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How to Pack Coffee Mugs for Moving: A 7-Step Guide



As you gear up for your move, ensure the safety of your favorite coffee mugs with our guide. Our step-by-step approach makes packing coffee mugs a breeze. It guides you through each stage, from wrapping to boxing them securely. With clear, easy-to-follow steps, you'll confidently protect your cherished mugs. This guide is your key to a stress-free move, keeping your coffee mugs safe and sound throughout the journey.


Assess Your Mug Collection

Would it be worth your time and effort to pack and transport mugs you will never use in your new home? Definitely not.

So, before packing your mugs for a move, you need to follow these steps to organize them:

  • Gather all the mugs you can find in your home.

  • Place them on the kitchen table.

  • Examine each mug closely to identify any damages. Common issues include stains, cracks, or chips.

  • Divide your kitchen mugs into two categories – one for moving and another for those you won't carry with.

Arrange your mug collection is the first step

    Get Rid Of The Mugs That Aren't Worth The Hassle Of Moving

    Before we pack the mugs you're taking to your new home, let's figure out some ways you can do with the mugs you won't be bringing along.

    • Give some of your new mugs to friends or acquaintances.

    • You can also donate your mugs to a charitable organization as thoughtful gifts. While mugs may not be considered valuable items, many charities will gladly accept them as long as they're in new condition.

    • As for any brand-new mugs from your collection, you can attempt to sell them at a moving sale along with other unwanted items. This way, you can save some of your expenses and potentially find someone who will appreciate the mugs.

    • Finally, for any damaged ceramic cups that you won't be moving, be sure to dispose of them properly by recycling them.


      You can give your mugs to others as a lovely and meaningful gift

      Gather Necessary Packing Materials 

      Ensuring the safety of your mugs during the move requires proper packing materials. So, let's move on to the next step and get your packing supplies ready to securely pack your mugs with: 

      • Cardboard boxes: Opt for heavy-duty dish packs, also known as dish barrels. These boxes are made from thicker cardboard and provide superior protection for fragile items. If dish packs aren't accessible, standard medium moving boxes will be fine as long as you follow the packing steps below.

      • Wrapping paper: Soft white packing paper is recommended. Alternatively, you can choose harder brown Kraft paper. It's advisable to buy more wrapping paper than you anticipate needing. The reason is that it will be the primary packing material when wrapping your mugs for the move.

      • Bubble wrap: You don't want your prized mugs to be damaged when you unpack them, so use bubble wrap to protect them.

      • Newspapers can be used as an option: They serve well to fill any empty spaces inside the boxes.

      • Don't forget the packing tape: A regular roll of packing tape will suffice to secure your boxes.

      • Markers: Prepare one black marker and one red marker to label the boxes once you've finished packing them up. This will help easily identify the contents of each box during unpacking.

      Prepare The Moving Boxes 

      When it comes to packing your mugs in a box, it's essential to ensure that the cardboard container is sturdy enough to handle the weight and protect your items.

      If you have a dish pack specifically designed for transporting delicate kitchenware, the thicker cardboard walls should provide sufficient security to prevent any damage during the journey. However, if you're using a regular medium-sized moving box, it's wise to reinforce the carton as a precautionary measure.

      To strengthen the box you'll be using to pack your kitchen mugs, follow these steps:

      • Use high-quality packing tape to securely seal the bottom of the box and its sides. This step acts as an added safety measure, reducing the risk of the carton accidentally breaking while you carry it.

      • Create a soft insulation layer by placing crumpled paper on the inside bottom of the box. This extra layer adds an additional level of protection for your fragile mugs. You can use crushed newspapers for this purpose, as newsprint is a cost-effective option.

      Prepare sturdy boxes for your better moving process

        Wrap Each Mug Individually 

        When you've prepared a sturdy box for your delicate kitchen items, it's crucial to ensure that each mug is protected individually to keep it in perfect condition throughout the journey.

        To pack mugs for moving, wrap each one in multiple layers of soft wrapping paper with the following steps:

        • Packing paper is the usual packing hub for all kitchen items, so start by placing a stack on your kitchen table.

