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51 Easy Christmas Ornaments Kids Can Make

51 Easy Christmas Ornaments Kids Can Make

Kid-made ornamentsare one of the most fantastic Christmas crafts for kids since they are enjoyable to make and can be displayed on the Christmas tree as a keepsake year after year. Kids of various ages, including toddlers, preschoolers, and older, can participate. Our children's Christmas decorations become more dear to us each year, so spend some time this holiday season making some beautiful homemade ornaments with your children. You'll be happy you did.

All of the decorations for kids in this collection are simple to make with items you probably already have around the house. Children may make all kinds of decorations, ranging from filling plastic globes to painting tin foil ornaments. Some decorations are conventional, while others are works of art, and everything else falls somewhere in between.

Prepare some safe tools and simple materials, and let’s get going! Here is our list of 51 easy Christmas ornaments kids can make (along with your help)!

Felt Rosette Christmas Ornament

Kicking off our list of Christmas craft ornaments for kids, here is a pretty one!

Turn your holiday into a felt event for a classy appearance with cut-and-paste ease that kids can produce. This easy-to-make ornament requires only three materials: your favorite color of felt, fabric glue, and thread.

Felt Rosette Ornament

LEGO Ornaments

If your home is filled with LEGOs, a Christmas tree wouldn't be complete without a few easy-to-make decorations! Check out these engaging LEGO decorations for youngsters to create, including a snowflake ornament and a wreath ornament. Since the principle of playing with LEGO is building without limitation, you can make whatever you desire to be awesome ornaments!

LEGO Ornament
Make an ornament with your Lego blocks in a cube shape with the colors red, green, and yellow. 

Personalized Chalkboard Ornaments

With this simple concept, your children may customize decorations. Spray chalkboard paint on unpolished wooden forms. Then, using chalk and pens, let children make their heartfelt Christmas wishes.

Chalkboard Ornament

 Chalkboard Christmas Ball Ornaments – Easy Personalized Christmas Ornaments for Kids

Paper Evergreen Tree Ornament

You'll need patterned paper and specialty-shaped scissors for this DIY Christmas ornaments kids can make. We used a scalloped-form scissor, but any shape would work. Using the special scissors, cut the paper into triangles. Construct cones out of the triangles. Cut three 12-inch strands of floral wire and thread them through the paper cones. Use hot glue to hold each cone in place. To complete the ends, wrap the floral wire around a pencil.  

Paper Evergreen Tree Ornament

Kids will love making their very own Christmas Tree Paper

Salt-Dough Snowflake Ornaments

Though not edible, these snowflake Christmas craft ornaments for kids are a lovely complement to any Christmas tree. Roll out the ornament clay like cookie dough, then draw colorful motifs on it with marking pens. Because baking the shapes takes many hours, you may want to prepare them ahead of time so that this Christmas ornament activity for kids is ready to decorate when they come.

Snowflake Ornament

Salt dough ornaments are so much fun to create!

Wooden Snowflake Ornaments

Our modern interpretation of traditional Swedish straw ornaments mixes craft sticks or clothespins with wooden rounds to create a variety of snowflake shapes. Set out all the materials and see what kinds of decorations the kids can come up with.

Wooden Snowflake Ornament

Wooden snowflake ornaments add a rustic feel to your holiday décor or Christmas tree!

Baked Applesauce Ornaments

You can bring back the old dough decorations with these aromatic (and lovely!) cinnamon-applesauce ornaments. These baked Christmas decorations are constructed from rolled dough and cookie cutters. To make a customized ornament, bake them and embellish them using puffy paint.

Baked Applesauce Ornament

It's an easy and fun holiday craft that is fun to do with your kids

Felt Cookie Ornaments

After you've completed all of our favorite Christmas cookies, engage the kids in another type of cookie-decorating activity. With easy stitching and adult supervision, older children may assist in making these charming felt cookie decorations. Trace shapes onto tan and white felt with cookie cutters. Allow the children to choose which beads to sew on as sprinkles.

Felt Cookie Ornament

Make homemade Christmas ornaments with your kids for keepsakes, gifts, or just for fun!

