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What Are Different Mug Handle Shapes & Styles?

What Are Different Mug Handle Shapes & Styles?

When choosing the right mug for your daily coffee or tea, the shape of the handle can be crucial for both functionality and aesthetics. And different types of handles have their own benefits.

Therefore, in this guide, we will delve into the wide variety of mug handle shapes, exploring the different options available and highlighting their individual characteristics and applications. 

Whether you prefer classic and traditional designs or trendy and modern styles, join us to find out your most suitable ones.

What Are Different Mug Handle Shapes?


The C-handle is one of the most common mug handle shapes. It got its name from the reason that it resembles the letter "C." 

This shape enables a comfortable grasp. You can hold them in a comfortable way by wrapping your hand around it. 

C-handle mugs are popular in various settings, from homes to offices and coffee shops.


C-handle is a popular form


The D-handle, like the C-handle, gets its name from its form. In this case is the letter "D." The straight section of this handle provides a comfortable place for the user's thumb to rest while maintaining a firm grip. 

D-handle mugs are often seen in diners and restaurants, as they can be easily hung on hooks for storage.


The O-handle, also known as a hoop handle, is a simple and minimalist handle design. It is shaped like a circle or hoop, offering a comfortable grip when holding the mug. O-handle mugs are appreciated for their elegant and sleek look, and they can be found in various styles and materials, including ceramic and glass.

Open Handle

As the name implies, the open handle is a mug handle with an open design, devoid of a traditional shape. The handle may consist of curved or angular openings, often offering a unique and artistic touch to the mug. Open-handle mugs are favored for their aesthetic appeal and visual flair. 

This handle style is often seen in modern and artistic mugs, adding a visual flair to the overall mug design. Open handles can be large or small, providing a range of options for grasping the mug.


Open-handle mug has a unique design

Curved Handle

Curved handles have a gentle curve, contouring to the shape of the user's hand. Shaped in this way, it provides a comfortable and ergonomic grip, reducing strain on the hand and fingers. Curved handle mugs are popular for their ergonomic design and are commonly used for larger-sized mugs or travel mugs.

Tiny Handle

Tiny handles often appear on espresso coffee cups or demitasse mugs. These handles are small and petite in size, designed to accommodate the small volume of the cup. While not intended for a firm grip, tiny handles allow for a delicate and dainty holding style. 

Espresso enthusiasts and those who enjoy elegant and refined coffee rituals often appreciate the elegance of tiny handle mugs. 

Square Handle

The square handle is a distinctive handle shape that offers a modern and unique aesthetic. It features a squared-off design, providing a visually appealing contrast to the rounded or cylindrical shape of the mug itself. 

People often use square-handle mugs in contemporary or minimalist settings. They add a modern and geometric touch to the overall mug design. 

Shaped Handle

Shaped handles come in a wide range of creative designs where the handle takes on various forms. These handles can be shaped like animals, objects, or unique designs. For example, mugs with handles shaped like guitar necks, animal tails, or quirky symbols.

Shaped handle mugs are highly customized and often considered collectibles or novelty items. They are commonly seen in specialty gift shops, art galleries, or souvenir stores. 


Shaped handle adds a playful and artistic element to the mug 

Oblong Handle

The oblong handle has an elongated shape, typically seen in taller mugs or travel mugs. This handle type offers a more secure grip, particularly for larger and heavier mugs. 

The oblong handle provides stability and balance, ensuring a comfortable and confident hold. 

Oblong handle mugs are commonly used in settings where a sturdy grip is desired, such as outdoor activities or while commuting. 

Carabiner Handle

The carabiner handle is a unique handle design similar to a carabiner clip. Handles with this style have a loop or hook-like design for easy attachment to a bag, backpack, or belt loop.

These mugs are excellently practical and suitable for outdoor enthusiasts. These mugs typically contain lightweight and durable materials like stainless steel or BPA-free plastic.

Dual Handle

A dual-handle mug has two handles. This design provides added stability and balance when holding the mug with both hands. Dual-handle mugs are appreciated for their ergonomic design and are often used for large-sized or heavy mugs. 

The use of these mugs is common in situations where a secure grip is desired, such as nursing homes, hospitals, or cafes catering to people with arthritis. 


As with the dual-handle mug, the tri-handle one has three handles, offering a unique and unconventional look. This design provides even more stability and grip options, ensuring a comfortable hold for individuals with limited dexterity or strength. 

Tri-handle mugs are often used in specialized care facilities or medical environments, catering to those with disabilities or physical limitations. These mugs can also serve as unique decorative pieces or conversation starters due to their distinct appearance. 



People often use tri-handle mug in special situation 

What are mug handle shapes at Unifury?

Our company specializes in personalized mugs and custom-designed products, including mugs.  Unifury offers various customization options, allowing customers to choose their design, text, and even images to print on the mug. 

However, the main handle shape available at Unifury is the C-handle design. If you want to get more details, visit the Unifury website or contact our customer service. We will provide you with the available mug handle shapes we offer.


In conclusion, our article provided a detailed analysis of handle shapes' diversity. So, you can now make more informed choices when selecting the perfect coffee mug for your daily coffee or tea routine.

Hope we can greatly enhance your overall pleasure and satisfaction when using a mug. 

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