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45 DIY Halloween decorations To Make Your House Truly Spooky

45 DIY Halloween decorations To Make Your House Truly Spooky

Halloween is a time for festivities and scaring all of your neighbors. Some people take it as a challenge to scare as many people as they can and others just like to share in the joy. If you want some cute Halloween gifts, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we have the best Halloween gift ideas from Unifury, along with DIY Halloween decorations that you can even use during Christmas. You could also use these as Halloween Outdoor Decorations. Below is our list of the 45 best DIY Halloween decorations and gifts for this year’s Halloween!

Handmade Halloween Symbol Stickers

This is a super simple DIY decoration and all you’ll need for it is a few easy-to-obtain materials. First, Google some Halloween symbols of your choice and download them onto your computer. You can pick colored symbols or black and white ones for this.                   

Next, trace them onto some sticker paper using a black sharpie. You can use colorful sharpies to color in some of them and leave the others transparent. Now all you have to do is peel off the sticker and put it anywhere you like!

Halloween stickers DIY

Personalized Custom Cat & Couple Canvas Print Canvas Art Halloween

This is one decoration that you can just order and have shipped in time with other Halloween DIY decor. The canvas is the image of a couple wearing witch’s hats along with their adorable pets on Halloween night staring at the moon.

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You can also include all of your names to add a personalized touch and bats are flying around the giant glowing moon. The image is completed by some jack-o-lanterns spread all across the field.

Personalized Custom Cat & Couple Canvas Print
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Scary Ghost Reflection

This next one is perfect to freak out all of your guests on Hallows Eve. This is pretty easy among the DIY outdoor Halloween decorations, but you’ll need to gather a few materials first. Head over to the dollar store and get some mirror paint and an antique photo frame. 

Print out the image of a ghost and put it on the glass of the photo frame. Next, spray some of that mirror paint on it and put the frame back together to hang it up. Now, every time someone tries to get a closeup of themselves in the mirror, they’ll catch a spooky glimpse!

Halloween haunted mirror

Personalized Custom Dog & Cat Halloween Garden Flag

This is another personalized canvas for lovers. You can have all of your beloved pets printed on the canvas. And you can even add little white wings to them. You can customize the decoration by having the pet's name written on the bottom.

This canvas is perfect for the Halloween theme since bats are flying around and in the background is a giant Halloween moon shining brightly. There are also a few pumpkins laid out all around.

Personalized Custom Dog & Cat Halloween Garden FlagShop Now

Spooky Witch Candles

If you want Halloween candles that aren’t likely to burn the entire house down, you could make these fake candles. The supplies you’ll need for this are some LED candles, cheap glass jars, black paint, and a hot glue gun.

Drip some hot glue on the sides of your cylindrical jars first to mimic candle wax dripping down. Next spray paints the candle in whichever color you like and put some filling inside. Once you place a small LED candle on top, it’ll mimic a real candle that is still safe around kids.

Spooky candle

Personalized Gifts For The Whole Family Halloween Fleece Blanket

This adorable fleece blanket might be Halloween themed, but you can use it all year round. The blanket can have 5 family members printed on it with one wearing a spooky witch’s hat. You can even have everyone’s names printed on it at the bottom.

Besides the witch’s hat, the Halloween theme really shines with the light of the gigantic moon in the backdrop. To complete the look, bats are flying around, and a few jack-o-lanterns in the field as well. This is truly an amazing gift for any family member.

Personalized Gifts For The Whole Family Halloween Fleece Blanket
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DIY Halloween Wreath

This is a very simple decoration and can actually be used all year round. You’ll need some fake tree branches made of silicone or similar material and paint them black.

You could also leave them as they are for a more Autumnal look. You then have to wrap them in the shape of a wreath and tie it in twine or use a hot glue gun to put them together. You can hang it up above your fireplace, on your front door, or anywhere you like.

Halloween wreath DIY

Hanging Ghosts

Hanging ghosts are a staple decoration in most homes during Halloween. Most people purchase theirs but you could actually make one. All you’ll need is some white fabric, ping pong balls, and some white twine.  

Take a square of fabric and put a ping pong ball inside. Wrap your fingers around the ball and tie twine to make it into the shape of a ghost. You can even draw a ghost face with a sharpie. And then all you need to do is hang it up using twine or put it on a stick.

DIY  Halloween hanging ghost

Starry Night Jack-O-Lantern

Pumpkin symbol symbolizes repelling evil spirits on Halloween. All you’ll need for this are some pumpkins, a serrated knife, and a few LED candles.  