Paper Pinwheel Ornament

These adorable pinwheels are a simple Christmas ornament DIY for children. They are put together with only a few cuts and folds. We recommend that you use two-sided scrapbook paper. Make a square out of the paper. Then, from each corner, cut diagonally to halfway to the middle. Fold in one side of each piece and attach with a brad in the middle.

Paper Pinwheel Ornament

Make a classic paper pinwheel with just a few basic supplies - paper, a push pin, and a pencil.

Paper Ornaments

Let youngsters choose their favorite vividly colored scrapbooking papers to assist in the creation of these lovely yet elementary, DIY kids' Christmas ornaments. Cut out large ornament forms from poster boards or let older children do it themselves. Decorate the fronts with one or more pieces of paper, pasting them. Punch a hole at the top and hang the ornaments from red cording or yarn taped to the top of the window frame. These paper Christmas ornaments make an eye-catching festive display.

Paper Ornament

Wow, how simple and cute these ornaments are! 

Pretty Paper Ornaments

Paper Christmas decorations are affordable, simple, and lovely! These sparkly angel decorations will add a handcrafted touch to your tree. They begin with a fake white leaf. Allow the children to apply glitter glue to the veins of the leaf. Precut a circle on top of a triangle out of paper and let the youngsters paint it with markers. When the wings are completely dry, attach them to the angel.

Paper angel Ornament

Kids will love to make this ornament!

Wrapped Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Even the smallest of hands will have no trouble making these easy Christmas ornaments for kids. Wrap ribbon around cheap cookie cutters until completely covered; hang with a loop of patterned twine or narrow ribbon.

Wrapped Cookie Cutter Ornament

Such an easy ornament to make!

Surprise Ball Ornaments

Fill these DIY surprise ball decorations with little trinkets and candies before wrapping them in crepe paper streamers. Then, add details like legs and hats using cardboard and markers or paint.

Surprise Ball Ornament

Add wonder and excitement of Christmas to the tree!

Alien Spaceship Ornaments

DIY Christmas ornaments for kids don't get any sweeter than this. This small alien's spacecraft is a repurposed tomato container. The alien is made of shapes cut from foam sheets (we adore sparkly foam!) and googly eyes. Children will enjoy creating this out-of-this-world Christmas project!

Alien Spaceship Ornament

Your kids are sure to love this idea! 

Washi Tape-Covered Ornaments

These beautiful DIY Christmas ornaments kids can make, produced by decorating translucent plastic balls with bits and pieces of washi tape, have no rules or straight lines. You may personalize this DIY Christmas ornament with whatever design or color scheme you choose.

Washi Tape-Covered Ornament

So colorful and easy to customize! Kids will love it! 

Handprint Ornaments

These adorable handprint decorations may be made by children of all ages. Older children can assist with the salt dough preparation, but all they need to do is press their handprint into the completed ornament. Make a note of the year on the reverse of the final decorations. These homemade Christmas ornaments for youngsters are a lovely present for grandparents or other family members.

Handprint Ornament

It is super simple Christmas craft

Candy Cane Ornament

When these hard peppermint candies are cooked together, they melt into each other to form a lovely candy cane. Allow the children to arrange the candies into snowflakes or snowmen to create a colorful decoration. Such a unique idea for Christmas ornaments for kids.

Candy Cane Ornament

Animal Wood Slice Ornaments

These Christmas ornaments for kids to make couldn't be cuter. Get a pack of wood slice decorations from a craft store and let the kids have fun with paint, felt, and glue. Begin by painting the face and allowing it to dry. Then, using hot glue, adhere the felt ears and tail to the rear of the ornament. Finish with a tiny eye screw and string to complete the decoration.

Animal Wood Slice Ornament

Give your Christmas tree a rustic look with these cute DIY animal ornaments

Mini Birdhouse Ornament

Make a cone "hat" for a cork and glue it on. Wrap a metallic pipe cleaner around the cork's bottom, put a toothpick near it, and glue on a little button as the birdhouse's entrance. A 20-gauge wire hanging loop acts as both a hanger and a charming home for some plastic beads in this creative idea for Christmas ornaments DIY for kids.

