21 Best Unique Coffee Mugs That Make Perfect Gifts In 2022

21 Best Unique Coffee Mugs That Make Perfect Gifts In 2022

Everyone knows that shopping for gifts takes a special kind of talent. Sure, you can’t put it in your resume. But if you had to apply for the position of a friend, it would definitely give you an edge. Everybody wants a friend that is a really good gift giver. That is why today we are going to show you 21 unique coffee mugs that make the perfect gifts for any occasion.

And when we say friends, we don’t mean that strictly. Custom unique coffee mugs make great gifts for anyone in your social circle. That can mean family members, co-worker or even your mailman. Well, why not? They bring you your mail everyday regardless of the weather, right? They need appreciation too! Go show them you care by getting them a present this year.

You can get mugs just about anywhere. We prefer you get them from Unifury. But that’s beside the point. Mugs are available everywhere from thrift stores to boutique gift shops to gas stations. The best part is, they’re even available easily online. They can cost as little to as much as you can imagine. Really, the possibilities are just endless when it comes to mug ideas.

Why Unique Coffee Mugs Are The Best Gift?

So now that we have established that mugs are great because you can find them everywhere, let’s talk about unique personalized coffee mugs. When you want to give a loved one a present, the purpose is to show them how much you value them. Just getting any old mug from anywhere will not achieve that trick.

Breaking the bank over an uber expensive mug made of precious material is not recommended either. Mugs are meant for heavy usage, and will often break easily. There is a middle ground, however; a simple solution that lets you have an inexpensive yet deeply personal gift. We’re talking about unique mug designs.

That’s right. With something as simple as a customization tool, you can spend as little as $20 and still make someone feel like the most important person in your life. It’s a win-win situation! That is why unique coffee mugs are the best kind of gift out there.

21 Best Unique Coffee Mugs

By now we hope you understand just how great personalized coffee mugs are. Now let us tell you about a few unique coffee mugs for sale right now.

1. Personalized Dog Mug

Are you and your partner dog parents? Boy, do we have just the thing for you! On this year’s anniversary, get your better half a customized mug of your family, including the pups! You can make it hiking themed if you love going on adventures together. As a couple with dogs, we’re sure you’re required to have adventures to contain their daily zoomies. We don’t want them eating up the couch, do we?

Personalized Dog Mug

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2. Personalized Name Mug with Definition

Do you know what your favourite person’s name means? Well, whatever it actually means, you’re allowed to create your own definition based on what you love about them as an individual. Have you decided what you want it to be? Okay, good. Now put that on a mug right under their name and give it to them as a birthday present. This is great for coffee mug gift ideas because it’s gender neutral. It’s also not specific to any one occasion which means you can give it to anyone all year round.

Personalized Name Mug With Definition

Source: LooseLipDesigns - Etsy

3. Handmade Artisan Ceramic Mug

Okay, so far we have only been referring to custom mugs that are mass produced in a factory. That is not the only way to make mugs. Remember pottery? Yeah, that magical thing. Pottery allows you to make each item by hand, letting you alter the shape as much as you want. That is why we think you should order handmade unique ceramic mugs when buying presents. They look fantastic and make a great addition to any collection. You can theme it for a specific occasion or the receiver’s interests.Handmade Artisan Ceramic Mug

Source: UtopiaLifeStudio - Etsy

4. Ceramic Space Mug with Lid

Do you have anyone in your life that is a total space nerd? You should get them this mug. It’s really cute and kind of small so it’s even appropriate for a child that is an aspiring astronaut. This doesn’t mean an adult wouldn’t enjoy it. It’s just children don’t normally like stuff that isn’t a little cartoonish, and this mug is. It’s really pretty and ornamental so you can give it to a girl too. There is a spoon included and the lid has a tiny astronaut figurine on top.

Ceramic Space Mug with Lid

Source: BohemAnatolia - Etsy

5. The Whole Family Coffee Mug

Here is a gift that is perfect for a grandma or aging mother. It’s also great for a family member moving away for the first time, like to study in college. It’s a mug with a picture of your whole family illustrated on it! You should give it to someone who doesn’t get to see their family as often anymore and misses everyone dearly. The mug can include anyone of all ages even new additions to the family. If you have a family member that just had a baby in another country, you can give them this too.

The Whole Family Coffee Mug

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6. Hand-painted Ceramic Mug

Mugs don’t necessarily need to be handmade in a pottery studio in order to be considered unique ceramic coffee mugs. They can also be hand-painted. So instead of having an image or a message laser printed onto the mug, an artist will be using their own hands to paint you something authentic and original. We don’t know about you, but to us that sounds extremely special. If you know the gift receiver’s taste in art, you can choose what kind of customization to get.

Hand-painted Ceramic Mug

Source: UtopiaLifeStudio - Etsy

7. Coffee Lover Pottery Mug

Do you have a friend that loves collecting pottery? Get them this pottery mug! It’s so rustic and earthy, just the appearance of it will bring out the flavor of coffee even more. You can make some customizations to the surface like textures, colors and patterns or prints. It would make an excellent housewarming gift as well. This is one of the most unique coffee mugs online.

Coffee Lover Pottery Mug

Source: juliaedean - Etsy

8. Irregular Ceramic Coffee Mug

Do you have someone in your life that’s a little quirky? It may be someone who relates a lot to Phoebe Buffay from F.R.I.E.N.D.S and loves to collect weird little things. If they also love drinking coffee, well then you’re in luck! We have this perfect handmade irregularly shaped ceramic mug that is also hand-painted. It would really be a great gift for someone who is a cartoonist because the art has a doodling style to it. It’s a really cute and special gift for anyone.