        • Make sure the mugs you're packing are dry before wrapping. 

        • Use bubble wrap, newspaper, or packing paper to wrap your mug individually. Then, secure the excess wrapping material beneath the mug by taping it. You can add additional protection to your mugs by putting a small piece of crumpled paper or bubble wrap inside them.

        • Use tape to secure each wrapped mug to ensure that the layers of paper won't separate during the move.

        Wrap your mugs individually for safer moving

          Pack The Mugs In The Box

          Once you've finished wrapping a fragile cup in paper, it's time to transfer the well-protected mug into the designated box for safe transportation by:

          • Inside the cardboard box, place each wrapped mug carefully on the bottom layer of crumpled paper.

          • Position the next paper-wrapped cup beside the first one, ensuring a snug fit. The padding layers of packing paper will effectively prevent any contact between the fragile items.

          • If you are trying to fit another mug into the box, avoid applying excessive pressure. Once a row of ceramic cups is arranged, you can start a new row. Depending on the depth of the cardboard box, you can typically fit 2-3 rows of neatly organized breakables without leaving any gaps inside the carton.

          • It's crucial to pack the box tightly to prevent any damage to your mugs during the move. Empty space inside the box can result in the mugs bouncing around, potentially leading to chips, cracks, or even total breakage. So, fill the space between layers of mugs using bubble wrap or any impact-absorbing material.

          Place the mugs carefully inside the box

            Close The Box Securely

            In this step, you've almost completed packing your mugs for the move. Take your time with the final two steps of the packing process as they are crucial.

            • Add one final layer of bubble wrap over the top row of protected mugs for extra safety.

            • Close the lids of the box and use an ample amount of packing tape to securely seal them shut.

            • Double-check that all sides of the cardboard box have been reinforced with tape, as recommended above.

            • Invest in rolls of high-quality tape from a reputable brand for all packing tasks. Remember, opting for the cheapest tape available may end up being a bad decision.

            Seal, Label, And Store

            To ensure the proper organization and secure storage of your belongings, follow these steps:

            • Sealing: Close and seal each box using high-quality packing tape. This will provide durability and protection during transportation or storage.

            • Labeling: Employ a label maker or utilize a marker to clearly label each box with useful information. Include details such as the contents of the box, its intended destination, the specific room in which you will place it, and any relevant handling instructions like whether it contains heavy or fragile items.


              The final step is to securely seal and then label the box to store your mugs

              Frequently Asked Questions

              What Is The Best Way To Pack Mugs To Prevent Them From Breaking?

              To prevent any unfortunate breakages, it's important to take certain steps when packing your mugs for a move:

              • Use enough packing material to provide optimal protection. 

              • Individually wrap each mug to create a protective layer, then pack them tightly in the moving box. 

              • Minimizing movement within the box increases the chances of your mugs arriving at their destination unharmed. 

              • Remember to label the boxes containing mugs as "fragile" to remind the movers to handle them carefully.

              How Can I Use Bubble Wrap To Pack Mugs For Moving?

              Bubble wrap is indispensable when it comes to packing mugs securely. 

              • Begin by lining the bottom of the moving box with a layer of bubble wrap, creating a cushioned base. 

              • Next, wrap each mug with bubble wrap, ensuring a snug fit by tucking the ends of the sheet inside the mug. 

              • You can also utilize additional bubble wrap to fill any empty gaps between the mugs, effectively preventing movement during transit.

              Packing multiple mugs: How Do You Do It?

              When packing several mugs, it's important to wrap each one individually. Use bubble wrap for the best protection. Avoid putting too many mugs in one box. Stick to a maximum of 10 mugs per box to keep the weight manageable. You can also use a special moving box with compartments. This keeps your mugs separate and safe during the move. Such boxes ensure each mug stays secure on the way to your new home.


              In conclusion, following our 7-step guide on how to pack mugs for moving lets you know that your precious coffee mug will be safely transported to your new home. Now, moving doesn't have to be a nerve-wracking experience, especially for fragile items like mugs. 

              Take the time to carefully implement these packing techniques, and you can confidently enjoy your favorite beverages in your new space with your mugs intact.  

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