Make sure your pumpkins are firm and carve away. Optionally, you could print out a template and stick it onto the pumpkin to make it easier. Don’t forget to pull out the pumpkin guts before you start carving. Once you’re happy with your pumpkin, plop the LED candle inside and you’re done!

Pumpkin carve

Personalized Dog & Cat Stone Coasters

This decoration is actually going to pair very nicely with all of the other table decorations on our list. It’s a set of 4 coasters where you can have your adorable puppies printed on a Halloween night. You can even add little wings to your puppies to dress them up as angels.

To further customize it, you can have names printed below the puppies. And there is a huge Halloween night moon shining brightly on all of the bats flying around. And there are a few pumpkins growing on the field around your little critters.

Personalized Dog & Cat Stone Coasters
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Witch’s Cauldron

Another super simple Halloween prop. All you need for this is some spray paint, a plastic bucket, glue, and some Styrofoam.

For this one, you need to buy a round sand bucket and take out the holder first. Then spray paint it black and stick on some green Styrofoam bits using glue to make it look like a potion bubbling out. Then just stick the holder back on and you’ve got yourself a witch’s bucket.

DIY Halloween witch Cauldron

Personalized Halloween Accent Mug Gifts for Dog Cat Lovers 

Another really cute Halloween decorations DIY concept for this Halloween could be your little puppies printed on a Halloween-themed mug. If you’re tired of drinking your coffee out of a boring old mug anyways, this could be the perfect option for you.

You can have your puppies along with their names printed coming out of a few cute little pumpkins. The top of the mug says Happy Halloween in large bat-themed fonts and a few bats flying around the top. The mug also has a few orange accents on it.

Personalized Halloween Accent Mug Gifts for Dog Cat Lovers
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Scary Eyeballs

For this one, you can use materials that you already have laying around in your house. All you need is some paint and a few ping pong balls. 

First, put a few dents in your ping pong balls with something hard. Then just paint them like eyeballs, and don’t forget to add the red blood vessels to make them extra spooky. You can leave these anywhere around the house to add a boo-tiful look to your Halloween indoor decorations. Just make sure nobody ends up tripping over them.

Scary eyeballs Halloween decorations

Personalized Halloween Gifts for Dog Cat Lovers Garden Flag

This is another great gift that will go with some of the other decorations on our list. This huge flag is a beautiful Halloween-themed flag in purple with some neat prints on it.

You can have yourself printed in a witch’s hat with your little puppy flying on a magic broom. There’s a huge Halloween moon in the backdrop and a spooky castle on the bottom. Your broom will have a little pumpkin basket for candy and a few bats are flying around in the night sky.

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DIY Flying Bats

For this one, you’ll need some cardstock, art paper, and an Exacto knife. You might also want to download a couple of reference images from Google.  

First, print out your reference and then use it to trace a bat on your card stock. Do the same on some black art paper and then stick it onto the card stock. It’s that easy! You can hang these up using string or some sort of glue.

Halloween bat DIY

Paper Mache Skull

This is a bit difficult but we’re sure even they could even work as Halloween crafts for kids. You’ll need some newspaper, craft glue, and an empty soft drink bottle.  

Carefully cut out eye holes and a nose hole for the skull on the base of the bottle. Then cut up bits of newspaper and start sticking them onto the bottle in the shape of a skull. Leave some time to let it dry and once it’s fully dried, paint it using some white acrylic paint. You can make a few of these and put them around your house as decoration.


Creepy Baby Toy

This one is super creepy. And for this, you can use your little sister's old baby toy that she doesn’t need anymore and a piece of cardboard.  

Cut the toy’s head away from the rest of its body. Leave the body for a different project. Then take a sturdy piece of cardboard and start applying hot glue to the center. Then put the toy’s head in the center and hang it up so that it looks like a floating head.

Creepy Baby Toy

Personalized Halloween Gifts for Dog Cat Lovers Garden Flag 

If you’re not a fan of the spooky DIY Halloween decorations, you can switch things up with this cute little flag. It comes in bright orange color with a theme of Halloween.

It’s still a tad bit scary since your little puppies come with red horns and wings on them floating on a big bone. There are some black cobwebs adding great accents and some black hand silhouettes around all of the puppies.

Personalized Halloween Gifts for Dog Cat Lovers Garden Flag
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Headless Baby Prop

Remember that toy from earlier that we dismembered? We’ll we’re going to be using it for this project. You’ll also need some chicken wire and red acrylic paint.

Just take the body of the doll and splatter on some red paint to make it look like blood. Then using your chicken wire, wrap it around the toy and leave it in the yard for any unsuspecting poor fool to trip over.

