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What to do for someone after a miscarriage?


Research indicates that as many as 20% of confirmed pregnancies result in miscarriage. The emotional impact of such a loss is profound. This article explores how to offer support in these situations. It provides thoughtful strategies and insights. These aim to help anyone assisting someone through this difficult experience. The focus is on understanding and empathy, ensuring effective and compassionate support.

Provide food and nourishment

Providing food for someone after a miscarriage is a thoughtful way to show care. It helps them focus on healing without worrying about meals. First, ask about their dietary needs to ensure the food suits them. Choose meals that are nutritious and comforting, easy to eat, and can be reheated. Include both fresh and freezable dishes. Deliver these meals respectfully, considering their need for privacy. Ongoing support with food offers comfort during their recovery journey.


Provide food and nourishment

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Send them plants or flower

Sending plants or flowers after a miscarriage is a thoughtful way to show you care. These gifts symbolize life, hope, and renewal. Peace Lilies bring a sense of tranquility, while Orchids represent strength. Forget-Me-Nots are for remembrance, and Jade Plants signify growth. Lavender offers calming effects, White Roses convey purity, and Succulents symbolize enduring support. Each plant has a special meaning, providing comfort and a gentle reminder of your support during this tough time.


Send them plants or flower

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Take chores off their list

Taking chores off the list for someone who has had a miscarriage is a caring act. It allows them time to grieve and heal without the stress of daily tasks. Doing chores for them can include cleaning, cooking, or even running errands. This helps reduce their burden and gives them space to focus on emotional recovery. It's a practical way to show support and empathy. Such actions demonstrate that they are not alone during this difficult time.

Give them time but check in

Giving someone space after a miscarriage is important, but so is checking in. It shows you respect their need for time alone while also caring about their well-being. Regular check-ins can be a text or a call. This balance offers them comfort knowing they have support when ready. It reassures them they're not alone. Your check-ins are gentle reminders of your presence and willingness to help, providing a safety net of support during their healing process.

Give comfort

Giving comfort to someone who has had a miscarriage is very meaningful. It helps them feel supported and less alone in their grief. Comfort can come in many forms like listening, offering a hug, or just being there. Simple acts of kindness show you care. These gestures help ease their pain. Comforting someone shows empathy and understanding. It can make a big difference in their healing journey. Your support provides a sense of warmth and care during a tough time.

Provide a keepsake

Providing a keepsake for someone who has had a miscarriage is a thoughtful gesture. It serves as a symbol of remembrance for their lost one. Keepsakes can be a special piece of jewelry, a custom artwork, or a memorial plant. These items offer a tangible way to honor their experience. They help in cherishing memories and providing comfort during grief. A keepsake shows your understanding and support. It's a gentle way to acknowledge their loss and healing process.

Offer to babysit

Offering to babysit for someone who has had a miscarriage is a kind and practical way to help. It gives them time to rest and process their emotions. Babysitting can be a huge relief for those with other children. It allows them a moment of peace or time for self-care. This gesture shows your understanding of their need for personal space. It's a helpful and supportive way to ease their burden during a challenging time.

Send books and journals

Sending books and journals to someone who has experienced a miscarriage can be very comforting. Books offer a form of gentle distraction and can provide helpful information or stories of others who have gone through similar experiences. Journals give a private space for expressing thoughts and feelings, aiding in the healing process. This thoughtful gesture shows your support and understanding. It helps them feel less alone and offers tools for coping during a difficult time.

Send books and journals

Send books and journals

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Let them know that you are always there for them, ready to help whenever they need it

Letting someone who has had a miscarriage know that you are always there for them is crucial. Assure them of your constant availability for support or help at any time. A simple message or call can make a big difference. It shows them they are not alone in their journey. Your presence can be a source of great comfort. Offer to listen, help with daily tasks, or just be there in silence. This support is invaluable during their healing process.

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In conclusion, supporting someone after a miscarriage requires empathy, understanding, and practical help. Offering a listening ear, providing meals, sending thoughtful gifts, or just being there are all crucial for their healing. The most important thing is showing care and being there for them, respecting their space and needs. Your support can be a light during this tough time, helping them through grief towards healing and recovery.

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