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15 Touching Ways to Honor your Furry Pet and Keep the Memory Alive 

15 Touching Ways to Honor your Furry Pet and Keep the Memory Alive 

Losing your furry four-legged is nothing short of a disastrous occurrence. Moving past their departure and continuing with life requires a lot of effort. Indeed, nothing can prepare you to bear the loss of the animal you cherished for years. Whether they breathe their last progressively or abruptly, bidding them farewell may be one of your most challenging experiences. 

Once you have recovered from your grief, it is finally time to start healing and returning to your regular schedule. Chances are that you begin to search for ways to remember your pet right after their final exit. Of course, the amazing memories cannot be recreated, but you can keep the ones you created alive for years. Doing so can be immensely favorable for your healing process while you celebrate the life moments of your furry pet. 

Pets are a part of the family and must be remembered with the utmost affection. But how can you honor them after their demise and accelerate your healing? Fret not; keeping their memories alive is still doable. While you can bury them in their favorite space or keep their accessories, there are unique ways to keep the bond you shared living. These ways go beyond preserving their keepsakes and visiting their little graves. 

In this article, you can find incredible ways to cherish your pets even after they pass away. From inspiring memorial ideas to customized gift gestures, you will find everything to commemorate your wonderful time with your pet. 

15 ways to Honor your Furry Pet

Let us get straight in to discover uniqueways to commemorate a pet! 

Host a Memorial

Hosting a memorial is a wonderful opportunity to honor your pet in the same way you would hold a funeral formemorial gifts. It is a thoughtful way to bring the memories of your deceased fur pet back to life. Share the lovely moments you spent together through a slideshow of your pictures while you bid them the final farewell. Then, you may proceed to bury their remains or ashes. 

To feel better, share the stories of your pet's life and talk about the wholesome moments. For instance, what were their favorite activities? Did yourcat love to chase balls? By doing so, the process of moving on will go more quickly. Let's discuss somebeautiful ways to remember your pets after they have passed away

Capture their Paw Prints

Although you might not have thought of this in advance, it is best to capture your fur baby's paw prints ahead of time. You may do so using ink or your favorite paint shade. Preserving these prints in a box with other keepsakes can be an excellent way to cherish your little pet forever. 

Some veterinary services might also serve to help you capture their paw prints. Advisably, get some cards and print their paws in them in advance. So, if you are wonderinghow to honor a dog that has passed away, this might be the best way. 

Pawprint - memorial gifts

Get a Tattoo of their Name

If you have had a more personal relationship with your fur companion, and are fond of body arts, then getting a Tattoo of their name will work great for you. A tattoo will serve as a permanent way to remember them. The choice of a temporary or a permanent one entirely depends on your preference. A skillful tattoo artist may easily do the job for you. Nonetheless, choose beforehand if you want their face, name, or birthdate as a way to reminisce about them. 

Plant a flower or tree in their honor

Another way to honor your dog or any other four-legged is to plant a flower or tree in their remembrance. Gardens or trees are a symbol of flourishment and life. If you are eagerly looking for beautiful ways to remember your pets after passing away, you might want to visit the plant in their honor. Planting a tree or a flower with their name engraved or a tombstone carved in it might be a wonderful way to recall their life. Alternatively, you might collect their ashes and bury them with the plant seeds you sow.  

Create a Picture Album

Creating a photo book, collage, or album may be a distinct yet special way to dedicate your life to your departed pet. Although it might sound old-school, going over the pictures every once in a while helps you heal considerably. You will find many sites to build wonderful picture albums over the internet. 

Once you have the album, you can cherish the beautiful moments forever. It is an excellent way to bring back positive energy and remember when you enjoyed yourself with your furry friend. 

Create a Picture Album

Make a Custom Canvas Print - They Still Talk About You

Yet another way to contribute to your healing process is by making aCustom Canvas Print. You may find numerous options available on the internet. Unifury's They Still Talk About You is a great way to turn your favorite pictures of your pet into a wall-art. Just submit their best pictures with or without you to a talented artist, and he will do wonders for you. Indeed, a custom canvas print is a creative way to illustrate your memories with your furry best friend. 

