Personalized Mugs

Unique & Meaningful Personalized Mugs for Everyone on Your List

People usually associate giving gifts with going above and beyond and emptying bank accounts. But why can’t it be simple and affordable? Next time you need to buy a present for a loved one, get them a personalized mug!

Whether it’s for regular use or for show, personalized mugs can make excellent gifts. They are very practical as well as great accessories for the household. You can take any simple basic mug and make it unique by adding customizations to it, and it will be a cherished gift for life.

So who would you like to give coffee mugs to? Is it your mom? Your dad? Your grandma? We’ve got you covered! You can gift unique coffee mugs to just about everyone you know. Wanna know why? Because you can customize them to fit just about any situation!

You can even give one to your mailman! I mean, why not? They bring you your mail everyday no matter the weather, don’t they? Don’t know the host of the party you’re going to that well? You can still give them ceramic coffee mugs and put their name or picture on it, or both!

It’s a quick, easy and cheap way to make a gift extremely personal. You’re not even limited to mugs. You can get an entire set of cute coffee cups for the whole family to enjoy. You can even get a set for your office break room, and label them with the company name.

Mugs that you personalize will always create a special place in the hearts of those who receive them. It shows people that you care about them enough to know what they like. It also shows that you are willing to put effort into a gift. A personalized gift is a great way to add meaning to the gesture.

If you are looking to gift someone a personalized mug, you can go to a shop that makes them or you can get them online. We would recommend getting them online because it’s easier to pick your customizations rather than verbally explaining them to someone.

Online, you also have many images for reference that you can easily insert. Can you imagine having to individually print each picture out and taking it to a store to describe what you want? Nightmare! Especially if they still get it wrong.

Why do you choose customized mugs?

There are many reasons why you might want to buy a personalized mug. Maybe it’s for yourself or maybe it’s for someone close to you. Maybe it’s for an acquaintance or a complete stranger. We don’t know your life! Whoever you are looking to get custom mugs for, you can be sure that there is the perfect mug out there.

Do you know someone who keeps breaking their mugs? It might be a good idea to give them a few backup ones, you know just in case. The good thing about mugs is they’re inexpensive so you can get a few of them and stock them up without hurting your wallet. Mugs are a necessity in every household, eatery and office.

Mugs even end up becoming objects that we are emotionally attached to rather easily. We all have a favourite mug and a mug that we only use when every other ones is dirty. It’s interesting how these biases are formed with things we don’t consciously put much thought into.

When your favorite mug breaks, don’t you get devastated? That’s because you probably spent a long time searching for the perfect one and now you’ll have to do all that work all over again. Researching a mug can be tiresome, especially because you will probably not find exactly what you’re looking for in most stores.

Save yourself the time and trouble by creating a customized mug that fits all of your needs and wants. There is no limit to what you can customize these days, so we suggest you make the best use of it.

You no longer need a genie to fulfill your craziest wishes. All you have to do is go online and choose the right set of customizations. Who knew that happiness could be found with inexpensive mugs? Even if you’re not sure what to put on your mug, you’re welcome to look online for ceramic mug ideas. We’re sure you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for and more

What makes Unifury mug unique?

Now that we’ve talked about how customized mugs make the perfect gift, you’re probably wondering where to get them from. You can get any kind of custom mug you like at the online gift shop called Unifury.

At Unifury, you can get a large variety of products, all of which you can personalize. They are all categorized according to themes, occasions, person you want to give it to and more. They have a separate section of their website purely dedicated to mugs.

When you click on “Coffee Mug”, you will be directed towards a page with hundreds upon hundreds of custom coffee mugs made in USA. With so many options to choose from, don’t get confused! There are plenty of filters to help you narrow down your search. If not, you can find their mugs in any other section of the website by clicking on specific categories.

Unifury lets you customize up to 10 details per product. This number can vary from item to item. Your options are endless because you can choose the number of people you want to add on a mug, and even their genders, skin tones, hairstyles and even body type or age group.

If you are a pet lover, you can also include animals into your customizations. You get to choose between cats and dogs, and even choose their breeds, coat colors and decide how many of each you want. That is a kind of inclusivity you will hardly find anywhere else.

There are also multiple options of adding text to the mugs on the back or front. You can pick a different message for the front and the back. You can combine the text with an image. You can choose between fonts or specifically ask for a font.

Depending on the occasion, you can select mugs with a different background. The theme can be the night sky, camping, a lake, Christmas and many others. You can pick from a selection of different types of mugs too like plain black or white or even accent mugs of different colors. The mugs can come in multiple shapes and sizes too so trust us when we say, you will not run out of options.

Paw-some Mugs for Any Dog Lovers & Cat Lovers

If we caught your attention when we mentioned adding your pets to mugs, you’ve probably been waiting for us to stop yapping and get to the good part. Yes, you can add your pets to the custom mugs in Unifury.

We understand the importance your fur babies play in your life, and Unifury does too. Every single customization we have mentioned above is available for this category. You can get just one mug with them on it, or get two as couple coffee mugs that match. Why not get a mug for each member of the family as a whole set?

