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How To Hang A Canvas Painting With And Without Nails

How To Hang A Canvas Painting With And Without Nails

Here are tips to help you hang your canvas painting effortlessly

How To Hang A Canvas Painting With And Without Nails

Hanging canvas paintings on the wall is an excellent way of decorating your house and giving it a personal touch. There is a wide range of canvas painting ideas one can choose from, nature pictures, animals, or even words of affirmation you are spoilt for choice. It depends on your preference.

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This article will help you decide how best to hang your canvas paintings.

How To Hang Canvas Art With Nails

Hanging an art canvas is an easy task that you can do by yourself. When installing a wall art you may decide to use nails to hold it. However, nails are suitable for small or medium canvas arts. Here is what you need to mount your painting seamlessly with nails.

Basic Tools To Hang Your Canvas With Nails

Basic Tools To Hang Your Canvas With Nails

You are going to need:




Measuring tape


How To Hammer Nails On The Wall

Step 1 - Identify the perfect place on your wall to hang your canvas.

Step 2 - Clean the area with a wet cloth to ensure the spot you want to hang is clean.

Step 3 - Have your friend or partner close by who will be helping you during the process. They can help by holding the canvas for you so that you can mark the spot you want to mount your canvas. Use measuring to tape to ensure that you get the right measurement. Also, use a pencil or chalk to put a dot on the specific place you desire to wall art.

Step 4 - Start hammering the nails in the exact spot you selected. You should ensure to hammer the nails halfway in, the wall and the other half should be out.

Step 5 - Lastly, go ahead and hang your painting on the nail. You may use a level to ensure your canvas is aligned perfectly.

Tips For Hanging A Canvas

Tips For Hanging A Canvas

Here are tips to guide you when mounting your canvas art to make your work easy.

  • Make sure the surface you want to hang on your canvas is clean by wiping it with a wet cloth to remove dust.
  • Measure your art painting to make mounting work easier.
  • Measure the spot you want your canvas to hang.
  • Mark the spot you want to hang your canvas with a dot or an “x”. This will act as a guide when you are mounting your canvas.
  • Make sure to remove anything that could get in your way e.g furniture, and your indoor plants to ensure you move smoothly when working on your canvas.
  • Make sure your painting is well centred on the wall
  • Also, make sure your canvas is perfectly aligned. Try levelling until you are satisfied that it’s hanging to perfection.
  • Make sure to use brass or steel nails, as they are easy to hammer into the wall to avoid ruining it.
  • Keep away your canvas painting away from your working area to ensure that an accident doesn’t happen and damage your art piece. 

How To Hang Canvas Art With Sawtooth Hanger

How To Hang Canvas Art With Sawtooth Hanger

A sawtooth hanger makes hanging a wall art easy to attach and mount on the wall. They are recommended when hanging canvas art. They are suitable to hang canvases that are less than 20 pounds. Since they come in different sizes, ensure to buy the perfect size for your canvas.

Here is a step by step guide to ensure your work is easy when hanging your art with a sawtooth hanger.

Step 1 - Identify the perfect spot you want to hang your canvas art.

Step 2 - Make sure to mark the centre of your canvas art to make sure it will be perfect when hanging on the wall.

Step 3 - Use a measuring tape or a ruler to get the appropriate distance between the centre of your sawtooth hanger and the top of your canvas art.

Stage 4 - Put nails in the hole of the sawtooth hanger and start hammering. Make sure the nail is not bending when you are hammering. Do the same on the other hole and make sure the nails are not loosely fixed.

Step 5 - In this step, you will hang the canvas on the wall. Make sure it is perfectly levelled so that it will be aesthetically pleasing.

How To Hang Canvas Wall Art Without Nails

Hanging Art From Railing Molding

Apart from hanging your wall art using nails, you can also mount it without them. This is most preferable if you leave in a rental house. Most landlords are against hammering nails in the wall of the house as it leaves it damaged and chipped. When the time comes for you to move out of the premises it will be easier to unmount your canvases without damaging the wall.

It will also come in handy when you change your mind on a certain art you don't like as you will just remove and replace it effortlessly.

Here are different ways to hang your canvas without nails.

Using Command Strips

It is one of the most preferred ways of hanging wall art as you will end up getting seamless results. They are used to hang lightweight wall art. They are perfect when you don’t want your hanging to be seen. You should use this if you are looking for a seamless display of your art collection.

Using Command Hooks

They are most suitable for slightly heavy objects that you want to put on the wall. Make sure to follow instructions on the pack when hanging your canvas painting with command hooks. Using this method will leave your art display looking beautiful and your space more vibrant.

Hanging Art From Railing Molding 

Hanging Art From Railing Molding

Though this method of hanging walls is not common these days if you get lucky to have them on your wall good for you. You can make use of them to beautifully hang your wall art. You can use beautiful ropes or strings to attach to the hook found on the molding.

Using Your Mantle

Most rental houses have a mantle that you can take advantage of, to place and display your canvases. You can also opt to use your fireplace for the same purpose of displaying your art collection.

You can decorate the mantle by displaying your canvas wall art on it and make look more aesthetically pleasing and turn it into the main focus of the room. Play around with your decor arrangement, it doesn’t have to be boring.

Using Space on your Bookshelf

You can improvise your bookshelves by putting your wall art for decor. You may decide to put away books that you stalked up and probably don’t read and create room for your beautiful pieces of canvas wall art.

Embracing the wall lean

This is one of the easiest yet most effective methods of displaying your canvases. You can make use of empty surfaces in your house like your dressing table, bedside table e.t.c to display your artistic side through your canvas art. Larger canvas pieces look beautiful leaning on the wall while sitting on the floor level.

Clipping It Up

This method is flexible as you are able to change the location of your canvases easily to the location of your liking. Unlike command strips and hooks, you only have to clip your art. Once you have identified the perfect spot to put your art go ahead and put your canvases on the clips.

Using Press-In Hooks

This is the best option if you are avoiding completely hammering a nail on the wall. They are suitable to use on heavy canvases and mirrors. They will leave your wall with a tiny to no dent so they are a perfect choice. You don't have to use any tools so they are perfect when you want a do it yourself type of work.

Hanging On A Peg Board

This is suitable for you if you are not a committed person. The method provides you with the opportunity to change up your canvas wall art whenever you decide to. It will provide you with flexibility when hanging your canvases.

Installing a cork wall

It is also perfect for people who keep on changing their art often. When you hang your canvases on a cork wall they will be easily accessible. However, you should not use nails when installing the cork wall as you may end up damaging it.

Using A Double Sided Tape

You can use this method to hang complicated canvas. The double-sided tape is strong enough to hold a canvas on the wall, and you can get them in varying sizes. It’s always advisable to buy bigger tapes.

You should use the tapes to hang canvas paintings on a tiled wall. They tend to leave stain marks on the wall. Tiles are easy to clean, hence the method is suitable for them.

Bottom Line

Canvas wall painting will transform your space and make it look more polished. Whether you decide to hang your canvas painting with nails or without, the main aim is to achieve a room that is well decorated and aesthetically pleasing. Go ahead and install your canvas painting using the above tips.

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