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Top 10 DIY Christmas Ornament Storage Ideas


Christmas Ornament storage is crucial as the festive season winds down, and the task of safeguarding your cherished ornaments takes center stage. Whether it's the intricate baubles passed down through generations or the handcrafted decorations made by little hands, each piece tells a story. But finding the right storage solution that's both practical and economical can be a challenge. 

From repurposing household items like egg cartons and coffee filters to crafting your very own ornament storage box, we've rounded up 10 DIY Christmas ornament storage ideas. Dive into a world where sustainability meets creativity, ensuring your holiday treasures remain intact and ready to shine year after year.

Recycle egg cartons

Repurposing egg cartons for ornament storage is not only a sustainable choice but also a practical and economical one. These cartons, often discarded without a second thought, can provide a protective haven for your delicate ornaments.


Use holiday tins for storing ornaments

Why Choose Egg Cartons?

  • Perfect Size: The compartments in egg cartons are just the right size for most small to medium-sized ornaments.

  • Protection: The cushiony texture of the carton acts as a buffer against shocks, keeping the ornaments safe.

  • Easily Stackable: The flat tops and bottoms of egg cartons allow for easy stacking, making storage efficient.

How to Store Ornaments Using Egg Cartons

  1. Preparation:Before using, ensure the carton is clean and free from any egg residue. A simple wipe-down is usually enough.

  2. Place Ornaments: Position each ornament in an individual compartment. For smaller ornaments, you can place more than one in each spot, but ensure there’s enough room to prevent them from pressing against each other.

  3. Extra Cushioning: If you're concerned about delicate ornaments, place a small piece of tissue paper or bubble wrap in the compartment before the ornament for added protection.

  4. Closing: Securely close the carton lid, ensuring it's shut tight. You can use tape if needed.

  5. Labeling: Using a marker or sticker, label the carton indicating the type of ornaments inside. This will make it easier to locate specific ornaments the following year.

  6. Ornament Storage: Place the filled cartons at the bottom of a storage box. Once the base layer is complete, you can add another layer of cartons or other lightweight decorations. If you’re in the festive spirit, re-use holiday tin boxes for added aesthetic appeal.

  7. Extra Tip: Don’t just stop at ornaments! If you have strings of beads or smaller decorations, these too can find a home in egg cartons. For those who love a themed Christmas tree, label the cartons based on which tree or garland they accessorize, ensuring a well-organized collection year after year.

Build Your Box

Creating your own customized ornament storage box isn't just about saving money. It's about crafting a space tailor-made for your precious holiday memories. With some simple materials and a bit of creativity, you can construct a durable and organized container for your festive ornaments.

Why Opt for DIY Ornament Storage?

  • Customization: No two Christmas collections are the same. By building your box, you can create compartments specifically designed for your ornaments.

  • Sustainability: Instead of purchasing a new storage container, reusing cardboard boxes is an eco-friendly choice.

  • Cost-Efficiency: Save money by utilizing materials already present in your home.

Steps to Build Your DIY Ornament Storage Box:

  1. Selection of Boxes: Start with two sturdy cardboard boxes. If they are of different sizes, the larger one will provide the partition material, while the smaller one will act as the main storage box.

  2. Creating Layers: From the larger box, cut two cardboard sheets that match the base size of the smaller box. These will serve as separators, allowing for multiple layers of ornament storage.

  3. Crafting Dividers: Cut divider strips from the larger box. These should be the length of the smaller box and approximately 2-3 inches in height. To create a grid pattern, cut notches halfway through each divider at regular intervals. Interlock these notches to form a crisscross pattern inside the box.

  4. Storing Ornaments: Begin with your heaviest ornaments. Place them at the base of the box within the crafted grid. For larger or uniquely shaped ornaments, consider leaving an unpartitioned section at the base. This area can also be used for storing other holiday figurines such as nutcrackers, Santas, and nativity sets. To prevent abrasion, wrap each ornament in tissue paper, felt scraps, or even soft fabric.

  5. Adding Layers: Once the base is filled, place one of the cut-out cardboard sheets atop the ornaments. Set up another set of dividers, and continue storing. Remember to wrap each ornament to avoid damage.

