28 Mother's Day gifts for coworkers to commemorate motherhood

28 Mother's Day gifts for coworkers to commemorate motherhood

Mother's Day is a special day that celebrates mothers and the incredible contributions they make to our lives. Whether it's your own mother, a close friend or family member, or even a colleague at work, it's important to show appreciation for all the hard work and dedication every mother puts in.

For those looking to give their coworkers something special on Mother's Day, there are plenty of thoughtful and unique gifts that can help commemorate this special holiday. From small tokens of appreciation such as a handwritten note or candy bouquet to more meaningful gifts like jewelry or gift cards, these 28 Mother's Day gifts for coworkers are sure to put a smile on any mom's face! 

Not only will these presents show your coworkers how much you care about them and their families, but they'll also remind them of the important role mothers play in our society. With these amazing gifts, you can make sure your coworkers have a truly memorable Mother's Day.

The Portrait of a Working Mother

Corporate mothers day gifts
The Portrait of a Working Mother

The average working mom spends 98 hours a week working, they are hard.  And they don't always get the recognition they deserve. 

We see many women work even after having a baby, but we also see many highly qualified women quit their jobs to take care of their families.

Working moms who love their jobs want a workplace culture that helps them grow as people and as workers. Many big companies have shown their support by giving employees flexible work hours, help with child care, the chance to work from home, and other things that make it easier to balance work and family life.

Why You Must Recognize Working Mothers

Coworker happy mothers day to colleagues

Why You Must Recognize Working Mothers

Working mothers are special strong. They juggle both their professional lives and parenting responsibilities with grace and determination, often going above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to juggling all the demands of being a working mother.  

A simple and meaningful way to do this is by considering Mother's Day gifts for coworkers. A thoughtful gift can show your appreciation for all that they have done and will serve as a reminder of how much you value their contribution to the workplace. This Mother's Day, why not take a moment to recognize their hard work and dedication? 

Given the significance of corporate gifting and the value of showing appreciation to working mothers, here are some suggestions for what to give to mom on her special day:

Mother's Day Gift Ideas For Coworkers and Employees

Coworker mother's day gifts

Mother's Day Gift Ideas For Coworkers and Employees

No matter what stage of life your coworkers, employees, or colleagues are in, finding the perfect Mother's Day gift can show that you appreciate and recognize all they do.

 Whether it’s a new mom juggling working from home with parenthood or someone who always puts their family first, here are 28 Mother's Day gifts for coworkers you need to know:

1. Personalized Memorial Coffee Mug Gifts

 Giving a thoughtful gift, our custom mugs come in multiple sizes and styles—all of which feature vibrant full-color printing. Crafted from sturdy, quality materials, these mugs are designed to be both functional and beautiful. 

Happy mothers day coworkers

Personalized Memorial Coffee Mug Gifts

Price: $24.95

2. Personalized Initial Fat Tumbler Gift

Your working mum will love this personalized fat tumbler. With this distinctive design, they'll get endless compliments on their new favorite fat tumbler. 

Happy mother's day coworkers

Personalized Initial Fat Tumbler Gift

Price: $43.65

3. Jewelry Gift Love Knot Necklace

The stunning Love Knot is made of 14k white gold over stainless steel and hangs from an adjustable cable chain with a lobster clasp. The core 6mm cubic zirconia gem is encircled by smaller ones, adding brightness and luster to the beautiful mother's present.

Happy mothers day to co workers

Jewelry Gift Love Knot Necklace

Price: $48.65

4. Garden rounded canvas tote bag

The circular canvas tote is perfect for shopping. It can accommodate more errands. When the bag opens, the bottom gussets stretch to fit more. Therefore, this is one of the Mother's Day gifts for coworkers, you can’t ignore it to give your mother.

Happy mothers day to coworkers

Garden rounded canvas tote bag

Price: $35.65

5. T-Shirt

Inspired by the unconditional love between humans and their pets, this personalized T-shirt is a great Mother's Day present for your mother or sister at work.

Happy mother's day to coworkers


Price: $32.65

6. Crochet flower bouquet

Mother's day gifts for coworkers are very happy with this gift, and she liked how simple and minimalistic it was compared to a typical bouquet of flowers that will die and need more care than necessary.

Happy mothers day to my coworkers

Crochet flower bouquet

Price: $37,13

7. Cute Spiral Notebook 

This spiral notebook will be your mom for coworkers and other people you meet every day. You'll want to carry it everywhere because the cover is strong and has a cute print on it.

Mother's day employee gifts

Cute Spiral Notebook

Price: $16,54

8. Personalized Distressed Leather Photo Album

The beautifully worn leather photo albums make mothers day gift ideas for coworkers, and by sharing your most cherished memories, you can make sure that your special moments are celebrated in style.

Mother's day for coworkers
Personalized Distressed Leather Photo Album

Price: $ 30,99

9. Rattan Office Chair Leather 

It looked great on our officers and turned out to be the right size. We were very happy with the product and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a great value office chair. 

Mothers day gift for coworkers

Rattan Office Chair Leather

Price: $242,99

10. Organic Soap

This one-of-a-kind gift is sure to make her feel appreciated and extravagant with natural soap. Your mother will love its heavenly scent, creamy feel, and moisturizing properties that will nourish her skin all year round. 

Mothers day gift ideas for co workers

Organic Soap

Price: $1,03

11. Organic Spa Gift Box

Ideal for the particular someone whose well-being your mother wishes to coworkers! The products are made by hand using only the highest quality butter, oils, and botanicals.

Mothers day gift ideas for coworkers

Organic Spa Gift Box

Price: $51,7

12. Science of essentials best blends book

This is the best mothers day gift for coworkers,  friends, and family. The book goes through recipes that are easy to follow and use everyday ingredients. This will help you save time and money while staying healthy. 

