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Clever Christmas Ornament Storage Ideas To Keep Them Safe

Clever Christmas Ornament Storage Ideas To Keep Them Safe

Christmas ornament storage is frequently ignored. You may be storing your prized decorations in old boot boxes covered in tissue paper, carefully taking them down the stairs and hoping they don't break. Does this sound familiar? Now is the moment to make a difference.

We spend a fortune on the perfect Christmas tree, with all the gorgeous decorations filled with enchantment, wonder, and, most importantly, memories. So it's only natural that they have a secure place to reside throughout the non-festive seasons. Keep reading and discover some brilliant ideas to store your ornaments for years of usage!

Clever Christmas Ornament Storage Ideas To Keep Them Safe

We can almost all agree that one of the most enjoyable aspects of the holiday season is putting up and decorating your Christmas tree. But before you start decorating, you'll need to get out those old dusty boxes of decorations that you probably didn't pack up well last year. If only you had betterChristmas ornament storage solutions to simplify your life while unpacking and repacking your Christmas decorations at the end of the season. 

Well, you are in luck! The days of cramming emotive, handcrafted decorations and precious family ornaments into discarded shoeboxes and taped-together cardboard boxes are long gone. Today, we shall look at 15 clever ideas forChristmas ornament storageso that you can ensure those ornaments last forever!

Coming to the top of the list, we'll go over ideas onhow to store Christmas ornaments to help you both save money and keep your decorations in the best possible condition. What's more, the following ideas are much simpler to think about and implement than you might think. Let's explore together!

Use Original Packaging

Use these innovative solutions to preserve your fragile ornaments from breaking in storage before next Christmas when you're ready to take down your Christmas tree this year.

Many delicate Christmas tree decorations are packaged in specific boxes for display in the store and safe transport to your house. Keep these boxes, and keep the decorations in the manufacturer's packing.

Use original packaging to save ornaments

DIY Christmas Ornament Storage Box

Make your own inexpensiveChristmas ornament storage box! Glue plastic solo cups to cardboard, stuff with decorations, then stack within the box.

Make flooring by cutting the cardboard into two or three sections that fit inside the plastic container. Using your glue gun, arrange as many plastic solo cups as you can onto each cardboard piece, then put them into two or three layers that can fit into your bin, and you have a Christmas decorations organizer.

DIY ornament storage

Plastic Bottles for Storing Beads

Beaded garland should be stored in plastic soda or water bottles. Don't worry; they won't become trapped and will easily glide out when you need them. Just be cautious not to cram too many beads into one bottle; you want to be able to shake the beads out next Christmas.

Reduce beaded garland tangling by using regular plastic water or soda container. You'd think the beads would become caught, yet they effortlessly fall out when you tilt the bottle over.

Put bead garland in a water bottle to keep it under control.

Holiday Tins

Keep your favorite ornaments in tins for the holidays. They're gorgeous, and you probably get many of them throughout the holidays!

Holiday tins are typically too attractive to throw out, but most of the time, we can't find a proper use for them, so they accumulate dust and rust in the storage area. On the other hand, this approach makes good use of the tins.

Holiday tin ornament holder

Plastic Apple Containers

Along the same lines as employing drink carriers, you may store fragile Christmas decorations in plastic apple boxes. Keep the delicate tree ornament where the fruit formerly was to safeguard goods from bumps and bruises.

Remember to line the bases of the box with tissue paper for added protection to the more fragile decorations.

Plastic apple holder ornaments

Egg Cartons

It's time to put those tiny decorations away after a couple of terrific ideas for larger ornaments. They'll fit perfectly inside egg cartons! This is a great idea since you won't need to line the carton with tissue paper because the carton is soft enough on its own.

Egg Cartoon Ornament Storage

DIY Hanging Ornament Storage

This is an excellent idea for custom DIY ornament storage. Cut two 3/4′′ rods into a hard plastic container to make hanging ornament storage. Ensure you have long enough rods to run through the bin and overhangs on both sides. Under the poles, you may keep your tree skirt! If you use the rods as hanging bars, your decorations will be safe for the entire year.

