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How to Hang Coffee Mugs Under Cabinet: A Step-by-Step Guide



Maximize your kitchen space stylishly with our guide on 'How To Hang Coffee Mugs Under Cabinet'. This step-by-step approach shows you how to display your favorite coffee mugs elegantly. It's a simple way to save space while adding a decorative touch. Our guide makes it easy for anyone to hang mugs under a cabinet. You'll enjoy both the functionality and the charm it brings to your kitchen. Follow our instructions for a neat and stylish mug display.


What Consider Hanging Mugs Under the Cabinet

When planning to hang cups under the cabinet, think about these factors:

  • Check the space under the cabinet to see how many cups it can fit. Plan your mug layout to use the space well without blocking access.
  • Think about how the cups will look. Choose a style that matches your kitchen's design to improve its look.
  • Make sure to hang cups within easy reach. This makes getting your coffee ready simpler and quicker.

You should consider about the space, esthetic appeal and accessibility when hang cups under cabinet

What Materials and Tools are Needed?

Embarking on the journey of hanging your coffee mug under the cabinet, understanding the materials and tools needed is crucial to turning your vision into reality.

Cup hooks or C hooks

These hooks, known as C-hooks or cup hooks, provide strong support. They also add an aesthetic touch, turning a simple space into a cozy coffee nook.
C hooks are flexible and durable, ensuring your mugs stay secure. They are great for making the most of under-cabinet space. Arrange your cups neatly with these hooks for an organized kitchen.
You can also customize these cup hooks. This lets you create a personalized look that suits your kitchen perfectly.



You need cup hooks or C hooks to hang Cups under cabinet

Pencil for marking

The benefits of pencils for hanging coffee mugs under cabinets surpass its simplicity. The pencil acts as a guide to help you mark points for installation. With the feature that it can be easily erased using a pencil during installation, it will help minimize the risk of errors.

Measuring tape or ruler

As always, if we have a pencil, we cannot do without a ruler. A ruler or measuring tape ensures accurate spacing and helps evenly align the position of the hooks. They contribute to creating exhibitions with reasonable and aesthetic arrangements.

You need measuring tape or ruler to hang cups under cabinet

Drill and appropriate drill bits

Drill and appropriate drill bits help speed up the installation process significantly. Tasked with creating pilot holes quickly and accurately, the drill contributes to the stability of the suspension, providing a durable solution for displaying your mugs.


You need Drill and appropriate drill bits to drill holes to hang cups

Level for ensuring straight lines

When installing cup hooks in a row below the cabinet, using a ruler to ensure a straight line will help the hanging cups follow a straight and even line. This is an optional task, but if you do it, it will add precision and professionalism to your hanging cup project. If you are a meticulous person who likes meticulousness and perfection, you probably won't want to skip this level.

Use a tape measure to measure and make sure the cup hangs straight

Preparation Steps

Before starting your project, good preparation lays the foundation for the successful installation of under-cabinet cups:

Choose location: Choose a location to install the cup holder that is suitable and convenient for all activities.

Gather all the tools and materials needed for installation, including a cup hook, pencil for marking, tape measure or ruler, etc

Check the cabinet material: Each type of cabinet will have a compatible drill bit. So check the material of your cabinet and make sure you have the right tools for drilling.

Cleaning the area

To ensure the success of your project, it's crucial to clean the area where you'll be installing the cup rack. Under the kitchen cabinets is an area where a lot of dirt and grease accumulates over time. Cleaning this area will provide better adhesion to the cup hook, ensuring durability and reducing the risk of the cup falling.

Not only that, a clean surface also brings aesthetics to the kitchen, allowing the cups to shine and become the center of attention.

Choosing mugs

Take a moment to evaluate your favorite mug collection. Determine how many cups you own and decide how many you will include in this miniature cup exhibit.

You should choose cups that suit your needs and daily habits. This will make it more convenient for you to enjoy your favorite drink. In addition, coordinating the color and size of the cup is equally important. Harmony in color and shape will enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen.


