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Memorial Candles - Remembrance Candles

The gentle light of a memorial candle can be a source of healing in the darkness of loss. Our collection presents the finest memorial candle models available today, and we answer frequently asked questions about them. This guide is crafted to assist you in selecting a memorial candle that best commemorates and celebrates the enduring legacy of your loved one.

What are memorial candles?

Memorial candles are special candles designed to honor the memory of loved ones who have passed away. These candles can be personalized with the names, birth dates, and the date of passing of the deceased, along with unique photos or heartfelt messages. They serve as a poignant reminder of the person's life and the impact they had on others. Lighting a memorial candle can be a therapeutic act, providing a moment of reflection and connection to the departed, and keeping their memory brightly alive in the hearts of those who loved them.

Why are memorial candles a good gift?

Memorial candles are cherished memorial gifts for their personalized tribute, symbolic significance, soothing presence, and versatile use in various memorial settings. 

Symbolic Significance

Memorial candles hold a special place as a tribute to lost loved ones. Lighting them signifies the enduring presence of their spirit, providing a lasting connection. It's a respectful way to honor their memory, bringing solace and a sense of continuity to the bereaved.

Personalized Tribute

These candles offer a unique way to memorialize the deceased. They can be customized with names, dates, and heartfelt messages, making them a deeply personal and touching gesture. This level of customization reflects the special life and memories of the loved one.

Soothing Presence

The simple act of lighting a memorial candle and observing its calm flame is therapeutic. It creates a space for peace and reflection, easing grief and offering comfort in difficult times. The gentle light of the candle can be a source of tranquility and healing.

Versatile Use

Memorial candles are adaptable for many memorial occasions. Whether it's marking anniversaries, special holidays, or daily moments of remembrance, these candles blend seamlessly into home settings. Their presence serves as a gentle, constant reminder of the loved one, fitting into various memorial practices.

What are some sympathy memorial candles?

Explore a range of sympathy memorial candles, each offering a unique tribute: Photo memorial candles, Mom memorial candles, Grandparents memorial candles, and candles with heartfelt messages like "There are those who continue to light up the world" and "They still talk about you".

Photo Memorial Candles

These candles bring cherished photographs to life, creating a heartwarming display. Personalize them with a favorite image, allowing the flickering flame to illuminate precious memories.

Mom Memorial Candles

Dedicated to mothers, these candles often feature tender inscriptions or symbols that reflect a mother’s love and legacy. They serve as gentle reminders of her warmth and guidance.

Grandparents Memorial Candles

Honoring grandparental bonds, these candles can be adorned with messages or images that celebrate the unique relationship shared with grandparents.


Grandparents Memorial Candles

"There are those who continue to light up the world" Memorial Candle

This candle carries the profound message "There are those who continue to light up the world", serving as a tribute to those whose influence remains bright even after they're gone.


"There are those who continue to light up the world" Memorial Candle

"We still talk about you" Memorial Candles

Emblazoned with the phrase “We still talk about you," these candles remind us that the legacies of loved ones live on through the stories and memories we cherish.


"We still talk about you" Memorial Candles

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Are memorial candles safe?

Yes, memorial candles are safe. Each Jar Candle emits a long-lasting vanilla scent, crafted from a hand-poured soy blend wax. This composition ensures a slow and clean burn, prioritizing safety and tranquility for those remembering their loved ones.

What is the size of 1 memorial candle?

Our memorial candle is thoughtfully designed to be 9oz in size, providing a substantial and comforting presence when lit in memory of your loved ones. This size ensures a longer burning time, allowing you to cherish the warm and soothing glow for a lasting tribute.

How long can Memorial candles be used?

The longevity of memorial candles varies based on several factors. At Unifury, our memorial candles, crafted from hand-poured soy blend wax, offer a continuous burning time of 3-6 hours. To maximize this duration, it's best to burn the candles in draft-free areas, away from windows. This ensures a more efficient and prolonged burn, allowing you more time to reflect and remember your loved ones.


In conclusion, memorial candles serve as a heartfelt way to honor and remember lost loved ones. With their soothing scents and personalized messages, they offer comfort and a lasting tribute. Remember, each candle lights a memory, keeping your loved one's spirit alive and cherished.

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