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30 Fun Father's Day Games To Play This Father's Day

30 Great Games to Play on Father's Day

Father's Day is a great opportunity to show your dad your love, and what better way to do that than with some fun games!  Here’s a list of the 30 best Father’s Day games that will make your dad smile. From old-school classics like chess and checkers to more modern board games that will keep everyone entertained for hours, these 30 great games are perfect for celebrating with Dad.

1. How Well Do You Know Dad?

One of the best Father’s Day games is ‘How Well Do You Know Dad?’. This game provides an excellent opportunity for family members to learn more about Dad. It also provides plenty of laughs as everyone gets creative with their answers. 

To play this game, you need at least two players and paper or cards with questions on them. The questions should be tailored to the father. They can be funny, nostalgic, or serious. Once everyone has written their answers, it's time to compare results! The player who guesses the most right wins a prize—which could be something like watching his favorite movie together afterward or taking him out for dinner.

Board games for father's day

Board games for father's day

2. Name That Item!

Name That Item! is the perfect game for Father’s Day. It’s easy to set up and fun for the whole family! All you need are items from around the house, a timer, and Dad’s trusty knowledge. The goal is simple: Dad has to guess which item each player chose from a pile of items. The winner is whoever makes him guess correctly in the least amount of time. 

To play Name That Item!, grab some objects from around your house—anything that can fit in Dad’s hands works great! Then have each person pick one item and hide it behind their back or under their seat so that Dad can't see it before being asked to identify it. Start the timer and then show Daddy one at a time, asking him to name what he's holding as quickly as possible.

Father day games

Father day games

3. Cornhole

Cornhole is not only easy to learn how to play, but it offers tons of fun and friendly competition. Best of all, it can be enjoyed no matter what the weather’s like outside and requires very little setup or space. Whether you’re a family of two or twenty-two, cornhole will surely be a hit with everyone! 

To get started, you'll need two boards – each resembling a slanted box – with a hole cut in the top and eight bean bags. The distance between the boards should be about 27 feet apart; place them side by side for an easier game. Players take turns tossing their beanbags towards the opposite board from behind an imaginary line called the “foul line” at one end.

Father day games cornhole

Father day games cornhole

4. Puzzle Race

Puzzle Race is a fun game that can be enjoyed by all ages and gives everyone a chance to show off their puzzle-solving skills. It’s easy to learn how to play Puzzle Race, making it one of the best Father's Day games around. 

To get started, gather some puzzles in boxes of different sizes, such as 12-piece jigsaws or larger 100-piece puzzles. Lay out all the puzzles on a large table or other flat surfaces, then divide your group into two teams - choosing team names is half the fun! The teams must work together to solve the puzzles against each other in a race against time - whoever solves their puzzle first wins!

Father's day board games

Father's day board games

5. Barbecue Relay Race

On Father's Day, it can be difficult to devise the perfect activity to show dad how much we appreciate him. That's why the barbecue relay race is an excellent game to play! It is a great way for dad to show off his grilling skills. The barbecue relay race will surely become one of your best Father's Day games. 

The game is easy and very quick to set up. All that’s needed are two grills, two teams of two players each, and a selection of ingredients such as chicken wings, hotdogs, or burgers. One team member from each group operates their grill station while their partner runs between them with a pair of tongs or other tools in hand.

Father's day fun game ideas

Father's day fun game ideas

6. Pin the Tie on Dad

This classic party game will surely bring lots of laughter, no matter what age you are - after all, everyone loves a good laugh with Dad! It's easy to set up and will be a memorable part of any Father's Day celebration. 

To play this fun game, print out or draw a picture of your dad wearing his favorite tie. Blindfold each player in turn and give them a paper tie with sticky tape on one side. Spin them around three times before allowing them to take their turn at pinning the tie onto the image of your dad. Keep score for each round and award points based on who pins it closest to where it should go! In the end, the person with the most points wins!

Father's day game

Father's day game

7. Human Ring Toss

This easy-to-play game is perfect for kids and adults alike. It can be adapted to suit the size of your backyard or outdoor space and will bring laughter, challenge, and joy to Father's Day. With its simplicity but competitive nature, Human Ring Toss makes for one of the best Father's Day games around.

Human Ring Toss involves two teams, each consisting of three players. The team members must stand at an agreed distance away from each other before tossing their rubber rings over their opponents’ heads. If a ring lands successfully on one of the opposing team’s shoulders, that team scores one point. The team with the most points wins! 

