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30+ Father’s Day Activities to WOW your dad this Father’s Day

30+ Father’s Day Activities to WOW your dad this Father’s Day

 Father’s Day is around the corner and for those of you looking for ideas for Father’s Day activities, here are some excellent ways to surprise your father with things to do with your dad. Getting personalized gifts for dad is also a good way to celebrate him.

June 19 is approaching, and it is that day of the year when you want to make your dad feel loved and special. It is not that you forget what your dad does for you, but this is one day you can make him feel more special and thank him for all that he has done for you. There are a lot of ways to make this day fun and exciting so that your dad will always remember how loved and wanted you made him feel on Father’s Day 2022.

There are myriad ways to celebrate Father’s Day. You can organize Father’s Day activities to get him into the mood of the day. Let him have a surprise for Father’s Day by basking in your warmth, love, and care. It is a day to cherish him, celebrate him, and honor him. Be creative and plan wonderful things to do for Father’s Day this time.

You know what your dad loves to do the most. Choose one of them and make it happen on that day. It is a gentle way of reminding him how much he remains in your thoughts every day and how much you care for him.

Breakfast in Bed

There can be no better way for your dad to usher in Father’s Day than by having breakfast in bed. Cook him a proper breakfast, let the menu have his favorite dishes, and watch him begin the day with a smile.

A breakfast at bed

Go Birdwatching

Begin the day by going with your dad birdwatching. Breathe in the fresh air, soak in the beauty of the landscape, and enjoy the chirping of the birds. Watch them flit here and there and rest on the branches. Let the colors of their feathers add color to your dad’s day as he enjoys this tryst with nature.

Get an Adrenalin Rush by going On an Early Morning Bike Ride

Get the bikes ready on the previous night. Get, set, and go on an early morning ride. The stillness and silence of the surrounding area going to fill his ears and leave him at peace. This is one of the outdoor Father’s Day things to do to make it a peaceful day for your dad.

go on morning ride

Cook a Delicious Afternoon Meal

Surprise him with your culinary skills. Cook a sumptuous lunch for him and invite the family over to make it a family event. Let this Father’s Day be memorable for him as he bonds with the family.

Bond Over Planting His Favorite Plant in the Garden

Does your dad love plants and gardening? Then the best activity you can choose for his to get his favorite plant or flower seeds. Help him plant them and see how happy it makes you see him happy.

Take Him on a Shopping Spree

Take your dad to a shopping mall. Let him have fun wandering in the mall, going to his favorite stores, and picking up stuff he likes to buy. It is going to be fun shopping with him. It is going to bring back nostalgic memories of the times you went shopping together.

Have a Game Date

This is one of the fun things you can do at home with your dad on Father’s Day. Let it be his favorite board game, chess, scrabble, or anything else you both enjoyed playing together earlier. Spend quality time with him this Father’s Day and see the happiness on his face.

Visit a museum

A museum trip is a good idea if you are still undecided on how to surprise your dad on Father’s Day this year. If there is a car museum in the vicinity, nothing like that. Your dad is going to enjoy this museum visit with you.

Take Him to Play Mini Golf

If your dad loves to play golf, take him to play a game of Mini Golf. This is one of the Father’s Day things to do this time. He is going to have fun playing a miniature form of golf with you. Bond over the game and let the day of fun and game bring back everlasting memories.

Take him to the mini golf

Make his Favorite Ice-cream

Does your dad have a sweet tooth? Does he love ice-creams? Go for his favorite flavor and watch him relish the ice cream you made for him. He is going to appreciate this loving and thoughtful gesture of yours always.

Organize a Movie Night in the Backyard

A movie night in the backyard with family and friends is a good activity to do with your day on Father’s Day. Set up the projector and a big screen and let him watch his favorite movie. Or else surprise him with a movie he has not watched. It is going to be relaxing and fun seeing a movie in cozy and comfortable surroundings with friends and family.

Get a Professional Photographer and Do a Photo Shoot

It will be nice to invite your family members and get some photos clicked. It is going to be fun posing for the pictures as the photographer goes click, click, click. These photos will bring back a lot of memories of the day year after year.

Bond Over Bowling

You have two options for this, either take him out bowling or create a bowling alley in your backyard and have fun playing together. This is the day you can make your dad feel special and loved. Indulging in an activity with him is the best thing you can do on Father’s Day with him.

Play Video Games

It must have been a while since your dad played video games with you. You can play some old video games with him and challenge him to up his game while playing with you. Watch the joy on his face while he defeats you in the games.