  6. Labeling: Once all your ornaments are stored, label the outside of the box. This makes identification easier when you're setting up for the holidays next year.

Special Tips

  • Reinforce the corners of the box with tape for added durability.

  • If you have a collection of fragile ornaments, consider lining the base and walls of the box with bubble wrap or soft fabric for added protection.

Build the box for storing ornaments

Use Large Boxes or Plastic 

Storage solutions often hide in plain sight. Many households have a plethora of large boxes and plastic containers that are underutilized. Using these for Christmas ornament storage can be both efficient and cost-effective.

Advantages of Using Large Boxes

  • Space: Large boxes, especially those from appliances or bulk purchases, offer ample space. This allows for both the storage of larger ornaments and the ability to segregate smaller ornaments using dividers.

  • Stackability: These boxes, being sturdy, can be stacked one upon the other, maximizing storage space in your attic, basement, or storage room.

  • Customization: A blank canvas, you can easily cut and modify these boxes to suit your needs. Dividers, compartments, and layers can be added as per your ornament collection's size and variety.

Advantages of Using Plastic Containers

  • Transparency: Clear plastic containers let you view the contents without having to open each one. This visual access simplifies the process of locating specific ornaments.

  • Durability: Plastic containers are moisture-resistant, which is essential in preventing mold, especially if stored in places like basements.

  • Protective Quality: These containers usually come with tight-sealing lids. This ensures that dust, pests, or moisture won't easily infiltrate your precious ornaments.

Tips for Storing Ornaments in Large Boxes or Plastic Containers

  • Layering: Start by placing a sheet of acid-free tissue paper or soft cloth at the bottom. Arrange a layer of ornaments, ensuring none are touching to prevent scratches or breakages. Continue layering, separating each with another sheet of protective material.

  • Dividers: Cardboard dividers can be inserted to create individual compartments for each ornament. For plastic containers, consider adjustable plastic dividers often used in craft or hardware ornament storage.

  • Labeling: Clearly label each box or container. This might seem trivial now, but it will save you time and effort when decorating next year.

Use large boxes or plastic for storing ornaments

Use bubble wrap

Bubble wrap, often used in packaging, is an ideal storage solution for your fragile Christmas tree ornaments.

Why Use Bubble Wrap?

  • Shock Absorption: The air-filled bubbles offer excellent protection against shocks and drops.

  • Flexibility: Bubble wrap can be cut and tailored to any size, making it perfect for ornaments of all shapes.

  • Moisture Barrier: It provides a level of protection against moisture, especially when paired with a sealed plastic bag.

Tips for Using Bubble Wrap

  • Wrap Tightly: Ensure the ornament is snugly wrapped, but not so tight that it might cause pressure and breakage.

  • Double Wrap: For especially fragile ornaments, consider using two layers of bubble wrap.

  • Ornament Storage in Boxes: Once wrapped, place the ornaments in a box with some spacing to avoid crushing the bubble wrap and reducing its effectiveness.


Use bubble wrap for storing ornaments

Underbed Ornament Organizer

Maximizing space is crucial, especially for those living in apartments or smaller homes.

Advantages of Underbed Storage

  • Space Utilization: Makes use of often-neglected space beneath beds.

  • Convenience: Keeping ornaments under the bed allows for easy access, especially if you have multiple decorating sessions.

  • Protection from Dust: Underbed storage boxes often come with lids, keeping the contents dust-free.

Tips for Underbed Storage

  • Choose Flat Boxes: The flatter the box, the better it will slide under the bed.

  • Label Boxes: Clearly label each box for easy identification next season.

  • Use Dividers: Even within underbed storage, use dividers or smaller boxes to segregate ornaments.


Use underbed ornament organizer for storing

Try the Cup Method

Innovative and effective, the cup method offers a unique ornament storage solution.

Benefits of the Cup Method

  • Efficient Use of Space: By storing ornaments vertically in cups, you maximize storage space.

  • Protection: Each ornament gets its compartment, minimizing the risk of damage.

  • Customizable: Depending on the box size, you can adjust the number of cups.