Birdhouse Ornament

Glittery Cookie Cutter Kids Ornaments

Repurpose old Christmas cookie cutters to produce sparkly DIY Christmas ornaments for kids. While the paint is still wet, paint the cookie cutters and sprinkle them with glitter. Make the ornaments white for winter, or mix them up and let the kids choose their favorite colors.

Glittery Cookie Cutter Ornament

Add some glitter to your Christmas tree! 

Tinfoil Ornaments

These decorations are simple to make for kids using only a few items from your kitchen cupboard and some acrylic paint. Not only that, they add a great touch of color to your Christmas tree. When you shine a light on them, they can create an illuminating ray of light that every kid would be jumping up and down to see!

Tinfoil Ornament

Kids love to add a lot of colors to their own work! 

Dried Orange Slice Ornaments

The following decorations are really easy to make and also smell fantastic! One of the simplest homemade decorations is made from dried orange segments. Simply dry some orange slices and add a hanging rope is all that is required. With the help of this handcrafted Christmas decoration, your home will smell wonderful all the time this season.

Dried Orange Slice Ornament

Make your house smell delicious! 

Spiral Ribbon Ornaments

Those ordinary ribbons may be transformed into lovely decorations in a few simple steps. Different stripes will create different vibes for your Christmas decoration game so choose whichever fits you! Everyone who sees these spiraling ribbons will be impressed by how much like candy canes they appear to be!

Spiral Ribbon Ornament

Add some festive spirits to the Christmas tree this year! 

Seashell Ornaments

You can create original decorations with a few seashells you brought back from your holiday. You can add them to the salt dough and connect them to make a ring,... the sky is the limit for you and your kids to come up with creative ideas! You might be shocked to learn that you can create some adorable decorations with dough and seashells!

Seashell Ornament

Make ornaments with seashells from the last vacation!

Angel Ornaments

You might be surprised to learn that you can create lovely snow angels with only pipe cleaners and feathers. These angels are so pretty, and they will definitely bring an elegant touch to your home! Why not hang these angels on your Christmas tree to spread festive cheer?

Snow Angel Ornament

Look! How lovely these ornaments are on the Christmas tree! 

Erupting Ornaments

Who said science is boring? With just a few components, you can make ornaments that create eye-catching eruptions. Before you question, it is safe for contact, so children will have so much fun with these fun ornaments. The process of making these Christmas ornaments kids can make will surely not just entertain the kids but help them learn more about chemistry and science!

Erupting Ornament

Who doesn't love a gooderuption? Thesesimple Christmas baking soda Christmasornaments are exciting ways to boost your kid’s imagination. 

Slime Ornaments

Slime is something that everyone is curious about. They are great fidget toys to touch. They feel soft yet so firm. Whether it's solid or liquid, what matters is the fun you and your kids will have when using slime to make cool ornaments. The best thing is that after the holiday, the slime can be taken out as a small treat for kids to play with!

Slime Ornament

Holiday Slime Ornaments - kids love making this glittery slime and giving it to their friends!

Snow Globe Ornaments

Your child's fingerprint may be used to create a snowman that you can keep as a decoration in a snow globe. Put some extra details, such as a name tag, some fake snow, and a Christmas tree, and there you have it! Isn't this one of the sweetest suggestions for a holiday ornament craft for kids?

Snow Globe Ornament

Make it more special with a photo, name, year, text…

Popsicle Stick Ornaments

The following concept is not just tasty and enjoyable! After eating the ice cream, kids can make these charming ornaments by painting and decorating craft sticks to resemble snowmen. The possibilities are endless when it comes to dressing these snowmen up. They can be quirky, classy,... whatever you like them to be, and they would all look awesome!

Popsicle Stick Ornament

Popsicle stick ornament crafts are a fun tradition for kids! 

Olaf Ornaments

Let it go! Let it go! Let your imagination flow! Fans of Frozen will adore this simple coaster-based Olaf decoration. With just a few tools and paints, you can create such a cute character! You can also use the same tools to make even more Frozen characters. Soon, you might have the entire Frozen cast on your Christmas tree!

