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Best Christmas Ball Ornaments - Review & Guide


Christmas ball ornaments hold a cherished spot in holiday decorations. Rooted in tradition, these balls symbolize the apples once hung on sacred trees, beckoning nature's spirits and earth's fertility.

As Christmas approaches, many seek the best Christmas balls to adorn their homes. But what makes a Christmas ball the "best"? In our upcoming article, we'll delve into top-rated Christmas balls that have won people's hearts. We'll also guide you with criteria to pick the perfect ornament for your festive setting.

Plus, get ready for some creative tips on how to showcase these gleaming beauties. Let's make this Christmas shine brighter than ever!

Best Christmas Ball Ornaments

Sea Team 155-Pack Shatterproof Christmas Ball Ornaments


The Sea Team 155-Pack Shatterproof Christmas Ball Ornaments is definitely a great choice to consider if you're searching for bulk Christmas ball ornaments. This set includes 155 ornaments, showcasing a variety of shapes and designs, and featuring a color combination of red, white, and gold.

These ball ornaments are also available in different sizes, ranging from the largest at 3.15 inches to the smallest below 2 inches. Crafted from durable plastic material, these ornaments are sturdy enough to withstand impacts and prevent shattering even if dropped from a considerable height. This set of ball ornaments comes neatly packaged in a single, reusable clear box.

best christmas ball ornaments

Gold version

best christmas ball ornaments

Red version

best christmas ball ornaments

White version


If you're aiming for a vibrant and colorful look for your Christmas tree, then this set of Christmas ball ornaments could fulfill all your desires with the following benefits:

  • Varied styles and colors: Featuring a lively and dazzling blend of colors, including red, white, gold, and various sizes, these ball ornaments provide you with numerous options to fill in the gaps on your Christmas tree.

  • Box with dividers and handles: This is extremely convenient, allowing you to easily pack and store these ball ornaments away from dust until the next Christmas.

  • Ample quantity of balls for decorating a large Christmas tree: With 155 ball ornaments, you'll have plenty to embellish a tree up to 6 feet tall. You won't need to overly worry about whether to hang them high on the tree or not, as they are shatterproof decorations.

  • Shatterproof capability: Your Christmas festivities will be less anxiety-inducing if you have pets or toddlers around, fearing that they might inadvertently break the decorations. Even if they fall, these ball ornaments won't break due to their flexible and durable material.


For those pursuing perfection, this might not be well-received, but every product inevitably carries certain imperfections. Take into account the limitations of this 155-piece decoration ball set before you make your purchase.

  • Make sure the modest size of these balls doesn't pose an inconvenience for you.

  • The red hue of these ball ornaments will lean more towards a burnt sienna shade rather than a vivid red. Thus, if you anticipate vibrant red decorations, this set might not meet your expectations.


The Sea Team 155-Pack Shatterproof Christmas Ball Ornaments come in a package that includes an assortment of Christmas balls, candy canes, stars, icicles, mittens, and more. With such a generous quantity, this set will be more than enough to adorn a tree standing up to 6 feet tall.

Furthermore, these ornaments will complement a color-themed Christmas tree with red, gold, and white hues. The primary highlight of this set resides in its shatterproof feature, thanks to its construction from durable plastic. These decorative balls are thoughtfully arranged within a transparent box, equipped with handles and dividers, making it convenient for effortless transportation or storage during the upcoming holiday season.

Festive 100-Pack Classic Christmas Ball Ornaments


Long ago, people used to adore decorating their Christmas trees with glistening glass ornaments. However, over time, the use of these glass decorations became too costly and inconvenient due to their fragility and weight. Nowadays, there are numerous hand-blown glass ball ornaments available, designed with effective shatterproof features. The Festive 100-Pack Classic Christmas Ball Ornaments serves as an ideal choice for enthusiasts of glass decorations.

This set of 100 delicate ball ornaments is ample to fill the gaps on a 7.5-foot tall Christmas tree. This collection exudes a timeless charm, featuring "Disco" style sparkling balls. Some are entirely coated in shimmer, while others showcase intricate sparkling lines all around.

best christmas ball ornaments

Festive 100-Pack Classic Christmas Ball Ornaments


This set of 100 ball ornaments is perfect for those seeking to cut down on Christmas decoration expenses. They offer the following benefits:

  • Shatterproof Capability: These shatterproof glass ball ornaments present an opportunity for the youngsters in your family to engage in the Christmas decorating ritual.

  • Dazzling Appearance with 3 Main Colors: The majority of Christmas enthusiasts relish adorning their Christmas trees with shimmering and radiant ornaments. This collection of ball ornaments is available in gold, green, and red shades, featuring textures that range from matte to glossy and shimmering. This ensures that your tree boasts flawless layers.

