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Christmas tree ornaments - Completed guide: History, meaning & more

Christmas tree ornaments - Completed guide: History, meaning & more

Have you ever gazed at a Christmas tree and wondered about the stories behind each shimmering ornament? Born in Germany in the 16th century, these ornaments began humbly, crafted from fruits and nuts. Today, whether they're made of delicate glass or intricate ceramics, each piece holds a tale. Dive in with us to explore the captivating history and cherished memories these little treasures carry. There's so much more to these Christmas tree ornaments than meets the eye, and you won't want to miss a single sparkle. Stay tuned as we unwrap their enchanting tales.

What are Christmas ornaments?

Christmas ornaments are special decorative items used to adorn spaces, primarily Christmas trees, during the festive season. These ornaments come in a wide variety of designs and materials, but they all share the common purpose of celebrating the holiday spirit.

While some might be simple spheres or stars, others can take on intricate forms, representing everything from snowflakes to reindeer. The beauty of Christmas ornaments lies in their diversity, allowing individuals to personalize their decorations and create a unique holiday atmosphere.

In essence, Christmas ornaments are more than just decorations; they are symbols of joy, tradition, and the warmth of the season.

What is the History of Christmas tree ornaments?

Christmas trees look even more special with bright ornaments. These decorations didn't just appearm, they have a deep history. They started in Germany with Hans Greiner's glass creations in the 1800s. These "baubles" were the beginning. But how did we go from simple glass baubles to the variety we see today? Let's delve into the journey of these ornaments and see how they've changed with our cultures and times.

Christmas tree ornaments

Origin of Christmas Ornaments (Source: Printest)

Origin of Christmas tree ornaments is in Germany during the 16th century, evolving from the "Paradise Tree," a fir tree adorned with apples. This tree was used in medieval plays on December 24th to represent the Garden of Eden.

The tradition spread, and cultures made their own ornaments. The wealthy used intricate, handmade ones from paper, fabric, or glass. The less fortunate people used simpler materials such as straw, cookies, and candies to make Christmas ornaments.

In the 19th century, the tradition of these decoration was introduced to the United States by German immigrants. They continued their cultural practices in their new homeland, which included adorning Christmas trees with homemade ornaments and edible treats. During this time, Christmas ornaments in the U.S. were often crafted by hand using materials such as leather, wood, or tin. These ornaments were known for their delicate and intricate designs. This practice of decorating Christmas trees with these ornaments quickly gained popularity and became an essential part of the holiday celebrations, adding a joyful and warm ambiance to the cold winter season.

Christmas ornament meaning

Long ago, meaning of Christmas ornaments are about religion, showing parts of the Christian faith. Like, apples were for the Garden of Eden's forbidden fruit, and stars on top meant the Star of Bethlehem. But as time went by, these meanings got bigger and more different.

Nowadays, Christmas ornaments meaning alot. Families keep ornaments for a really long time, passing them from grandparents to parents to kids. Each ornament has a special story or memory. That's how these ornaments become like little history books for families, showing important times or just what someone likes.

Export and Mass Production of Christmas Ornaments

A long time ago, in a town called Lauscha, Germany, people started making lots of Christmas tree ornaments. This happened around the 1800s. The town was really good at making glass, so the craftspeople there began to make glass ornaments for Christmas trees. At first, they painted them by hand or put a special shiny stuff called silver nitrate on them.

People loved these beautiful Christmas tree ornaments, so the people who made them started making even more. They sent them to other places in Europe and even to America. This made the Christmas ornament business really big. And it wasn't just good for money – it also made Christmas tree ornaments popular and a normal thing to have on trees all around the world.

Today's Christmas Ornaments

Christmas tree ornaments these days are very different from how they used to be, which were simple and made by hand. Now, people make ornaments from lots of things like glass, metal, wood, and plastic. They can look like anything – big or small, any color you can think of – because people like different things.

Christmas tree ornaments today let you show who you are. They let you make the holidays special in your own way by adding your own style and feelings to the tree. You can even make them with your name or something special on them. This way, you can make your own holiday story with the decorations you choose.

What are the Types of Christmas ornaments?

Ornaments are available in a variety of geometric shapes and image depictions. From stars to snowflakes, and balls to angles, the array is vast and imaginative. The style and design of these ornaments have evolved over time, from traditional to vintage, echoing trends, cultures, and personal touches. Material-wise, today's Christmas ornaments are predominantly made from glass, metal, plastic, and wood. Each material brings its own charm, reflecting different textures and shines. As we delve deeper, we’ll explore how each shape, style, and material contributes to the magic of our festive trees.

