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Coffee Mug Sizes Chart: The Perfect Size For Your Coffee Type


When you enjoy a cup of coffee, the size of your coffee mug can make all the difference. You may be a fan of a strong espresso shot to start your day or you prefer to savor a creamy cappuccino or a rich latte. By the way, having the right size mug can enhance your drink.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore different coffee mug sizes and help you pick from the vast array of options available. So, get your favorite coffee, and let's start to discover the ideal coffee mug size for your coffee type!

What is the Standard Coffee Mug Sizes Chart?

Are you a fan of robust espresso or a velvety latte? Are you often on the move or a frequent traveler? Our comprehensive guide below showcases the range of common coffee cup sizes and the ideal mugs to savor each beverage.

Here are the sizes charts of some typical coffee mugs: 

Types of mugs


Espresso Mugs

2 to 4-ounce

Cappuccino Mugs

5 to 6 ounces

Latte Mugs

8 to 10 ounces

Oversized Latte Mugs

20 to 25 ounces

Brewed Coffee Mugs

6 to 15 ounces

Iced Coffee Mugs 

12 to 16 ounces

Caffè Macchiato Mugs

2 ounces

Caffè Mocha Mugs 

11 to 16 ounces

Flat White Mugs

5 to 6 ounces

Classic Coffee Mugs

8 to 12 ounces

Travel Coffee Mugs

12 to 20 ounces

Turkish Coffee Mugs

2 to 3 ounces

Ristretto Coffee Mug

2 to 3 ounces

Americano Coffee Mugs

5 to 6 ounces

Starbucks Coffee Cups

8 to 31 ounces

1. Espresso Mugs (2-4 Fl. Oz.)

The starting point for most specialty coffees, espresso, is the foundation for delightful concoctions like creamy vanilla oat milk lattes. Typically served in a demitasse cup with a small handle, a shot of espresso occupies a 2 to 4-ounce vessel. 

These cups have a narrow base and a wider rim, specifically designed to enhance the concentration of flavors within the shot.


Espresso mugs are about 2-4 oz

2. Cappuccino Mugs (5-6 Fl. Oz.)

A cappuccino usually consists of a single shot of espresso blended with an equal measure of steamed milk and topped with a crown of froth. The perfect cup for this classic beverage ranges from 5 to 6 ounces, featuring a narrower base and a wider rim. Often accompanied by a complementary saucer, cappuccino mugs exude a charming and traditional aesthetic.

3. Latte Mugs (8-10 Fl. Oz.)

Lattes are typically served in spacious bowl-shaped cups, providing ample room for approximately 8 to 10 ounces of liquid. These mugs are perfect for individuals who enjoy adding coffee flavors, experimenting with plant-based milk substitutes, or creating latte art. 

The broader cup shape makes it effortless for baristas or yourself to pour the steamed milk into the espresso. 

4. Oversized Latte Mugs (20-25 Fl. Oz.)

For those who want to enjoy more coffee, the grand latte mug presents itself as an exceptional choice. These mugs boast a generous capacity, accommodating all the delightful extras that make a latte truly exceptional.

With plenty of space to fill, these oversized mugs provide an ideal environment for capturing photogenic latte art. They also serve as a convenient container for mixing an array of coffee flavors to suit one's individual taste.


Oversized Latte mugs allow for larger capacity

5. Brewed Coffee Mugs (6-15 Fl. Oz.)

The typical brewed coffee mug holds approximately 6 to 15 ounces. This range allows ample volume to embrace and savor your preferred brewed beverage.

Brewed coffee, created by infusing water with ground coffee beans in a coffee pot, achieves a tantalizing flavor profile that pairs perfectly with the comforting embrace of a dedicated brewed coffee mug.

6. Iced Coffee Mugs (12-16 Fl. Oz.)

Keeping your iced coffee refreshingly cool for an extended duration, the iced coffee glass mug emerges as an invaluable helper. Featuring BPA-free reusable straws, bamboo covers, and silicone sleeves for a secure grip, this mug provides an optimal solution to minimize the risk of any unwanted spillage.

7. Caffè Macchiato Mugs (2 Fl. Oz.)

With the essence of espresso beautifully enhanced by foamed milk, the caffè macchiato really stands out when served in a demitasse mug. This small cup, also commonly found in espresso cup form, offers the perfect dimensions for accentuating and enhancing the intricate flavors of this classic beverage.


Caffè Macchiato mugs are small, with just a 2 oz capacity

8. Caffè Mocha Mugs (11-16 Fl. Oz.)

A steaming caffè mocha usually comes in a glass mug. Boasting high insulation capabilities, these mugs successfully maintain the ideal temperature of your beverage, ensuring the enjoyment of the delightful flavors.

