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12 Signs You’re a Crazy Cat Person

12 Signs You’re a Crazy Cat Person

You don’t have to be ashamed if your cat is your best friend. There are various signs you are a crazy cat lover. According to various research, cat lovers are cautious and more independent. So, if you are a cat lover then feel proud of yourself. Whether you need a fun time, a good laugh, or to share your grieving moments, cats are found to be one of the best companions.

Cats are those innocent souls whose small little smiles can light up the whole house. They can be a good way to seek refuge from miseries. If you slightly feel something like this or looking at those little souls make you go aww then congratulations you are surely a cat person.

If you don’t know let us tell you that cats are very good judges of character. Most humans lack this quality but cats can easily judge people’s character and responds according to their analysis. If cats love you and get attracted to you then you must be a good person.

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Here are a few Signs You Not Only Like Cats But Also a Cat Person

If you are a cat person, there are few signs which make you love these adorable creatures. Some of your personality traits are the reason that you love cats. Don’t worry we will explain to you how!

1. You are Messy and Knows Nothing Will Stay in Place

Yes, you read it right! If you love cats around you then one of your prominent characteristics is being messy. Whether it’s an untidy room or creating a mess and spilling milk around, you know you can’t keep everything in place. Cats love to sharpen their nails by scratching here and there so cat lovers make peace with the fact that their home can never be photo perfect.

2. You are Loving Even on your Bad Days

Everyone has their portion of bad days. But, one of the signs you are a crazy cat person is you never hesitate to show your love to your cats even on rainy days. You don’t get enough of your cat and are always ready to love your pet and they love to feel pampered by you. You enjoy your cat’s company more than your friends.

3. You Love to Party Indoor

You are not an introvert but you love to party at home rather than at a nightclub or big friend gathering. You are perfectly content to pass time at home with your cats. However, sometimes you love to stroll around and try new adventures but your cat always stays with you. No way the cat is staying alone at home when you are partying outside.

4. You are Naturally Curious

Just like cats, you are also very curious. You love to learn new things and get very curious to know them. Sometimes also get a bit nosy due to curiosity in your nature. You are a keen observer too because you want to know it all!

5. You are Independent and Mentally Strong

Cat people are independent and strong. They look down on narrow-minded people. you are independent and always strive to be the best. You always want to stand out in the crowd. Sometimes, this characteristic also makes you do some weird stuff like cats. Don’t you think they always try to grab your attention with their tactics?

6. You are More Concerned About Cat Food

More than taking care of your food and eating schedule, you are more concerned about cat food and their feeding schedule. You have made a certain feeding schedule for your cats and you strictly follow it. Also, they start annoying you with their paws around your face if you disturb their eating schedule.

7. You Don’t Get Cranky Easily

Getting annoyed and being cranky is not your primary trait as you are very used to of it. If you are a crazy cat person it is normal for you that your cat climbs on you every now then or sleeps on your laptop. You don’t get cranky on these silly little things you enjoy these moments.

8. You Deal Well with Unpleasant Situations

One of the signs that you are a crazy cat person is that you have strong resistance power and can deal well with unpleasant situations in life. As you are already dealing with your witty cat who can poop anywhere any time or can hunt prey, you are used to of dealing with unpleasant situations.

9. You Love All Cats

If you are a cat person, you love all types of cats not just your cat or any specific kind. Whether you are in a restaurant or park, you adore cats roaming around you. You try to communicate and entertain every cat passing your way.

10. Your Instagram Has More Cat Pictures Than Humans

Whether you have noticed it or not, if you are a cat person your Instagram feed is flooded with cat pictures and stories. You have more cat pictures than any of your human friends. It might sound weird to many people who don’t love cats but you have a fan page of your furry creature.

11. You Hate Loud Noises

Dog lovers love loud noises as it is normal for them to listen to a barking sound all the time, but it’s a big no-no for cat lovers. You love hanging around your cat and staying at home but loud sounds irritate you the most. A small meow sound is enough melody for your ears.

12. You Understand Love

Lastly, but most importantly cat person understands the language of love. If you are a cat person, you don’t need words to understand the love, you are a good judge of sign languages and you strongly believe your intuitions.

So, these signs show you are a crazy cat person and if you ask us you should celebrate it. Very few people possess these interesting qualities altogether. Loving, caring and independent personalities are very rare to find and these qualities make you stand out in the crowd.


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