Steps for the Cup Method

  1. Prepare Your Box: Ensure your chosen box is clean and sturdy.

  2. Glue the Cups: Using a hot glue gun, affix the base of plastic cups to a cardboard sheet.

  3. Place Ornaments: Once the glue is dry, place an ornament in each cup.

Try the cup method for storing ornaments

Purchase an Ornament Box or Bag

Sometimes, DIY might not cut it. In such cases, specially designed ornament boxes or bags come to the rescue.

Why Buy Specialized Storage?

  • Designed for Ornaments: These boxes/bags are specifically tailored for ornament storage, often coming with in-built dividers and protective layers.

  • Durable: Typically more robust than DIY solutions, ensuring longevity and better protection.

  • Aesthetic: Many of these boxes/bags come in festive designs, adding to the holiday spirit even in storage.

Shopping Tips

  • Check Material: Opt for acid-free lining to prevent tarnishing of ornaments.

  • Ensure Segregation: Choose boxes with dividers to prevent ornament movement.

  • Portability: Especially for larger collections, ensure the box/bag has sturdy handles.

Purchase an ornament box or bag for storing ornaments

Use Holiday Tins

Holiday tins, often containing cookies or candies, can be repurposed into charming ornament storage solutions.

Why Holiday Tins?

  • Festive Design: These tins often come in holiday themes, making them perfect for the role.

  • Solid Protection: Being metal, they offer a sturdy exterior, guarding against impacts.

  • Size Variety: Available in various sizes, from small candy tins to large cookie ones, they cater to different ornament sizes.

Tips for Using Tins

  • Layer Inside: Use tissue paper or felt to layer the inside, providing a cushion for the ornaments.

  • Don't Overfill: Ensure there's no excessive pressure on the lid, which might warp the tin.

  • Label: Even if the tin has a clear festive design, label its contents for clarity.

Use holiday tins for storing ornaments

Use Coffee Filters as Cushions

Every year, a significant number of ornaments suffer damage due to inadequate storage. And here's where an everyday kitchen item, the coffee filter, becomes an unsung hero. Made of soft, absorbent paper, coffee filters can act as cushions, protecting your ornaments from scratches and shocks.

Why Use Coffee Filters?

  • Perfect Size: Their round, concave shape snugly fits most standard-sized ornaments.

  • Absorbency: Coffee filters can absorb any residual moisture, which is particularly beneficial for ornaments that might have been stored away while still slightly damp from snow or condensation.

  • Cost-Effective: Compared to specialized packing materials, coffee filters are a dime a dozen.

Steps to Store Ornaments Using Coffee Filters

  1. Clean Your Ornaments: Before storing, ensure that all ornaments are clean and dry.

  2. Place the Ornament: Center the ornament on one coffee filter.

  3. Cover: Place a second coffee filter on top, sandwiching the ornament.

  4. Store: Place these cushioned ornaments in boxes or containers. The added buffer ensures they remain protected, even if the box is jostled.

Use coffee filters as cushions for storing ornaments

Use Bags To Organize 

Ornament organization is half the battle. By segregating ornaments, you not only make future decorating easier but also ensure delicate ornaments don't get damaged.

Why Use Bags for Organizing?

  • Variety: There are various bags available – from cloth drawstring bags to zip-lock bags – suitable for ornaments of different sizes and materials.

  • Flexibility: Bags can be reshaped and adjusted based on the ornament's size, ensuring a snug fit.

  • Protection from Tangles: Perfect for storing stringed ornaments or lights, which can easily become tangled.

Tips for Using Bags

  • Label Each Bag: This helps in quick identification.

  • Use Clear Bags: For added visibility, use transparent bags, allowing you to see the contents without opening.

  • Use Padded Bags: For ultra-delicate ornaments, consider using padded pouches or bags. These provide an extra layer of protection.


Use bags to store ornaments 


Ornament storage don’t have to be a daunting task. With a little creativity, items around your home, and some effort, your Christmas ornaments can be safely tucked away, ready to shine again next holiday season. Whether you're upcycling cartons and tins or investing in specialized storage solutions, remember the key is to protect and organize. Until the next festive season, happy storing!

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