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Halloween Gifts For Kids: Delight Them With Spooky Fun And Surprises


For children in particular, Halloween is a season filled with magic, excitement, and enjoyable activities. It's a day when kids can let loose and enjoy themselves while dressing up in costumes, going door to door, and collecting candy. With Halloween quickly approaching, the hunt for the ideal present for the kids in your life becomes a thrilling task. 

A Halloween present that catches the event's spirit and gives a child delight is a rewarding experience for parents, relatives, and friends. This guide will explore a wide range of Halloween gift ideas. So, join us on this journey as we discover the perfect Halloween gifts for the special children in your life!

Halloween Fleece Blanket With Custom Dog & Cat Design

Combining the spookiness of Halloween with the irresistible charm of pets, the blanket is sure to appeal to any child.

The custom dog & cat fleece Halloween blanket is made from high-quality, soft fleece material, ensuring warmth and comfort. The design features adorable dog and cat illustrations dressed in Halloween costumes, adding a touch of festive cheer. What sets this blanket apart is the option to personalize it with the child's name, creating a truly one-of-a-kind gift.


  • Personalized touch

  • High-quality material

  • Festive design

  • Generous size

  • Versatility


  • $52.95 for small size (30x40in)

  • $68.95 for medium size (50x60in)

  • $78.95 for large size (60x80in)


     The option to add the child's name makes it a truly unique gift

    Buying link: Personalized custom dog & cat Halloween fleece blanket

    Throw Pillow - Halloween Night With The Whole Family Design

    The personalized Halloween night throw pillow is the perfect Halloween gift for kids. With its charming design featuring family, dogs, and cats in a Halloween night scene, this throw pillow adds a touch of whimsy and excitement to any child's room. 

    Kids love seeing their names on personalized items, and this throw pillow allows you to customize it with the names of each family member. The durable fabric material ensures that the pillow can withstand daily use and last for a long time. Kids can enjoy their personalized Halloween throw pillow year after year, making it a lasting keepsake.


    • Personalized touch

    • Festive design

    • Versatile decor

    • Made for comfort


    • $33.65 for 12x12in option

    • $48.65 for 18x18in option

      It is a versatile and eye-catching addition to any space

      Buying link: The whole family Halloween cushion

      Personalized Ceramic Cat And Dog Ornaments For Halloween

      The "Flying on broom" Halloween ornament is primarily designed with dog and cat lovers in mind, and it can be a delightful Halloween gift for kids.

      The ornament features a charming design of dogs and cats flying on brooms, capturing the playful and magical essence of Halloween. It will capture the attention of kids with adorable imagery. They will enjoy having it as a decoration in their room or on the Halloween tree.

      The ornament can also spark conversations and imaginative play centered around Halloween and the concept of flying on brooms. It can encourage kids to learn more about Halloween traditions and mythology, fostering their curiosity and creativity.


      • Whimsical Halloween decor

      • Personalization

      • Durable and long-lasting

      • Educational value

      Price: $19.96


      Giving this gift makes the child feel special

      Buying link: "Flying on broom" Halloween ceramic ornaments

      Ghost Icon Name Tag

      This gosh name tag features a playful ghost icon design, which adds a touch of Halloween spirit to the gift. Kids will enjoy the cute and friendly ghost character, making their Halloween experience even more enjoyable.

      You can add the child's name to this item. Personalization adds a special touch and makes the gift unique to the child. They will feel a sense of ownership and pride when using their personalized tumbler.


      • Fun and festive design

      • Practical and useful

      • Personalization

      Price: $13.65


      This  is not only a decorative addition to the kid’s tumbler

      Buying link: Cute Halloween Ghost Name Tag

      A Throw Pillow Gift Featuring A Design That Says "Don't Mess With My Dog"

      This throw pillow features a Halloween theme with a playful message, "Don't mess with my dog." This adds a touch of spookiness and fun to the gift, aligning with the Halloween spirit. Kids will enjoy the festive design and the protective message that resonates with the holiday.

      Kids can use it as a cozy cushion for lounging, reading, or decorating their room during the Halloween season.


      • Halloween theme

      • Personalization

      • Comfort and decorative


      • $33.65 for 12x12in option

      • $48.65 for 18x18in option


      The design and message are not limited to Halloween, making it a great item for year-round use

      Buying link: "Don't mess with my dog" Halloween throw pillow

      Custom Puzzles With Dogs And Couples Design

      Puzzles are known to promote cognitive development in children. As kids work on the puzzle, they enhance their problem-solving skills, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and concentration.

      So, custom puzzles with dogs and couples designs can be a fun and educational activity for kids during Halloween.

      Kids can enjoy putting together the puzzle pieces to reveal a festive Halloween image, increasing their excitement and engagement during the Halloween season.

      Additionally, this Halloween puzzle is specifically designed for dog lovers, which can be a great match for kids who have a fondness for dogs.


      • Cognitive development

      • Can be  a keepsake

      • Encourages teamwork and communication when playing together


      • $40.65 for 252 pieces 

      • $46.65 for 500 pieces 

        Once the puzzle is completed, you can frame or preserve it as a keepsake

        Buying link: Dog and couple Halloween puzzle

        Personalized Pillow With The Whole Family Custom Photo

        The pillow customized with a photo of the child or their family will be a truly special gift. Seeing their own photo or their family's photo on the pillow can create a strong emotional connection for kids.

        The Halloween pillow features a Halloween theme, which adds to the festive spirit of the holiday. It can be a fun and exciting addition to a child's Halloween decorations or a cozy companion during the Halloween season.


