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How to Decorate a Christmas Tree – Step-by-Step


Decorating a Christmas tree is a fun tradition we all look forward to. But if it's your first time, it might feel a bit tricky. Don't worry! We're here to help. In this guide, we'll walk you through "How to Decorate a Christmas Tree – Step-by-Step." We'll share easy steps to make your tree shine bright this festive season.

Plus, we'll give tips on the best time to set up and decorate your tree. And that's not all! We'll also share how to keep your decorations looking fresh year after year. Get ready to make your tree the star of the show!

How to decorate Christmas tree? 

Select a Tree

First and foremost, ensure that your Christmas tree's size suits your space. If you're in a compact apartment, a petite tabletop tree might be your cup of tea, while larger living spaces could accommodate a bigger tree. For those eyeing larger Christmas trees, pay close attention to their height, particularly the gap between the top of the tree and your ceiling, which should be at least 6 inches. Following size, the style of the Christmas tree also holds importance. This entails whether you prefer an artificial or a real tree and whether it should be flocked or plain. Naturally, planning your Christmas color scheme ahead of time isn't a bad idea either.

Fluff and Shape

Before fluffing your tree, whether it's a real Christmas tree or an artificial one, determine where you'll position the tree in your home.

Artificial trees are typically assembled when you purchase them. Therefore, once you've got it standing, all you need to do is fluff the branches to give your tree a fuller appearance. The branches play a crucial role in enhancing the visual appeal of the artificial Christmas tree. So, be sure not to leave any branches without fluffing.

For a real tree, you can't treat it the same way you would an artificial one, as rough fluffing can cause needles to fall off. Instead, approach it with care and use secateurs to trim branches for a tidier appearance.

How to decorate Christmas tree

Fluff and shape an artificial tree

String Lights

Lighting plays a crucial role in Christmas decorations, as it has the power to illuminate a grand green tree, create depth, and bring ornaments to life against the backdrop of shadows. While traditionalists often lean towards white lights, those who enjoy infusing some excitement into the festive season or have a fondness for retro vibes might opt for multi-colored lights.

There are moments when you might feel a bit swamped, not knowing how many light strands you'll require to deck out your festive tree, right? No worries, we've got your back! The general guideline is to use around 100 lights for every foot of the tree's height. For instance, a seven-foot tree would call for approximately 700 lights. As for arranging the lights, there are various techniques you can consider, such as hanging them vertically or going from bottom to top.

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

String Lights

Add any ribbons or garlands you’d like

When it comes to adorning your Christmas tree with garlands, there isn't a strict rule that you have to adhere to. However, garlands can bring a touch of elegance to your tree if you know how to make the most of them.

First and foremost, crafting the perfect Christmas tree involves paying attention to the smallest of details. Therefore, you wouldn't want your garlands to look untidy with branches protruding through the loops. Ensure that you secure the garlands firmly before hanging them on your tree.

To prevent overwhelming the tree's appearance, start with simpler garlands before progressing to more intricate designs. Delicate, beaded garlands can exude charm when suspended from one branch to another. Meanwhile, silver paper garlands will suit being loosely draped around the tree.

Using ribbon as a decoration for the Christmas tree is also an excellent alternative to garlands. Try fashioning a sizable bow from ribbon and hang it at the top. This idea is certain to bring joy to those who appreciate a feminine touch!

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

Using ribbons to decorate your tree

Hang Ornaments

Select a main color palette for your Christmas tree and choose Christmas tree ornaments that align with this color scheme. Keep the ornament colors within a range of 3-4 main shades, unless you intend to create an excessively vibrant and chaotic look for your tree. 

When adorning the tree with Christmas ornaments, position larger pieces at the base, medium-sized items in the middle, and gradually place smaller items towards the upper section. Reversing this order might result in an imbalanced tree that could potentially tip over. To introduce dimension and enhance the visual allure of the tree, layer the decorations, incorporating a mix of shiny, matte, and glittered finishes.