Father's day game ideas

Father's day game ideas

8. Flag Football

Flag Football is one of the best Father's Day gamesthat can be enjoyed by all ages. It's a great way to bond and have some friendly competition with Dad on his special day. Flag football is a variation of American Football that uses flags instead of tackling players. 

Flag football can be played on any flat surface outdoors or indoors and requires minimal setup. All you need are flags for each player and an oval-shaped field marked out with cones or lines painted onto the ground.

In this game, two teams play against each other, aiming to score touchdowns by getting the ball across the other team's goal line. The catch is when an opposing team member has possession of the ball. It must be taken away from them to stop them from scoring by pulling their flag off or tagging them with two hands. 

Father's day game of thrones

Father's day game of thrones

9. The Dad's Bucket List

This is one of Father's Day gamesthat will have everyone laughing as they try to guess what's on dad's bucket list. It's an easy game that all ages can enjoy! 

To get started, write down 20 things you think your dad would like to do in his life - from visiting a beach in Mexico to learning how to play the guitar. Once the items are compiled, put them into a bowl and prepare for fun! Have each family member take turns drawing a slip of paper and reading it aloud. After all the slips are read out loud, guess which one belongs to Dad based on his reaction or facial expression. If no one guesses correctly, Dad gets to reveal which item was his own!

Father's day game ps5

Father's day game bucket list

10. Lawn Dominoes

This fun outdoor activity is suitable for all ages and can be enjoyed by the whole family. It’s easy to set up and play, so prepare to make some memories this Father’s Day! 

Lawn dominoes are similar to regular dominoes but larger, making them easier to see - perfect for playing outdoors in the sunshine. You only need an open space, such as a grassy lawn or beach, and large plastic domino pieces. Place them end-to-end in rows, ensuring that each piece touches two others at right angles. Then simply take turns adding more pieces until one person cannot place any more pieces down – they have lost the game!

Father's day game lawn dominoes

Father's day game lawn dominoes

11. Shaving Race

Shaving Race is one of the best Father's Day games that you can play. This exciting and competitive game will have everyone laughing in no time! 

To start playing, you'll need at least two people, but it gets much more fun when you add three or more players. Everyone should have a plastic bowl filled with water and shaving cream - enough for each person to submerge their face and create a thick foam mustache. 

When everyone has their bowl ready, select someone to be the timer. On "go," all players must dive their faces into their bowls and attempt to shave off all of the shaving creams from their faces as fast as possible - making sure they don't miss any spots!

Fathers day games

Fathers day games

12. Create the Ultimate Dad Quiz

This is a fun game you can play this Father's Day or any time of year! It's a wonderful way to learn more about each other in a lighthearted way. This game makes for one of the best Father's Day gamesout there, and all you need is paper, pencils, and your imagination!

To play Create the Ultimate Dad Quiz, start by writing out questions based on topics like hobbies, childhood memories, family history—anything that will help you learn more about your dad. They should be interesting enough to spark conversation and create an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Father's day games for church

Father's day games for church

13. Pie Eating Contest

A Pie Eating Contest is a delicious way to show your dad how much fun it can be to spend time with family. Plus, who doesn't love pie? It’s easy to organize - all you need are some pies, plates, and spoons - and you're ready to go! 

To play the game, decide on the number of pies each person should eat, then set up an eating area. Give everyone their plate and spoon, and when everyone is ready, start the timer. The goal is for each player to finish their pies before anyone else does, but make sure that everyone takes their time so that no one gets sick from eating too quickly.

Father's day games ideas

Father's day games ideas

14. Go Backyard Bowling

This classic game is the perfect way to show Dad how much you appreciate him. It’s also a great opportunity to get the entire family outside and away from screens. All you need is a few equipment items and some creativity, and you’re ready to play. 

To get started, all you need are empty water bottles or other similarly shaped items that can be used as “pins”, a ball of any kind (even a soccer ball!), and some chalk or tape to mark the boundaries of your playing field. Once those basic ingredients are in place, it’s time to set up your pins in an arrangement similar to traditional bowling lanes: triangular or parallel rows will work just fine!

Father's day games offline

Father's day games offline

15. Don't Laugh Challenge

This simple but hilarious game is one of the best Father's Day games and an easy way to make your day special. It's an entertaining and light-hearted way to celebrate Father’s Day together as a family and create lasting memories.

