15 St. Patrick's Day Decor Pieces To Make Your Home Look wonderful

15 St. Patrick's Day Decor Pieces To Make Your Home Look wonderful

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, and it’s time to get into the spirit of the day.

Add a dash of green and get your home ready with St. Patrick’s Day décor! From green candles, balloons to table centerpieces, nameplates, and many more, greenify your space and make it whimsical!

March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland. St. Patrick, the patron Saint of Ireland, and the culture and heritage of the Irish people are celebrated on this day. Legend has it that St. Patrick was kidnapped at the age of sixteen and taken as a slave to Gaelic Ireland where he worked as a shepherd.

It was during his six years there he found God and he believed it was God who helped him get back home. St. Patrick used green shamrocks to teach people about the Holy Trinity and that explains the usage of green in St. Patrick’s Day decorations.

Getting Green For St. Patrick’s Day Decorations

People celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in different ways but what is common is that they use green everywhere. People usually dress up in green, eat special food like corned beef and cabbage, drink Irish beer or green cocktails and decorate their homes with St. Patrick’s Day decorations.

Apart from green, there are many symbols associated with the day such as the shamrock, leprechauns, Irish music and harp, and the Celtic Cross. If you are looking for some great ways to bring a green touch to your home and get into the festive mood of the day, don’t forget to add something green and lucky symbols of Irish to your St. Patrick’s Day decorations.

The cities are decked up in green that day, so wear green while going out, and have a St. Patrick’s Day décor at home to soak in the tradition and spirit of the day.

Making Your House Leprechaun-Approved With 15 St. Patrick’s Day Décor

Garden Flags

Want to get your garden decorated and spruced up for St. Patty’s Day celebrations? Get customized garden flags by adding images of shamrocks or leprechauns to them. That way your outdoor decorations will be in tandem with your indoor St. Patrick’s Day decorations.

st patrick garden flag

St. Patrick’s Day Wreath

Get a wreath made, hang it outside the front door and enhance the St. Patrick’s décor of your home. Choose from shamrock wreaths, leprechaun wreaths, or make wreaths using green color and give a fantastical appearance to the main door.

St. Patrick’s Day Canvas

You can customize it to suit the needs of your loved ones and gift it to them so that they can add it to their St. Patrick’s Day décor. Be creative and make St. Patrick’s Day celebrations unique and different.

St. Patrick’s Day Canvas

St. Patrick’s Day Mug

Get a personalized mug to gift your loved ones with images of their cats or dogs. See the smile on their faces, and feel the warmth as you sip your tea, coffee, cocoa, or soup from the mug.

St. Patrick’s Day Mug

St. Patrick’s Day Stone Coasters

Searching for that gift for your loved ones on St. Patrick’s Day? Get them stone coasters and make it personal by adding pictures of their loved ones, pets, or pictures and set the celebratory tone for their St. Patrick’s Day decorations.

St. Patrick’s Day Stone Coasters

St. Patrick’s Day Blanket

From handmade personalized blankets to readymade ones, pamper them with a good shamrock bed blanket or bedsheet with shamrock designs, or something more unconventional and different and make your close friends and family members feel loved again this St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick’s Day Pillow

There are so many things to add to make your St. Patrick’s Day décor warm and comfortable. Have you thought about getting a customized pillow for your loved ones this St. Patrick’s Day? Once you decide on the material you want to use, get names on the pillow, images, and shamrock design that will brighten your sofas, couch, and beds.

customized pillow st patrick dog cat face


St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Backdrop Balloons

Have the shenanigans begun at home, have you gone green, and are the kids are enjoying the festivities? Get shamrock balloons or with St. Patrick’s Day gifts, decor and symbols and have them all around your house, indoors and outdoors. Use these shamrock balloons as a colorful backdrop for your photo sessions.

St. Patrick’s Day Lucky Sign Table Décor

Gold coins, green color, shamrocks, and leprechauns are said to bring luck on St. Patrick’s Day. Add them to your St. Patrick’s Day décor and let lady luck smile upon you and your family this year. Make a difference to the ambiance with these lucky symbols this St. Patrick’s Day.

st patrick lucky sign table

St. Patrick’s Day Ornament

Get a cute ceramic ornament to hang in the house and add to the beauty of your already decorated St. Patrick’s Day décor. Feel the love, light, and luck in your house. Create a unique ambiance and look, and your family and friends will love celebrating this special day with you.

St. Patrick’s Day Ornament

St. Patrick’s Day Glitter Shamrock Garden Banner

Let your garden sparkle and shine in the glitter shamrock banner and the guests enjoy the party with zest and fervor. You can attach tiny green bows to the ends of the banner to add more color and green and let the glitter and shine add glamor to your party pictures.

st patrick gliter banner

St. Patrick’s Day Activity Book for Kids

Make this day entertaining for the kids, as adults enjoy the party, kids can get creative with the activity book. Get a design completed, frame it for your wall at home, and let memories of this day be captured forever.

St patrick activites book

St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock LED String Lights

Get the entire house decorated with these LED lights and choose from a wide range of designs that will add to the vibe of St. Patrick’s Day decorations at home. Revel in the beauty of these lights and let the day add to the light in your lives.

st patrick led lights


If you love St. Patrick's Day, you're going to want to celebrate it this year with décor that will make your home look amazing. Sure, your favorite green top, St Patrick's shirts and jeans are enough to get you into the spirit of the holiday, but if you really want to amp up your celebrations, why not use some of these St. Patrick’s Day decorations?

There is an amazing range of products you can choose from to make your home ready for St. Patrick’s Day and get into the festive mode. What are you waiting for? Get into action and get your home decorated for the day.

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