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18 Mother's Day activities That the Whole Family Can Enjoy

18 Mother's Day activities That the Whole Family Can Enjoy

It's time to start planning. This year, Mother's Day falls on May 13 — that's this Sunday — and with everything from artsy activities to day trips to baking sessions, there are plenty of ways to show Mom you care.

Whether you're looking for some extra bonding time before you head back to school or just trying to figure out how to best celebrate the woman who raised you, these ideas will ensure a day your mom won't forget.

Make your mom breakfast in bed

It doesn't take a chef to make mom a tasty meal—especially if she's the one who usually does the cooking! Consider what types of things she usually makes on weekends and thinks about how you can personalize them or make them extra delicious by adding an extra ingredient or cooking technique.

If mom loves morning coffee, don't forget to bring her a coffee cup so she can start her morning right away. Don't forget to put a basket of flowers or a personalized Mother's Day gift to surprise her day!

breakfast at bed for mom

Plan her a spa day

Plan her a spa day—or a spa half-hour. You don't need to go all out at a resort or anything. Just make sure you have some nice, relaxing music on hand and a few ingredients for snacks that are healthy but still indulgent: for example, grapes, dark chocolate chips (the darker the better), strawberries, and cheese cubes.

Make a home-cooked meal

Sure, you could take Mom out to eat, but if you really want to show her how much you appreciate her, skip the restaurant and prepare a meal at home. You can cook something simple or fancy depending on your mom's tastes and your cooking skills; either way, she'll be sure to appreciate the effort.

Clean up her house

If your mom is anything like mine, she's always cleaning up after everyone else. And even when there isn't a mess to clean up, she's constantly tidying things here and there until everything is in its place. Give Mom a break from her cleaning routine by taking care of all her chores for a day. You may need to sneak in some tidying before she wakes up or after she falls asleep (so as not to ruin any surprises), but it'll be worth it when she gets to spend an entire day relaxing without any nagging messes around the house.

Take exercises together

Whether you attend a yoga class together, head to a spa, or indulge in an at-home treatment or two, Mom is sure to appreciate a few hours taking care of herself with you by her side.

take yoga with mom

Get brunch

Give mom the day off from cooking for the family. Make reservations at her favorite brunch spot, and bring flowers or a small gift to make her feel extra special.

Watch her favorite movies

Make a list of Mom's favorite movies. Pop some popcorn and get the drinks ready. If you're up to it, prepare some snacks: chocolate-dipped strawberries and mini cupcakes for that "oh-so-glam" movie theater feel, or perhaps salty treats such as pretzels, potato chips, onion dips, and guacamole are more your thing?

Finally... Settle on the couch and let Mom choose the movies! And remember to make it a family activity by encouraging your kids to watch with you.

Go berry picking

In the spring and summer, strawberry, blueberry, and blackberry farms are open for pick-your-own fruit. Berry picking becomes more than just a fun activity—it's a chance for families to bond with nature and appreciate their time together outside of their hectic routines at home or work.

Host a tea party

If mom is a tea drinker, you can surprise her with this activity. Host a tea party for her and invite her friends to join. Arrange some snacks like cupcakes and cookies in pretty food trays or plates. You can also make tea or buy different flavors of tea to serve your guests.

Don’t forget to make a card from every member of your family as well as from your mom’s friends who joined the activity!

tea party

Write her love letters

You don't have to be Shakespeare to write a good letter. When you're writing from the heart, it's easy to find the words to describe what's important.

A great way to get started is by composing a list of things that you love about your mother—what personality traits do you admire? What activities do you like doing together? What memories stand out?

Finally, close your letter with an expression of thanks or gratitude for all the ways she has shaped who you are today. Whether it's on a loose-leaf or in a Mother's Day card, your mom will treasure the gift of this thoughtful message anytime.

Give her surprise gifts

Hand-made gifts are the best ones. They may not be as expensive or glamorous but they show that you have taken time, effort, and thought to make them. These gifts will definitely bring a smile to mom's face!

Mother's day gifts

Do Shopping with her

If you genuinely want to show your mom a good time, there is no better way than by bringing her shopping at the mall. Trust us -- all moms love nothing more than spending some quality time with their kids and getting free stuff.

Visit a Local Farm

Taking a trip to an area farm is not only fun for the whole family, but it's also a great way to support local farmers. Perhaps you'd take advantage of the opportunity to get some fresh air and exercise by walking through the orchards. You could pick up some fresh fruit, vegetables, and eggs at the same time. Or maybe you'd want to pack a picnic lunch (or do both!)-either way, it's guaranteed fun for the whole gang! Just be sure to go on a weekday if possible so as not to disrupt regular business operations.

vist a local farm

Play puzzle

The best part about completing a puzzle is enjoying the company of your family while challenging your brain’s cognitive abilities. There’s no better way to spend Mother’s Day than by bonding over this relaxing activity, and it can be done with any group size.

Head to the beach

Surprise your mom with a trip to the beach this Mother's Day. There is no better way to enjoy a warm, sunny day than at the beach. Pack up some snacks, grab your swimsuits, and head out for a day of fun in the sun. Take photos of you two together so she can cherish these memories forever!  A day on the beach is sure to be one of the most memorable parts of your Mother's Day celebration.

Go hiking

If your mom is an outdoor enthusiast, she will appreciate a day out in nature with the whole family. If it’s not too hot outside, go to a local state park or National Park for a nature walk. Hiking trails are typically not difficult, so you can bring along small kids as well. Make sure to check the weather and ensure that the hike is safe before you leave.

You can also bring along a picnic lunch (to save money) and even a camera to capture moments with your mom. You may want to teach your kids about plants, animals, and nature while you’re there as well!

Make a Family Photo Album

Gather your favorite photos of your family. Print them out and organize them into an album. If you're stuck on what to include, think about: Family reunions/gatherings, weddings, birthdays, graduations, and trips to the beach/mountains. Add captions to each photo (who is in it and when/where it was taken). A memory book app can help you do this easily. 

Make homemade gifts

This is a great option for families who are on a budget or who want to give Mom an extra-special day. Kids can think of ways to show their mom how much they love her by creating personalized gifts. These can be as simple as homemade cards or as impressive as hand-decorated picture frames. You might even consider putting together a photo album of your family's greatest memories or giving Mom homemade coupons that she can cash in for babysitting or other services.

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