Christmas tree ornaments

Christmas tree ornaments shapes (Source: Printest) 

Christmas ornament shapes

Christmas ornament shapes come in a delightful array of designs. From traditional spheres and stars to more intricate motifs, the types of ornament shapes capture the spirit of the season. Each shape, whether classic or modern, adds a unique touch to festive decor, making the holiday ambiance even more special. Below are some Christmas ornaments shape names

Ball ornaments

Ball ornaments are a traditional fixture on many Christmas trees. Their spherical shape is simple yet elegant, capturing the twinkle of holiday lights beautifully. They serve as a timeless staple, providing a classic aesthetic to holiday decor.

Onion Ornaments

Onion ornaments have a special round shape that looks like a bulb. They make Christmas trees look really cool. They're different from the regular round ornaments, and they add a fun touch. When you put these ornaments on the tree, it makes it look even better and more festive.

Teardrops Ornaments

Teardrop Christmas tree ornaments are long and fancy, making trees look really nice. They hang down and catch the light, which makes them sparkle. These ornaments are very stylish and make holiday decorations look even better.

Christmas tree ornaments

Teardrop ornaments 

Finials Ornaments

Finial ornaments are big and fancy, meant to catch your eye on a Christmas tree. They usually go at the very top of the tree and make it look super special. These ornaments have lots of details and decorations, making them stand out and look really cool in Christmas decorations.


Star Christmas tree ornaments are really important symbols during the holidays. They usually go at the very top of the tree and stand for the special star from Bethlehem. This star reminds us about the religious meaning of Christmas. Stars on the tree also make it look like a magical place from the sky, which is super cool.


Angel ornaments make Christmas trees feel peaceful and special. They're usually made very carefully and show angels, like the ones in the Christmas story. These calm and pretty figures can be made from glass, metal, or porcelain, and they make the holiday season feel really nice and quiet.


Snowflake ornaments look like winter and each one is different, just like real snowflakes. These ornaments make Christmas trees feel chilly and cozy. Snowflake ornaments can be simple or very fancy, but they always remind us of the magical winter time during the holidays.

Christmas ornament Styles

Nowadays, Christmas ornaments come in many different styles that show lots of different things – like where people are from, what they like, and even how things used to look. Ornaments do more than just decorate – they tell stories, show feelings, and make each home special. Let's explore three favorite ornament styles that lots of people love: traditional, personalized, and vintage.

Traditional Ornaments

Regular Christmas tree ornaments are like the most important part of decorating for the holidays. They usually have symbols that are always connected to this time of year, like stars, angels, and snowflakes. These ornaments are made with colors like red, green, and gold that make us remember good times from the past and how much fun holiday traditions are.

Personalized Ornaments

Ornaments just for you are called personalized Christmas ornaments. They help make the holiday season special in your own way. These ornaments have names, dates, or special messages made just for you. They help you remember things that happened, like your first Christmas as a baby, getting a new home, or a really fun trip. With these special ornaments, your Christmas tree becomes like a picture book of your important moments.

Vintage Ornaments

Old-fashioned Christmas tree ornaments are super special and remind us of long ago. They have lots of details and are painted by hand, just like in the old days. These ornaments make us think about Christmas from a long time ago. Whether they were in your family for a long time or you found them in a special place, vintage ornaments make your Christmas tree decorations feel cozy and tell a story on your Christmas tree.

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Common Ornament Materials

The things we put on Christmas trees nowadays are made from lots of different materials, and each one makes them look and feel special. Some are shiny like glass, others are strong like metal, some can do lots of things like plastic, and some are nice and natural like wood. All these materials make Christmas ornaments look really cool. Now, let's learn about these four stuff that make tree decorations.

Glass Ornaments

Christmas tree ornaments made from glass are really popular and timeless. They're loved because they look delicate and catch the holiday lights in a special way, making the season look magical. Making these customized glass ornaments ornaments is like making art – people blow, shape, and paint them by hand. That's why each one is different and so pretty.

Christmas tree ornaments

Glass Ornaments

Metal Ornaments

Christmas tree ornaments made from metal have a special look that lasts a long time. Metal ornaments can be silver, gold, or bronze, and they make trees look really fancy. These ornaments are strong and can last for a long, long time. People might keep them in the family and give them to their kids later on, which is really nice.

Christmas tree ornaments

Metal ornaments

Plastic Ornaments

Ornaments for Christmas trees that are made from plastic are really useful and can do lots of things. They are light and strong, which is great if you have little kids or pets. These ornaments come in all kinds of shapes, colors, and styles, and they don't cost too much. They make your home look festive and happy.

Christmas tree ornaments

Wood Ornaments

Christmas tree ornaments made from wood are loved by people who like rustic and natural things. They can be made from different types of wood and can have very detailed designs or just fun holiday pictures on them. Wooden ornaments look like the earth and have special textures that feel nice. These ornaments make your holiday decorations feel warm and cozy, like you're outside.

