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Baby's First Christmas Ornament - Great Options to Consider!

Baby's First Christmas Ornament - Great Options to Consider!

Every person has a "first" in their lives: the first step, the first cry, and, of course, the first Christmas! Who doesn't want to pamper their kids with love and affection on such a special occasion? 

We strongly suggest you purchase the best baby's first Christmas ornament, which will certainly add a wonderful touch to such remarkable days!

Yet, how to choose suitable ornaments for your child is an entirely different story. But no worries; our team always has your back! Keep scrolling through our guides for more pointers!

Why Should You Buy Baby Ornaments for Your Infants?

Christmas marks the end of the year - which we are pretty certain everyone knew already. However, for a newborn baby, its implications and meanings extend beyond that, signaling the very first year that the child is a part of your family! 

That's the reason why first Christmases are always celebrated. And what gift can be more appropriate than apersonalized baby first Christmas ornament - which symbolizes family shelter and serves as a perfect toy for the baby to play with? He cannot read a comic book or experiment with more complex and dangerous items for now, after all! 

The Best Baby's First Christmas Ornament: Things You Should Pay Attention To

Durability and Safety

Though preferences are up to you, your best bet would be a childproof option (including no small parts or sharp edges to sidestep dangers). Only then can your baby play around without choking or injury hazards.

Also, it would be best if thispersonalized first Christmas ornamentcould stand the test of time. Who doesn't want to hang those lovely decorations on Christmas trees for another ten years, right? 


A gorgeous design should appeal to both adults and babies alike! Their sparkling and shiny surface will excite your baby kid like nothing else, accompanied by great music, lighting, and sounds. 

At the end of the day, it will be your child's very first ornament, so aim for one that looks as unique as possible!


Customization choices for ornaments are plenty - whether it's an engraving of his name or photo (or even both!). Such personalized decoration will set the item apart from other mainstream and generic alternatives out there, giving the baby immense joy for years to come! 

Four Recommendations for The Baby First Christmas Ornament

1. Baby & Flamingo 2020 Ceramic



  • Material: Premium Ceramic
  • Size: 3" diameter
  • Shape: Circle, Star, Oval, Heart
  • Packs: 1, 2, 5
  • Accessories: Gold hanging cord

This customizable ornament is terrific for any young parent looking for a memorable Christmas gift! Yes, it's alright to purchase preset options, but the brand also permits its customers to embed their own artworks, images, and baby names, lending these goods a much more personalized touch! 

Take a look at the image inspired by the Stork animation; isn't it heart-touching? You must have heard about the famous animated movie Storks that is filled with the warmth of belonging. Such an image tells the world that your family has been blessed with an angel and that you will treasure him for good.

Once your child grows up, we are pretty certain these unique presents will still be imprinted in their minds.

The material is another strong point that we cannot skip! It's made from premium ceramic, which is not only sturdy but also quite lightweight - ideal as an infant toy! Arriving with a golden hanging cord, these products make decoration much easier: all you need is to swing it over the tree!

Your cleaning process will also be a breeze; hands down, ceramics are known for their stain- and heat- resistance. After usage, pick a dry cloth to wipe lingering dirt or grime, and you are all set! Little maintenance is required, too, so be confident that they will last for years to come!

Feel free to switch among four shape options: Circle, Oval, Heart, or Star. Buying all four of them is strongly recommended for those with a more generous budget, boosting the overall spirit of this festive holiday!

2. Santa's Truck Ceramic



  • Material: Premium Ceramic
  • Size: 3" diameter
  • Shape: Circle, Star, Oval, Heart
  • Packs: 1, 2, 5
  • Accessories: Gold hanging cord

If the baby and flamingo patterns above are not festive enough for you, how about this one with a Snowman driving in his red car? We are sure you cannot find a more "Christy" option than that! Your child will be delighted to land his eyes on such a gorgeous and lovely painting. 

And, of course,baby's first Christmas ornament personalizedservices are within reach. You can add some of your own touches by adding images, footprints, or even name customization! What a great way to make these ornaments more fitting and special.

