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How Many ornaments for a Christmas Tree?


Decorating a Christmas tree is perhaps the most anticipated moment of the holiday season. The beauty of the Christmas tree serves as a significant highlight to evoke the colors of Christmas, warm up the living space, and symbolize precious feelings between you and your loved ones. Perhaps that's why people often view Christmas decoration as an extremely important and intricate task. We usually find ourselves puzzled by the question "How many ornaments for a Christmas tree?". The quantity of ornaments actually depends on the size of the tree as well as your style. We'll help simplify this holiday task for you with instructions on the appropriate number of decorations for decorating the Christmas tree, as well as tips for mixing and matching.

How many ornaments for an Christmas tree?

How many decorations are needed for decorating a Christmas tree? That's a commonly asked question, but you don't necessarily have to provide an exact answer to it. Your style also plays a determining role in the suitable quantity of decorations for the tree. If you lean towards minimalism, you might only require a small number of decorations to create a subtle focal point for your Christmas tree. On the other hand, some individuals prefer combining various ornaments to achieve a lavish appearance.

If you wish to have a standard quantity for Christmas decorations, we propose the following quantity guide based on the size of your Christmas tree. This will help you avoid the confusion of ornament overload while decorating your tree.

Tree Height

Light Coverage

Heavy Coverage


6.5 feet

70 pieces

105 pieces

4-8.75 inches

7.5 feet

105 pieces

140 pieces

4-8.75 inches

9-10 feet

175 pieces

210 pieces

4-8.75 inches

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What is the standard size Christmas ornament?

Most people typically decorate their tree with ornaments that are around 3 to 4 inches in size on average. As a result, many consider the standard size for Christmas ornaments to be approximately 3.5 inches. However, you should remain flexible when arranging ornaments of various sizes on your tree. The larger ones are suited for adorning the lower branches, while the smaller ones work well for the higher branches of your tree.

What if my ornaments are bigger?

For your Christmas tree to have a balanced look, the quantity and size of decorations should complement each other. If your ornaments are larger than 3.5 inches, consider reducing the number of ornaments on your tree. In the case of ornaments with an average size of 5 inches, the necessary quantity of decorations will be the proposed quantity multiplied by 0.7.

What if my ornaments are smaller? 

If the size of your ornament is smaller than 3.5 inches, you should add more quantity of decorations to make your Christmas tree appear fuller. For instance, if your ornaments are only around 2 inches in size, increase the quantity of decorations by 1.75 times the proposed quantity.

What If I want less ornaments than most people on my Christmas tree?

If you want to reduce the number of decorations on the tree compared to the usual amount, multiply the proposed quantity of decorations by the percentage you desire. For example, if you feel that you only want 60% of the typical quantity of decorations, you can multiply the proposed quantity by 0.6. If you aim for 80% of what most people use, you would multiply the suggested number by 0.8.

What If I want more ornaments than most people on my Christmas tree? 

Adding more decorations than usual is probably something that those who enjoy vibrancy and a colorful setting always anticipate. If you want your Christmas tree to be adorned with a plethora of different decorations, multiply the proposed quantity of decorations by the percentage you desire. For instance, if you prefer more decorations than the average by 30%, you can multiply the result by 1.3. If you're inclined towards more decorations than 50% compared to most people, you can multiply the result by 1.5.

How to Mix and Match Ornament Sizes

Mixing and matching tree ornament in various sizes is the perfect decorating idea, bringing depth and allure to the appearance of your Xmas tree. Ensure that you hang larger and heavier decorations on the thickest branches of the tree to create additional depth. Reserve the upper branches of the tree as space for smaller ornaments. Additionally, consider decorating festively following different themes. Besides size, coordinate colors for your Christmas ornaments. Some of the most popular themes for Christmas tree decoration that you can refer to are:

  • Green, red, and silver
  • White, blue, and silver
  • Silver and gold
  • Gold and green
  • Purple and gold


Don't let decorating your Christmas tree become an excessively stressful task. The advice we've provided above only offers a specific guideline regarding the number of decorations you might require for your tree. In reality, you can determine this quantity independently, without needing to adhere to any other guidelines or regulations. Simply relish the moment of adorning the tree with your cherished ones, in whatever manner allows you to craft the most splendid Christmas tree for the holiday season.

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