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A Guide to Choosing the Right Standard Doormat Size

A Guide to Choosing the Right Standard Doormat Size

 A doormat is a simple yet essential accessory for every household, providing a welcoming touch while keeping dirt and debris from entering the home. However, with a wide range of standard sizes available, choosing the right size for your doormat can be a daunting task. In this guide, we'll explore the popular doormat size and factors to consider when selecting the appropriate standard doormat size, helping you make an informed decision and ensure your home remains clean and tidy.

What Is Standard Doormat Size?

Doormat standard size

Doormat standard size

When it comes to choosing a doormat, it's essential to consider the size. With so many different sizes available, it's no wonder that people always ask about the standard size. The truth is, there's no one right answer since everyone has their own opinion on what is standard. In the UK, the approved standard doormat size is approximately 75 cm by 45cm. This size is not only popular but also widely available, making it a convenient option for anyone looking for a standard plain or customized doormat. 

But if you're in need of a larger or smaller option, don't worry! Standard door mats come in ten different sizes and thicknesses, ranging from the smallest 60cm by 40cm to the extra-large 180cm by 45cm, which is perfect for double doors. 

The Common Doormat Sizes

Here are some common doormat sizes based on area, thickness, and double doors:

Doormat Sizes by Area

Here's a breakdown of the different doormat sizes by the area available in the market and where each one fits best:

Doormat standard sizes

Doormat standard sizes

Small Size: Perfect for Backdoors and Mud Rooms

Small-sized doormats are ideal for smaller entryways or as a complement to larger mats. They are perfect for the entrance of back doors, mud rooms, or any low-traffic areas. Measuring between 2' x 3' or 2' x 4', these mats can fit several pairs of shoes and boots and help keep your floors clean.

Standard Size: The Classic Entryway Accessory

Add a touch of personalization to your home's entrance with a standard-sized doormat. Measuring around 3' x 4', these mats are perfect for most entrances and stoops. You can opt for a monogram initialed doormat to give your entryway a fun and personalized touch.

Large Size: For a Grand Entrance

If you have a larger front step or grand entrance, choose a large-sized doormat with dimensions of 3' x 6'. These mats not only look proportional to the entrance but also provide ample space for guests to wipe their feet before entering your home.

Extra Large Size: Perfect for Patios and Sliding Doors

For outdoor areas with heavy foot traffic or large indoor spaces, extra-large doormats are a great option. Measuring as large as 4' x 8', these mats are perfect for patios, sliding glass doors, and other areas where frequent foot traffic is expected. You can choose between high or low pile mats and use them indoors or outdoors, depending on your preference.

Doormat Sizes by Thickness

The thickness of a doormat plays a crucial role in its functionality and durability. From low profile to extra-thick, here's a guide to different doormat thicknesses you should not miss:

Standard doormat size

Standard doormat size

Low Profile Size (Up to 0.2 in.): Perfect for Indoors

Low-profile doormats are best suited for indoor use, especially if your doorway has limited clearance. With a thickness of 0.2 inches or less, you can be assured that your doormat won't get caught underneath your door. These mats are perfect for high-traffic areas and require minimal maintenance.

Thin Size (0.2 – 0.4 in.): For Comfort and Safety

Thin doormats typically include non-slip rubber edging and backing to enhance comfort and prevent slips when coming in from the rain. These mats are low maintenance and can be easily swept or vacuumed. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, depending on the specific material.

Medium Size (0.4 – 0.6 in.): For Dirt and Dust Trapping

Medium-sized doormats, with a thickness of 0.4 to 0.6 inches, are ideal for trapping dirt, dust, and oils from shoes before they enter your home. These mats have fibers that can effectively remove debris and dirt from shoes, preventing them from being tracked inside. They work well for both indoor and outdoor areas with medium foot traffic.

Thick Size (0.6 – 1 in.): The All-Purpose Mat

Thick-sized doormats are the most versatile and all-purpose mats. With a thickness of 0.6 to 1 inch, they are supportive enough to wipe off heavy boots and even help pets wipe their paws before entering. These mats are perfect for indoor and outdoor use and work well in areas with heavy foot traffic.

Extra-Thick Size (Greater than 1 in.): The Durable and Decorative Option

Extra-thick doormats, with a thickness greater than 1 inch, are the most durable and heavy-duty option. Their high pile can effectively trap dirt, debris, and moisture, and they can be easily cleaned with a garden hose. They are perfect for outdoor use and come in a variety of printed designs for festive decoration and personalization.