Olaf Ornament

Add magic moments to the Christmas tree with these charming Olaf Hanging Ornaments

Can Lid Ornaments

Regardless of the time of year or season, recycling is always beneficial to the earth. You can create numerous DIY Christmas kid's decorations from things that you would normally throw away! Recycled can lids create wonderful snowman ornaments with some sweet embellishments! Line them up, connect them, then add a few details. What an easy holiday craft for Christmas, isn’t it?

Can Lid Ornament

Making mason jar lid Christmas ornaments is a great Christmas project you can do with your kids

Homemade Clay Ornaments

Handprints can be preserved on homemade clay decorations. Get the whole family involved in making these simple Christmas tree decorations! Each member can create their own shapes and have an entire collection! Despite being straightforward and easy to do, these are elegant decorations to give your home a more wholesome holiday spirit!

Homemade Clay Ornament

This adorable baby handprint ornament is super easy for kids to make!

Ice Ornaments

Why not decorate the outside as well if you reside in a particularly chilly location at this time of year? Create some pretty outdoor ice decorations for the winter that the animals can enjoy in your yard. The tree outside the kitchen window will look so festive with these adorable a DIY Kid ornaments decorations, which are quite easy to create.

Ice Ornament
Kids DIY Project: Ice Ornaments with nature items 

Peppermint Candy Ornaments

Who would have thought that making these wonderful decorations could be so simple? Simply melt some peppermint candies into a cookie mold to create yummy and gorgeous decorations! They add a unique touch to your Christmas decoration and come with a perk! After the holiday ends, you can totally pack them and give them to friends or kids as a Christmas treat!

Peppermint Candy Ornament

Candy Ornament for festive holiday

Flower Ornaments

For an ornament with a natural appearance, just adds dried flowers to baked decorations. There are so many pretty flowers out there and you can choose any of them. Each flower puts a unique charm and color to your Christmas tree. And you don’t have to stop there! You can choose leaves or even twigs to make the same ornament!

Flower Ornament

Lovely ornaments made from dry flowers and tree branches 

Beaded Ornaments

Next time you're at the craft shop, pick up some vibrant beads to create these fun and bright decorations at home. All you need to do is bake Perler beads inside cookie cutters. Let them cool off, harden and that’s all the work. You can choose 2 colors or make it a rainbow. They look awesome however you want them to be!

Beaded Ornament

Here’s anothercraft Christmas idea for kids

Santa Hat Ornaments

All you need are some craft sticks, cotton balls, and glue. When you combine them, you'll get a cute Santa hat to hang on your Christmas tree! You can make them big, you can make little, whichever size you choose. They will always turn out to be an awesome touch of red and white to your classic Christmas theme!

Santa Hat Ornament

Decorate your tree with sweet mini Santa hats!

Paper Santa Ornament

The hardest part about this ornament is only cutting a sheet of paper into a star. Then add a few touches, and you have a mini Santa Claus. It's super easy to make and get you added to the jolly man's nice list! And also, why stop at only Santa? You can make countless shapes and characters for a diverse universe of Christmas spirits!

Paper Santa Ornament

DIY Paper Christmas Ornaments to deck the tree!

Ball Glitter Ornaments

Glitter, glue and some transparent plastic or glass decorations are all you need for this DIY project Christmas craft ornaments for kids. Put some glue into those decorations and let the glitter roll inside to do its magic. They create beautiful, mess-free glitter decorations that shine brightly onto your Christmas tree whenever light hits them! It’s such a fantastic idea for Christmas decorations, don’t you think?

Ball Glitter Ornament

Glam up Your Christmas Tree with DIY Glitter Ornaments

Globe Ornaments

For a quick DIY, just about anything may be placed within globe decorations. You may alter it whatever you like. You can literally put anything inside and design a magnificent Christmas décor! From normal things like beads and candy... to crazy things, such as Lego figures, star-shaped wood,... you have no limitations!

Globe Ornament

Add some winter look to your Christmas tree

Thumbprint Ornaments

Making this one is enjoyable. Ask your kids to have their thumbprints imprinted onto the blank ornament. Then they can paint thumbprints onto ornaments shaped like globes to make adorable reindeer, snowmen, Santa Clause,.. whatever they want them to be. Your youngsters will undoubtedly enjoy seeing their fingerprints transformed into lovely works of art!

