National Dog Day 2022 - History, Significance, Ways to Celebrate & Facts

National Dog Day 2022 - History, Significance, Ways to Celebrate & Facts

Learn everything you need to know about national dog day.

As the saying goes, dogs are man's best friends as they are loving, loyal and faithful. They are always excited and happy whenever they see us come into the house. National dog day is a day for dog lovers to spend and pamper their furry friends. This article will explain everything you need to know about the day.

National Dog Day

History Of National Dog Day

The national dog day is an initiative by Colleen Paige, a pet expert and an advocate. It began in the year 2004 and is celebrated every year on August 26. She chose the day because that is when she adopted her first furry friend at the age of 10 years old. It's a day for dog lovers from all over the world to spend time with their furry friends and pamper them. National dog day 2022 will be on Friday, August 26.

Why Was Dog Day Created?

The day began for all so that dog-lovers would spend time with their dogs and enjoy their company. Here are some of the other reasons for the day:

  • To create awareness of dogs that requires rescuing.
  • To acknowledge the purpose that dogs play in our lives, comforting, protecting and saving our lives.
  • To address the challenges that dog from the world face, from human being abusing them to being homeless.
  • To celebrate dogs of all breeds and encourages dog-lovers to adopt and give them better-living conditions.
  • Also, the day is against acquiring dogs from pet shops that put up with people illegally breeding puppies.
  • Save and rescue dogs who go through ill-treatment from their owners and those who are stray in the streets.

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10 Ways To Celebrate National Dog Day

National Dog Day

1. Spoiling Your Dog

Spoiling Your Dog

On this particular day, you can decide to spoil your furry friend in many ways. For example, you can give them a massage, buy them new dog-friendly toys, or even cook them delicious treats. You can also give them cold treats like popsicles or ice cream on a hot summer afternoon. Take them shopping where you can even get them new bedding and make their nap time comfier. Spoil them with love, and this way, your dog will feel appreciated and know they are cared for and loved by you.

2. Volunteering In A Nearby Shelter

Volunteering In A Nearby Shelter

Did you know over 3.3 million dogs are housed annually in different shelters throughout the world? Even though you are not a dog person or are not ready to own one yet, you can still go to the dog shelter and help out, with no limitations.

There are several ways in which you may help out, for example, by playing with the dog, cleaning their cages, filling their feeding containers with water and food, offering to walk the shelter dogs or any other task that the shelter staff might have for you. You can also donate valuable goods like dog food, cleaning detergents, dog leashes, or any other item that might be useful at the shelter. You can involve your dog by donating in their name, or you may go with them to the dog shelter, and they can play with other dogs there.

3. Hosting Fun Events

You can invite your family members and fellow dog moms and dads in your neighbourhood and host a fun-packed event to celebrate the day. You may also incorporate fun things like dog-shaped cakes, a peaceful event for the dogs, dog-friendly games, and go to dog-friendly places. You can have fun with both humans and dogs alike.

You can also hold fundraising during the event and encourage your friends to donate monetary or valuable things for the day. You can donate the proceeds you collected to a nearby shelter or even an organization that fights for dog rights.

4. You Can Adopt A Dog

You Can Adopt A Dog

It is the most remarkable decision you can make on the day! You probably have been giving the idea of adopting a pup a thought. What other special day than national dog day to give a dog a good life and better living conditions? The puppy will be able to experience how it feels to have someone loving, caring and who offers them safety.

However, there are factors to consider before deciding to adopt a dog :

Are you emotionally ready to add a new furry member to your family?

Are you financially able to care for a dog, be it food, vaccinations, or other monetary needs?

Do you have time for the dog? They need playtime, walking, feeding, and bathing. Is your schedule flexible enough to accommodate the dog?

Are you ready to make a long-term commitment? Getting a dog is a lifetime commitment. Are you willing to commit? We don't want you to get tired on the way and return the dog to the shelter, which is what we are avoiding.

If the answer to the above questions is yes, you can go ahead and adopt and create beautiful memories with your canine best friend. 

5. Gifting Other Dog Lovers

Gifting Other Dog Lovers

Apart from it being a day to celebrate dogs, you may also decide to extend kindness to fellow dog-lovers, make their day too, and put a smile on their face. There are various ways in which you may opt to gift them, for example, by sending them personalized mugs, t-shirts, or dog-themed pillows, or you can send them motivational or funny dog-related quotes to make them happy.