Christmas tree ornaments

What are the different purposes of Christmas Ornaments?

So, why do we decorate Christmas trees? Christmas tree ornaments do more than just decorate our trees. They make our homes look super festive and special, they can be gifts that show love, they show what we like, and they can even be something cool to collect. Let's learn about these four big reasons for having Christmas ornaments.


People use Christmas tree ornaments to make their homes look super pretty. When the holiday time comes, houses all over the world become like magic lands because of the beauty and sparkle of these ornaments. People have been putting ornaments on Christmas trees for many, many years. As time passed, Christmas tree decorations changed and got more varied, and now they're a really important part of our holiday celebrations.

Putting ornaments on a Christmas tree is a special family tradition. Hanging these colorful and shiny ornaments doesn't just make the tree look nice, it also makes the home feel happy and ready for the season. Ornaments help tell the story of Christmas, and when each ornament goes on the tree, it makes the holiday decorations look even better and more special.

Christmas tree ornaments

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Christmas tree ornaments are great for giving gifts too. They make awesome presents because they can be really special and nice. Giving someone a cool Christmas ornament is a kind thing to do. It's not just a gift – it's also a part of how they celebrate Christmas.

Some ornaments are painted by hand, some have names on them, and some are really old – these gifts are special because they make people feel happy, even after Christmas is over. Some families even have a tradition of giving a new ornament every year. This makes their collection bigger, and each year, the Christmas tree tells a new story.

Showing personality

Christmas ornaments help you show who you are in a special way. Since ornaments come in lots of styles, shapes, and themes, you can use them to tell about what you like and who you are.

From ornaments about sports and music to ones showing pets, hobbies, and places you've been, there's an ornament for everything you like. Putting these ornaments on the Christmas tree doesn't just make it look nice – it also shows who you are or what your family loves.


Lots of people really like collecting Christmas ornaments, and that's why they're so popular. People love how ornaments are made, how they look, and how they make them remember things, so they start collecting them.

Some people collect ornaments from different places they've been to, some like old ones, and some just want really pretty ones. These collections can be special to families and get passed to kids later. Every ornament in a collection has a story, and when they're on the Christmas tree, they help remember lots of things.

Whether you're making your home look nice, giving a gift, showing who you are, or adding to a special collection, Christmas ornaments are really important for the holidays.

What are Tips For Decorating With Ornaments?

Decorating with Christmas tree ornaments is a really fun holiday tradition. But it also needs some thinking and imagination. How can you know how many ornaments to use? How do you group them, and how do you know where to put them on the tree? Let's check out these ideas for making your Christmas tree look amazing with ornaments.

Determine How Many Ornaments You Need

How many ornaments for a Christmas tree depends on how big your tree is and how full you want it to look. A good way to start is to have about 10 to 15 ornaments for every foot of your tree. So, if your tree is six feet tall, you might want to use between 60 and 90 ornaments. But you can also choose to have more or fewer ornaments based on what you like.

Categorize Your Ornaments

Before you begin decorating, it's smart to put your Christmas tree ornaments into groups. You could organize them by color, size, what they're made from, or what they show. This helps you make sure your tree looks nice and everything is spread out evenly.

Hang Ornaments Last

Even though it's exciting to put up ornaments right away, it's usually better to do that at the end. First, you can put up the lights on the tree. Then, you can add garlands or shiny stuff. After that, you can start hanging your Christmas tree ornaments, and they will look super special on the tree.

Layer your ornaments

For a really cool and interesting tree, you can put your Christmas ornaments in layers. Begin with the big ones and put them inside the tree to make it look deeper and fill the empty spots. Next, add the medium-sized and small ornaments, and make sure to put some near the ends of the branches. This makes the tree look like it has lots of layers and is really pretty.

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How to store Ornaments?

Keeping your Christmas tree ornaments safe is really important so they stay nice and last a long time. You can use strong boxes that have sections for each ornament. Wrap the delicate ones in special paper or bubble wrap to keep them safe. If you have lots of ornaments, you can label the boxes so you know where everything is. Remember to put the boxes in a cool, dry place to stop them from getting hurt by heat or water. If you know how to store ornaments, your Christmas ornaments will always be safe and pretty, even for many holidays.


In the end, it's clear that Christmas tree ornaments are way more than just holiday decorations. They show traditions, tell how we feel, and remember times we love. When you decorate your Christmas tree, remember that each ornament is like a proof of fun traditions and the happy holiday feeling. There are so many kinds of Christmas ornaments now, and they don't just make us feel happy – they also show who we are and help us remember good times. So, when you put up each ornament, think about the special story it has that makes the holiday time even more exciting. These tree ornaments aren't just decorations; they're what make our celebrations really special. I hope they bring you lots of happiness and the Christmas feeling with love and peace.

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