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15 Spooky And Memorable Halloween gifts for co-workers


Halloween is a time for spooky festivities and fun-filled celebrations. It's also an excellent opportunity to surprise your coworkers with Halloween-themed gifts. However, are you stucking among numerous options which are creepy, funny, or stylish? 

Don’t worry! In this article, we have handpicked 15 Halloween gifts that will surely delight and entertain your coworkers. So, let’s find the perfect gift to make a memorable Halloween season for your coworkers!

Tumbler Name Tag With Pumpkin Glitter Style 

Would you like to give your coworker something fun and personalized for Halloween? This Halloween pumpkin glitter-style tumbler is a perfect choice. It features a sparkly pumpkin design, and you can add your coworker's name. It's practical and stylish, adding a personal touch and uniqueness.

This item is best for coworkers who love Halloween and enjoy having a personalized touch on their everyday items. 


  • The attractive glittery design 

  • The ability to personalize 

It costs: $13.65


This tumbler is perfect for keeping drinks throughout the workday

Buying link: Glitter pumpkin Halloween Name Tag 

Cute Ghost Acrylic Tumbler With Custom Name Tag

If you're searching for a cute and customized Halloween gift for your coworker, look no further than thecute ghost acrylic tumbler. Featuring an adorable ghost design, this tumbler allows for personalized customization with your coworker's name. It's best suited for coworkers who appreciate cute and personalized Halloween-themed gifts.


  • Charming design

  • The ability to add a personal touch

Price: $13.65

Its adorable design will make your colleagues happy 

Buying link:Cute Ghost Tumler custom name tag

“Halloqueens Are Born In October” Mug 

The coffee mug with phrase "Halloqueens Are Born In October" is a fantastic choice for give to coworkers. This ceramic Halloween mug features a stylish design. It's best suited for coworkers who have birthdays in October and love celebrating Halloween in style.  


  • Unique and festive design

  • Its functionality in holding beverage. 


  • $24.95 for 11 oz option

  • $28.95 for 15 oz option


    Featured with special phrase, this mug is perfect for your female colleagues

    Buying link: "Halloqueen are born in October" Halloween Mugs

    Personalized Acrylic Glitter Tumbler With Name Tag 

    Thisacrylic topper allows your coworker to personalize their tumbler in a festive way. 

    IThe acrylic material in this product is of high quality. The tumbler is also available in vibrant colors with a glittery finish to give your drink a glamorous touch. 

    For coworkers looking to make Halloween-themed drinks more personal, this product is ideal.


    • Eye-catching glittery design

    • Easy to attach and remove from tumbler plate toppers


    • May not fit all types of tumbler plate toppers



    This item comes in vibrant colors will meet Halloween aesthetic of many people

    Buying link: Giltter Acrylic Custom Tumbler Name Tag

    Halloween Dog Flying On Broom T-shirt 

    Thepersonalized Halloween T-shirt for dog lovers is a fantastic Halloween gift for your coworker who adores dogs. This t-shirt has a cute design of a dog flying on a broom. So, it will add a fun and whimsical element to the Halloween atmosphere. With its comfortable and breathable material, this t-shirt will be a favourite item for many of your coworkers.


    • Adorable design for dog lovers

    • Comfortable and breathable material

    • Customizable with their pet's name

    • Wide range of sizes and colors available


    • $32.65: XS to 2XL option

    • $34.99: 3XL option

    • $35.99: 4XL option

      T-shirt is a practical option to give to both male and female coworkers

      Buying link: " Dog Flying on Broom" Halloween T-shirts

      Halloween T-shirt With Playful Design

      TheT-shirt with "I'm Just Here For The Candy” phrase is a perfect Halloween gift for your coworker. It shows a playful and humorous style.

      Your receiver can wear it to Halloween parties, trick-or-treating, or just to wear it to enjoy the holiday season.


      • Fun and playful design

      • Soft and comfortable material


      • $32.65: XS to 2XL option

      • $34.99: 3XL option

      • $35.99: 4XL option

        This t-shirt lets users showcase their love for candy and adds a touch of humor

        Buying link: "I'm just here for candy" Halloween T-shirts

        Floral Ghost Topper For Tumbler

        Thefloral ghost halloween topper with name tag is a unique and stylish Halloween gift for your coworker. This product features a charming floral ghost design, adding an elegant touch to their tumbler. It is perfect for those who appreciate a combination of elegance and spooky Halloween vibes.


        • Unique and stylish floral ghost design

        • High-quality materials 


        • May not fit all types of tumbler plate toppers

        It costs:$13.65


        This will add a touch of sophistication to Halloween-themed beverages

        Buying link: Floral Cute Ghost Halloween Tumbler Custom Name tag

        Personalized Halloween Little Monsters Doormat 

        Halloween little monsters doormat is undoubtedly the best gift for coworkers have a special love for their furry friends. It allow them to show off their Halloween spirit at their doorstep.