How does it work? Players take turns telling jokes or doing something silly, like a funny dance move or a silly voice impression. The other players must try not to laugh - if they do, they’re out of the game! The last player standing is the winner. Ensure you award them a prize at the end - maybe even some bragging rights in his honor! 

Funny father's day games

Funny father's day games

16. Hide and Seek

This classic game is easy to learn, can be enjoyed by all ages, and, most importantly, is fun for everyone. Whether you’re playing with a large or small group, Hide and Seek is the perfect way to bring the family together to celebrate Dad. 

To play this timeless game, choose one person to be ‘it’ – this could be Dad! Then the rest of the players take turns hiding in different places around the house or backyard. After all, players hide, 'It' counts from 1-10 while covering their eyes. Once they reach 10, they yell, “Ready or not, here I come!” and set off on a hunt to find everyone else. If a player gets found, they go back to being ‘It.

Father's day gaming

Father's day gaming

17. Video Games

Video games are a fun way to spend quality time with your dad on Father’s Day. They come in many different genres, so there’s something for everyone. Whether your dad is an avid gamer or just starting, we have some ideas for the best Father’s Day gamesyou can play with him. 

You only need a game console and a few titles that both of you will enjoy getting started. If you don’t have any gaming consoles yet, there are plenty of fantastic deals available online that make it easy to find what you need at an affordable price.

Father's day gaming gifts

Father's day gaming gifts

18. Guess What's in Dad's Wallet

Guess What’s in Dad’s Wallet is a fun and interactive game that will make your family laugh, learn more about each other, and form lasting memories. This game is one of the best Father’s Day games out there! 

To play Guess What's in Dad's Wallet, you only need two or more players, a wallet belonging to dad or another adult male family member, and some paper and a pencil. The goal is simple: guess the items inside the wallet without peeking. Each player takes turns asking questions to figure out what’s in dad’s wallet; whoever guesses correctly first wins the round! With different difficulty levels available to suit any age group, everyone can enjoy this game.

Father's day gifts games

Father's day gifts games

19. TV Dad Match-Up

This year, why not give Dad something special with a TV Dad Match-Up? It's one of the best Father's Day games around and is sure to bring hours of fun for dads and their families. 

TV Dad Match-Up is pretty simple: each family member has to match up famous TV dads to their respective shows or movies. For example, you might try matching Homer Simpson from The Simpsons or Ward Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver. The objective of this game is to beat your opponents by correctly guessing more TV dad matches than them! 

Players can take turns answering questions, or everyone can answer at once in a race against time (think Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?). Whoever gets the most correct answers wins!

Father's day party games

Father's day party games

20. Our Hands Are Tied

Our Hands Are Tied is a great game that will have you and your dad laughing until your sides hurt. This game combines strategy, coordination, and fun, making it the perfect way to celebrate Father's Day. 

To get started, all you need are two players (you and your dad) and one piece of string or rope. Then, each player takes turns trying to pick up objects around them with just their teeth – no hands allowed! The player who picks up the most objects in two minutes wins. It's a silly way to spend time together on Father's Day while also testing coordination skills and strategy. Have fun!

Game of fathers day

Game of fathers day

21. Yoga pose challenge

This easy-to-learn game is the perfect way to get everyone in the family involved in some quality time together. All you need are your yoga mats, a timer, and some friendly competition! 

To play Yoga Pose Challenge, each player takes turns attempting to hold various yoga poses for 30 seconds or more. The longer they can hold a pose without falling out of it, the more points they score. Anybody who falls out early loses their turn but still earns points if they held the pose for at least 10 seconds. 

For added difficulty (and extra laughs), you can even make up silly poses that aren't from traditional yoga classes! It's all about having fun and spending time with Dad this Father's Day.

Yoga pose game for father's day

Yoga pose game for father's day

22. Blindfolded Obstacle Race

This game is perfect for dads who enjoy friendly competition among family members. It's easy to set up and fun for players of any age. 

To play the Blindfolded Obstacle Race, create an obstacle course in your yard or house that your father must navigate while blindfolded. Place items like chairs or cones to mark where turns should be taken and other obstacles that dad must maneuver around within a certain time limit. Once everyone is ready, have each player take turns being blindfolded while trying to complete the course as fast as possible. Time each attempt, and keep track of who had the fastest time!

Blindfolded Obstacle - Game of fathers day

Blindfolded Obstacle - Game of fathers day

23. Play Chess

Chess is undoubtedly one of the oldest and most beloved board games in the world, and it's a wonderful way to spend quality time together. Even if neither player is particularly advanced in the game, playing chess can be an enjoyable challenge for both players. 

