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40 Personalized Gifts for Your Best Friends That They Will Truly Adore

40 Personalized Gifts for Your Best Friends That They Will Truly Adore

No matter what the occasion, or lack thereof, your best friend deserves the best! When you are buying a gift, it needs to be thoughtful and meaningful. This is why you should always get personalized gifts for best friends. Not only are they thoughtful, but they are also low effort and affordable!

Whether it’s for Christmas or Halloween, a birthday or an anniversary, you should get your best friend a present. You need to show them how much you cherish having them in your life. You can never let your bestie feel neglected because a friend like them only comes around once in a lifetime. You will never be able to replace them!

Whether you have one BFF or multiple, we guarantee to provide you with the best gift ideas in the world for them. You can get custom made gifts for the whole squad! And it won’t even hurt your wallet. When your bestie sees the present you got for them, they will love you so much more than they already did!

Whether it is a mug or a t-shirt or a bag or anything else, once it’s been customized, its fate is sealed for being the best gift ever. You can make any gift unique by customizing it. Why not put a picture of the two of you on it? Or use a special quote that perfectly symbolizes the bond you share? Whatever you choose to do, we’re sure it will be great.

What Makes Personalized Gifts for Friends Special?

People always say that friends are the family you choose. What made you choose your friends? Do they each have their own unique personality? We’re pretty sure that you love each of your friends for a different reason, and that’s what makes them so special.

When getting presents for your friends, you should also buy something different for each person that caters to their own interests. This can easily get complicated if you are trying to buy stuff that’s generic because all the items might have a varying price range. Before you know it, you will be driving up the bill through the roof!

What you should do is get the same kind of gift, but customizes each of them to fit a different friend! You can do this by putting their names on their individual gifts, or their pictures. If you want to get even more personal, you can put a different secret message or inside joke that you share with that specific friend.

The great thing about a personalized gift is that you can make it so that the person who receives it will love it. It won’t be something that’s available everywhere. It’s one of a kind, just like your friend. Also, the options for customizing are never-ending because you have so many possibilities!

40 Unique Personalized Gifts Just for Your Best Friends

Now without further ado, let’s look at the 40 amazing gifts that we promised. Each of these gifts is guaranteed to blow your mind and your bestie’s mind too! You will be rushing to add them to your cart.

1. Personalized Best Friend Coffee Mug

A coffee mug is a very handy gift. It is an important accessory in every household or workplace. People don’t like sharing their mugs with others and often spend a long time choosing which one to buy because they intend for it to last a long time. It’s also something that they will probably use every single day, sometimes multiple times. This is exactly why you should get your best friend a personalized mug that they can hold near and dear to their heart.

Personalized Best Friend Coffee Mug

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2. Customized Print Art for Best Friend

Is your bestie moving to a new place? Did she just get a new office room to herself? Surely, she needs some wall art? Why not get her a custom picture of you guys together? This will help her remember that you are there for her and believe in her, every time that she looks at it. If she is stuck at work for hours and hours, she can think about all the good times you had together to comfort her.

Customized Print Art for Best Friend

Source: Cozygiftz - Etsy

3. Personalized Best Friends Photo Sock

Do you hate it when you’re in bed cuddling with your BFF and she decides to shock you with how cold her feet are? We have a great solution! Get her a pair of custom socks with both of your faces on them. She will love them too much to take them off and therefore her feet will no longer be cold. You can cuddle together all you want without any issue. Socks don’t have to be boring and plain colored.

Personalized Best Friends Photo Sock

Source: KomodoModo - Etsy

4. Personalized Long Distance Relationship Cup for Friends

Do you and your best friend not live in the same city, country or continent? Many people will easily dismiss the agony of being in a long-distance friendship because they think only romantic relationships are important. We understand how much it hurts. Since you can’t physically hang out, what you can do to fill the void is give each other personalized gifts like a mug with messages for long-distance friends on it. Remember each other every time you use them.

Personalized Long Distance Relationship Cup for friends

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5. One Line Drawing Gift for Best Friend

Do you have a picture with your best friend that was almost perfect? Sometimes bad lighting can make the colors come out dull and filters just don’t fix it. What you can do is have it turned into a one-line drawing. Submit the photo to the store, make sure the outlines are clear and wait. What you get back will make an awesome poster and you can hang it in the dorm room your share together. Everyone will be jealous!

One Line Drawing Gift For Best Friend

Source: AnsAtelier - Etsy

6. Custom Friendship Book

Want to make a picture book for your best friend with all your adventure stories in it? Aren’t good at drawing or writing yourself but know exactly what should go in the book? No problem! You can order a custom friendship book online which will have drawings of you and your BFF doing everything you enjoy together. It will also have messages along with the pictures on every fold. This will be a great way for you guys to commemorate your friendship for eternity.