        This doormat has a charming design with cute little monsters and paw prints. Halloween doormats is made from durable materials with a non-slip backing, ensuring both style and functionality.


        • Adorable design with little monsters and paw prints

        • Durable and long-lasting materials

        • Non-slip backing for added safety

        Price: $48.65


        The color options provide more chance for you to customize

        Fat Tumbler Gifts With “Flying On Broom” Design

        Thispersonalized tumbler is perfect for adding a touch of Halloween fun to their daily routine while showing off their love for their furry friends. 

        This tumbler features a charming design of a dog or cat flying on a broom, adding a whimsical touch to their daily hydration routine.

        You can personalize it with their pet's name, adding a special and thoughtful touch.


        • Whimsical design 

        • High-quality materials 

        • Available in different designs


        • Limited capacity options



        It's a great gift for those who appreciate cute and charming designs combined with functionality

        Buying link: "Flying on Broom" Halloween fat tumbler Name Tag

        “Pickup Truck” Garden Flag For Halloween 

        Thispersonalized garden flag is a great gift for those who appreciate personalized and decorative items for their garden or patio.

        The flag is made from durable materials and comes in vibrant colors. With its charming design, Halloween Garden Flag shows a pickup truck filled with adorable dogs and cats, perfect for adding a festive touch to outdoor decor. 


        • Charming design with a pickup truck and cute animals

        • Durable materials for outdoor use

        • Vibrant colors that won't fade easily


        • Limited size options



        Coworkers who enjoy decorating their outdoor space for Halloween with love this gift

        Bag Of Zombie Candy

        The bag of zombie farts candy is a hilarious and unique Halloween gift for your coworker. This novelty gift comes in a resealable bag filled with cotton candy that is shaped like zombie farts. 

        It features a playful and humorous design, perfect for adding some laughter to their Halloween festivities. The cotton candy is made from high-quality ingredients and is deliciously sweet.


        • Resealable bag for freshness

        • High-quality and delicious cotton candy

        • Playful and humorous design

        Price: about $9


        Bag of Zoombie candy 

        Skull Spoons

        The skull spoons are a unique and stylish Halloween gift for your coworker. These stirring spoons are made of stainless steel and feature a cool gothic design with skull-shaped handles. 

        They are perfect for stirring coffee, tea, or other beverages. The spoons come in a dark and rock-inspired color scheme, adding a touch of edginess to any kitchen or bar setup.


        • Unique and stylish gothic design

        • High-quality stainless steel construction

        Price: $11.50/ pack of 6 spoons


        These skull spoons are ideal for those enjoys unique and eye-catching kitchen or bar accessories

        Skull Mason Jar Glass Cups

        With a variety of uses, whether it's for hot or cold drinks, these skull mason mugs are a must-have for Halloween enthusiasts. 

        With a high-quality glass construction, these mugs are durable and easy to clean. The skull designs add a spooky and festive touch, ideal for Halloween parties or themed gatherings.


        • High-quality glass material

        • Spooky and stylish skull designs

        • Comes with lids and straws

        Price: $27.45 for set of 4 cups


        These skull mason jar mugs are perfect for serving drinks during Halloween events

        Handmade Pumpkin Pie Halloween Soap

        This handmade soap bar is made with all-natural ingredients and has a delicious pumpkin pie scent. It is shaped like a pumpkin, with an attractive orange color that adds to its festive appeal. 

        The glycerin formula ensures a gentle and moisturizing cleanse, leaving the skin feeling soft and refreshed. The soap is also long-lasting, making it a practical and enjoyable Halloween gift.


        • Handmade with all-natural ingredients

        • Festive pumpkin-shaped design

        • Long-lasting

        Price: about $7


        The delightful pumpkin shape and long-lasting formula make it a fun and practical gift

        Finger-Shaped Soaps

        The finger-shaped soap is a unique and creepy Halloween gift for your coworker. This handmade soap resemble a severed finger, making it a spooky and fun addition to any Halloween-themed bathroom or decoration. 

        Made with high-quality ingredients, this soap provides a refreshing and moisturizing cleanse. 


        • Unique and creepy design

        • Handmade with high-quality ingredients

        • Refreshing and moisturizing cleanse

        Price: about $8


        Its finger shape and realistic details make it a standout gift for Halloween enthusiasts


        In conclusion, Halloween is a great opportunity to bring some festive cheer to the office. We hope that our carefully curated list of 15 Halloween gifts will help you find something that suits your colleagues. 

        The value of giving presents for someone is when you spend time and effort into selecting them. So, let your creativity shine and make this Halloween a memorable one for your coworkers with a thoughtful and unique gift. Happy Halloween!

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