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How to Hang Ornaments With Ribbon

How to Hang Ornaments With Ribbon

When it comes to holiday decorations, adding a touch of elegance and charm can make all the difference. One creative way to achieve this is by hanging ornaments with ribbon. Not only does this elevate your festive decor, but it also allows you to showcase your personality and style. In this article, we'll guide you through the process of choosing the right ribbon, creating beautiful loops, and hanging Christmas tree ornaments in a way that will enchant your guests. Additionally, we'll explore creative ideas for hanging ornaments elsewhere in your home.

Choose Pieces of Ribbon

The first step in hanging ornaments with ribbon is selecting the perfect ribbon for your decor. Here's how to go about it:

Consider the Theme: Think about the theme or color scheme you want to achieve. Whether you prefer classic red and green or a more contemporary look, choose ribbon colors and patterns that harmonize with your vision.

Choose the Right Width: Ribbon comes in various widths. For small ornaments, opt for narrow ribbon, while larger ornaments may require wider ribbon to support their weight. Keep this in mind while selecting your ribbon.

Material Matters: Ribbons are available in a variety of materials, including satin, velvet, grosgrain, and sheer organza. Consider the texture and sheen that will best complement your ornaments and decor.


Choose Pieces of Ribbon

Make the Ribbon Loops

Once you've chosen the perfect ribbon, it's time to create elegant loops for hanging your ornaments:

Cut the Ribbon: Measure and cut the ribbon to your desired length. The length will depend on how low you want your ornaments to hang. It's a good idea to start with longer pieces and trim them as needed.

Form a Loop: Take one end of the ribbon and fold it back on itself to create a loop. The size of the loop will determine how far your ornament hangs from the ribbon. Experiment with different loop sizes to achieve the desired look.

Secure the Loop: Use a small piece of clear tape or a discreet twist tie to secure the loop in place. Ensure the loop is tight and won't come undone when hanging the ornament.


Make the Ribbon Loops

Hang Christmas Tree Ornaments

With your ribbon loops ready, it's time to hang your Christmas tree ornaments:

Attach the Ornament: Carefully thread the loop through the ornament's top hook or hanger. Ensure the loop is secure and that the ornament is hanging level.

Adjust the Length: To create a balanced and visually pleasing arrangement, vary the lengths of your ribbon loops. Experiment with different heights until you achieve the desired effect.

Hang on the Tree: Hang your adorned ornaments on the Christmas tree branches. The ribbon loops will add a graceful touch as the ornaments dangle beautifully.


Hang Christmas ornaments

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Hanging Ornaments Elsewhere

Don't limit yourself to the tree; you can also use ribbon to hang ornaments in other places around your home:

Wreaths: Attach ornaments to your holiday wreaths using ribbon loops. This adds a festive and eye-catching element to your front door decor.

Mantelpiece: String ribbon along your mantelpiece and use the loops to hang ornaments or stockings for a charming display.

Windows and Doorways: Create a whimsical atmosphere by hanging ornaments in your windows or doorways using transparent fishing line or more ribbon.


Hanging Ornaments Elsewhere

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Hanging ornaments with ribbon is a delightful way to infuse elegance and personality into your holiday decor. By carefully choosing your ribbon, creating graceful loops, and strategically placing ornaments, you can transform your space into a festive wonderland. Whether you're adorning the Christmas tree or adding festive touches throughout your home, this creative approach is sure to captivate your guests and make your holiday season even more magical. So, gather your favorite ornaments and ribbons, and let your decorating adventure begin!

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