Custom Friendship Book

Source: ISeeMeBooksUS - Etsy

7. Best Friend Birthday Gift for Her

On your best friend’s birthday, you need to give her something special. You can always get an awesome picture of the two of you together framed. But what if you made it even more special? How do you define what a best friend is? You can add your definition to the picture of you guys on the frame underneath the picture. When she hangs it up on her wall, everyone will know the important role she plays in your life.

Best Friend Birthday Gift for Her

Source: AnsAtelier - Etsy

8. Custom Christmas Ceramic Ornament for Best Friend

Decorating Christmas trees is so much more personal now. Before, all you had were the standard decorations that you could get from any store, and they would all look the same. You had red and green ornaments and a few shiny streamers. Christmas décor is a lot more open to interpretation now. You can customize ornaments and give it to your bestie as a pre-Christmas gift this year! It will spruce up any tree and really make it look festive.

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9. Personalized Best Friend Gift

You don’t have to be a high achiever to be getting plaques. Just be someone’s best friend! How about you get your best friend a customized acrylic plaque that proudly boasts how great of a friend she is? She can keep it in her office or on her nightstand. Wherever she puts it, she can now brag about how special she is to you. And we believe that is her right for putting up with everything and sticking by your side.

Personalized Best Friend Gift

Source: VonaGifts - Etsy

10. BFF Canvas Print Wall Art

Do you wish you could get your bestie a painting of the two of you chilling together but aren’t good at art? You can get custom art online that is just as good! Your BFF can hang this on her wall with pride. It’s a great way to create positive vibes in any room and be a great mood booster. We know that your happy place is hanging out and doing nothing with your best friend. There’s no shame in that!

BFF Canvas Print Wall Art

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11. Best Friend Photo Gift

Psst... Do you have a message for your best friend? Want to put it in a bottle and ship it? Not good with words? Well, now you can put a photo reel of your pictures into a tiny glass bottle shut by a cork. It’s mini so it’s portable but it comes with a stand so she can put it on her work desk. Every time she glances at it, it will produce happy hormones and she will get more boosted to work.

Best Friend Photo Gift

Source: EdgeInspired - Etsy

12. Customized BFF Pillow

Is your best friend obsessed with decorative pillows? Does she sleep surrounded by several pillows and plush toys every night? You can now get her a custom pillow that is friendship themed. It will feel like you are there to protect her from anything lurking in the darkness while she is asleep.

Customized BFF Pillow

Source: BIBLEcraftz - Etsy

13. Gift Box for Best Friend

Do you remember being a kid and playing with a Jack in the Box? That was fun right? You would open it and a bouncy man would pop out. You can get a surprise box like that for your best friend. Only instead of a bouncy man, what pops out is a series of your pictures together. Isn’t that so cute? It’s more original than a photo album, and it fits all occasions. It’s also affordable.

Gift Box for Best Friend

Source: LovinBox - Etsy

14. Summer Camping BFF Accent Mug

Did you have a best friend at summer camp that you never saw again? You can reconnect with her by getting her a present! What’s a better present than an accent mug? An accent mug with a picture of the two of you at summer camp, that’s what! You can also give this to your best friend that you currently go camping with. And you can take it with you on your next trip and enjoy hot cocoa by the fire.

Summer Camping BFF Accent Mug

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15. Customized Baseball T-shirt for Sisters Best Friends

Are you and your bestie just gals who love baseball? Is your sister your actual best friend? You can get her a custom t-shirt made especially for two baseball-loving women. It’s also St. Patrick’s Day themed. You can wear it together on your next baseball game date or when you go drinking at a pub on St. Patrick’s Day! We know there’s not a lot of merchandise catering to female sports fans so this is great for you.

Customized Baseball T-shirt for Sisters Best Friends

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16. BFF Est. Custom Penny Keychain

Have you and your BFF been friends for years? If it’s been that long, you definitely celebrate an anniversary. We wouldn’t believe you if you didn’t! Not sure what to get her this year? Get her a custom keychain! The fantastic thing about this keychain is that it’s a penny. You can brand the penny with the year you met as the establishment date. That’s vintage and adorable. We love it and you and your best friend will love it too!

BFF Est. Custom Penny Keychain

Source: ChangeandCharms - Etsy

17. Best Friends Always Stainless Steel Wide Mouth Water Bottle

When you chose your best friend, you chose her for life. It’s just like a marriage. By calling her your BFF, you are promising to never trade her with anyone else. Sometimes it might be hard to remember just how much you love each other. If you’ve had a big fight and aren’t sure how to makeup, get her a gift! We recommend this stainless steel water bottle that says “Best Friends Always”. That way, she’ll never doubt it.