Mother's day gift ideas for coworkers

Science of essentials best blends book

Price: $14,48

13. Office decor Mouse Pad

Customized handmade mouse pad with the recipient's name. The ideal present for female coworkers which you should refer to it on Mother's day

Mother's day gift ideas for employees

Office decor Mouse Pad

Price: $14,89

14. Dainty Jade Necklace

This beautiful jade necklace is sure to turn heads! This unique piece has been crafted from the finest quality jade and features a stunning design with intricate detail. Each piece is carefully hand-carved for an exquisite look that will make you stand out in any ensemble. 

Mothers day gift ideas for work

Dainty Jade Necklace

Price: $13,96

15. Cameron's Coffee Organic

 Cameron's Coffee Organic is the perfect gift for coworkers expertly crafted from 100% organic coffee beans, ethically sourced from family-run farms around the world.

Mothers day gifts for coworkers

Cameron's Coffee Organic

Price: $46.76

16. Tablet holder

It's designed to securely hold any size tablet, so your Mom can enjoy her favorite shows, games, and apps without worrying about dropping them. So, make this Mother's Day special with the perfect gift - a tablet holder from your favorite coworker! 

Mothers day gifts for employees

Tablet holder

Price: $9.99

17. Sleep eye mask

These unique Mother's Day gifts for coworkers are perfect for providing her with some well-deserved rest and relaxation. The silky-soft, adjustable design provides complete comfort and helps to block out light.

Mother's day gifts for employees

Sleep eye mask

Price: $10.79

18. Caramel pecan scented 

This delightful aroma will fill your coworker's home with warmth and joy that'll last all through the day. Give them something special this year and show how much you care with the comforting scent of Caramel Pecan!

Mothers day gifts for office staff

Caramel pecan scented

Price: $16.69

19. Burt's Bees Lip Balm

Burt's Bees Lip Balm is the perfect gift for your coworker on Mother's Day. It's made with natural ingredients and provides long-lasting hydration that lasts all day. Plus, the packaging features beautiful artwork that will bring a smile to any mom's face. 

Mother's day gifts for office staff

Burt's Bees Lip Balm

Price: $9.79

20. Womens Cotton Keychain

 Women's Cotton Keychain is made from soft and stylish cotton with a dainty keychain charm. It's the perfect gift for coworkers, family, and friends, to show them they're appreciated and loved

Mother's day gifts for staff

Womens Cotton Keychain

Price: $12.75

21. Women's Logan Leather Wallet

The Logan Leather Wallet is a beautiful and practical gift for any mother. It is made of high-quality leather and has plenty of space for all her important cards and cash. The wallet comes in a variety of colors, so you can choose the perfect one for your coworkers.

Mothers day ideas for coworkers

Women's Logan Leather Wallet

Price: $40.5

22. Sunflower necklace

 The Sunflower Necklace is an elegant and meaningful Mother's Day gift for coworkers to celebrate the occasion. It features an intricately designed sunflower charm that symbolizes love, positivity, and appreciation. This timeless necklace will remind your coworker of your friendship and gesture of kindness for years to come.

Mothers day ideas for employees

Sunflower necklace

Price: $19,58

23. Bookshelf Tracker Bookmark

This bookmark simplifies book tracking. It has a built-in page marker that remembers where you left off in the book, so they never have to flip through pages again. Let's get them to give your coworkers on Mother's day meaningful!

Mothers day office gifts

Bookshelf Tracker Bookmark

Price: $3.6

24. Custom Teacher Stamp

It's the perfect way to show your appreciation for a special coworker this Mother's Day! With the customizable design, you can tailor the message to fit this personality and values. 

Mother's day office gifts

Custom Teacher Stamp

Price: $10,33

25. Palm Leaf Dried Flower Bouquet

A beautiful, handcrafted dried flower bouquet is the perfect way to show your appreciation for your coworker on Mother's Day. The palm leaf-shaped bouquet is created with a variety of dried flowers and foliage, giving the gift an eye-catching, elegant look.  It's sure to brighten up any working environment and bring a smile to someone's face!

Mothers day office ideas

Palm Leaf Dried Flower Bouquet

Price: $65.99

26. Bottles and Plants Farm Wood Textured

Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation for your coworker. This Bottles and Plants Farm Wood Textured set is the perfect gift to do just that! With its intricate wood grain design, it includes six glass bottles and six potted plants perfect for desk or window display.

Small mother's day gift ideas for coworkers

Bottles and Plants Farm Wood Textured

Price: $30.86

27. Bracelet Pave Heart Stretch

This beautiful bracelet is made with a polished finish and includes a cluster of dazzling diamonds set across an open-heart design. Give this heartfelt gift as a token of appreciation to your coworkers on Mother's Day, or any day you want to show them your gratitude.

Small mothers day gifts for coworkers

Bracelet Pave Heart Stretch

Price: $20.00

28. Thyme Candle in Sea Foam Green 

This special candle boasts a delightful aroma and invokes a sense of peace and tranquility while bringing a sense of style to any home or workplace. Treat your coworkers this Mother's Day with the perfect scent, guaranteed to make them smile!

Small mother's day gifts for coworkers

Thyme Candle in Sea Foam Green

Price: $26.6

Wrapping up

There's no better way to celebrate the special mums in your workplace than with Mother's Day gifts for coworkers. From handmade jewelry to personalized mugs and books, there are plenty of creative, thoughtful gifts that will show just how much you care. Even for those who prefer something a bit more practical, there are plenty of items such as pen sets or instant cameras to choose from.

So this Mother's Day season, get creative and show your appreciation for all the mom-mazing contributions these hard-working ladies make!

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