You may also take them to restaurants that are dog friendly and buy them lunch. You may all go with your dogs and have them enjoy a meal too during the lunch date.

6. Creating Awareness on Social Media

Creating Awareness on Social Media

You can take a photo with your dog and post it on different social media platforms. You can also share various hashtags and show your solidarity for the day. You can explain to your friends and followers on social media what the day is all about and have them jump in and appreciate their dogs too.

You can also decide to share with your friends on social media the story of how you adopted your furry friend and the great joy it has brought into your life. You can encourage them to opt for adopting their pup instead of shopping, which is the theme of the day. 

7. Take A Professional Photo-Shoot

Most likely, being a dog parent, your phone's gallery is loaded with your pup's photos. However, to celebrate the day and make it memorable, you may invite a professional photographer and take pics with your dog. If there are other family members, you may include them in the photo to make it more beautiful.

You may also post the cute snap on social media and share it with your friends.

8. Take Your Dog For Outdoor Activities

You may also decide to take your dog out and do dog-friendly activities. You can take your dog to your favourite beach, and they can have a swim, run, or even play with other dogs. You may also go on a vacation with your dog, visit new places, or you may go for a hike.

You can even make it a group outing, where you and other dog lovers can meet in a dog-friendly park and enjoy the day.

9. Gift Your Dog

Gift Your Dog

There is a range of gifts that you may give to your furry friend, from toys to new collars, or you may get a matching t-shirt for the both of you. Make your dog feel special on its special day.

Cuddling or rubbing your dog's tummy can be a form of a gift that you can offer your dog. It is beneficial as your dog will feel that it is loved and cared for by you.

10. Teaching Your Dog A New Dog

It's never too late to teach your furry friend a new trick. Whether they are young or old, they can still learn. There are many dog training tutorials you can get online, you don't need to be a professional dog trainer to teach them. It is beneficial as it gives them mental stimulation and improves their health in the long run.

5 Fun Facts About National Dog Day

With the day first approaching, there are fun facts you didn't know about dogs:

1. Dogs Have A Better Sense Of Smell Than We Humans.

Dogs Have A Better Sense Of Smell Than We Humans

Their sense of smell is 40 times stronger than ours. Did you know no matter how much time you spend in the shower with your furry best friend, you still stinking? It doesn't matter how much cologne you wear or whether you are using the most expensive soap brand in the world on your dog and still, you are stinking to them. Every one of us has a distinctive scent, which they use to distinguish us from others.

They can also sense our emotions through their noses. We extract chemicals through our skin whenever we have a raised heartbeat and blood flow whenever we are fearful or sad. Dogs can pick on this and know our exact emotions. So you can fake a smile in front of friends all you want whenever you are not happy, but you can lie to your dog.

2. Service Dogs Can Help Their Owners With Mental Illnesses.

These types of dogs are trained to help people with different life challenges like mental health problems, disability, diabetes, e.t.c. For people with mental health issues like anxiety, it can help in bringing calmness and help relieve anxiety attacks. They can detect your emotions and sense whenever you have anxiety attacks and get your medication and water. They can also get your phone when you are having an anxiety attack so that you can call for help.

They can also help in reducing depression and elevating their mood, and lowering blood pressure.

3. Dogs Can Sniff And Smell Simultaneously.

This is true it's all thanks to their many incredible smell inceptors. Their nose is designed to sniff and breathe simultaneously. 

4. Dogs Have Exceptional Hearing Ability.

Dogs Have Exceptional Hearing Ability

The saying that dogs have a 6th sense is just a myth but what they have is an exceptional hearing ability. Their hunting birthrights are responsible for their excellent sense of hearing. They can pick even on the lowest sounds made, that we human beings can't. However, their young ones are born deaf, though their hearing senses develop during their first few weeks of life.

5. They Have Nose-Prints.

Also, like us human beings who have fingerprints, dogs have nose prints which are distinctive and different for each dog. The noseprint is used to identify them, similar to how fingerprints are used to identify human beings. However, they don't have paw-prints. The nose prints develop by the time they are two months and stay unchangeable up until they are one year.

Parting Shot

You should mark your calendar and make sure that you celebrate and appreciate your dog for all the purposes it serves in your life. From protecting your home to giving you companionship, National dog day is the day to give back to your dog.
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