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When To Take Christmas Decorations Down?


Taking down Christmas decorations marks the close of the festive season and the start of a fresh new year. But when exactly should you pack away the holiday cheer? Tradition often points to a specific time, but it's also about personal choice. Whether you're guided by customs or your own schedule, it's essential to store everything properly.

From safely dismantling your Christmas tree to preserving ornaments for future use, our article offers step-by-step guidance. Dive in to learn the best practices and timings to bid farewell to your festive decor until next Christmas.

When to take Christmas tree decorations down?

Epiphany date 6 January

The 6th of January holds significant importance for Christians, also known as the Feast of the Epiphany, Three Kings' Day, or Little Christmas. According to Christian tradition, it is the day when the Wise Men (Three Kings or Magi) brought gifts to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Thus, the 6th of January also signifies the end of the Christmas season. For some, they prefer to take down their Christmas trees, wreaths, or decorations in the week following New Year's Day to commence a new year. Others wait until the 6th of January, the final day, to take down all festive decorations.

Any time in January

If you love the festive feel, there's no rush to pack away your decorations. Letting the Christmas spirit linger can brighten up those chilly January days. Many choose to keep their decorations up well into the month. It's all about personal preference.

So, if you're not ready to say goodbye to the twinkling lights and cheerful ornaments, feel free to enjoy them a bit longer. When you're ready, anytime in January works for taking them down. Remember, it's your home and your holiday spirit!

When your tree says it's time

If you have an artificial Christmas tree, there's no right or wrong about when you should take it down. However, if you've bought a real tree for your Christmas festivities, unfortunately, the timing for taking it down can vary. Pay attention to the appearance of a real tree and take it down if you notice any of the following signs:

  • Needles easily fall off when you touch or even without touch.

  • Branches droop down or feel brittle.

  • The tree emits a musty odor.

  • The tree is drying out, which is particularly dangerous if you often use candles to decorate around the tree, as it could potentially lead to a fire hazard.

Is it bad luck to take your Christmas tree down before the end of the year?

Traditionally, it is believed that if you take down the Christmas tree before the Twelfth Night of Christmas or the Feast of the Epiphany (which falls on either the 5th or 6th of January), you will invite bad luck. This is because the evergreen tree is seen as a refuge for spirits.

Before the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve, these spirits need to be released back into nature so that the coming year's harvest can flourish and new growth can sprout. If you take down the tree before this time, the spirits become trapped, bringing along misfortunes.

How to take down the Christmas tree?

Taking down string lights

The key when removing the light strings is to make sure you don't tangle them. So, right after taking them down, wrap them around a sturdy piece of cardboard and secure both ends with twist ties to prevent them from unraveling while in storage.

Taking down Christmas ornaments

Regarding decorations, make sure to take each piece down individually and softly wipe them with a lightweight cloth. This step ensures that your decorations won't accumulate dust from now until the next year. The key is to understand how to sort various categories of decorations; for instance, it's not advisable to combine delicate glass Christmas ornaments with heavier items placed on the upper side. Remember to put labels on the containers and keep them in a storage room or the attic.

How to dispose of your real Christmas tree?

Here is the step-by-step guidance on how to dispose of a Christmas tree:

  • Get rid of any remaining water in the Christmas tree stand by using a turkey baster.

  • Before removing the tree decorations, lay a sheet on the floor, since the tree skirt will gather a lot of needles, and you'll need to shake it onto the sheet to prevent needles from scattering all over the floor.

  • Unfold the sheet to its full size and lay the tree horizontally on it.

  • Remove the Christmas tree stand.

  • Wrap the sheet around the tree and carry it outdoors.

For the coming year, simplify this process by employing Christmas tree storage bags. Position them under the tree as a substitute for the tree skirt. Once Christmas is done, just lift the bag and tie it up with a rope to finish the task of disposing of the tree.


Dispose the real Christmas tree 

How To Store Christmas Tree Decorations For Next Year

Wouldn't it be disappointing if you had to dig into your wallet every year just because you're constantly buying new Christmas tree decorations? Let's dive into these tips for restoring your Christmas items like a pro:

  • Grab a sturdy piece of cardboard to neatly wrap the strings of lights around. This little trick will prevent those light strings from becoming a tangled mess.

  • This is the moment you truly appreciate the value of those cardboard shipping boxes. Make the most of them for storing your decorations. Remember to sort and label each box meticulously to avoid any confusion in the upcoming Christmas season. For instance, separate boxes for living room decorations, delicate ornaments, and so on.

  • Secure your glass Christmas tree ornaments with bubble wrap or old newspapers.

  • For those who opt for artificial Christmas trees, consider storing them in specialized tree bags to keep them in tip-top shape.

    When To Take Christmas Decorations Down

Store Christmas Tree Decorations For Next Year

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The Final Thought

The above article has answered your question "When to take Christmas decorations down?". Alright, now you've got the lowdown on when to dismantle the Christmas tree, whether it's bad luck to do it early, and some tricks to make the tree takedown process a breeze.

Even though it might seem a bit trickier than we expect when tackling this holiday assignment, transform it into a charming custom. Put on your favorite playlist while taking down the Christmas tree and commit to indulging in a scrumptious meal with your dear ones after completing the task. Xmas graces us with its presence just once a year, so relish these last moments!

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