Best Friends Always Stainless Steel Wide Mouth Water Bottle

Source: Shutterfly

18. Personalized State Sign

Are you looking for a touching gift for best friend who lives in another state? Doing Long Distance with your best friend is a type of pain that very few people understand. Well, don’t you worry. There are ways to celebrate even this type of friendship. You can boast about the fact that you’re going strong even when you’re apart by giving her a canvas with both of your states on it connected by hearts. Because you’ll always be connected.

Personalized State Sign

Source: shopCarolinaMade - Etsy

19. Night Sky BFF Long Distance Relationship Canvas

We have many options of BFF gifts for long distance besties to choose from. If you didn’t like the idea of putting your two states on the sign, you can also get her a sign of the two of you cuddling under a starry night. No matter where you each might be currently, you’re still both under the same sky, the same moon and the same stars. If nothing else, that should make you feel connected to each other always.

Night Sky BFF Long Distance Relationship Canvas

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20. Personalized Sunflower Friendship Print

Here’s a fun fact about sunflowers that many people don’t know. When the sun isn’t around, a sunflower will look at another. Sunflowers love their best friends too! If your best friend is your sunflower, who you would look at when there is no sun around, get her this gift. What makes more meaningful friendship gifts than telling them they are your sun in the darkness? Honestly, we’re scratching our heads but still don’t know the answer to that! 

Personalized Sunflower Friendship Print

Source: LovePeopleAsYourself - Etsy

21. Beach Best Friend Skinny Tumbler

For the 2 years that the world was in a pandemic, most of us only found comfort in our memories of the times we could go to the beach. If you and your best friends love to get your toes messy with sand and salty oceans, you should all get yourselves these skinny tumblers. Now that the world is healing, we can go back to the beaches. But dehydration is very real, so be sure to take the tumblers with you!

Beach Best Friend Skinny Tumbler

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22. Puzzle Best Friend Keychain

You and your squad are perfect for each other. Should we go as far as to say you fit each other like puzzle pieces? If you want to set even bigger squad goals for everyone else, get personalized gifts for friends. Get this wooden puzzle pieces keychain set for your friend group. You can connect them together! It will have you feeling like the sisterhood of traveling pants. We know you’ve always wanted to try it! We know we did.

Puzzle Best Friend Keychain

Source: wwpersonaldesigns - Etsy

23. BFF Interlocking Hearts Necklace with Custom Message Card

You can also get personalized gifts for best friend like an interlocking necklace. You can get her one in the shape of 2 hearts. This is because your hearts are connected to each other at all times. We know you and your best friend are inseparable. You’re sisters from different misters! The necklace also comes with a card with a sweet message on it. That’s what makes it extra special and sentimental. It’s totally impossible not to love this gift!

BFF Interlocking Hearts Necklace with Custom Message Card

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24. You're My Bestea Spoon

Maybe you don’t want something sappy. Maybe you would rather get funny best friend gifts. How about something that involves a pun? If you and your BFF love to spill the tea together, you can get her a teaspoon. The teaspoon comes with an engraved message saying “You’re My Bestea”. Hilarious, are we right? It’s too funny to pass up on. Your best friend will be laughing every time she uses it to stir her drink, we guarantee it.

You're My Bestea Spoon

Source: ImpressionsStamped - Etsy

25. Opera Sydney Best Friend Mug

Here’s a great product for our Australian readers. If you want custom gifts for best friend, you can get this mug. It can be personalized to put the two of you in front of the Sydney Opera House. Even if you’re not from Australia, but you’ve been there together, you can still get her this. You can also get it if you are one day planning on going to Australia or just Sydney, to see the Opera House.

Opera Sydney Best Friend Mug

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26. Bestie Custom Photo Collage

We think you and your best friend deserve a cool sign. You don’t need a special occasion for that. You can easily get just because gifts for friends. For example, you can create a photo collage of all your awesome pictures together. In this custom present, you can have the collage spell the word “Bestie” which is so cool. Make sure to choose your best photos.

Bestie Custom Photo Collage

Source: Artoonly - Etsy

27. Hiking Mountain Medallion Metal Ornament for BFF

Would you like to give your BFF an award? You can get her a medallion! It’s totally normal for her to just wear a best BFF medallion around the house. We won’t judge! You can customize it with a picture of you guys hiking on a mountain. We will never stop pitching you best friend picture gift ideas. That’s because we know you’ll never stop needing them!

Hiking Mountain Medallion Metal Ornament for BFF

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28. Personalized Gift Monogram Makeup Cosmetic Bag

Is your bestie simply obsessed with makeup? It sounds to us like you need to get her a makeup bag asap! What if one of her lipstick tubes opens inside her purse and smears everywhere? She’ll have ruined an expensive bag and an expensive lipstick too! Don’t just get her a simple makeup bag! Get her a custom one with a monogram on it. That way, everyone will know whose it is.