Noteworthy is the generous capacity of these glass mugs, offering ample space for the various ingredients to personalize and elevate your coffee experience.

9. Flat White Mugs (5-6 Fl. Oz.)

The pleasure of a flat white coffee is best savored from mugs thoughtfully designed with smooth grips. These mugs are for effortless handling with thick walls that keep the beverage at the perfect temperature for an extended indulgence.

Featuring tapered tips, these mugs ensure a smooth flow of the beverage into your mouth, ensuring maximum satisfaction for your drinking coffee experience.

10. Classic Coffee Mugs (8-12 Fl. Oz.)

Coffee is best enjoyed in a standard-sized mug, typically ranging from 8 to 12 ounces. These mugs achieve the perfect balance between accommodating a generous serving of coffee and allowing space for cream and sugar. 

For those who seek an oversized classic coffee mug, weighing around 20 to 25 ounces, these mugs stand out as a favored option. With plentiful capacity, it readily adapts satisfying quantities of your beloved brew, allowing you to fully drink a rich and invigorating taste.


The classic coffee mugs can vary from 8 to 12 oz

11. Travel Coffee Mugs (12-20 Fl. Oz.)

When you're on the go, a travel mug is the best way to keep coffee close at hand.

These mugs boast generous capacities ranging from 12 to 20 fluid ounces, providing ample space to accommodate a satisfying volume of freshly brewed coffee. Equipped with remarkable double-walled vacuum technology, they excel in maintaining your beloved beverage at the optimal temperature for an extended duration, ensuring every sip is as delightful as the first.

Notably, most travel mugs are skillfully designed to fit perfectly in the cup holder of your car, allowing you to enjoy the comforting embrace of your favorite coffee as you travel.

12. Turkish Coffee Mugs (2-3 Fl. Oz.)

Drawing inspiration from Turkish and Middle Eastern traditions, Turkish coffee mugs embody a distinctive charm with their small and traditionally styled design. They are ideally suited for drinking in the robust and invigorating flavors of the strong coffee popular in Turkey and its surrounding regions.

To prepare the beloved Turkish coffee, the process is carried out slowly over a stove, resulting in a foamy cup of coffee. You can enhance your enjoyment by pairing it with a piece of Lokum, also known as Turkish delight. This creates a harmonious blending of flavors.


Turkish Coffee Mugs come from Turkish and Middle Eastern traditions

13. Ristretto Coffee Mug (2-3 Fl. Oz.)

The ristretto serves as a "short shot" of intensified, concentrated espresso. Derived from the Italian word "ristretto," meaning "restricted," this exquisite brew employs only half the volume of water typically used for an espresso shot, enhancing its potency and depth of flavor.

You can make the perfect ristretto by adding precisely 7-8 grams of coffee grounds to water and extracting about 15-20 ml of coffee. While boasting the strength and intensity typical of espresso, the ristretto captivates the mouth with a sweeter and more robust flavor.

Additionally, you can consider enhancing your ristretto experience by incorporating a couple of ounces of steamed milk.

14. Americano Coffee Mugs (5-6 Fl. Oz.)

The appeal of the Americano, also known as Caffe Americano, lies in its elegant simplicity. Produced by blending equal parts espresso and water, this enchanting brew offers a refined and nuanced coffee experience that delights the senses. 

To make espresso, you must add 3 ounces of water to every 3 ounces of espresso. People traditionally present Americano in a standard-sized coffee cup.


Americano coffee mugs hold about 5 to 6 oz

15. Starbucks Coffee Cups (8-31 Fl. Oz.)

For coffee enthusiasts worldwide, Starbucks has become more and more familiar in their daily lives. The renowned coffee chain has established its own unique naming system for its diverse range of coffee cups. Each size is custom-made to suit different preferences and requirements.

At Starbucks, six captivating cup sizes are:

  • Short: 8 oz
  • Tall: 12 oz
  • Grande: 16 oz
  • Venti (Hot): 20 oz
  • Venti (Iced): 26 oz
  • Trenta: 31 oz

Undoubtedly, Starbucks cup sizes perfectly complement the diverse flavors and beverages offered by the world-famous coffee chain, appealing to a wide range of passionate Starbucks lovers across the globe.

The Amount Of Coffee In A Cup Is How Many Ounces?

In the United States, it's common to measure liquids in cooking and baking using a standard cup measurement, which is approximately equivalent to 8 ounces. This particular cup, often referred to as a customary cup, is equivalent to 240 milliliters, and it's a helpful reference when wondering how many ounces are in a coffee cup.


