthusiasm to embark on the new journey of being a mom.

    What You Should Give a New Mom for Mother’s Day

    You will find innumerable options when it comes to deciding on Mother’s Day gifts for new mom. Getting her a personalized Mother's Day gift is a reminder that she is going to be appreciated as the perfect mom all year round today and forever. Customizable gifts are the best way to make these new moms know how much they are thought about.

    New moms need all the support they can get from their loved ones so that they know they are doing the mother’s job perfectly. Getting her something simple and meaningful is a good gesture this Mother’s Day. Make the celebration vibrant and colorful and let the positive vibes of the day envelope the new mother and child.

    Top 20 Mother’s Day Gifts for First-Time Moms

    Personalized Mother’s Day Coffee Mug Gifts for Mom – Custom Photo

    Make this gift unique and special by having a meaningful backdrop, a good quote, a warm message, or a favorite picture. This is one of the affordable gifts you can get for the new mom. Personalizing is what makes the gift special because it is the best way to show her that she is in your thoughts always. Let her feel your warmth and care while sipping her favorite drink every time.

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    Elephant Mom T-Shirt – Our First Mother’s Day T-Shirt – First Mother’s Day Gifts

    An elephant mom t-shirt is a perfect gift for first-time moms. It will make her feel comfortable and cozy while wearing it and is also a reminder of her new mom status. You can customize this with a warm message or an image close to her heart and watch the smile on her face when she wears it. This is something that she will like wearing while being with the baby.

    first mother's day shirts
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    Baby Milestone Blanket

    You can get a soft and warm fleece baby milestone blanket with frills and lace for the new mom on her first Mother’s Day. Choose the color and design you like, custom baby name, and custom the background. By doing that you are making it special and exclusive. It can be used while traveling, camping, sleeping, and other outdoor activities.

    The color, design, and images you choose will showcase your love and support for her in this journey as a first-time mom.

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    Personalized Framed Canvas Gifts

    Get a framed canvas gift and let the first Mother’s Day gifts for new moms bring joie-de-vivre to the first-time mother. Get the happy moments of the mother and child captured and see how this personalized framed canvas gift is going to add to the glamor and luster of her home.

    You can see the walls of the home reverberate with happy memories and the times you have shared together. You can decide where to hang the framed canvas. It can be the living room, bedroom, dining room, or family room.

    framed canvas for new mom
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    Family Blanket

    A family blanket is a thoughtful gift for the new mom. You can get it customized for her to express your warmth and appreciation. Customized Mother's day blanket gifts are good ways to show the bond you share with the new mom, and you can pour your thoughts, favorite quotes, and pictures and get them captured on the blanket to eternity. Watch the smile on her face whenever she uses it.

    family blanket
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    Baby Handprint and Footprint

    This is one of the best keepsake gifts you can give to a first-time mom. It will be fun as well as emotional looking back at them once the baby has become a teenager or an adult. The kit will have all the tools to create the baby’s handprint and footprint without much difficulty. This is going to be a unique gift because no one can have a similar copy of the handprint and footprint.


    handbaby print

    Eternal Hope Necklace Gift for Mom

    A hope eternal necklace is a good choice to give a first-time mom as a first Mother’s Day gift. Get her a customized necklace by choosing her favorite stones. Add a warm note on the gift box and this is the best way to remind her of the mother-daughter love and bond. This gift is timeless, and it is going to last forever. Let her wear it and feel happy just looking at the joy and excitement on her face.

    Eternal Hope Necklace Gift for Mom
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    Silk Sleep Mask

    An eye relaxer is a good thought of gift as first-time moms will not be used to going through continuous sleepless nights. Being silk it will be soft and warm, and they come in many hues. Choose a shade that she likes. See the difference in the dark circles around her eyes the next time you meet her.