Thumbprint Ornament

How adorable these ornaments are! 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Ornaments

As a kid, we all watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and thought they were awesome. So for this holiday season, why not create the whole team as decoration for your Christmas tree? With just 2 toilet paper rolls and some added touches, you can make all four of the ninja turtles. They are sure to leave an impression on anyone who sees them!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Ornament

So much fun to make and play with. 

Rainbow Fish Ornaments

This one is an original idea for Christmas decorations. Put some colorful beads into the fish-shaped salt dough to create these eye-catching ornaments! Bake till they are firm and they are sure to catch some eyes when you hang them on the Christmas tree.

Rainbow Fish Ornament

How adorable! 

Holiday Card Ornaments

Make ornaments out of all your holiday cards that you'll treasure for years to come. Just glue and create shapes from those lovely cards. You can create simple to complex globes of holiday cards with unique patterns that you never think you can make! What a wonderful approach to save those cards you don't want to discard.

Holiday Card Ornament

These ornamentsare perfect for trimming the tree

Paint Dried Pasta Ornaments

Those who enjoy cooking will adore this decoration when they see it on your Christmas tree! Attach and combine them to make a base. Then paint it in any color that you want to create attractive and intriguing decorations. Who thought spaghetti would be useful for making things? Kids are sure to love this DIY Christmas Ornaments project

Pasta Ornament

Fun, easy Christmas craft and keepsake for the tree this year

Cork Ornaments

Line up some corks from those bottles of wine that you’re enjoying for the holidays. Connect them, then add a few details and there you have it! A snowman made out of corks, what a one-of-a-kind idea to reuse material and save the Earth as well! You can also make a Christmas tree out of corks as well!

Cork Ornament

Cute and simple snowmen ornaments to make with your kids and toddlers

Sparkly Beaded Ornaments

Salt dough decorations with sparkling beads would look lovely with the tree lights in the background. Simply include any beads into the formed salt dough, bake it, and voila! You have awesome and colorful decorations to add to the Christmas tree!

Sparkly Beaded Ornament

Make a DIY Sparkly Beaded Ornaments Christmas Decoration

Gingerbread Clay Ornaments

A fascinating alternative to classic salt dough decorations is gingerbread clay. They not only have a darling appearance but also fill your house with a warm fragrance. Shape them into cute figures, bake and then add some finishing touch to make them come to life! What an excellent idea for DIY Kids Christmas ornaments!

Gingerbread Clay Ornament

SO simple to make!

Paintbrush Ornament

With just a few materials, you can transform a paintbrush into a Santa ornament. This is one of the best simple DIY decorations and is quite creative. Dip them into white paint to create a beard, color the handle red, add eyes and dimples. That’s how you transform them into a lively decoration for this Christmas season!

Paintbrush Ornament

A great kids Christmas craft to make with your little ones this year!

Wood Slice Ornaments

For adorable Santa DIY kid’s ornament decorations, decorate wood slices to turn them into lively touches to your Christmas cheering atmosphere at home. Your Christmas tree will look gorgeous with the addition of these charming decorations, and the atmosphere in the house will be cheerier with the vintage touch they bring!

Wood Slice Ornament

This is an easy fun family activity!

Counting Chalkboard Ornaments

To end our list, we settle with this awesome decoration! This year's Christmas décor would look fantastic with chalkboard paint! With the help of this adorable blackboard ornament, keep track of the days till Santa arrives. It keeps the holiday exciting and makes you eager to get your dream gift on Christmas Eve!

Counting Chalkboard Ornament

How cute! 

Wrapping Up

That's all there is to it, my friends. Loads of Christmas craft ornaments for kids to make your tree the finest in the neighborhood. Kids enjoy making crafts! Especially for the holidays. Anything involving scissors, glue, and glitter will pique their interest.

With all the fantastic ideas we have shared in this article, we hope you will begin a "DIY Christmas ornament" family tradition, creating fresh and unique ornaments each year and conserving them for future generations. Each year, your Christmas tree will become more and more precious.

Enjoy making it with your kids! Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more great content!

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