Make a Custom Canvas Print - They Still Talk About You

Wind Bells or Stones

Honor your dear pet with wind bells or stones to keep the memory alive. If your pet enjoyed spending time with you in your room or backyard, fitting a memorial there would do great. You may get stones made with their ashes or one that engraves their names and pictures. On the other hand, wind bells will remind you of your pet by chiming every time the wind blows. 

On the other hand, the bell chiming may also remind you that your beloved fur companion has crossed the rainbow bridge. What's better than thinking of your pal as often as the wind blows? 

wild bell - pet memorial

Donate to Needy Animals

Additionally, you might request contributions in memory of your furry companion to an animal sanctuary. Ask around your family, friends, relatives, neighbors, or an acquaintance for anything they might want to give away. Later, collect their donations along with your pet belongings and serve any other animal in need. 

Your donation immediately benefits the animals in sanctuaries, who then get access to medical and behavioral care and assistance in their search for the loving homes they deserve. Seeing another fur baby get a chance to live happily might lift your mood significantly. 

donate to the needy animals

Connect with other Pet Parents via Blogs

Sharing your grief with others is the best way to soothe your pain. It helps you release your emotions and vent out like nothing else. Express your life-shattering event on different platforms. You may create your blog, which is an effective way to connect with other pet parents. Anyone in a similar situation can relate to you and help you with their experiences. 

Conduct a Virtual Memorial

While we are out of the Covid-19 era, digitalization has become the new normal. If you are not in the capacity or lack the resources for an in-person memorial, conduct a memorial by means of a virtual platform. For instance, share your favorite pictures, videos, and memories using Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. 

Again, doing so will connect you to numerous others in your shoes. This way, you can get various suggestions on how to deal with your pain efficiently. 

Create a Beautiful Ornament

Your pet has created so many memories for you to adore. Now is when you celebrate all the life they breathed into you and cherish them. Whether you hang it on the wall or keep it somewhere safe, a beautifulpersonalized dog cat memorial ornament is a meaningful remembrance.  

Create a Beautiful Ornament

Light a Memorial Candle

If you areremembering a dog, in memory of a dog, in memory of dogs, or think about your doggie, lighting a memorial candle will help you. Particularly, if you are fond of candles and their scent, a remembrance candle would be a lovely way to remember them. You may get a Personalized Dog Memorial Soy Wax Candle from Unifury. Personalized with an elegant design, you can get your dogs pictured on it and remember them every time you light it up. 

Light a Memorial Candle

Hug your pet in your Hand

Missing the last time you had the chance to hug your fur buddy? Here's a great alternative to it;Personalized Dog Cat Memorial Throw Pillow will let you live the opportunity to embrace their pictures, if not them. While being a great addition to your home, this pillow will keep your beloved pet's picture safe and remind you of them the instant you lay eyes on it. They make a thoughtful way to remember your deceased pet. 

Hug your pet in your Hand

Celebrate their Birthday

Honor your pet by celebrating their birthdays or other special events you associate with them. When doing so, you can commemorate your fur buddies and happily think about the moments you lived with them. Every year, as the date arrives, you can make arrangements to dedicate the day to them. For example, print their pictures or decorate your tables with food containers. You might also invite over your friends and display your love for your pet that is no more. 

Customize Jewelry with their Names

In addition to personalized keepsakes, another unique way to memorialize your pet is to customize Jewelry with their names, pictures, or birthdates. There is a plethora of pet memorial jewelry you can select from. Plus, it lets you turn your favorite photographs and memories into a keepsake. The jewelry options include necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or anything you love to wear. In addition, you might engrave their pictures and names on your keychains. 

Jewelry - pet name

Final Words

No amount of sympathy can make up for your pet's loss. However, the above-mentioned ways to remember pets can wonderfully assist you in staying positive and moving on while still placing them. Your pet did much to delight you, like a dog with two tails (pun intended). Now, it's your turn to devise a unique way to memorialize them. The ways we discussed can help you lift your spirits and recover from the trauma. 

Nevertheless, bringing a new pet home will be a clever solution. So, if you are grieving over the loss of a pet, you may consider welcoming one. If not, our suggestions will surely be at your service. 

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