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101 Best Nice Things to Say to a Friend

101 Nice Things to Say to a Friend

We all admit that receiving a compliment is always a pleasure. Then nothing can be more kind than coming from someone close to you. Friends are true gems. They may not be along with you all the time, but you know they will be there for you anytime you need them. Putting a smile on your friend's face by saying nice things can make their day. Moreover, soothing words can heal broken hearts.

If you are in search of some nice things to say to a friend, then you are in the right domain. Some peers know exactly how to make your life easier by being a partner in all your fun activities or offering comfort after your crack-up. They are like an open hub where you can strike your head whenever you need a strong back and support.

Here, you will find the bundle of words that convey your gratitude and love for your BFFs. To strengthen the bond between you and your friend, check out these nice things to say. 

Things To Say To Your Best Friend

It is always difficult to do simple things, such as saying sweet words to someone. But when it comes to your best friends, your tongue is encased with layers of obstacles. So, to help you say your words, here are a few nice things to say to a friend:

  • I am blown away by your hard work and dedication, as is everyone around you.
  • Through your footstep, you bring life to the barren land. This is because of your radiant heart.
  • I admire your patience as you know how to stay calm and tranquil during stressful situations

You possess the power of face reading, as you understand what I am going through before I share it with you.Nice things to say to a friend

  • You possess the power of face reading, as you understand what I am going through before I share it with you.
  • You are one of your types. “My Soul Sister Forever.”
  • By the Lord! I never admitted it before! You're such a fascinating person to talk to.
  • Whether you're addressing thousands or just one person, your communication style is wonderful.
  • Although your wardrobe is filled with black, having a gold heart is cherished.
  • Buddy, your presence around me is enough to make me feel better. “We will be friends forever because you know too much.”
  • I am always motivated by your confidence and independence. Honestly, I wished I had your confidence.
  • Your welcoming personality is another best reflection of your character.
  • I love how you respect your seniors and your helping attitude towards juniors.
  • Perfectionism is what makes me idealize you.
  •  Apart from sometimes annoying because of your punctuality, you are still my favorite.
  • I admire your sense of dressing, as you know how to style in certain functions.
My best friend may not be my sister by blood, but she is my sister by heart.
Nice things to say to your best friend
  • “My best friend may not be my sister by blood, but she is my sister by heart.” Although she is not my blood sister, she still stands by me during good and bad times.
  • The bowl of noodles on your head suits you the most!
  • Besides having a crush on food, you are my favorite.
  • I would love to go on a world tour with you that much. I love you.
  • Japanese weasels, pandas, and bunnies may fall in the sense of
  • inferiority as you are taking over their cuteness.
  • Your voice is so soothing. I can listen to you 24/7.
  • You are incredibly cute. I am in doubt that is it you in front of the word attractive in the dictionary?

Funny Things To Say To Your Friends

Showing your motivational words to your friends in a funny way is not a bad idea. If you're looking for nice things to say to a friend without being too cheesy. Here few selections for you:

  • I know you have good taste in friends, that is why I am your friend.
  • I must say, “ Friends, do not let friends do silly things alone,” as you are my partner in crime.
  • You are either an angel or possess a sacred heart because I always receive a feeling of belonging from you.
  • If you did not take a shower for several days, I could still hang out with you.
  • You are like a mini google to me, as you answer all my queries quickly.
  • If I get 2nd or 3rd birth, I wish you to be my Soul Sister. I want you to be my friend every time I am born because you are beyond comparison.
  • From day 1 till now, what I get to know about your personality is you are pure, sweet, and trustworthy.
  • Ever since I met you, I felt a positive change in me. This is all because of you. Thank you.

The moment I enjoy the most is not when I am chilling at parties but when I am with you.Funny things to say to friends to make them laugh

  • The moment I enjoy the most is not when I am chilling at parties but when I am with you.
  • As the purity of chemicals is tested in furnaces, so has a hard time assessing our friendship. I enjoy your company friend!
  • Becoming a complete joker after the painting is my favorite activity to do with my best peer.
  • Sharing is caring. I learned the true meaning of this phrase after meeting with you.
  • I want to share a bed with you in the hospital when we become old ladies.
  • You are a helping hand for me. From making assignments to doing groceries you always make my life easier.
  • When I stood alone in the crowd of selfishness, you were always there to offer me your shoulder. Thank you, my lovely buddy!
  • I feel so comfortable with you, my dear friend.
  • You know what, you have the best smile in the world.
  • Spending quality time with you is indeed my good investment.
  • The sense of humor you have is unparalleled, dude.
  • You are that precious gem, the whole world is in search of that.
  • I always got inspired by your achievements, and I did not mention it before.