Personalized Halloween Gifts for Dog Cat Lovers Doormat

This is an adorable gift for any pet lover. This is a cute doormat that you can place over your front steps every Halloween. You can have your furry friends donning wings and horns printed on the doormat.

You can even customize it with their names on the bottom of a wooden plaque. And then on top, there are a few black cobwebs with adorable little spiders. And there are some bats and black hand silhouettes around for some added aesthetic.

Personalized Halloween Gifts for Dog Cat Lovers Doormat
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Scary Gauze Ghost

For this one, you’ll have to buy a skull from the craft store and get your hands on some gauze.  

Take your gauze or any similar fabric and rip it into large uneven pieces. Then, start placing the pieces over the skull to make it appear flowy and ghostlike. Don’t forget to use glue to make it stick. Once you’re done, you can prop it up in the yard just like a real ghost.

Scary Gauze Ghost

Personalized Halloween Accent Mug Gifts for Dog Lovers

This is another personalized gift that you can give out during Halloween. If you have a special pet of your own, you could just keep it for yourself.

You can have your puppy printed wearing a witch’s hat coming out of a pumpkin. Surrounding the puppy are some more pumpkins and one with Halloween candy. On the ground, there are some bones and in the far back is a spooky castle with bats flying around. To complete the image there is a big shining Halloween moon with a dead tree in the background.

Personalized Halloween Accent Mug Gifts for Dog Lovers
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Magic Wand

You need to go digging in the yard for this one. Find a stick that resembles a magic wand and if needed, shave it using a knife.

Use a hot glue gun to add some swirls and accent to your new wand and then using a glossy spray, spray it all over. If needed you can also use hot glue to make the base of the wand a bit thicker.

Magic Wand

Personalized Halloween Gifts for Dog Cat Lovers Puzzle

Games are a must on Halloween night, and a puzzle can be so much fun. This puzzle is fully customizable with your puppies printed on it with a Halloween theme.

The puppies are printed on the back of a pickup truck with their names on it and they are driving through a graveyard. Some tombstones and pumpkins can be seen laying about and there is a huge Halloween moon in the background. There is also a spooky castle in one corner.

Personalized Halloween Gifts for Dog Cat Lovers Puzzle
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Spiders Nest

This is an easy one and one where your creativity can really flow. All you need is some muslin fabric, nylon strings, mod podge, and optionally some glue. 

Take your muslin cloth and rip up some holes in it to make it look like a spider’s web. Next, seal it with mod podge so that it doesn’t unravel itself. And then use some nylon thread to add accents. You can prop it up on a wall using glue or nylon threads.


DIY Bird’s Nest

We all have eggs in our houses, don’t we? Well, for this decoration, we’re going to use the shells of those eggs. And maybe some twigs.

Make a hole on the side of your chicken eggs and take out the contents. Next, place some quail eggs inside. Collect some twigs from your yard to make a bird’s nest. You can add a few quail eggs there too. Prop up your chicken eggs using twine on another large twig and place it over the nest.

Halloween bird nest

DIY Ghost Balloons

For this one, you’ll need some transparent balloons, string, helium, and tulle. This one isn’t just for Halloween, you can actually just use it as Halloween party decorations DIY style.

First, you’ll need to blow up the balloons using helium. You could optionally leave out the helium, but that would also take out the floating aspect of it. Next, wrap black tulle or any other color around the balloon and wrap it at the base with string and you’re all done!


Witch’s Hat

This is a pretty simple project but one that needs some patience. It would also be great if you had an old hat lying around. 

Take your old hat and cut a hole at the top. Next, use a sturdy fabric to make a cone shape and attach it to the top of the hat to give it the appearance of a witch’s hat. You could add embellishments to it as well to make it more spooky.

witch hat Halloween decorations

Hanging Spooky Candles

This super simple project only requires a few things that you’ll probably already have on hand. You’ll need some paper, wire, glue and LED candles.

First, cut pieces of paper that match the circumference of your LED candles. And then glue them onto the candles in a cylindrical shape. Using wire, hang the candles from your ceiling in a dark room to make it appear as though they’re floating.

Halloween led paper candle

Life-size Ghost

Want a life-size ghost in the yard without wasting materials? Check this one out. All you’ll need are some balloons, sticks, and a white bedsheet.  

On top of your floodlights in the yard, place three balloons on sticks in a triangle formation. Then just throw the cloth over it and dimple the places where the hands are meant to go. The lights are meant to make the ghost look like it’s floating in the air.

life-size ghost

Personalized Gifts with The Whole Family Puzzle

Puzzles on Halloween night can never be a bad thing and it’s even better if they’re customized for you and your family. This one can be printed with all of your family members sitting in a big field with your names personalized on it.