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

Hang Ornaments

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Balance the décor

You can't anticipate a stunning Christmas tree if you disregard the balance between color coordination and the arrangement of ornaments. Hence, make sure that during each decorating session for your Christmas tree, you partition your tree into three sections (top, middle, bottom) to adorn each part separately. Start with the top section and regularly inspect for any disorder in the setup.

Fill the space between decorations with tree picks

Tree picks serve as subtle embellishments that infuse a sense of elegance, delicacy, and dimension into the overall look of your Christmas tree. They present a flawless decorating concept to fill out the spaces on the tree that larger ornaments such as garlands cannot encompass.

A diverse array of tree pick styles exists, with berries, pinecones, feathers, branches, and others ranking among the most favored. Tree picks frequently boast a shimmering and attention-grabbing appearance. If you happen to have leftover tree picks after embellishing your Christmas tree, make use of this splendid surplus to enhance wreaths and garlands throughout your home.

Add florals and other accents

Much like tree picks, accent pieces provide excellent Christmas tree decoration ideas to occupy spaces on the tree. Floral elements, like poinsettias, are renowned Christmas-themed accents to hang on your tree. For those inclined toward displaying more innovative and distinctive concepts, consider bird-themed tree accents such as nest ornaments.

Add a tree topper

Now it's time to bestow upon your Tannenbaum the perfect crown with a splendid tree topper. If tradition is your preference, choose a charming angel; if you lean towards a glamorous appearance, opt for a dazzling star; or get creative by crafting a design-savvy oversized bow from wired ribbon to impress your guests. Lastly, make certain that your tree topper aligns with your Christmas tree's color scheme.

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

Adding a tree topper

Finish the look with a tree skirt

A tree skirt is a sophisticated decorating idea that hides the "slender legs" of the tree stand and also acts as a catch-all for fallen needles, preventing them from scattering across the floor. Tree skirts are typically made from fabric, although they can also be crafted from materials like zinc-coated metal or feathers for those who prefer a more luxurious style, or woven materials for those who appreciate a rustic vibe.

For a unique twist on your tree skirt, consider placing some white fabric scraps or faux snow underneath the tree to create a magical snowy landscape.

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

Knitted Christmas tree skirt idea

When should you put up the Tree?

According to religious belief, you should put up the Christmas tree on the fourth Sunday before Christmas. This is considered the start of the Advent season, which holds significant importance for Christians as it is closely linked to the celebration of the birth of Jesus. However, if you are not religious, you can put up your tree at any time before Christmas that you prefer.

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When should you take off the christmas tree?

Christians believe that we should take up the Christmas tree on the Twelfth night, known as the Epiphany, which signifies the conclusion of the Christmas decorating season. The date of the Twelfth night may land on either January 5th or January 6th, contingent upon whether you regard Christmas Day as the initial day. Nonetheless, individuals not constrained by this tradition enjoy greater flexibility. They can dismantle the Christmas tree at their preferred time.

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How to care for Christmas tree?

If you invest in an artificial Christmas tree, you needn't worry about how to care for it. However, it's an entirely different scenario when dealing with a real tree, as you must find ways to ensure your evergreen remains vibrant throughout the festive season.

  • To begin with, focus on shopping for quality and select the freshest evergreen available. Next, when you bring the tree home, trim half an inch off the trunk. This step will eliminate hardened sap and enhance the tree's ability to absorb water during the holiday period.

  • Maintaining proper hydration for your tree throughout Christmas is crucial. Be sure to choose a sturdy stand that can support your tree while holding a substantial amount of water.

  • Provide only fresh water for your tree.

  • Fluctuating temperatures or constant heating in your environment can cause your tree to dry out. Therefore, be vigilant in keeping your tree away from direct heat sources or radiators.

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    The bottom line

    How to decorate Christmas tree? Did the process of decorating your Christmas tree end up being more intricate than you had initially thought? We trust that our instructions have aided in streamlining the tree decoration procedure for you.

    Nonetheless, irrespective of the situation, valuing the essence of this festive season holds greater significance than anything else. Embrace every single moment during your Christmas season, even if you discover yourself wrestling with ideas for decorating your Christmas tree. Gather your family members to collaborate and devise the most impeccable appearance for your tree. The more, the merrier!

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