I owe you millions of thanks, as you help me to become a better version of myself.funny things to say to your friends

  • I owe you millions of thanks, as you help me to become a better version of myself.
  • The act of making a funny face to put a smile on my face is an amazing aspect of your personality.
  • By knowing you completely, I evaluate you are more beautiful inside in comparison to your physical looks.
  • Buddy! I am sure that you are equally nice to the babies. I can proudly say, you are my good-goodie!
  • During hard times, you always know how to solve the problem without being panic.
  • I bet you can win the painting contest, as everyone gets goose-flesh after putting their first sight on your masterpiece.
  • You know all my weakness and still stands out there when the world walks out. Thank you lovely friend for completing me.
  • A real friend is one who never lets you down. I give this credit to you.

Nice Things To Say To a Friend - Best Way To Appreciate Your Friend 

We are tumultuous, hesitant, timid, shy, or awkward. Our actions indeed convey all the love and care we have for our friends, but sometimes we need to motivate them with words. Some nice things to say to a friend are a perfect way:

  • You are perfect, dude, stay the same.
  • You are my true partner.
  • Never give up, dude, keep your morale high.
  • I believe you are an angel, who helps everyone.
I can never get tired of your company, though you become annoying sometimes, I love that too.
Nice things to say to your friend
  • I can never get tired of your company, though you become annoying sometimes, I love that too.
  • The pieces of advice you give me are the golden words for me. I always crave more.
  • As far as cooking is concerned, you are exceptional in that too.
  • Your gut feeling is amazing since you always alarm me during pathetic situations.
  • You are a precious gift to those who have you in their lives.
  • You have a true sense of manners.
  • All the cherishing moments of my life that I captured on my camera have you in them.
  • Your style is adorable.
  • Your wavy hair looks beautiful on you.
  • Your unconditional care for me, makes me feel special.
  • Thank buddy, for not considering my all stupid ideas. I love the way you challenge me to explore by coming out of my comfort zone. 
  • I feel I am not expressing it in the right way, but you realized to me that good people exist.
  • Your potential to do challenges is infectious. With you, I can do anything.
  • Thank God we met each other.
  • If I rate you from 1 to 10, you will be 11 for me!
  • You are such a true friend. Thanks for everything.
  • As you are always there for me, you will find me too in your hard time. I swear it is my pinky promise.
  • You know I would be jealous of you if you made another best friend.
  • Your routine yoga is paying off! You have lost a great weight, now looking sexier.

What To Say in a Birthday Card To a Friend

Moments pass, but memories last a lifetime. The bottom line is that you should do your best to capture the moment and make precious memories on their birthday by making your friend smile. Here are the best nice things to say to a friend on their birthday.

  • I love the way you give me space to improve my blunders. Thanks, bestie for always being there.
  • Your smartness and intellectual thinking are marvelous.
  • You always try to make me feel protected in every good and bad time.
  • I usually do not believe many people, but you are not on this list.
  • I desired to have many more friends like you.
  • You know what boyfriends come into your life and then go…. But you and I are friends forever and ever.
There is a point in true friendship when friends stop being friends and becomes Sister.
What to say in a birthday card to a friend
  • “There is a point in true friendship when friends stop being friends and becomes Sister”. That point came when you saved my life from evils.
  • I sometimes think if you have an opposite gender, we would definitely marry to have super cool life ahead.
  • I admire your creativity, in all domains.
  • You have a kind and generous personality.
  • You have no match.
  • Your smile is killing, seriously.
  • I can blindly trust you, my buddy.
  • You never judge me by my words as I am outspoken.
  • There was no thrill in life until I found you, my crime partner; there was no thrill in life!
You always make my day, buddy.
How to say happy birthday to a friend
  • You always make my day, buddy.
  • You are one of my best friends of mine.
  • My mother loves you the same way she loves me. So, I must say we are Sisters.
  • We share the same state of mind when we look at something odd, we are twins.
  • Whenever my mood is off, you always make me laugh. I am so overwhelmed by your kind act. Love you, friend.
  • No matter where our destinies take us, I can not afford the breakup of our friendship.
  • You are incredibly beautiful.
  • Your voice is mesmerizing.
  • I must say you are an exciting friend.
  • You are a source of entertainment for me.
  • I can resist myself from admiring you.
  • I have a number of other friends, but you occupy that particular corner of my heart. It would be difficult for me to stay disconnected from them, but I would accept the death proposal if I had to cut off from you.


Hence, friends open a gate of peace. Though they are human beings just like you, they possess some magical powers through which they solve all your worries. They are your immune system and keep you away from worries and put in their best. 

They are so angelic in their spirit that you feel so comfortable and satisfied in their presence. They would never let you carry your burdens alone. The only thing that bothers them is your happiness and peace of mind. So if such a pure bond needs some extra effort to be put in, do not lag behind.

Nice things to say to a friend expose all the wonderful stuff you keep in your heart to make your friend feel how special and important they are. The choice of words you make is significant in that regard, and in order to make your friends feel more special, try to find the words that exactly match your feelings for them. The things mentioned above may help you a great lot. All you need to do is select the ones depicting your love for your friends the best. So just plunge in and make your friendship bond even stronger than before. Good luck!

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