There is even a giant Halloween moon shining on the whole family and a few bats flying around in the sky. And on the field where the family is sitting, there are a few pumpkins as well.  

Halloween puzzle gifts
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Cement Hands

This one requires some play cement, latex gloves, and a whole lot of patience.

In a bowl that you don’t eat in, first, mix the cement and water in the recommended portions. Next, take your latex glove and fill it with cement. Tie the end of the glove off so that the cement doesn’t drip out and place the glove on the back of a round object to dry.

Once dried, peel the glove off and place your new hand anywhere you’d like.

cement hand

Torn Fingernail

Have you ever seen those silicon hands at the Halloween decoration crafts stores? Well, they can come in pretty handy.

Just take some fake blood and glue it and place it around the fingers of your silicon hand. Once the glue dries a bit, tear it up to make it look like dried skin. And then just place the hand strategically somewhere it could scare somebody.

Halloween fake hand decorations

Halloween Sign

This one’s a bit underrated but we love it nonetheless. And it’s very personalized so you could really let your creativity shine.

From the craft store, buy some corkboard and some chalk paint. And that’s about it. You can go at the board with your paint and draw any type of design you want. You could even write your family name on it with a few spooky embellishments.

Halloween Sign

Personalized Halloween Ceramic Ornament Gifts for Dog Cat Lovers

For the dog lovers in your life, you can get this adorable ceramic ornament to hang on their door. You can have yourself and your little puppy printed flying on a witch’s broom and the moon in the background.

There are more little details like bats flying around and a haunted castle in the background among the tall trees.

Personalized Halloween Ceramic Ornament Gifts for Dog Cat Lovers
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Witch’s Broom

Instead of ruining your mom’s new broom and dustpan during Halloween, how about making your own rendition of a witch’s broom? Just get some damp hay, twigs, a stick, and some twine.  

Collect some twigs and damp hay and tie it at the base of your stick with some twine. You can optionally use some thin rope instead of the twigs to make it look a bit more realistic instead.

Halloween witch broom

Candy Apple

This one isn’t really a spooky decoration but your guests will still enjoy it. And the best part is that you can eat it afterward.

Caramelize some sugar and dip just the tops of your apples in them. You could even mold it into a face if you wanted. Then skewer it with a wooden stick and place it on the center of your dinner table. You could also place other spooky candies next to it.

Halloween DIY Candy Apple

Spooky Mermaid

This DIY entails a bit more than your usual Halloween decoration ideas. You might have to make a trip to the craft store to get a skeleton, a large fish skeleton, a wig, and some other adornments.

First, take apart the legs of your skeleton and glue them on the bottom of the fish skeleton instead. Next, put a wig on your skeleton and some paper flowers. You could also put some makeup on it and false lashes to make it even prettier. And then you’re done!

Fun Halloween Mermaid Skeleton

Elf Playground

You won’t even need materials for this one. You’ll just need an old, broken plate, some rocks, and some moss from the backyard. You could also make some clay mushrooms to go with it.

Arrange the rocks, moss, and mushroom on your broken dish to make it look like a playground for tiny people. At first glance, this decoration won’t look like much. But if you put it next to a hole in your walls, people will really believe you have elves climbing in and out.

Fake Tombstones

If you want to turn your backyard into the gravesite for the undead, we got you. All you’ll need is some paint, an Exacto knife, and a bunch of Styrofoam.

Carve out initials and RIP onto your Styrofoam after you shape it into a tombstone. Then paint it a stone or greyish color. And then using some wooden sticks, prop them up in your backward among all the other ingenious decorations.

Fake Tombstones

Personalized Gifts for Grandma Garden Flag

This flag is super aesthetic and perfect for girls who have a flair for the witchy. The flat has some pumpkins printed on it with some custom names on them. There are also a few details like bats and witch’s hats around.

Shop Now

Grim Reaper Welcome

For this DIY, you’ll need another large human skeleton. And some black garments.

Position your skeleton so that it appears as though it’s welcoming guests onto your property. And then drape the black garments over its body with a good covering its head. You could also put some Halloween-themed jewelry on it and a walking stick next to it.

Grim Reaper Welcome

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Wrapping Up

Halloween this year is bound to be amazing with all the DIY Halloween decorations you’ve learned today. We really hope you’ll be using some of these ideas in your own setups and don’t forget to include all of the spooky bits as well. And we’ve also included Halloween gifts that you can send to your loved ones on All Hallows Eve this year.

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