You can add a joke to the mug if funny coffee cups are your jam. You can write their names at the bottom too, or write an emotional message on it. The best thing about putting pets on a mug is that it doesn’t have to be a gift you buy for somebody else. You can simply treat yourself and add text that feels like it’s from your furry friends just for laughs.

Regardless, animals on mugs just make really cute gifts. Give them to whoever you want or get them for yourself. No matter the purpose, you will enjoy it. You can make it as cheesy as you want, as emotional as you want, as adorable as you want. We’re only here to tell you about this amazing opportunity. The rest is up to you!

Perfect Mugs for Your Family

Getting mugs for your family is always a good idea. Mugs can be very personal and when it’s for someone as close as a family member, you can personalize it to be very specific to your situation. Not only can you customize your relationship with the recipient, but you can also add a very special message and pictures!

At Unifury, you will find coffee mugs for men, coffee mugs for women, you’ll even find awesome grandma coffee mugs! If at Christmas, you decide to get each family member their own mug that is totally possible now. Put the name and picture of the specific members, or get the same image and message for all of them and order multiple!

The mugs are of great quality and not very expensive either, so you can order as many as you want. It has much greater sentimental value than most other gifts on the market at barely a fraction of the cost. This is the kind of gift that will be cherished forever.

Heartfelt Mugs for the Love in Your Life

Are you thinking of giving your partner a personalized mug? You totally should do it. You can get couple’s mugs at Unifury or an individual mug just for them. Your options to customize are honestly unlimited as Unifury has some great collections for couples or just romantic mugs.

There are mugs where you can compose your own message, or those that have a few options to choose from. The options are many and not at all limited, so even if you can’t think of the perfect message yourself, Unifury has got your back!

Great Mugs for Best Friends Forever

If you want to get your best friend a mug, you don’t really need an occasion. You can get them one for their birthday, for friendship day, Christmas or just any other day. You can even get one for your friendship anniversary.

Best friends are meant to last forever so you should get them something that does the same. Ceramic does not get ruined as long as you take good care of it. If you get them a special customized mug, it’s going to last a lifetime just like your friendship.

If you can’t choose between your friends to decide who your bff is, just get custom mugs for the whole squad! There’s enough love to go around and so are mugs and their customizable options. On the mug, you can pick how many of your friends to put and also pick their appearance! You’ll have matching mugs for the whole gang.

Thoughtful Memorial Mugs

You can get yourself or someone else a memorial mug in case somebody in your lives has recently passed away. This can be a family member, a pet, a romantic partner or a friend. Losing someone special is unimaginably painful, and the only thing that can lighten the burden is being surrounded by friends and family.

Getting a grieving person a comforting memorial mug can help them get back to their lives and encourage them to start eating and drinking regularly again. It’s very easy to neglect yourself when grieving the loss of a loved one.

You can customize the mug to add a picture of the person they lost and a customized message with a relevant bible verse or comforting quote. You never know how little a gesture can go a long way with someone who is in a dark place. Show them you care by getting them something meaningful.

Make your loved one’s day special with thoughtful gifts at UNIFURY.COM

No matter which situation you need a gift for, Unifury has got you covered. From t-shirts to postcards to mugs, to posters, Unifury is an expert on customizable gifts. No other online store will offer you as many options as Unifury. It gives you the option to customize almost every aspect of the product including the type of product itself.

That’s right. You can put the same customization on a mug or a t-shirt or a canvas or any other kind of product. Often you can choose the material too. Unifury has amazing collections for all your gift giving needs.

Why go through the hassle of going to a physical store, not finding what you’re looking for and then going to a million more? Buying gifts online is the way to go. It saves time, and you can make your purchases even in the wee hours of the night. Flipping through your options is also a million times easier. Go to Unifury for the best gifts!

Frequently Asked Questions about Mug & Drink-wareAre ceramic mugs dishwasher-safe?

Yes, ceramic mugs are safe to put in the dishwasher. For safety, you should turn the mug handle away from any other dishware or it might get damaged. While ceramic is okay, porcelain mugs cannot be washed in the dishwasher and should be cleaned in a sink instead.

Can I put ceramic mugs in the microwave?

Yes, you can microwave ceramic mugs. If a mug is made out of plastic or glass though, be sure to check warning information or ask your seller specifically. If your mug is customized with photo print, it should not cause problems in the microwave.

Will my custom prints last long?

Generally, the print on ceramic mugs tend to last as long as the mugs themselves. If the print quality was cheap, it’s possible that it might not last as long. Unifury ensures the quality of all its products. If you bought your mug from an unknown seller, wash it with care to avoid scratching.

Can I change my order after I’ve placed it?

If you have placed your order already, but would like to modify it further or change some detail, you can. Unifury gives you 2 hours to tweak the item, before sending it for processing. Once the 2 hour time frame has passed, the item is locked in processing and Unifury cannot modify it any longer.

Can I use a gift card to make a purchase?

Unifury offers many gift cards on its website. Once you purchase a gift card, you can click on it to see your unique activation code. When you purchase items at Unifury, you can then enter that code instead of any other payment details and only the gift card will be charged.

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