Hold a Pizza Party at Home

Cook a pizza of his choice and have a party at home. Spruce up your home with balloons and streamers and let the shenanigans begin from morning itself. Let it be a day of eating his favorite pizza made by you.

host a pizza at home

Take Him on A Camping Trip

Does your dad love the outdoors? Organize a camping trip and surprise him. Make all the arrangements and see the joy on his face when you take him for it. Help him pitch the tent, explore, and being together on this adventure trip is a good way to make it an adventurous day for your dad.

personalized canvas print camping trip family

Give him a surprise gifts

One of the best things about Father’s Day is that it provides an opportunity to show your dad how much you appreciate all he does for you. A lot of fathers are selfless and always put their family’s needs before their own, so this Father’s Day, show your dad how much you appreciate all he does for you by giving him a Surprise Father's Day Gift. It can be something small and simple, like a new tie or a book on his favorite hobby. Whatever it is, he is sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness.

personalized family canvas print

Plan a BBQ Evening

Invite family and friends and have a wonderful gathering in the backyard on Father’s Day. Let him try out his culinary skills that evening and whip up a few of his favorite recipes for all of you to taste and enjoy. Let this day of family, friends, food, and fun be a day to remember.

Enroll Him in a Cookery Class

If your dad likes cooking, enroll him in a cookery class. He is going to love following the instructions of the chef and cooking a dish that he likes. Watch the happy expressions flit across his face as he watches you eat what he cooked.

Go on a Picnic

Pack a picnic lunch that day and go on a picnic. Choose an idyllic spot and spend the day enjoying food and conversations. Let the beauty of the scenery add to the beauty of the day and make your dad a proud and happy man to have a caring daughter like you.

Go to picnic with dad

Buy Tickets to a Soccer Match

If your dad is a soccer fan, get him tickets for a soccer match. Accompany him and enjoy the thrills of the game with him. Hear him scream with joy when his favorite team hits a goal.

Book a Salon and Spa Session for Him

Men like to be pampered too and the best way to make your dad feel relaxed and rejuvenated is by booking a spa for him. Let the body massages, facials, pedicures, manicures, and soothing masks make him feel healthy and refreshed.

Go To a Concert Together

If your dad loves music and likes going to music festivals and shows, take him to a concert. Make the day special and unique for him. He is going to enjoy the music and the ambiance.

Go Fishing

Indulging in a joint activity is the best way to bond with your dad this Father’s Day. A fishing trip is a good choice to be with your dad and if he is an angler dad, all the better. He is going to enjoy teaching you how to enjoy the activity just like how he does.

go fishing with dad

Go on a Road Trip

You can embark on a family road trip and take your dad to places he has not visited before. Soak in the beauty of the sights and sounds of the places as you drive along. A long drive is the best way to make your dad happy. He is going to enjoy this ride with his family on Father’s Day.

Spend the Day at the Beach

Pack a lunch and take him along with the entire family to spend the day at the beach. The sea breeze, sun, and sand are going to bring cheer to everyone. Your dad is going to love this beach trip with the family.

Take an Evening Stroll with Dad

Go on an evening stroll with your dad. It will be a good break from the routine activities and a good way to reminiscence on the times you have spent together. It is a good way to relive the memories with your dad. Let the walk be filled with love, laughter, and sharing.

dad and daughter sunset

Hit the Gym Together

Plan a workout session with your dad. Go to the gym and it will be fun catching up with what is happening in your lives while working out. Exercise, work out and sweat it out at the gym. It will be a fun activity to do on Father’s Day.

Have a Video Chat with Family Members

This is a good day to bond. Schedule a video call with family members your dad has not been in touch with for a while and surprise him. Your dad is going to love meeting his relatives and having a video conversation with them. See the smile on his face and their faces, and see the day go by pleasantly.

Create a Playlist for Him with his Favorite Songs

Your dad is going to have his favorite numbers. Put them together as a playlist and it is the best thing you can do for him for Father’s Day. Watch his eyes shine and his face become bright as he listens to it.

Take Him to an Amusement Park

Book tickets for joy rides and excitement. Take your dad to an amusement park and watch him become a child all over again while going on the rides. Let this special day be filled with a lot of laughter, laughter, and more laughter.

Take Him to an Amusement Park

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Summing It Up

Celebrating and honoring your dad on Father’s Day is important, his role in shaping you to be the person you are today cannot be ignored. There are many ways you can show your gratitude and love to him. Indulging in Father’s Day activities is a good way to seal the unbreakable bond all over again.  Go ahead, choose from the list of activities given above and make it a day to remember, for him and for you!

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