How To Decorate Christmas Trees For Kids | Unifury

How To Decorate Christmas Trees For Kids | Unifury

Isn't it true that Christmas is all about the children? So what better way to make it enjoyable than to get kids involved in Christmas decorating?

Children may build their own unique Christmas ornaments and decorations to assist you in creating a warm and welcoming Christmas house for anybody who visits. So why not let them be the decorator for the house this holiday season? Keep reading to find unique ideas!


For children, the holidays are a beautiful time, full of delicious scents from the kitchen, the sound of Christmas songs on the radio, and the opportunity to create exciting DIY projects to preserve and remember from year to year.

This holiday season, skip the store-bought gingerbread house kit and have the youngsters create their own little Christmas trees. Investigate resources such as cardboard tubes, patterned paper, and bright pom-poms before allowing children to make and decorate beautiful pine trees. Let’s not wait anddecorate the Christmas tree with your kids using these simple, kid-friendly ideas.

Christmas tree for kids

Make The Decorating Kid-friendly

Before we begin, let’s talk aboutChristmas safety tips. Kids may decorate their bedroom windows in many ways, such as pasting cut-out paper snowflakes or using Christmas-related signage.

Indoor tiny lights can be strung around windows or from one corner of a room to another by older children who can be trusted not to tamper with switches. Indoor lighting is available, and LED lighting consumes less energy.

Across the room, hang paper garlands made of paper snowflakes or Christmas messages. These are garlands that children may complete themselves. Simply ensure that the lights or garlands are strung carefully so that children do not become entangled and that the lights are not touching anything combustible.

Craft Your Own Fun Christmas Decorations

With these ideas, we have developed some of the most fun ideas forChristmas decorations:

  • Make our advent calendar or piñata to countdown to Christmas. Nothing makes youngsters happier than counting down the days until Santa arrives. Make the wall calendar, then celebrate with a piñata smashing on the day Christmas comes.
advent-Calendar - Christmas craft for kid
  • Create a Christmas memory book together to record all the fun you've had throughout the year or just in December.
  • Make a gorgeous wreath for the front door with these instructions for a homemade button wreath or this light and tinsel variant.
  • Use these directions for a homemade button wreath or this light and tinsel variation to have the kids help you make a gorgeous wreath for the front entrance.
  • Help them build individual letters that may be put on their shelf and spell out their name or words related to Christmas - think "merry," "fun," or "Santa."
  • Customize your dinnerware forChristmas decorating, or collaborate to create stunning plates to give as gifts. You may also use these instructions to get kids involved in creating homemade Christmas crackers.

Give Your Child His Own Christmas Tree

Give them their tiny tree for their room, or assist them in making one. This is a terrific spot to display theirChristmas ornaments and projects over the years. TheseChristmas trees for kids are often inexpensive and provide the youngster with their personal place to decorate as they see fit.

Easy Christmas Crafts For Children

These creative projects forChristmas trees crafts for kidsmay need adult supervision, but most school-aged children can readily complete them. Younger children may want your assistance, but they will appreciate the outcome.

  • Heart angel
  • Cotton wool snowmen
  • Triple star
  • Santa serviettes
  • Potato stamp wrapping paper
  • Christmas shapes
  • Reindeer antlers
  • Christmas tissue pom poms
  • Christmas lanterns
  • Playdough jewelry

Decorate The Christmas Tree With Your Kids

After all, decorating the Christmas tree is a family affair—why not let the kids take charge this year? Everything on these trees is textured and touchable, attractive and accessible, and will appeal to a child's inquiring hands and heart. The best part is that nothing is too delicate. Here are some fantastic ideas to start thehistory of Christmas trees for kids this year!

Rustic Nutty Christmas Tree

A live Christmas tree provides far more than just a pile of mulch at the end of the season. But how can it conceal its unsightly pot throughout its interior tour of duty? Gather a squirrel's stockpile of nuts or acorns and pour them on top. The nuts' simple elegance and warm color match the tree's woody neutrals.

Rustic Nutty Christmas Tree

Gingerbread House Christmas Tree

Is there any youngster who can resist the Christmas aroma of fresh-baked gingerbread? This tree is adorned with a whole town of gingerbread cottages, producing delicious trimmings. To generate contrast, the windows and doors are made with dough that differs from that of the façade—the lighter one is sweetened with honey, the darker with molasses. Invite your entire family to help you decorate the ornaments, and you'll see that everyone now wants to be an architect.

Elf On The Shelf Christmas Tree

In the days leading up to Christmas, the elf's presence is a gentle reminder to little children to stay on Santa's kind list. And where has the elf gone this year? Your holiday tree! Here's a fresh take on a holiday tradition that will surprise and thrill the entire family. Reimagine your Christmas tree as a giant advent calendar featuring your adopted scout elf. The elf advances to a new numbered ornament every morning, only to be discovered in a fresh round of amusing escapades.

Paper Snowflake Christmas Tree

This tree is adorned with a sprinkling of paper snowflakes. Assist children in ironing their cut-out patterns flat to straighten out the creases. Simply suspend with a paper clip bent open to make an "S." The beauty of paper snowflakes is that they are magnificent to behold when massed together, even if they have minor flaws.

Paper Snowflake Christmas Tree

Cotton Ball Christmas Tree

You can cover a tree in soft snow with a few bags of cotton balls. Begin by threading a needle with fifteen inches of fishing line and sewing through two or three cotton balls, allowing spaces between (dab white glue next to each ball to keep it from sliding); form a hanging loop. It's optional, but you may dust the tree's limbs with cornstarch and add basting for a skirt for a full winter wonderland effect.

Wrapping Up

Give your children their own Christmas tree to make holiday decorating a joyful family activity. Allow kids to express their natural creativity by making homemade decorations that put a loving take on common holiday themes.

Hopefully, with what we have shared in this article, you will be inspired not just to let your kids decorate the Christmas vibes for the house but also to have a wonderful time hanging out with them. Thanks for reading! Happy holiday and have an excellent time!

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