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Heartfelt Ways And Memorial Keepsakes To Say Happy Mother’s Day In Heaven

Heartfelt Ways to say Happy Mother’s Day in Heaven

As much as we love celebrating Mother’s Day, what about those of us who’ve lost our birth-mothers? While this is a day of warmth, family, flowers, and remembering those we’ve lost, wouldn't it feel better to know that you are remembered on this special day too? You may not have the same smile or hug from your mother anymore - but you can celebrate her and share the love with others by doing these heartfelt ways to say Happy Mother’s Day in Heaven.

It is hard to explain the bond shared between you and your mother, and the unconditional love, warmth, care, affection, and security you feel when she is around goes beyond words. You long for her presence and wish things were different. Every time you walk into a store or a shopping mall and see the display of Mother’s Day gifts and greeting cards, there is a sense of unexplainable ache that rips through you.

Happy mothers day in heaven
Happy mothers day in heaven

You need not spend the day feeling sad and low. Get going and look for ways to say Happy Heavenly Mother’s Day. There are many gifts you can pick up gifts for mom to wish her Happy Mother’s Day in heaven and give tribute to her and show your gratitude to her. Get a customized gift for your mom and make her feel loved though she is in heaven.

Celebrating Mother’s Day after Her Loss

She taught you how to love, she taught you how to care, she taught you kindness, and she taught you everything that you are today. The times you shared with her are valuable, unexplainable, and irreplaceable. Remembering mom on Mother’s Day is going to be a hard task this time and it is going to bring back nostalgia and melancholy. This will be the time you reflect on the past and wish the moments you shared with her never came to an end.

First Mother’s Day Heaven celebration can be bleak and lackluster. You are not used to being alone on that day. Mom has always been around, and you have celebrated it together by cherishing her. You realize the magnitude and importance of celebrating Mother’s Day much more after the loss. No matter whether she is with you or not, she is and will still be your mom, and her presence will always be felt in every little thing you do. 

Happy mothers day in heaven mama
Happy mothers day in heaven mama

Happy Mother’s Day in heaven is a unique way of making your mother’s memories come alive on that special day. It is a day that will make you know how precious she is and her role in your life, the moments you shared together, and the person she had made you today quietly and without looking for validation.

Why Mother’s Day is Celebrated Even When It Hurts?

The truth is going to hurt. You are celebrating Mother’s Day after losing your mother this time, still, it is the best way to keep the loving thoughts and memories alive forever and ever. You can still show her you love and care for her, and her warmth and presence are missing from your life. Honoring your mother on Mother’s Day is a reminder of how lucky you are to have her as your mom. It is also a day when you can have a look at yourself and see how much of her you have absorbed into you and how you two are so similar in the way you are. 

This Mother’s Dayis going to be a remembrance of Mother’s Day in heaven, you must accept and come to terms with reality. Your mom is not going to be there today to celebrate Mother’s Day with you. She is not going to be there in your life anymore. What you are left with are just wonderful memories of her and your times together. This is the time and day for you to cherish and savor all that and feel good. 

12 Unique Ways to Say Happy Mother’s Day in Heaven

Read a Mother’s Day Quote that Reminds You of Her

You can either write a Mother’s Day quote for your mother after pondering on the times you have spent with her or choose an apt quote from a book or the internet. There are a lot of quotes for moms on the internet that are thoughtful and profound. 

Make a video of you reading it out to her and post it on your social media handles, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. It is the best way to keep the love for your mom alive on Mother’s Day. You will not feel you are alone. 

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Put Flowers on Your Mother’s Grave

Missing your mom on Mother’s Day and want to reach out to her? The best thing would be to pick up the flowers she loves and go to her grave. Let the fragrance of her favorite flowers seep through the headstone and reach to her. You will get immense pleasure looking at all your love for her lying on her grave in various shades.

Let the colors of the flowers remind you of her love for you and make this Mother’s Day without her memorable and precious. 