  • Flexible Sizes and Lightweight: These ornamental ball decorations come in two primary sizes, 60mm and 40mm, both with incredibly lightweight dimensions. You need not be concerned about tree branches sagging when you hang them up.


Here are some points to consider, ensuring you make an informed decision when buying this set of ball ornaments:

  • The silver and gold strings that accompany these ball ornaments might prove difficult to use for hanging them on the tree. In this case, you might want to think about getting additional ornament hooks as alternatives.

  • The glitters from these decorative items might scatter onto the floor like small specks of dust. While many people enjoy these shimmering particles, there are those who may not share the same sentiment.


The Festive 100-Pack Classic Christmas Ball Ornaments are a perfect decorating choice for those who adore a sparkling and radiant Christmas style. They are shatterproof, ensuring safety for children. Furthermore, with a range of sizes and designs, these gleaming ball ornaments not only complement Christmas decorations but can also enhance other crafting projects.

KI Store 34-Pack Color Christmas Ball Ornaments


Aside from its waterproof feature, the KI Store 34-Pack Color Christmas Ball Ornaments will captivate you with its array of sizes, colors, and styles.

These Christmas ball ornaments are available in three sizes, ranging from the smallest at 1.57 inches, the largest at 3.15 inches, to the charmingly moderate 2.3 inches. This set includes up to 20 decorations in the largest size of 3.15 inches.

In terms of colors, these ornaments offer a selection of 22 shades that will delight your eyes. You'll have the liberty to choose any color ball to hang on your Christmas tree, as they encompass a wide spectrum of hues, including gold, silver, red, green, rose gold, purple, black, and more.

Furthermore, these balls showcase an array of surface finishes, spanning from the familiar glossy surface, simple matte finish, non-reflective glossy surface, and impressive swirl-patterned surface, to a shimmering appearance reminiscent of disco balls.

best christmas ball ornaments

KI Store Red Christmas Balls


This KI Store ball collection offers several advantages that make it the most valuable decoration set to consider for this Christmas season:

  • Ready-to-Hang Ornaments: These decorative ball ornaments come with sturdy hanging hooks already attached. All you have to do is unbox the package and hang them up.

  • Greater Color Variety than Any Other Collection: The range of colors available in this ball ornaments set is more than enough to ignite your imagination and creativity when decorating your Christmas tree.

  • Shatterproof Capability: An essential feature, these ball ornaments also possess shatterproof capabilities, ensuring safety for both children and pets.

  • Suitable for Decorating Small Trees: This ball ornaments collection includes small and adorable sizes, making it a perfect choice for embellishing small Christmas trees.


No surprise here! Of course, there will be some drawbacks listed below:

  • Shatterproof capability doesn't mean these ball ornaments are invincible. They can get dented and damaged if they're crushed or treated roughly.

  • Some balls might reveal visible seams, which could be an eyesore for some people.


The KI Store 34-Pack Color Christmas Ball Ornaments might just be the best choice to save you from overthinking your Christmas decoration selections. They cover all the sizes and colors you could wish for. Notably, striking shades like pink, brown, and black have also been included in the color palette of this collection. Additionally, being made from high-quality plastic, you can rest assured that you won't have to worry about them shattering under your feet anytime.

Clever Creations 24-Pack Christmas Ball Ornaments


The color yellow is probably the most appropriate shade to represent the festive spirit. If you agree with this perspective, then you'll probably love the Clever Creations 24-Pack Christmas Tree Ornaments. This collection of ball ornaments gathers balls in the color yellow, creating a joyful atmosphere for your Christmas tree.

This set comprises 24 decorative pieces with three distinct styles, spanning from the conventional reflective surface and the attractive matte finish to the captivating glittering surface. These ornaments are sized at 60mm, crafted from shatterproof plastic, and come with the necessary strings for hanging.

best christmas ball ornaments

Clever Creations 24-Pack Christmas Ball Ornaments


This captivating collection of yellow ball ornaments offers the following benefits:

  • Prepared for Hanging: Paired with durable golden strings and individual storage boxes, you can simply unbox and hang them up without the need to look for supplementary features.

  • Lightweight: Compact, lightweight, and convenient, these ball ornaments won't burden tree branches when suspended.

  • Ideal for Filling Spaces: Measuring at 60mm, these ball ornaments may be modest in size, but they provide just the right amount of delicate and graceful sparkle. Furthermore, they are well-suited for embellishing the gaps on your Christmas tree where you're uncertain about what to decorate.


Are there drawbacks? Well, yes, there are always!

