DIY Clay Christmas Ornaments To Give Your Tree A Homemade Style

DIY Clay Christmas Ornaments To Give Your Tree A Homemade Style

Remember those clay decorations you made in school every year? Remember how fun they were to create and how great they looked on your Christmas tree? You maymake clay ornaments the same way before at home this year to add some handcrafted rustic flare to your tree. Read on to find out how to make clay ornaments!


When it comes time to decorate the Christmas tree this year, we know you'll go for your tried-and-true ornaments that you've been using year after year, and for a good reason: the memories they carry are priceless. While they're a definite way to spruce up your, well, spruce, we think DIY Christmas decorations may be just as significant.

Homemade clay ornaments are gorgeous and easy DIY Christmas decorations to make this holiday season and a simple Christmas project. Let’s get your creative hands ready and make clay ornaments now!

Handmade Clay Christmas Ornaments Material & Supplies Needed

Clay Christmas ornaments are charming homemade decorations. While other types of clay may be used to manufacture clay Christmas ornaments, we choose air-drying modeling clay since it is the most straightforward way to produce DIY clay Christmas ornaments.

Here are the materials and resources we'll need to make our clay ornaments:

Materials For Clay Ornaments

  • Christmas cookie cutter
  • Drinking straw
  • Air dry modeling clay
  • Rolling pin

Materials For Embossing

  • Fabric with a lot of texture
  • Decorative glasses
  • Embossing mats
  • Embossing rolling pin

Material & Accessories For Decorating

  • Glitter
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrushes in many sizes
  • Modge podge or craft glue
  • Gold leaf and its adhesive

    Step-by-step Directions On How To Make Clay Christmas Ornaments 

    How are Christmas clay ornaments made? Grab your Christmas cookie cutters and let's learn how to make air-drying clay decorations! With these Christmas decorations, you can start your holiday crafts immediately!

    Take a look at these simple instructions on how to make clay Christmas ornaments:

    Roll out the clay

    Roll out the clay - Christmas ornament
    • It is preferable to work on a hard, smooth surface.
    • Warm up a piece of modeling clay by kneading it for a minute.
    • Start rolling the clay on the work surface. Begin rolling from the center until the clay is about 1/8 in/0.3 cm to 1/4 in/0.5 cm thick.

    Emboss the clay

    Emboss the clay

    The decorations can be left simple or embossed to produce a textured surface. Use cloth (burlap works well) or a crystal-cut drinking glass to embellish. You may also use an embossing rolling pin or stamps if you have them.

    • To emboss a pattern, place the cloth on top of the clay and roll it over with a rolling pin.
    • Alternatively, to transfer the design, roll a glass over the clay.

      Cut out holiday ornaments

      Cut out holiday ornaments
      • Cut out as many holiday decorations as will fit on the clay with cookie cutters.
      • Pull the clay away from the Christmas decorations gently.
      • Make a hole in the top of each ornament with a drinking straw.
      • With your fingertips, smooth the edges.

      The number of ornaments you obtain will be determined on the size of your cookie cutters.

      Air-dry the clay ornaments

      Air-dry the clay ornaments
      • Pick up each ornament and set it on a lined cutting board or cookie sheet/tray to dry, ensuring it is as flat as possible.
      • Allow 24 hours for drying. Turn the decorations over and leave them to dry for another 24 hours.
      • Once totally dried, hang with ribbon or twine.

      Ideas For Air Dry Clay Decorating – How To Decorate Clay Christmas Ornaments

      There are so many ornaments from clay that you can create once you have mastered all the basics. There are many great ideas, such as polymer clay Christmas ornaments, andpainted DIY Christmas ornaments,... Here are some of our favorite suggestions for you!

      DIY Painted Gold leaf ornaments

      Gold leaf ornaments

      Shiny gold leaf ornaments will provide a festive touch to your décor. You may, of course, use various metal leaves, such as silver or rose gold, or try this set of colored sheets. Making gold leaf decorations is a simple process:

      • Apply a tiny coating of metal leaf adhesive to each ornament.
      • Allow for a 20-minute wait before adding the gold leaf.
      • Rub the metal sheet gently against the decoration.
      • Remove any stray bits around the borders using a brush.
      • Fill up bare patches and rips with more gold leaf if required.

      DIY snowflake ornaments

      Snowflake ornaments

      DIY snowflake decorations are a great winter decorating idea. It's simple to make snowflake clay ornaments:

      • Make a clay snowflake and let it dry.
      • Once dry, use acrylic paint to paint each handcrafted snowflake ornament.
      • Sprinkle and lightly press imitation snow on the decorations while the paint is still wet.
      • Allow drying for a few minutes before removing any excess.
      • If there are any bare patches, apply additional paint and snow.
      • Paint the edges with gold acrylic paint if desired.