Bake Your Mother’s Favorite Recipe

Think of that favorite dish your mom loved to have, get the recipe, and bake it. Use the same flavors, and colors and watch it bring back memories of the time you baked together and ate together. Let the scent of her favorite dish waft through your home on that day.

Baking her signature dish using the same recipe, same taste, and the same flavor is the biggest tribute to her. Go ahead, do it and see the satisfaction it gives you. This dish on your table is going to bring her memories back and a smile on your face.

Listen To Your Mother’s Favorite Song

Play your mom’s favorite song and hum the tune all day long. Indulging in your mom’s likes is the best way to keep your thoughts about her alive, especially on Mother’s Day. It is the best gift you can give your mom in heaven and show her you are not going to forget her even though her presence is not there anymore. 

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Music brings people together and playing her favorite song on Mother’s Day is going to be cathartic for you. Feel her love as the tune plays, and let her warmth linger in your home forever.

Look At Photos or Videos of Your Mom

Go through the albums and look at her pictures. Watch videos where your mom is there with you and let them bring her back into your life and heart on Mother’s Day. Her expressions, the way she emotes, and how she talks to her loved ones will help you celebrate her.

The pictures and videos are going to evoke a lot of wonderful moments you shared with your mom and there can be no better way than this to appreciate her and honor her. 

Happy mothers day in heaven mom
Happy mothers day in heaven mom

Write a Letter to Your Mom

Penning a letter to your mom, and putting down your thoughts and emotions is a good way to remember your mom on Mother’s Day. You can reminiscence about the times you have spent together in the letter, the love and warmth she has showered on you, and her role in making you the person you are today.

Celebrate her by putting down the things she liked to do, the places she visited often, her favorite quote, song, and movie, and all the things she liked to do when she was alive. Tell her how much you miss doing all this with her in the letter.

Honor Her with a Meaningful Memorial Gift

Look for memorial gifts for the loss of mother and buy a meaningful gift for her to keep at home. Let this gift remind you of her not only on Mother’s Day but every day. Spend the day with the other women in your life who are there for you. Let it be a way to show gratitude and love to your mom. 

Mother’s love is eternal, and it is not going to die even if she is not physically present in your life anymore. Let the happy times you shared with her engulf you and make you feel she is right there with you.

Pick Out a Card for Her

If you have been picking up Mother’s Day cards for her every year, do not stop this year. It is going to be tough but go to the store and pick up one with meaningful words. Keep it on your mantelshelf or table to make her come alive on Mother’s Day. You may tuck it away in the keepsakes box in case you do not want to see it and feel emotional.

Do not stop that yearly routine of sending your mom a card and making her feel precious. It might make you emotional and sad, but it is the best way to make her presence felt in your life on Mother’s Day.

Happy mothers day in heaven momma
Happy mothers day in heaven momma

Light a Candle

Light a candle for her on Mother’s Day. Get a scented candle, her favorite fragrance, and let it light up your home that day. Let the light from the flame envelope you and may you find solace in the warmth of the flame. It will make you remember her warmth and protection. 

You can choose to keep it on her grave that day. That is a good thought too. Once you decide, go ahead with it, spread her light, and add color to your Mother’s Day celebration even though she is not there anymore. 

Happy mothers day to mom in heaven
Happy mothers day to mom in heaven

Visit Her Favorite Places

Plan a trip to visit the places your mom loved visiting when she was alive. Let the vibes of the place remind you of her. Visit the food joints and places of interest she used to haunt. Take pictures, and let this day be a day for you to enjoy while remembering your mom.

The day will be complete with you doing something nice for yourself and your mom. Imagine how your mom would have felt if she was there with you. Relive those emotions and feel happy.

Carry On a Tradition

There are traditions and rituals your mom must have followed and made the family follow too. Decide on Mother’s Day to carry on her favorite tradition. Let it bring back her memories in a good way and you will surely feel happy while doing it. 