The cup sizes differ due to many factors

However, different countries around the world have their own standards for measuring cups. For instance, in New Zealand, Canada, and Australia, 1 cup is about 250 milliliters of fluid, or what is known as a metric cup.

So, you can measure your coffee cups based on:

Coffee Cup Types

The measurements of coffee cups can vary, making it difficult to pinpoint their exact capacity. Generally, coffee cups tend to range from 4 to 6 ounces in size. Nevertheless, there isn't a globally standardized criterion for coffee cup sizes, so the type of coffee cups you encounter may exhibit significant variations in capacity.

To ensure that you use enough coffee, use a scale to accurately measure the amount you pour into your cup. By placing the container you are using on a scale, you can obtain precise measurements and control your coffee intake accordingly. This method eliminates the guesswork associated with relying solely on the size of the cup.

Ratio Optimization

Fortunately, there are alternative methods for measuring your coffee accurately. Instead of relying on a measuring cup, using a scale is highly recommended. The specific coffee-to-water ratio you choose will depend on your preference for the strength of your coffee. Generally, a ratio of 28 grams of water to 1.5 to 2 grams of whole-bean coffee is considered ideal.

To illustrate, when aiming to make two "typical" cups of coffee, which typically amounts to 16 fluid ounces, you will require approximately 26 to 31 grams of coffee. Utilizing a scale becomes crucial in achieving precision with your coffee measurements. 

What are Mug Sizes at Unifury?

At Unifury, we offer a variety of mug sizes to cater to different preferences and needs. Here are the mug sizes available at our company (and note that we specialize in personalized products, so you can also custom your favorite mugs for uniqueness):

Here are the sizes charts of some typical coffee mugs at Unifury: 

Types of Mugs


Coffee Mugs

11 and 15 ounces

Campfire Mugs

12 ounces


20 ounces

Glass Tumbler

12 and 16 ounces

1. Coffee Mugs: 11, 15 Oz

We have coffee mugs in two sizes, 11 ounces and 15 ounces. These mugs are perfect for enjoying your favorite hot beverages, such as coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. The 11-ounce option provides a standard size for a cozy cup, while the larger 15-ounce option offers a more generous capacity for those who prefer a larger serving.


The customizable 11-15 oz coffee cup at Unifury

2. Campfire Mugs: 12 Oz

Unifury also provides campfire mugs with a capacity of 12 ounces. These mugs are designed with a rustic and sturdy look, making them ideal for outdoor adventures like camping or enjoying a cozy bonfire. The 12-ounce size offers a convenient and portable option for sipping your favorite beverages around the campfire.

3. Tumbler: 20 Oz

For those who prefer a more travel-friendly option, we have tumblers with a capacity of 20 ounces. These tumblers allow you to keep your drinks hot or cold for an extended period, making them perfect for on-the-go use. The 20-ounce size provides ample space for your preferred beverage, whether it's your morning coffee or a refreshing iced drink.


Unifury’s personalized skinny tumbler

4. Glass Tumbler: 12oz 16 Oz

Unifury also offers glass tumblers in two sizes, 12 ounces and 16 ounces. These elegant glass tumblers are perfect for enjoying a variety of beverages, from water and juice to cocktails and spirits. The 12-ounce option offers a standard capacity, while the 16-ounce size provides a larger serving for those who prefer a more substantial drink.

Frequently Asked Questions

In What Size Do Coffee Mugs Typically Come?

The standard size for a coffee mug typically falls within the range of 8 to 12 ounces. However, the specific size can vary depending on the preferences and recommendations of different coffee brewers.

In What Sizes Do You Find Of A Coffee Cup?

Coffee cups come in a variety of sizes, ranging from as small as 2 ounces for espressos to as large as 20 ounces for brewed coffees. The size of your coffee cup will depend on the specific type of coffee you wish to enjoy. Smaller cups, such as those designed for espressos, are meant to provide a concentrated and intense coffee experience, while larger cups are ideal for enjoying a more substantial serving of brewed coffee.

What Is Considered A Large-Size Coffee Mug?

A large-size coffee mug typically has a capacity of 20 to 25 ounces. This size range can include various types of mugs, such as travel mugs, brewed coffee mugs, and iced coffee mugs, depending on the manufacturer.  


We hope that this comprehensive guide on coffee mug sizes has provided you with valuable knowledge for you to select your next coffee mug. Remember, the right coffee mug size can not only elevate the taste and enjoyment of your coffee but also add a touch of personal style to your daily routine. So, hopefully, you can find the ideal coffee mug size and enhance your coffee enjoyment!

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