DIY Hanging Ornament

Organize By Color

If you decorate many trees in your house or enjoy changing your color scheme each year, arranging your decorations by color may be quite beneficial. Get as many boxes and arrange your decorations in each box by color. Remember to keep an eye out for fragile components and wrap them in tissue paper.

If you don't have enough space for plastic bins, you may organize ornaments by color using baggies. The transparent Ziploc baggies are ideal since you won't have to label each one. The hues of the decorations may be seen inside. Don't forget some tissue paper for the more delicate ones.

Organize by color

Keep Hooks With Ornaments

You've probably been utilizing wire hooks to hang ornaments that don't have a string or ribbon to hang them from the tree. Instead of separating and keeping them from the decorations, keep them together and wrap them in a single container. You won't have to buy new hooks every year, and decorating the tree will be lot faster with the hooks already connected.


Keep a shoebox or other compact box on hand to preserve fragile Christmas ornaments. Breakable decorations are less likely to break in storage if stored in smaller boxes. These smaller boxes may then be tucked into your bigger Christmas storage containers.

The idea is to pack the decorations snugly in the box, so they don't move about and shatter.

Moving on to the rest of theChristmas ornament storage ideas, we don't stop at storing decorative objects. You can also use these ideas to store the most gifts you cherish so they will always look beautiful. Let's continue!

Use Shoebox to keep Ornaments

Use Seasonal Linens To Pack

Rather than purchasing new tissue paper or bubble wrap, wrap decorations in seasonal linens. If your family enjoys displaying Christmas-themed hand towels and blankets, use them as reusable wraps. Roll up many ornaments or gifts and rubber band the fabric to separate them and keep them from smacking against each other to make the most of the large pieces of fabric.

Use Seasonal Linens To Pack

DIY Cardboard Dividers

If the dividers that came with your ornament storage container break or are lost, you may easily make a new one out of cardboard.

Alternatively, make your cardboard dividers and place them in an ordinary plastic container for a do-it-yourself ornament storage option to keep your valuables secure. Divided segments guarantee that each ornament is snuggled in its storage cocoon does not collide with its neighbors and does not slide around inside a container to catastrophic outcomes. Make careful you wrap those glittery decorations in tissue and store them in Ziploc bags.

DIY Cardboard Dividers

Under Bed Shoe Storage Bins

Underbed storage boxes allow you to hide your decorations, presents, or wrappers for the entire year while saving you the effort of retrieving them from a storage unit or attic. Keep an eye on them if you need to move the bed over the year, and they'll be fine lurking under there.

Underbed shoe boxes are ideal for keeping your Christmas-related items since they contain six sections that can be rearranged to have more or fewer compartments depending on how you wish to arrange your decorations and gifts.

A Note On Tissue Paper & Bubble Wrap

If you don't want to buy tissue paper or bubble wrap, go for an ornament organizer with different parts, or wrap your favorites in seasonal linens or other fabric that will preserve them.

However, if you buy tissue paper and bubble wrap or have any sitting around from gift wrapping, please don't use it only once. It takes a long time to degrade these materials, so attempt to reuse them for as long as possible.

Invest In Dedicated Boxes

If you have a collection of precious decorations or presents, you might consider investing in some boxes or bags designed expressly to contain and safeguard them. Moisture-resistant bags are available for wet or humid environments, as are boxes that can easily slip under a bed for underground storage and containers with firm tops for simple stacking.

Professional organizers often recommend clear containers, particularly for seasonal goods such as Christmas ornaments. These transparent containers include compartments to keep decorations and gifts from rolling about freely. This one also consists of a tray at the top, which is ideal for holding the small wire hooks that have the propensity to disappear.

Wrapping Up

With these fantastic ideas, we have demonstrated that keeping ornamental goods for important events such as Christmas, New Year,... is not complicated but relatively simple. We hope you discover the ideal option for yourself and create endless memories with your decorations each year. Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful holiday!

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