Personalized Gift Monogram Makeup Cosmetic Bag

Source: ThreeTwo1 - Etsy

29. Best Friend Wine Glass

Best friends love to drink together. It’s the easiest way to open up to each other. Besides, we wouldn’t want to show that side of ourselves to other people. What if we accidentally spill some deadly secret to them? The thing about wine glasses is they’re so tall they often tip over. Grab a pair of stemless custom wine glasses for special dissing occasions.

Best Friend Wine Glass

Source: DanniBeCollection - Etsy

30. Halloween Long Sleeve for Best Friends

Halloween is best celebrated with your best girlfriends. In the witching hour, sit together by a fire and tell all of your spookiest tales to each other. Now you can do that while wearing matching t-shirts. Get your whole friend group matching custom long sleeve Halloween shirts! It will make the spooky vibes even more intense!

Halloween Long Sleeve for Best Friends

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31. Personalized Sunflower Friendship Pillow

If you liked our little sunflower friendship story, we’re glad. Maybe you didn’t feel that the wall art was for you. Well, have no fear! You can get the same thing as a friendship pillow. When your best friend misses you, she can sleep on it, hug it or even cry on it. It will be almost as good as having you there with her.

Personalized Sunflower Friendship Pillow

Source: creativeintheclouds - Etsy

32. Cute Candle for Bestie

Something stinks. It’s from generic store-bought presents for people who mean to you the most. You should get your most cherished loved ones custom scented candles! The candles come with special messages. This way, your best friends will always feel special knowing there is a candle out there just for them.

Cute Candle for Bestie

Source: PerfectMatchShop - Etsy

33. 4th Of July Poly-blend Face Mask for BFF

Covid may be on its way out, but germs are here to stay. You need to always protect yourself from pathogens in the air. It’s always a good idea to wear a face mask. But that doesn’t mean it needs to ruin your style! Get a customized face mask for your best friend. You can have it made with a 4th of July theme.

4th Of July Poly-blend Face Mask for BFF

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34. Personalized Friendship Knows No Distance Gift

Did you think that we only had a couple gift ideas for long distance best friends? Nope, definitely not! We know the important role gifts play in long distance relationships of any kind since you’re not physically near each other. Get your bestie a photo collage printed on an acrylic plaque.

Personalized Friendship Knows No Distance Gift

Source: YippeeDaisy - Etsy

35. Besties Shirt

Do you spend so much time with your BFF that it’s hard to tell you apart from each other? There’s a simple solution for that. Get each other custom t-shirts with your distinctions on them. It’s like being a good cop and a bad cop. You are likely to be polar opposites in one way or another. Put that on a t-shirt and wear it to your next outing!

Besties Shirt

Source: RosemaryBlossomUS - Etsy

36. Best Friends Are Hard To Find Plaque

What do we keep telling you? Best friends are hard to find. Still can’t remember it? Print it on a plaque and give it to your best friend. She will remind you every day. Use a neat photo of the two of you to put on the plaque. Now it’s a unique and complete gift. Best friend picture gifts are some of the best.

Best Friends Are Hard To Find Plaque

Source: githmara - Etsy

37. Long Distance Relationship Cup for BFF - Custom Message

Maybe you and your best friend live on opposite ends of the country or state, or maybe even the globe. You can get yourselves matching coffee mugs. If you both love drinking coffee at all hours of the day, you are technically still drinking coffee together. And that’s exactly what the mug will say!

Long Distance Relationship Cup for BFF

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38. Custom Best Friends Mug

You can get your best friend a mug even if you’re not long distance. You can get her a mug even if you live in the same house or dorm room. There’s no excuse required to give your BFF a gift. We give presents to our best friends all the time! That’s why we have such great ideas.

Custom Best Friends Mug

Source: LetItBeYoursCo - Etsy

39. Definition Soul Sister Artwork

Is your bestie your soul sister? Get her a custom canvas print with the definition of “soul sister” on it. You can include a sweet picture of the two of you together to it. It will make it prettier. She can display it in her living room on a side table because it’s an elegant decorative piece.

Definition Soul Sister Artwork

Source: PastelDesignStudio - Etsy

40. Personalized Bestie Collage Photo Poster

Do you and your best friends love to binge-watch the show Friends together? It’s a great comfort show for when life is stressing you out. You can get them custom canvas prints of a photo collage with all of your best photos together. Now you can feel like you’re in the show!

Personalized Bestie Collage Photo Poster

Source: MaraiousMerch - Etsy

Wrapping Up

We’re hoping you loved our ideas of personalized best friend gifts. We believe that your best friends deserve the best. They are some of the most important people in your life. You should always let them know that you appreciate them. Friends like them will only come around once in a lifetime, so you absolutely cannot take them for granted!

To show them how much you care, you can’t just buy them something generic from the store. Make it personal!

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