To get started, set up a chessboard with all 32 pieces. And don't worry if you don't have one of your own! Many libraries offer free access to chessboards by loan or check-out. Once your board is ready, each player takes turns moving their pieces according to specific rules until one side has been eliminated or there is no legal move left for either side.

Playing chess for fathers day

Playing chess for fathers day

24. Indoor Olympics

The goal of the Indoor Olympics is simple: pick teams, assign tasks, and compete against each other to see who in the end comes out on top! 

To play this game, start by forming two teams – one for each side of your family. After deciding which team will go first, each player must roll a die to determine which task needs to be completed. The "tasks" are all various indoor activities such as board and video games, putting together puzzles, or playing charades. Once everyone has completed their task, it's time to declare the winner.

Game of thrones father's day t shirt

Fathers day game

25. Charades

Charades is an easy and enjoyable game that the whole family can play together. It's ideal for Father's Day as it stimulates imagination, encourages cooperation, and brings lots of laughs. 

The rules are simple: one person acts out a word or phrase without using any words while everyone else has to guess what they’re trying to convey. Players take turns in acting out clues, which can be anything from movie titles to sayings or even songs! You can make your cards with the names of different people in Dad’s life, products he uses regularly, or silly phrases related to him.

Games for fathers day

Games for fathers day

26. Water fight

A water fight is a perfect way to celebrate Father’s Day and make some amazing memories. It's a fun game that can be played with families of any age and size from toddlers to adults.  At its core, a water fight is simply an excuse for everyone to have a good time by running around in the sun dousing each other with water - you're sure to get wet! 

To set up your water fight, all you need are some basic supplies like buckets, pool noodles, or even simple squirt guns. You can also use creative items such as frisbees sprayed with water or squirt bottles filled with colored food dye. Make sure everyone has equal access to weapons so that no one feels left out! Once everything is ready, it's time for the battle—let the fun begin!

Games for father's day in preschool

Games for father's day in preschool

27. Jenga

Jenga is one of the best Father's Day games to get dads up and off their feet! It’s a fun and easy game that anyone can play. It tests your patience, precision, and strategy as you carefully pull out wooden blocks from the tower and stack them on top. 

Jenga can add an element of friendly competition to any Father's Day celebration - plus it’s small enough to bring along for a picnic or barbeque! 

To play Jenga, you will need a set of 54 wooden blocks; each block measures 3 inches long by 1 inch wide by half an inch tall. To start, create a tower with the blocks: three blocks placed next to each other on their sides then stacked on top in the same pattern until all 54 blocks have been used.

Games to play on father's day

Games to play on father's day

28. Play HORSE

HORSE is a classic game that requires at least two players but can accommodate more. To play, choose an outdoor basketball court or indoor hoop and divide it into two teams. Each person takes turns attempting different shots from around the court, such as layups, jump shots, or three-pointers. 

If someone makes their shot, the following person must replicate it in order to stay in the round; if they miss then they receive an ‘H’ for missing the shot and another letter each time they miss until one team spells out ‘HORSE.' The first team to spell out HORSE loses!

Gaming father's day gifts

Gaming father's day gifts

29. Twister

Twister is a classic game that has been enjoyed by adults and children alike for decades. It's suitable for all ages and makes for one of the best Father's Day games. 

Playing Twister is simple: all you need is the spinner, a flat surface, and at least two people willing to play. To begin, each player stands on one side of the board; then spins the dial on the spinner to determine which body part (such as the left hand or right foot) must be placed on which color dot. As more players join in, things get trickier – but also more fun!

Michael jordan father's day game

Happy fathers day games

30. Foot race

Finally, one of the best Father's Day games around is a foot race! It's great for getting everyone involved in some friendly competition. To get started, all you need are a few open spaces, a couple of cones or markers to use as goalposts, and lots of enthusiasm. 

To begin playing, decide on two teams that can be split up, however, you want - by age group, gender, or even just random selections! Then mark out an area with the markers or cones - this will be your 'playground'.

Still game father's day card

Foot race - game father's day


Father's Day can easily be a day filled with fun and games. With these 30 best Father's Day games, you're sure to find something to engage everyone in your family. Whether you're playing board games, card games, video games, or outdoor activities, this is an excellent opportunity to show your appreciation for Dad while spending quality time together as a family. Fathers everywhere deserve the best on their special day, so why not make it truly memorable with fantastic activities?

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