      Easy DIY Glitter ornaments

      Glitter ornaments

      How does one go about making glitter Christmas ornaments? DIY glitter ornaments can add shine to your Christmas decorations! The procedures for making glitter ornaments are identical to those for making snowflakes:

      • Apply a thick Modge Podge or white craft glue coating on each ornament. The adhesive must be substantial for the glitter to adhere, not just a thin layer. Pay particular attention to the edges.
      • Glitter generously over the ornament. Make sure that you cover the whole surface.
      • Shake off any extra glitter with the tab. Line your workspace with parchment/baking paper or a paper towel to catch excess glitter.
      • Allow 2 hours for drying.

      DIY Christmas Heart Ornaments

      It’s a fact that a heart is a universal symbol of love. But you can make it even more special this year by coloring and decorating your heart-shaped clay ornaments. Here’s what to do to add some flairs to those decorations:

      • Emboss the clay with a lace ribbon
      • Trace the area with two halves: one embossed and one smooth
      • Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut perfectly hearts from the clay
      • Add a small hole to make room for hanging strings or hook
      • Let the heart air dry till turns white and firm
      • Use rose gold acrylic paint to paint the patterned half
      • Wait till the paint dry
      • Add the string or hook to complete the ornament
      • Voila! Your pretty heart ornaments are done!

      DIY Ornaments With Gold Rim

      Embossed ornaments can be awesome to look at. But what about making them stand out even more with metallic paints? This DIY Christmas ornaments design looks very elegant and modern. Not only do they shine brightly when lights hit them but they also add a unique and charming touch to your Christmas tree. Here’s how to make them:

      • Roll out your air dry clay into a long strip evenly before you start decorating your ornament.
      • Emboss any pattern you like on the clay (with a ribbon, rolling pin,...)
      • Use cookie cutters to cut out ornaments
      • Add a small hold for hanging stings or hooks
      • Paint the ornaments with metallic colors to make them shine and also bring out the patterns even more
      • Use gold acrylic paint to paint the rim of the ornaments
      • Wait for them to dry
      • Add a string or hook to complete

      Painted Christmas Ornaments

      With just clay, paint, a few brushes, and cookie cutters, even your kids can create one-of-a-kind decorations to add to the Christmas tree. Not only that but making homemade Christmas ornaments with kids is lots of fun! These DIY ornaments are sure to bring your family closer this Christmas year. All you have to do is follow these steps:

      • Roll out your clay into a long strip evenly before you start decorating your ornament.
      • Use any cookie cutters to cut out perfectly shaped ornaments
      • Poke a small hole for hanging
      • Wait till they get firm and prepare the paint
      • Use a brush to color the ornaments
      • Get creative and paint any patterns or characters on the ornaments
      • Let the paint dry and the masterpiece is almost complete
      • Add a string to complete and hang on your Christmas tree!

      Homemade Christmas Ornaments You Will Want to Make

      Homemade Holiday Ornaments Decorating Craft Party

      Clay cookie-cutter decorations are an excellent classroom activity and are ideal for craft parties. You may make it a two-day affair by crafting the clay Christmas ornaments on day one, letting them dry overnight, then decorating the next day.

      Or you may have a Christmas ornament decoration party, in which you produce air-dried clay ornaments ahead of time and everyone comes together to decorate the handcrafted holiday ornaments.

      Simply set up a location with enough clay ornaments, decorating supplies, and tools for each participant. Everyone may decorate their no-bake clay decorations any way they wish. Because it is DIY, it is hands-on and fun for everyone involved.

      DIY Christmas Ornaments Gifts For Your Loved Ones

      Aside from holiday decor, DIY Christmas ornaments can be used as gifts and for gift wrapping. You may give handcrafted DIY clay Christmas ornamentsas a cheap gift idea to coworkers, neighbors, and teachers or as a hostess present when paired with a nice Christmas letter. Clay decorations are also beautiful gift-wrapping accents. The options for using Christmas clay tags to embellish gifts are virtually limitless!

      Wrapping Up

      One thing is for sure, with a bit of practice and skillful hands, you can make quick and easy decorations at your own home to celebrate Christmas! With all the great ideas we shared, we hope you will be inspired and start making some of the best-looking clay Christmas ornaments to make this holiday season even more special! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more awesome content!

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