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15 Best miscarriage gifts for Mom


Miscarriage gifts for mom are a thoughtful way to show you care. Statistics show that 1 in 4 pregnant women experience a miscarriage. Relatives often struggle to express their support. This can leave the affected person feeling lonely and isolated. Our article today focuses on helping you find the right gift. Unifury introduces the 15 best gifts for mothers after a miscarriage. These gifts aim to provide strength and support during this tough time.

“Sleep in heavenly peace” Memorial Ceramic Ornament

"Sleep in heavenly peace" Memorial Ceramic Ornament is a gentle and touching gift crafted to comfort any mother who has faced the sorrow of miscarriage. It's shaped from durable ceramic and adorned with the peaceful image of a slumbering baby angel amidst the stars, evoking a sense of tranquility and eternal rest. The ornament is personalized with the deeply meaningful addition of a child's name, "Baby Walker," and a memorable date, making it a unique keepsake. Its sturdy ceramic build ensures that this ornament can be a lasting tribute, bringing warmth and remembrance each holiday season.

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“We’ll hold you in our heart” Memorial Wooden Ornament

The "We'll Hold You in Our Heart" Memorial Wooden Ornament is a tender keepsake and best miscarriage gifts for mom. It's lovingly made from wood with a promise of remembrance. Each ornament can be personalized with a name and year, making it a unique symbol of love. It brings a comforting presence to any space, during the holidays, or at any time.

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Jesus Holding Baby Memorial Acrylic Ornament miscarriage gift for Mom

The Jesus Holding Baby Memorial Acrylic Ornament is a cherished keepsake for any mother who has suffered a loss. The ornament features a tender image of Jesus holding a baby, a comforting scene for those grieving. The name and date, customizable for each child, are reminders of the love and memories that endure. Crafted from clear acrylic, this ornament allows light to pass through, casting a gentle glow that can bring a sense of peace and solace.

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We Hold You Close Butterfly Baby Memorial Ceramic Heart Ornaments

"We Hold You Close Butterfly Baby Memorial Ceramic Heart Ornaments are symbols of enduring love and memory. Crafted from ceramic, each ornament is customizable with a chosen name and significant year. They feature the phrase 'Planted on Earth to Bloom in Heaven,' capturing the sentiment of enduring love for a child who has passed. The delicate butterfly and floral imagery add a touch of grace, making these ornaments special for parents to cherish and remember their baby.

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“Sleep in heavenly peace” Memorial Ceramic Ornament

"Sleep in heavenly peace” Memorial Ceramic Ornament is a tender way for parents to remember a beloved child. This finely crafted piece with a smooth ceramic finish depicts a sleeping baby under a crescent moon, surrounded by stars. It brings comfort and peace to those who see it, and the option to personalize it with a name and date makes it a unique keepsake. This ornament is special for its durability and the meaningful way it honors a child's memory.

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“Beautiful baby so far away” Memorial Christmas Ceramic Ornament

"Beautiful baby so far away" Memorial Christmas Ceramic Ornament is a touching keepsake that honors a beloved child. Crafted from quality ceramic, it features a heartfelt message surrounded by stars with a central star-shaped cutout. The ornament includes a customizable area for a name and date, making each one a personal tribute. Its special design is a way to remember a precious baby during the holiday season, promising a future reunion in Heaven. 

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Angel Baby Acrylic and Wood Ornament

Angel Baby Acrylic and Wood Ornament is a heartfelt memorial gift for a mother. It blends the natural warmth of wood with the sleekness of acrylic. An angelic form with wings and a halo, this ornament can be personalized with a child's name. Its special design offers a lasting tribute to a loved one and a comforting presence during the holidays or any day of remembrance.

Price: $23.85


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“We Hold You Close” Foot Print Baby Memorial Ceramic Circle Ornaments

“We Hold You Close” Foot Print Baby Memorial Ceramic Circle Ornaments are a heartfelt expression of enduring love and memory. Crafted from high-quality ceramic, each ornament is a pristine white circle, adorned with a heart-shaped design intertwining a pair of pink baby footprints. The touching inscription, elegantly scripted, offers a promise to keep the baby's memory alive: "We hold you close within our hearts and there you will remain. To walk with us throughout our lives until we meet again." Below, the name and date serve as a personal dedication to the cherished baby, making this ornament a special token of remembrance for a mom to treasure.

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Angel Baby Wings Memorial Ceramic Circle Ornaments

Angel Baby Wings Memorial Ceramic Circle Ornaments are a heartfelt way to remember a little one who is dearly missed. Crafted from ceramic for a lasting finish, each ornament shows a sleeping baby with wings, signifying their peaceful rest. The text 'Sleep In Heavenly Peace' above, along with customizable details like the child's name and date, makes it deeply personal. These ornaments are special as they offer families a way to honor their angel during the holidays and every day.

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“Carried for a moment” Miscarriage Baby Memorial Wooden Ornament

"Carried for a moment" Miscarriage Baby Memorial Wooden Ornament is a meaningful keepsake for remembering a dearly missed little one. Crafted from natural wood, this ornament's angel wings and halo design evoke a sense of peace and eternal love. Engraved with the poignant phrase 'Carried for a moment, loved for a lifetime,' it offers a lasting tribute. The option to personalize with the baby's name and date makes it a unique and comforting gift for grieving parents.

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“Those We Love Don't Go Away” Dandelion Memorial Ceramic Heart Ornament

"Those We Love Don't Go Away" Dandelion Memorial Ceramic Heart Ornament is a heartfelt tribute to cherished memories. This elegantly crafted ceramic heart is adorned with a dandelion design, symbolizing the resilience and continuation of life. Each piece is inscribed with a comforting message that honors a loved one's lasting presence. Personalized details like a name and dates make it a unique keepsake, offering a tangible piece of remembrance to treasure year after year.

