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Memorial Blankets - In Loving Memory Blankets

Memorial blankets serve as a comforting embrace during the grief journey, offering a physical representation of cherished memories of lost loved ones. These special blankets become more than just a source of warmth, they embody the essence of the person remembered, providing solace in moments of sorrow. 

This collection explores the significance of memorial blankets, their role in the healing process, and how they keep the connection to departed loved ones alive through their unique designs and heartfelt symbolism. Let’s explore the collection now!

What are memorial blankets? 

Memorial Blankets are special blankets crafted to honor and remember those who have passed away. They are highly personal, often customized with the name, birth and passing dates, photos, or heartfelt messages of the departed. Each blanket serves as a warm and tangible reminder of loved ones, keeping their memory close. 

Whether draped over a favorite chair or wrapped around oneself, these blankets offer comfort and a sense of connection. Ideal for cherishing precious memories, memorial blankets embody a unique blend of sentiment and practicality, making them meaningful memorial gifts for those grieving.

Why are memorial blankets good gifts?

Memorial blankets stand out as exceptional gifts due to their highly personalized nature, profound meaning, comforting warmth, and lasting quality. They're versatile keepsakes, cherished for both their symbolic and practical value.

Highly Personalized 

Memorial blankets are incredibly unique because they can be customized extensively. The ability to add names, dates, special messages, or personal photographs makes each blanket a one-of-a-kind tribute to the loved one. This level of personalization turns a simple blanket into a special memento that deeply resonates with the recipient.


These blankets carry a profound significance. They not only commemorate the individual but also symbolize the enduring love and memories shared. They serve as a gentle yet powerful reminder of the presence and impact of the loved one in the lives of those left behind.

Comfort and Warmth

Offering both physical warmth and emotional comfort, memorial blankets are like a soothing embrace. In moments of sorrow or remembrance, wrapping oneself in the blanket can provide a sense of closeness to the departed, akin to receiving a hug from them.

Lasting Keepsake

Differing from transient gifts like flowers, memorial blankets are durable and enduring. They stand the test of time, allowing individuals to keep a tangible piece of their loved one close, serving as a comforting token of remembrance for years to come.

Versatile Use

Beyond their symbolic value, memorial blankets are practical. They can be used daily, providing comfort and warmth. Whether draped over a chair, used for cozy nights, or kept as a cherished item, they blend.

What are some sympathy memorial blankets?

Sympathy memorial blankets offer a range of heartfelt choices, from Photo and Mom Memorial Blankets to Dad and grandparent designs. Unique messages like “They Still Talk About You” and “Waiting at the Door” add an extra layer of personal touch and remembrance.

Photo Memorial Blanket

These blankets are uniquely crafted with a high-quality photo of a loved one, providing a visual and emotional connection. Ideal for draping over a sofa or as a bedspread, they serve as a constant, comforting reminder of cherished moments spent together.


Photo Memorial Blanket

Mom Memorial Blanket

Embellished with personalized elements like a mother's favorite quote, her name, or an image that captures her essence, these blankets are soft and comforting and serve as a hug from Mom. They're perfect for quiet evenings of reflection or as a decorative piece in your living space.

Dad Memorial Blanket

Designed to evoke memories of a father, these blankets often feature symbols of his hobbies, a special photo, or a phrase he loved. Dad Memorial Blankets are a tangible way to feel his presence, providing comfort during times of missing him.

Grandparents Memorial Blanket

Grandparents Memorial Blanket is an homage to grandparents, incorporating their pictures, meaningful quotes, or symbols like trees or flowers representing their life and legacy. It is soft, warm, and perfect for cozying up while reminiscing about times spent with beloved grandparents.


Grandparents Memorial Blanket

"They Still Talk About You" Memorial Blanket

Emblazoned with the moving message, this blanket is a reminder that those who've passed are not forgotten. Its design can include symbolic imagery like stars or peaceful landscapes, providing solace and a sense of ongoing connection.


"They Still Talk About You" Memorial Blanket

"Waiting at the Door" Memorial Blanket

This poignant blanket often features a heartfelt scene depicting pets at a door, symbolizing the eternal bond between pets and their owners. It's especially comforting for those who have lost a pet, offering a sense of their loyal companion's enduring presence.


"Waiting at the Door" Memorial Blanket

FAQ about memorial blanket

Where to buy a memorial blanket?

Unifury stands out as the premier destination for purchasing Memorial Blankets, offering fast delivery, secure online shopping, high-quality products, and a strong focus on customer feedback.

Fast Delivery

Unifury prides itself on swift service. Once you select your personalized memorial blanket, they swiftly move into production, taking 3-5 days. Post-production, your blanket is shipped promptly, ensuring it reaches you within the next 4-8 days.

Safe Online Shopping

Shopping for your memorial blanket at Unifury is not just about variety and quality but also security. They prioritize the safety of your personal information, ensuring a secure online shopping experience. Your details remain protected, offering you peace of mind as you select your meaningful item.

Guaranteed Product Quality

At Unifury, quality is more than a promise, it's a guarantee. Before your order is dispatched, they conduct stringent quality checks. This meticulous process ensures that only the finest quality memorial blankets, meeting your specific requirements, are delivered to you.

Customer-Centric Approach

Unifury’s commitment to its customers is unparalleled. They listen attentively to customer feedback, using your opinions to guide their service and product offerings. This customer-centric approach ensures a continually evolving and improving shopping experience, tailored to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Can you personalize the memorial blankets?

Yes, at Unifury, you have the option to personalize your memorial blanket. You can select from a diverse range of designs to create a blanket that truly reflects your cherished memories and sentiments.

Is Memorial Blanket safe to machine wash?

Yes. Unifury's memorial blankets are machine washable and safe. Thanks to the use of superior fabric and high-quality ink, they withstand washing without any fading or discoloration, ensuring their lasting beauty and significance.

What's the memorial blanket's size?

At Unifury, our memorial blankets are available in three distinct sizes to suit different needs and preferences. The Small size measures 30x40 inches, perfect for a personal keepsake. The Medium, at 50x60 inches, is ideal for regular use. For those desiring a larger option, our Large blanket is 60x80 inches, offering ample coverage and comfort.


In conclusion, memorial blankets offer a unique and heartfelt way to remember and honor loved ones. With options to personalize, multiple sizes, and the assurance of quality from Unifury, these blankets serve as both a comforting presence and a lasting keepsake. They embody the warmth and love of those we've lost, making them more than just blankets, but treasured memories we can hold close.

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