Standard Doormat Size For Double Doors

Standard doormat size cm

Standard doormat size cm

To keep your entrance looking neat and prevent dirt and wet shoes from entering your home, it's essential to own a doormat that matches the width of your double doors. Most double doors come with a standard width of 120cm, but the key is the mat length. The standard size for a double door mat is 120cm by 45cm. 

If you prefer a taller doormat, the tall size is 120cm by 60cm, and the extra-tall size is 120cm by 72cm. Coir mats are an excellent choice for both outdoor and indoor use, as they're slightly wider at 180cm and provide ample space to remove footwear at the entrance. For an absorbent indoor double doormat, you should consider washable options.

Standard Doormat Design and Types

Standard doormat design and types refer to the various styles and materials used to create doormats. The common types of standard doormats include Scraper Doormats, Interior Mats, Outdoor or Indoor Mats, and Decorative Mats.

Scraper Doormats

Scraper doormats are the perfect addition to any home's entrance. They are designed to be placed outside the door, allowing visitors to scrape off their shoes before entering the house. The primary purpose of these doormats is to trap debris and dirt outside, keeping your floors clean and protected. 

Scraper doormats come with edges that are ideal for placing against shoes, making it easy to scrape off the dirt. These doormats are designed with rigid materials such as coir, PVC, and vinyl, ensuring durability and longevity.

Standard doormat size in feet

Standard doormat size in feet

Interior Doormats

Interior mats are designed specifically for indoor use. They can be made of cotton, synthetic fiber, polypropylene, or rubber. They are available in different designs and colors, making them a great option for adding a decorative touch to your home's interior. Interior door mats have backings made of non-slippery materials like plastic, latex, or rubber. This feature ensures that you can use the doormat without worrying about sliding or slipping.

Standard doormat size inches

Standard doormat size inches

Outdoor or Indoor Doormats

Outdoor or indoor mats are designed to withstand any weather condition, making them a versatile option for your home or office. They are made of strong and durable materials that can withstand the elements, ensuring longevity. When choosing an indoor/outdoor doormat, check its capability to scrape off dirt and its absorption ability.

Standard doormat sizes

Standard doormat sizes

Decorative Doormats

Decorative Mats are suitable for both inside and outside the house, and their uniqueness is their key trait. They come in various designs and can feature company logos, names, funny quotes, bright colors of sceneries or flowers, patriotic designs, and many more. You can even request a custom design to make it unique to your home or business.

Standard size doormat

Standard size doormat

Factors to Choose the Size of a Standard Doormat 

There are several factors to consider when choosing the size of a standard doormat for your home. These factors include:

Standard size of doormat

Standard size of doormat


The length of the doormat is essential to consider. A coward that is too short will not be effective in keeping your floors clean. It's best to choose a doormat that is at least 30 to 45 inches in length to accommodate visitors with large feet.


Clearance is the space between the bottom of the door and the floor. Measuring the clearance is important to ensure that the doormat won't interfere with the door's movement. A coward that is too thick can cause problems if it exceeds the clearance. Therefore, choose a doormat with a thickness proportional to your door clearance.


The width of the doormat is also essential to consider. The coward should be wider than the door frame, and ideally, it should cover at least 80% of the doorway. Standard doormat sizes vary depending on the door size. For example, a doormat for a single door should be 18 by 30 inches, while a doormat for a door with sidelights should be 24 by 36 inches.

Foot traffic

The amount of foot traffic your entryway receives is another factor to consider when selecting the size of your doormat. If you have a high-traffic entryway, a larger doormat may be necessary to accommodate the increased foot traffic. A larger coward will also help prevent wear and tear, as well as keep your floors clean.


The functionality of your doormat should also be taken into account when selecting its size. A larger coward may be necessary if you live in an area with heavy rainfall or snowfall to provide ample space for people to wipe their feet before entering your home. A smaller doormat may be appropriate for a secondary entryway or a less frequently used entrance.

Aesthetic appeal

The size of your doormat can impact its aesthetic appeal. A larger doormat may be necessary for a bold statement piece, while a smaller coward may be more appropriate for a minimalist look. Consider the color and design of your doormat as well, as these factors can also impact its overall aesthetic appeal.

Personal preference

Ultimately, the size of your doormat will come down to personal preference. Some people may prefer a larger doormat for added functionality, while others may prefer a smaller coward for a more subtle look.

Wrapping up

Choosing the right standard doormat sizeis crucial to ensure functionality and aesthetic appeal. It's essential to measure the entrance area and consider the intended use of the doormat before making a purchase. A coward that is too small or too large can be impractical and even hazardous. By following these simple guidelines, you can find the perfect size doormat for your home or business, providing a welcoming and safe entrance for all who enter.

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