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Baby Memorial Heavenly Peace Custom Wooden Ornament

The Baby Memorial Heavenly Peace Wooden Ornament offers a heartfelt way to honor a child's memory. Made with care from wood, it showcases a peaceful sleeping baby and twinkling stars with the name and date of significance. It's a special keepsake for families to cherish, evoking memories of love and serenity during the holiday season and every day.



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Moon And Star First Christmas Baby Wooden Ornament

The Moon and Star First Christmas Baby Wooden Ornament is a charming keepsake to celebrate a baby's inaugural holiday season. It features whimsical celestial designs including a crescent moon and twinkling stars, capturing the wonder of a child's first Christmas. Crafted from wood, this ornament brings a touch of natural beauty to any festive decor and can be personalized with a name and the year to make it an enduring memento for the family. It is a special token that embodies the joy and magic of this significant milestone.

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Angel memorial wooden ornament miscarriage gift for mom

The Angel Memorial Wooden Ornament is a heartfelt symbol of remembrance, designed to offer solace. It features an angel silhouette with the poignant message "Finding comfort having a piece of you near." The ornament includes a space to personalize with the name and years, making it a special tribute. Made from wood, this ornament carries a natural warmth and is a durable keepsake to cherish the memory of a loved one during the holidays and throughout the years.

Price: $22.89


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“I Carried You” Baby Memorial Acrylic Ornaments 

The "I Carried You" Baby Memorial Acrylic Ornaments are a heartfelt way to remember an infant who was deeply loved. Crafted from clear acrylic, these heart-shaped ornaments are inscribed with the tender words, "I carried you every second of your life, and I will love you every second of mine," capturing the enduring bond between a parent and child. They can be personalized with a name and year, making them a special keepsake for parents to cherish. The ornaments come with a gift box option, ready to be given during the holidays or as a comforting gift any time of year.

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What is the best miscarriage gift for mom?

Selecting miscarriage gifts for mom should be done with care and empathy. Heartfelt cards or books on loss acknowledge her grief. Personalized items like engraved keychains honor the memory of the child. Practical gifts such as journals offer a daily reminder of healing. Symbolic presents like tree planting kits convey hope and the baby's lasting impact.

Durable items like watches become treasured keepsakes. Experience gifts that match her interests provide comfort and a momentary escape. Shared experience gifts encourage family bonding and healing. Providing support resources like books and counseling can be incredibly helpful. Respect her privacy with gifts that can be appreciated quietly. Tailor the gift to her unique personality for a meaningful tribute.

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What do you get your mom for a miscarriage?

Choosing a gift for a mom after a miscarriage requires thought and empathy. From memorial keepsakes to support resources, these miscarriage gifts for mom offer comfort and acknowledgment of her grief.

Memorial Keepsake

A Memorial Keepsake such as an engraved keychain or a custom piece of jewelry becomes a permanent, portable memory of the child. Choosing durable materials like stainless steel or silver ensures the keepsake withstands the test of time.

Books on Grieving

Books on Grieving specifically for fathers can be both comforting and enlightening. Titles like "Healing a Father's Grief" or "When a Man Faces Grief" address the unique ways men process loss.

Self-Care Package

A Self-Care Package could include items like a high-quality shaving kit, a set of essential oils for relaxation, or a subscription to a meditation app, all geared toward helping her find moments of calm.

Custom Artwork

Custom Artwork that reflects a father's love could be a portrait, a hand-drawn illustration, or a custom print. Artistic renderings that incorporate symbols or quotes that hold special meaning can be powerful.

Symbolic Gift

Symbolic Gifts like a sturdy memorial stone for the garden or a custom-engraved wind chime offer a physical remembrance that also beautifies her environment and provides a sense of presence.

Experience Gift

Experience Gifts can range from outdoor adventures like hiking to more introspective activities like a day at a history museum, depending on her interests, to provide a restorative escape from daily routines.

Shared Experience

Shared Experience gifts such as a cooking class for two or a father-child camping trip can help create new, joyful memories while honoring the past. These experiences can be tailored to reflect shared interests or to try something entirely new together.

Support Resources

Support Resources should be accessible and discreet. Consider a well-reviewed book on male grief, a prepaid consultation with a grief counselor, or a membership to an online support community where he can share and learn from others' experiences in privacy.

How do I comfort my mom after a miscarriage?

Comforting your mom after a miscarriage involves thoughtful gestures and supportive presence. From sending miscarriage gifts for mom to simply being there, each act of kindness helps her through this tough time.

Send flowers or a gift

Sending flowers or a thoughtful gift is a gentle way to show your mom that you're thinking of her during this difficult time. Consider choosing something that can provide her comfort or a keepsake that honors the memory of the baby, like a personalized memorial item.

Be there to sit and listen

Offering your presence and a listening ear can be one of the most supportive actions. Let her know that you're available to listen whenever he needs to talk, without the pressure to fill the silence. Just sitting with her, offering your company, can be a source of comfort.

Remember significant dates

Remembering and acknowledging significant dates related to the miscarriage demonstrates your understanding of the depth of her loss. On these days, a small gesture or a simple message can remind her that he's not alone in remembering her child.

Let her know that you’ll be there whenever he needs you

Reassuring her that you'll be there whenever he needs support is crucial. Whether he needs someone to talk to, help with daily tasks, or just the knowledge that someone is there, your offer of ongoing support is valuable. Let her know he can lean on you at any time.

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Choosing the right gift for a mom after a miscarriage is about showing care and understanding. The 15 best miscarriage gifts for mom we listed offer comfort and remember the lost child. These gifts are ways to share sadness and offer support. They help start healing. The thought behind each gift is what matters most. It shows love and empathy. These gifts give hope and show that you are there for her.

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