    Mom sleep eyes mask

    Source: Amazon

    A Dozen Reasons I Love You, Mom

    There are so many ways to show love to a mother, you can get her a bouquet, chocolates, take her out, buy her gifts, and so on. Why not get her a personalized handmade collection of the reasons why you adore her. You can customize the size, shape, and color and she is going to love this unconventional gift from you.

    a dozen reason I love you

    Source: uncommongoods.com

    Neck Massager

    It is going to be difficult for a new mom when it comes to many things after she becomes a mother. A neck massager will help her relax and give her much-needed pain and stress relief. Post having a baby, new moms will be having body pain and soreness. Watch her secure it to her favorite chair and unwind after a tiring day.

    neck message for mom

    Source: Amazon

    Citrus Matching Family Pajamas & Nightgown

    It is cute to go to bed wearing matching nightwear. Get them a citrus matching pajama and nightgown and let the matching family go to bed looking alike.

    Seasonal Family Pajamas matching family

    Source: Amazon

    The Sh!t No One Tells You

    Usually, first-time moms are unprepared for what is going to happen once the baby comes. They are aware of a lot of things, still, there will be times when they can be caught off-guard. This book is an excellent guide that can help them go through the first year without shedding tears. Many of the tips and tools in the book will be an eye-opener to new moms.

    The shit no one tells you
    Source: The Sh!t No One Tells You: A Guide to Surviving Your Baby's First Year

    Spa Gift Baskets for Women

    Make a spa routine for her and pamper her with a spa basket. Let her day be relaxing and rejuvenating after using the masks and scrubs in the spa basket. This is a good way to make a new mom feel beautiful and good. Go for a personalized spa basket, she is going to feel special with all the products inside, the packaging, and the wrapping.

    Gift spa baskets for women

    Spa Gift Baskets for Women

    Baby Book – The Story of You

    A baby book is a thoughtful gift and is the best way for a mom to document the first year of the baby. She can have pictures, quotes, snippets, and record the events that happened during the one year in the book. It is a good way to bring back nostalgic memories once the baby grows up. No better way to tell the baby’s first-year story than this.

    The story of you - baby book
    Source: Artifact Uprising

    Love At First Sight Sonogram Keepsake Frame

    Thinking of giving a sentimental gift to the new mom? A framed sonogram picture is the ideal gift. It is going to bring back so many fond memories to the new mom. She just has to look at the first picture of the baby and it is a joyous feeling.

    Tiny Ideas Love at First Sight Sonogram Keepsake Photo Frame

    Source: Amazon

    A Heart So Full: Inspirational Messages for New Mom

    The first month and the first year is going to be emotional for a first-time mother. She is going to experience a gamut of emotions that can be positive as well as negative. A book with mom uplifting and inspirational messages is a good idea for a gift. Reading the messages in the book can be motivational and guide her to accept the changes within her with grace and dignity.

    A Heart So Full: Inspirational Messages for New Moms
    Source: Amazon

    LilySilk Silk Pajamas

    Make the new mom feel good this Mother’s Day. Buy her a LilySilk silk pajamas. Let the soft material keep her warm at night and enhance her sleep experience. Get her favorite color and let her feel like royalty while lounging in it.


    LilySilk Silk Pajamas for Women
    Source: Amazon

    Mommy and Me Shirts

    Get customized shirts, either by adding the initials of you and the baby or your favorite picture of both of you. You both can wear it and pose for pictures. Post them on your social media handles. Choose your favorite color for the shirt. Wearing it and walking around on Mother’s Day is going to add to the shenanigans of the day.

    mommy and me t shirts

    Source: Esty

    Funny New Mom Gifts - Socks

    Giving a new mom the gift of custom-made socks is different and a novel thought. You can add a quote, or a message coined by you so that every time she wears it, she will feel the warm thought that has gone behind it.

    funny t shirts

    Source: Esty

    Nappy Decision Coin – Daddy Turn

    Head or tails? This is again an unconventional gift to give a first-time mom. Let her flip the coin and decide whose turn it is to do the chores. No more debates or arguments anymore on who is going to do the work. Just flip the coin and smile.

    funny mom gifts

    Source: Esty

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    Summing It Up

    Have doubts about what to get as Mother’s Day gift for new mom? If your daughter is a first-time mom, choose from the amazing options given above and let her get into the Mother’s Day mood. There is a wide range of products to choose from and make the day extra special and memorable for her.

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