You might find it a bit inconvenient to realize that the golden strings are not pre-attached to these ball ornaments. You'll need to spend some time attaching the strings to the decorations before hanging them on the tree.


A Christmas tree would look less appealing without a few sparkling yellow ornaments. The Clever Creations 24-Pack Christmas Tree Ornaments are the perfect choice to add elegant highlights to your tree's appearance. They are shatterproof, petite, and adorable, adding delicate touches to the Christmas tree's overall look.

Festive 60-Pack Assorted Christmas Ball Ornaments


The Festive 60-Pack Assorted Christmas Ball Ornaments set is among the most budget-friendly options for this holiday season. This collection is perfect for individuals who adore adorning their Christmas tree in a classic manner. It offers a blend of red and white hues, accompanied by sophisticated gold or silver caps. The exterior layer of these ball ornaments glistens and radiates, infusing a festive ambiance into your Christmas tree.

Comprising 60 decorative pieces, this collection features diverse shapes, ranging from round to onion-shaped and even pine cone-shaped. Crafted from premium plastic, they possess shatterproof properties, ensuring the safety of both pets and children.

best christmas ball ornaments

Festive 60-Pack Assorted Christmas Ball Ornaments


Let's begin by considering whether this collection is a worthy purchase, given the following advantages:

  • Shatterproof Capability: These ball ornaments won't easily break, even when exposed to children, pets, or harsh weather conditions.

  • Variety in Size and Intriguing Shapes: Ranging from 60mm to 70mm, these ball ornaments offer the potential to give your Christmas tree a unique appearance. They come in 6 different shapes, including the classic smooth balls, distinct coin-bumped balls, pine cone shapes, elegant swirls, eye-catching onion shapes, and even one-of-a-kind designs.

  • Lightweight: Their lightweight nature makes these ball ornaments effortless to hang on your Christmas tree or indoor wreaths. They are also suitable for adding accents to various crafting projects.


Affordable items might come with drawbacks that could disappoint you. Let's explore the potential downsides below, which might influence your decision to purchase this collection:

  • Insecurely Attached Strings: The strings attached to the ornaments may not be secure, prompting you to consider buying additional ornament hooks to replace them.

  • Metal Caps at the Top: The metal caps at the top of each ornament might come loose, posing a danger to children and pets.


The Festive 60-Pack Assorted Christmas Ball Ornaments will help ease financial concerns as the holiday decorating season draws near. Beyond enhancing your Christmas tree, this collection is also well-suited for embellishing tables, garlands, and wreaths.

How to buy best ball ornaments?

Materials for ornaments

The materials employed in crafting these ball ornaments vary widely, encompassing everything from resilient materials such as metal or wood to exceedingly delicate ones like glass. In contemporary times, virtually all ball ornaments are designed to be shatterproof. Nevertheless, it's still prudent to consider their shatterproof capacity when choosing your decorations to ensure the highest level of tranquility. If you opt for glass ornaments, be sure to position them out of the reach of children or pets.

Shatterproof, unbreakable ornaments

The typical consideration when selecting ball ornaments for purchase is their ability to withstand shattering or being unbreakable. The majority of shatterproof decorations are manufactured using plastic, whereas the unbreakable ones are crafted from wood or metal. It's essential to take this factor into account when buying ball ornaments, as delicate items could potentially pose risks of harm to both children and pets.

Number of balls per set

Choosing to buy ornament sets is a budget-friendly option for adorning your Christmas tree, especially if your tree is sizable or you're aiming to create a densely decorated layer.

Weight of the individual pieces

Depending on the materials composing the ball ornaments, they can vary in weight from very light to heavy. The choice of ornament weight will depend on the structure of your Christmas tree. For instance, Fraser fir trees with upward-sloping branches are less likely to sag when hung with heavier decorations. However, trees with a naturally drooping structure are best suited for lightweight ball ornaments.

Don't worry too much, modern artificial trees are usually made of wire or metal, suitable for hanging ball ornaments of various weights.

Color of ball ornaments (Individual/ set)

Discovering the perfect colors for Christmas decorations is a significant yet delightful endeavor. If you're adhering to a traditional style, consider ornaments in shades of green, red, gold, and white. If you're feeling more adventurous, feel free to experiment with any colors available in various ornament sets.

Style of finish

The different finishes on decorative ball ornaments can mirror your individual style. Those who appreciate a straightforward, subtle style may lean towards ball ornaments with a satiny or matte surface. Conversely, individuals with a penchant for sophistication and a fondness for a shimmering look might choose ball ornaments with a glossy or glittering finish.