Irregular Ceramic Coffee Mug

Source: ACASAByRodica - Etsy

9. Custom Best Friend Coffee Mug

There are so many excuses to buy bff gifts. She’s your best friend through thick and thin, in sickness and in health and all that other stuff we pretend is for marriage. Everyone knows your real soul mate is your best friend. She deserves every award there is for tolerating you even when you’re annoying and making up with you no matter how big of a fight you have. If you get her a custom bff mug, she will know that you love her.

Custom Best Friend Coffee Mug

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10. Pottery Mug Handmade

Oh, did you think we were done talking about handmade pottery mugs? Well you thought wrong. We happen to have a deep appreciation for the primitive art that is pottery. Everything is already made in factories. Why not get something an artist poured their heart and soul into? We promise you it will be worth it. Besides, being handmade allows room for some extraordinary customizations to the shape of the mug.

Pottery Mug Handmade

Source: UtopiaLifeStudio - Etsy

11. Handmade Pottery Large Mug

Whoever you are trying to buy a mug for, we must ask you an important question. How much coffee do they drink? It might sound silly or even a little judgmental of us to ask, but we promise it’s relevant. We have a handmade pottery mug in a larger size! Yep, it carries 14 fluid ounces, so the lucky owner will no longer have to get up for refills. Drink more coffee in one go!

Handmade Pottery Large Mug

Source: JKCreativeWood - Etsy

12. Crescent Moon Mug

If you liked the mug with the little astronaut buddy on it, you’ll really love this. It’s a pretty and magical looking ceramic mug that also comes with a lid and a spoon. However, instead of an astronaut, the lid features a cartoon moon. Do you know someone who loves fairytales? They would probably really appreciate a mug like this. You can even offer to make them some hot cocoa and put little marshmallows in it when you present it to them.

Crescent Moon Mug

Source: BohemAnatolia - Etsy

13. Night Sky Car Camping Mug

Get your partner a mug with the two of you camping with your dogs on it. Dog lover gifts are a huge hit with dog parents. And this will be a huge hit if you and your partner enjoy taking in the view of the night sky together with your fur babies. You could even take the mug with you on your next camping trip!

Night Sky Car Camping Mug

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14. Custom Mugs with Sayings

We all know a person that is a little too obsessed with puns, right? Or is that just us? No, we’re pretty sure you know someone like that. You should really get them a funny custom mug. What’s a funny custom mug you ask? Why, it’s a mug with something funny on it! You get to choose from a few designs so choose wisely!

Custom Mugs with Sayings

Source: theweddingpartystore - Etsy

15. They Still Talk About You Conversation Dog Memorial Mug

Losing a dog is so much more painful than anyone realizes. It’s the day we all hope we never have to face. Saying they are our best friends is honestly an understatement. They are simultaneously our babies and also our guardian angels. You can get dog memorial gifts for someone who you know has just lost their beloved pet.

They Still Talk About You Conversation Dog Memorial Mug

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16. Handmade Mug with Name

Handmade mugs are the coolest mugs. We’ve probably already established that, right? What if you engrave somebody’s name on the mug? Do you have a coworker who is really fussy about other people touching their things? You can be a little cheeky and get them this mug so no one ever makes that mistake again! It’s funny, but it’s also sweet.

Handmade Mug with Name

Source: LauraLynnPottery - Etsy

17. Personalized Coffee Mug

Custom mugs don’t necessarily have to be engraved with the owner’s name. They can have a message on them instead! For example, you can tell someone who’s been down in the dumps lately that things will get better. You can write “I’ll miss you” for a mug that’s a going away present. There are so many possibilities! That’s why we love recommending mugs as presents!

Personalized Coffee Mug

Source: JHGifts4 - Etsy

18. Family Dog Cat Mug

Are you an animal loving family? Let your mugs represent that! You can now put every single member of your family including all the cats and dogs on a mug! Yes, a single mug! Get a copy for each person of the family and distribute it on thanksgiving! You can even do a cute little photoshoot to make a Christmas card with them.

Family Dog Cat Mug

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19. Stoneware Mug with Handle

Not every mug needs to be made with clay. They can be made with stone too. This adds an instant butch factor to the mug so you can give it to someone macho. You know what would be funny? If you gave it to someone who loves rock climbing! Bu anyway, it really is an elegant piece of stoneware. There are no specific requirements for who should own it. Give it to anyone who you think would appreciate it.

Stoneware Mug with Handle
Source: HandsandFire - Etsy

20. Handmade Coffee Mugs

The mugs you get can honestly be of any aesthetic you want. We’ve already covered many different styles for many different kinds of people. You can also get handmade mugs for someone who likes living a little bit on the boho side. That is how you get the best unique coffee mugs, by getting one that is both custom and handmade.

Handmade Coffee Mugs

Source: IkkiTreasures - Etsy

21. Custom Long Distance Relationship Mug

If you’re wondering where to find unique coffee mugs for a long distance relationship, then look no further! This does not really have to be for a romantic relationship, by the way. It can totally be for anyone that is close to your heart but physically lives far away. Get it for your boyfriend, or your best friend or even your mom!

Custom Long Distance Relationship Mug

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Wrapping Up

Unifury is the best place to get unique coffee mugs. You should get all your loved ones their own personalized mugs because they are useful and they look nice. One can honestly never own too many mugs. Don’t you agree?

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