        • Family bonding

        • Personalization

        • Emotional connection


        • $33.65 for 12x12 inch

        • $40.65 13x19 inch

        • $48.65 for 18x18 inch

          Personalization makes the gift unique and memorable

          Buying link: The whole family custom photo Halloween throw pillow

          Coffee Mug With A Custom Dog & Cat Design For Halloween

          The mug personalized with a custom design featuring the child's favorite dog or cat. It allows them to express their love for their pets. This Halloween mug also makes everyday routines more personal.

          Even though it's a coffee mug, kids enjoy using it for hot chocolate, tea, or milk. The mug's versatility allows it to serve beyond just coffee, making it suitable for children's preferences.


          • Personalization

          • Versatility for many usage

          • Can use for room decor


          • $24.95 for 11 oz

          • $28.95 for 15 oz

             The coffee mug is a practical gift that kids can use regularly

            Buying link: Custom Dog and Cat Halloween Coffee Mug

            Tumbler Name Tags with Halloween Pumpkin Glitter Design

            The Halloween pumpkin glitter design adds a festive and playful element to the gift. Kids will appreciate the fun and spooky theme, and it enhances the Halloween spirit.

            These name tags are not only decorative but also functional. Attaching them to tumblers prevents mix-ups and lost items. 

            Halloween gifts for kids must always be safe. Tumbler name tags are generally designed with rounded edges and are free from small parts that could pose a choking hazard. They are also easy to clean, which promotes hygiene.


            • Personalization

            • Halloween theme

            • Practicality

            • Safety for children

            Price: $13.65


            Using these tumbler name tags as Halloween gifts for kids can be a fun and practical choice 

            Buying link: Pumpkin Glitter Halloween Name Tag

            Halloween Custom Bracelet 

            DIY craft kits allow children to unleash their creativity and personalize their own bracelets. They can choose from various Halloween-themed charms, beads, and colors to design a unique bracelet that reflects their individual style and preferences. This encourages self-expression and a sense of ownership over the final product.

            The DIY aspect of the craft kit provides an engaging and hands-on activity for kids. They can enjoy the process of creating their own bracelets, which can be a fun and fulfilling experience. It also keeps them entertained and occupied, especially during Halloween parties or gatherings.


            • Enhance creativity and personalization

            • Hands-on activity

            • Skill development

            • Memorable keepsakes

            Price: about $4


            This gift encourages the concentration, problem-solving, and patience of the kids

            Halloween SVG Big Bundle Candy Holder

            This bundle provides a wide range of Halloween candy dome SVG designs. By mixing and matching different designs, they can create a candy holder that is uniquely theirs.

            These holders can be used for trick-or-treating or as decorative pieces for Halloween parties. They provide a practical and functional purpose while also adding to the overall Halloween experience.


            • Variety of designs

            • DIY and creative fun

            • Allows personalization

            Price: about $3 for 60 packs


            This gift encourages creativity and DIY projects

            Halloween Trick or Treat Bucket

            The Halloween baskets are designed specifically for the occasion, featuring Halloween motifs like pumpkins, ghosts, witches, or bats. The festive design adds to the Halloween spirit and excitement, making it an ideal gift for the holiday.

            They are both functional and practical tricks-or-treating accessories. When going door-to-door, kids can use them to collect candies and treats. These baskets provide a convenient and fun way for children to carry their Halloween loot.


            • Personalization

            • Trick-or-treat essential

            • Reusability

            Price: about $12


            The Halloween baskets are suitable for both girls and boys, making them a versatile gift option

            Pictures Created By Stickers

            This sticker book allows kids to express their creativity and engage their imagination. By creating Halloween-themed pictures one sticker at a time, children can experience the joy of bringing their artwork to life. 

            The book utilizes stickers as a medium for creating the artwork. Children can peel off the stickers and place them in the designated areas to complete the pictures. This tactile activity is engaging and enjoyable for kids, and it provides a sense of accomplishment as they see their pictures come together.


            • Enhance creativity and imagination

            • Skill development

            • Interactive and engaging

            • Keepsakes and decorations

            Price: about $8.5


            It provides a unique and interactive way for kids to explore their artistic abilities

            Halloween Squishies Toys Slow Rising, Gift Box

            Squishy toys are known for their stress-relieving properties. Kids can squeeze, squish, and manipulate these toys, which can help them relax, relieve anxiety, and provide a sensory experience. 

            They engage multiple senses, including touch and sight. The soft and squishy texture of these toys provides tactile stimulation, while the vibrant colors and cute designs offer visual appeal. Children can enjoy the sensory experience of squeezing and watching the toy slowly rise back to its original shape.


            • Stress relief

            • Suitable for both girls and boys

            • Convenient and ready-to-give box set

            Price: about $17.99/ 6 packs


            They are excellent for kids and provide entertainment and sensory play 

            Skeleton T-Rex – Interactive Collectible Dinosaur

            The skeleton T-Rex dinosaur toy aligns perfectly with the Halloween theme. Its spooky and skeletal design adds an extra touch of excitement and eeriness to the holiday.

            Kids can enjoy adding this unique and Halloween-themed dinosaur to their collection, allowing them to expand their set of interactive toys. Collecting and playing with different Fingerlings offers a sense of accomplishment and the opportunity for imaginative storytelling.


            • Provide Halloween theme

            • Halloween decoration

            • High-Quality and durability

            • Gender-neutral appeal

            Price: $18.81


            The skeleton T-Rex toy is suitable for both boys and girls


            As we come to the end of our exploration into Halloween gifts for kids, we hope you've discovered great ideas to make this Halloween season truly extraordinary. 

            Halloween is a time of magic and enchantment, and the right gift can enhance their experience and create lasting memories. So, embrace the spirit of Halloween, let your imagination soar, and delight the kids with a special gift!

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