Think about your mom while you are at it and imagine how it would be if she was around. Be prepared for the gamut of emotions you are going to experience.

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Do Something with Your Dad

This is going to be a difficult day for your dad too, he will be overwhelmed with all her memories on that day. It is good to acknowledge his pain though you both might be grieving in different ways.

You can plan something to do with your dad that day, maybe something which your mom liked to do with the family. This is the best way to make your mom’s memories live on forever. 

When Mother’s Day Hurts – Give Support to Other Family Members

Mother’s Day is going to be a day of sadness and you will have to be strong and give support to the rest of the members of your family. They might find it equally hard celebrating the day in her absence and the feeling of loss is painful and unimaginable. This is going to be a day when a lot of emotions will come to the fore because it is not easy not having your mom with you to celebrate the day. 

All the feelings and emotions that have been bottled up inside you and your family members might be let out on that day. There might be tears and anguish coming out that day. The release of heartfelt emotions is going to give everyone in the family a much-needed therapeutic experience. 

There are many ways to celebrate your mom and you can get the memorial gifts that will make you feel comfortable having her as a part of your routine. Whether it is your first Mother’s Day without her or whether it is the third or fourth, the emotions are going to be the same.

Happy mothers day in heaven quotes
happy mothers day in heaven quotes

5 Unique Custom Keepsakes to Celebrate Your Mom

Personalized memorial gifts for the loss of your mother are an ideal way to celebrate Mother’s Day if you are still grieving her loss and haven’t come to terms with it. Listed below are 5 unique custom memorial gifts you can buy to make the day radiant and happy. 

Personalized Memorial Soy Wax Candle for Lost Loved One

Are you looking for gifts to honor your lost loved one on Mother’s Day? Why not think of getting a personalized soy wax candle for her? Choose her favorite color, and scent, customize it with a loving Mother’s Day quote or a warm message and give it your personal touch. 

This is an unconventional memorial gift you can choose if you want to get something different to honor your mom on that day. 

Happy mothers day to my mom in heaven
Happy mothers day to my mom in heaven

Personalized Memorial Ornaments for Lost Loved One

customized ornament is a good choice for a memorial gift. Choose your mom’s favorite background and get her favorite image of her pet or the both of you together. It can also be a warm message and get it hung in your home. Every time you see it, memories are going to come flooding back. Let it enhance the décor of your home.

Happy mothers day in heaven images
Happy mothers day in heaven images

Personalized Mother’s Day You-Gave-Life-To-Me Fleece Blankets for Mom

Losing your mom is hard and there are so many memories associated with the relationship that can make you emotional and sad. Go for a custom fleece blanket with a you-gave-life-to-me quote and feel secure and protected every time you use it. 

Feel her warm embrace as you wrap it around you and let her favorite color set the tone and softness of the fleece blanket you have got in remembrance of her.

Happy mothers day in heaven messages
Happy mothers day in heaven messages

Personalized Gifts for the Whole Family Canvas Print

Getting a whole family canvas print in your home can set the mood for this Mother’s Day. It will be nice to see her picture along with the whole family. Take your favorite image, customize it the way you want it, and display it on your wall forever. It is going to bring back the good times you shared with her every time you look at it. 

Happy mothers day for moms in heaven
Happy mothers day for moms in heaven

Words to Describe Mom – A Love Knot Necklace Jewelry

love knot necklace is a good choice to pick up for yourself on Mother’s Day as a tribute to her. This is a symbol of everlasting love, and it perfectly represents the love you both had shared. Feel she is a part of you when you wear it, and hold her close to you.

Happy mothers day in heaven mom quotes
Happy mothers day in heaven mom quotes

Wrapping It Up

Happy Mother’s Day in heaven is not a happy moment for anyone in the family. You can use the tips shared above to help you get through the day and honor her. The activities and the memorial gifts will help you keep the bond and her thoughts alive not only on Mother’s Day but always, and for eternity. 

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