Choosing your favorite mugs to hang under cabinet

What is a Step-by-Step Guide to Hanging Mugs?

You don't even need to be a skilled craftsman. You can easily hang mugs under your cabinets with our step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Mark the starting point

 After choosing a location to hang the cup, use a pencil to determine the starting point for your row of cup hooks.

Step 2: Determine distance

Next, measure the space between the cup hangers based on the cup size. This will ensure that each cup has enough room, avoiding a cluttered appearance and making them easily accessible

Step 3: Mark Drilling Points

Consider using a ruler to ensure that the marked points create straight and level lines (optional). Then, use a pencil to mark the exact points where you will drill holes for the mug hooks.

Step 4: Drill Pilot Holes

Choose the appropriate drill bit based on the material of the cabinet and make sure the drill bit used has a diameter smaller than the screw diameter of the cup hook. Drill pilot holes at the marked points.

Step 5: Screw the mug hook

Your project is almost at its destination. Screw the mug hooks into the pilot holes securely, making sure they all face the same way. You don't want your collection to look messy if the mugs aren't hanging in the same direction, right?

Step 6: Hang mugs

Finally, display "your little darlings" on the cup hooks. Your miniature exhibition is now complete.


Steps to hang cups under cabinet

What Are FAQs About Hanging coffee mugs under cabinet?

1.Do I need to drill holes to hang mugs under the cabinet?

No, you don't have to drill holes to hang cups under the cabinet. If you prefer safety and durability, drilling will be the top choice. But if you want to hang the cup under the cabinet without damaging the surface, adhesive hooks are the optimal alternative. The downside is that it will not be as sturdy as drilled holes.

2.How much weight can a cup hook hold?

The weight a hook can withstand usually depends on its size and material. Manufacturers say cup hangers can hold a few pounds to around 10 pounds. To avoid damage, always check the manufacturer's weight limit specifications.

3.Will hanging mugs damage my cabinet?

If done correctly, hanging mugs should not damage your cabinet. Ensure you use the right drill bit size and avoid over-tightening the hooks.

4.How do I ensure my mugs hang straight and evenly spaced?

To ensure your mugs hang straight and evenly spaced, utilize a measuring tape or ruler for precise measurements. 

5.Can I hang mugs under open shelving?

Yes, of course. You can absolutely hang a cup under open shelving because the process is just as easy as hanging a mug under a cabinet. Consider the shelf's bearing capacity and make sure it's sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the mug.

6.How do I prevent my mugs from touching or clinking together?

To prevent your cups from touching or clanging together, it is important to determine the appropriate distance between the hooks. Adjust the space between the cup hangers to be wide enough to minimize the risk of them touching others and causing noise.

7.What if I don't want the hooks visible when the mugs are not hanging?

Consider using clear adhesive hooks or placing them closer to the back edge of the cabinet for a more discreet look. If you don't want the hooks to be visible when the coffee cup isn't hanging, consider using clear adhesive hooks or placing them closer to the back edge of the cabinet. Besides, you can try alternative solutions such as specialized cup holders or hangers that can be stowed away when not in use.

8.How do I clean and maintain the area under the cabinet with hanging mugs?

To clean and maintain the area under the cabinet with hanging mugs, regularly dust the surfaces to prevent dust accumulation. Additionally, ensure the mugs are clean before hanging them for well-maintained.

9.Can I hang other items besides mugs using this method?

Yes, as long as the items are not too heavy for the hooks. Consider hanging utensils, teacups, or other kitchen items.

10.What should I do if a hook becomes loose over time?

If you use a drill hook, tighten it when it becomes loosening over time. For adhesive hooks, consider replacing the adhesive or the entire hook.


In summary, hanging coffee mugs under your cabinets is a practical way to save space and add charm to your kitchen. Hopefully, with our step-by-step guide, you can hang cups under the cabinet, even if you're not skilled. Let's embark on this project to turn your kitchen into a cup exhibition right away. 

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