Like the first option introduced above, ceramic is the key material for durability here. It is so robust that your child can throw it from the second floor without inflicting any damage to the ornament! 

Even better, these items are covered with a bitter-taste coating, which prevents the child from confusing them with food. You can rest assured that no unfortunate choking or swallowing accidents may occur!

Again, let's diversify your home decoration by purchasing all four shapes: circle, heart, star, and oval. A great and effective combination will transform your Noel pine tree into a stunning presence that few people can let themselves forget - including your starry-eyed, amazed child!

3.Old World Outer Space



  • Dimensions: 3.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches
  • Weight: 0.13 pounds
  • Color: Gold
  • Material: Glass
  • Pack: 1

Tired of those artificially printed paintings seen everywhere on the market? Then you will fall head-over-heels in love with this one, which is carefully designed and handcrafted by the best artists available! 

No wonder the texture offers a more "genuine" and "ancient" vibe - as if you have been transported back to the 1800s when everyone made manual presents to give someone they loved and treasured! Even the paints undergo no factory interference - everything is applied by hand, glistening beautifully under the light!

This item is made from molten glass, which was mouth-blown (yes, you heard it right) into carved molds. As a result, these products are admirably durable while still retaining a sense of delicacy that perfectly fits a peaceful winter night. Aside from Christmas parties for your beloved baby, you can reuse them for romantic dinners with your spouse, too!

Last but not least, there are numerous illustration alternatives to choose from, ranging from flying astronauts and crescent moons to fanciful suns! Assess which one suits your child best to give him the most appropriate option. Or you can even buy all of them, since they are pretty cheap - especially for such exquisitely-made goods!

4.K9King Angel Bell



  • Dimensions: 2 x 2 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 0.07 pounds
  • Shape: Bell
  • Pack: 1
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Copper, Metal, Stainless Steel

Are you looking for an ornament that's not only stunning - but also brings joyful sounds to your house? Then Angel Bell will be your best option, inspired by our classic "It's Wonderful Life" movie.

The larger the size, the more echo sounds they make, which is why the brand has come up with this new edition - a huge step up from its smaller predecessor! 

Ear-catching, clinking sounds will vibrate throughout the residence, evoking amazed laughs from your child. He will never get tired of hearing them again and again!

Even more, the bundles come with two ribbons - white and red silk - to assist you with your decoration. White and red are Noel's trademark and most basic color themes, which means they easily blend into any type of your chosen design. A great one-size-fits-all solution for everyone!

How Can I Imprint My Baby's Footprints On These Ornaments?

Footprints are a great symbol of growth and development, and we believe that beautiful ornaments with your baby's footprints on them can bring about immense luck for the family and the child itself! Here are some simple steps to follow:

Step 1. Outline his little feet on a paper piece using stamps and ink pads.

Step 2. Cut off that outline. Once done, trace what you drew on the ornament. 

Step 3.Fill it with a glittering coat and tacky glue to suit Christmas's upbeat spirit. Remove excess glitter before leaving it to dry on its own for at least a day (24 hours). 

So simple, right? Now you have a gorgeous and unique present for your cutie! 


1. Is It A Must To Place These Baby Ornaments On A Tree?

Traditional Christianists will tell you that, yes, it's a must. But for families who are not devoted members of this religion, you can enjoy more creativity with such versatile decoration items. Feel free to hang it on strings, hangers, or anywhere you wish! 

2. Will Future Reuses Ruin These Ornaments’ Meanings?

Some parents believe everything belonging to the "first Christmas" should stay there forever - and reuses for the second or third year might strip them of their intended meanings! 

However, such a misbelief strays quite far from the truth. An ornament that lasts for years only strengthens the symbol of long-lasting protection and care, reminding your child that he always has your unwavering company! 

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This article has introduced great contenders for the best baby's first Christmas ornament, whose beautiful and versatile designs will leave a huge impression on your child!

Always keep our buying guide in mind, and you can easily bring homea personalized baby's first Christmas ornamentthat suits your demands best. Write to us if some aspects still confuse you.

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