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How to wrap coffee mugs for gifts: A Step By Step Guide


Gift-giving is an art, and coffee mugs make for a delightful and practical choice. In this guide from Unifury, we dive into the world of gift wrapping, specifically for coffee mugs. With our creative ideas, you'll learn to present your mug in a way that's both visually appealing and easy to transport. We focus on innovative techniques that are simple to execute yet leave a lasting impression. Our step-by-step approach ensures your mug gift stands out, combining both aesthetics and safety. So, get ready to elevate your gift-giving game with these unique wrapping ideas for coffee mugs.

1. Cellophane Wrap or Bags

Using cellophane wrap or bags is a great way to wrap coffee mugs. It allows the mug's design to shine through, adding a touch of elegance. Simply place the mug in the center of the cellophane. Gather the edges at the top, creating a neat bundle. Secure it with a ribbon or twine for a charming look. This method is not only easy but also offers a peek at the thoughtful gift inside.


 Cellophane Wrap

2. Fabric Drawstring Bag

Wrap coffee mugs in fabric drawstring bags for an eco-friendly option. These bags adapt to any mug shape and size. They give gifts a fancy and charming appearance. Plus, recipients can reuse these bags as fashion items or for storage. This method offers a unique and sustainable way to present your gift.


 Fabric Drawstring Bag

3. DIY Gift Boxes for Mugs

Design your own DIY Gift Box to add a personal touch when you wrap coffee mugs. Handmade boxes are more than containers, they showcase your thoughtfulness and craftsmanship. The beauty of DIY gift boxes lies in their flexibility. They elevate the ordinary, enhancing your gifting experience with personalization and charm. This handcrafted approach makes each gift unique and memorable.


DIY Gift Boxes for Mugs

4. Wrap mugs with ribbon and paper

Although there are many new gift-wrapping methods nowadays, gift-wrapping with ribbon and paper is still a timeless gift-wrapping art, suitable for all ages. This classic method combines tradition and modernity, elegance and style that not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of the gift but also enhances the personal gifting experience.


Wrap mugs with ribbon and paper


Ingredients you will need to wrap a standard-sized coffee mug:

  • 1 large sheet of wrapping paper: Choose large wrapping paper with a color or pattern that matches the purpose of the gift or the recipient's preferences.

Wrapping paper

  • 1 long length of ribbons: You should choose a ribbon that matches the wrapping paper.


  • Scissors: You should use manual scissors to help your gift have neat, sharp cuts.
  • Scotch Tape: Depending on your needs, you can use clear tape or double-sided tape.

Scotch Tape

  • Gift tag: Choose a gift tag depending on the purpose of the gift and make sure it complements the overall theme of your gift.

Gift tag


Here are step-by-step instructions on how to gift wrap your mug:

Step 1: Cut 2 squares from gift wrapping paper large enough to cover your entire cup (should combine 2 different colors of wrapping paper to make the gift look more attractive). Then place them on top of each other. 

Step 2: Place the cup in the center of the paper

Place the mug in center of the paper 

Step 3: Fold 2 opposite corners of the wrapping paper along the body of the cup, securing them above the coffee cup with tape. Repeat the same with the remaining 2 corners.

Fold-2-opposite-corners-of the-wrapping-paper

Fold 2 opposite corners of the wrapping paper along the body of the mug

Step 4: Cut a piece of ribbon long enough. Tie a pretty bow to create a neatly wrapped gift.


Tie a bow to wrap gift

Step 5: Send your love messages on a card and attach it to a mug. Wrapping a coffee mug as a gift, it's quite easy, isn't it?


Send your love messages on a card and attach it to a mug


Hack for the process of wrapping coffee mugs with ribbon and paper easier and more elegant:

  1. Use double-sided tape to secure mug wrapping without visible tape marks.

  2. Instead of tying a traditional bow, try twisting the ribbon before tying it to give the gift a more unique and attractive look.

  3. Consider designing handmade gift cards. This makes the gift wrapping more personalized and also shows your sincerity to the recipient. 


Through this article, we have guided you step by step how to wrap a coffee mug as a gift. Whether you choose to wrap your gift with traditional ribbon and paper or design DIY Gift Boxes for Mugs, the way you wrap a coffee mug will add charm and enhance your personal gifting experience. Our detailed step-by-step instructions will help transform your cup from a simple gesture into a thoughtful and personalized experience.

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