Size of Christmas ball ornaments

As the tree size increases, it will demand more decoration with larger-sized ball ornaments. Your selection of ball ornament sizes will play a role in crafting a well-balanced look for your Christmas tree. When dealing with smaller trees, consider selecting petite and delicate ball ornaments to guarantee an infusion of elegance.

Ready to hang

"Ready-to-hang" Christmas balls imply that they come with a string or hook already affixed to the top. If convenience is important to you, consider choosing ornament sets that include this feature. Otherwise, you might have to spend time assembling or acquiring extra hooks, as certain sets might not include hanging attachments.

Indoor use of ornaments

Indoor ornaments are usually shatterproof and can be used again for many years. The key point is that indoor ornaments will come with accompanying labels to show this. So, make sure you've read the labels if you plan to use indoor ornaments.

Outdoor use of ornaments

Outdoor ornaments typically come with special designs that allow them to endure tough outdoor weather conditions. If you choose to buy outdoor ornaments, you need to make sure that they can withstand both intense sunlight and freezing snow. Glass decorations are not practical for outdoor use, as strong winds can easily shatter them.

Tree branches use

Arrange the decorations from light to heavy, using a top-down approach on your Christmas tree. The upper branches of the tree often sag more easily, making them suitable for hanging lightweight and small ball ornaments. Meanwhile, larger and heavier ball ornaments will beautifully adorn the branches nearer to the tree's base.

Table centerpiece use

There isn't a strict rule that mandates using ball ornaments solely for decorating Christmas trees. Consider arranging these festive balls in a transparent vase and placing it on the dining table. These ornaments will undoubtedly infuse a festive ambiance and brighten up your dining space. You could position them alongside pine cones and sparkling candles to enhance the effect.

Ornament caps and hooks

The caps of the decorative ball ornaments, situated at the top, are crafted from silver, gold, or metallic materials designed for attaching hanging hooks. Make sure to buy ornaments with caps firmly attached. If not, they could easily detach from the decorations, presenting a potential hazard to children, pets, or anyone positioned below your Christmas tree.

Unexpected ways to decorate with ornaments

When it comes to Christmas tree decorations, it's all about unleashing your creativity and breaking free from traditional boundaries. The same principle applies to ball ornaments; they don't have to be hung on the tree in the usual way. You can come up with even more surprising ideas for decorating the Christmas tree using ball Christmas ornaments. For example, think about spraying a layer of white on the branches and embellishing them with vibrant red or green ball ornaments.

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How to decorate Christmas ball ornaments

Mantel Magic: Place Christmas balls on your mantel. Mix and match sizes and colors for variety. They'll not only sparkle but also create a festive focal point in your living room.

Decorate-Mantel-Magic-by-Christmas-ballDecorate Mantel Magic by Christmas balls

Centerpiece Bowl: Fill a decorative bowl with Christmas balls. Choose a theme, like metallics or pastels, to make your dining table stand out.


Decorate Centerpiece Bowl with Christmas ball

Window Wonder: Weave Christmas balls into a garland. Drape it around your window frame. The reflection will amplify their shine, making your windows a festive highlight.

Old Window Wonders: If you have an old window or frame, hang Christmas balls from it. This vintage touch can be a unique wall decoration for the season.


Hang Christmas balls on old window

Vignette Vibrance: Create a small scene on a table or shelf. Add Christmas balls, perhaps next to candles or books, for a festive touch that complements your room's decor.

Display Diversity: Collect Christmas balls of various shapes, sizes, and colors. Arrange them on a tray or shallow bowl for a vibrant, eye-catching display.

Basket Beauty: Fill a metal basket with Christmas balls. The contrast between the shiny ornaments and the rustic metal can be a stylish addition to a coffee table or sideboard.

Ornament Nest: Craft a nest using twigs or straw. Place Christmas balls inside, mimicking eggs. This can be a fun centerpiece or side table decoration.

Cloche Creation: Place a few Christmas balls inside a cloche or a small glass cake dish. This elegant display can protect your most precious ornaments while highlighting their beauty.

Skirt Sparkle: Instead of a traditional fabric tree skirt, scatter Christmas balls around your tree's base. This adds an extra layer of shimmer and ties your tree's decorations together.


You now have in your possession the top 5 best Christmas ball ornaments for this Christmas season. We've provided a breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of each item, aiding you in making an informed decision to purchase a product that aligns with your expectations. Additionally, we've consolidated some key points for your consideration, sparing you the inconvenience of acquiring unsuitable ball ornaments. Embarking on Christmas decorations with these ornaments is an engaging idea to embrace. Enjoy each stage as you craft the perfect aesthetic for your Christmas tree.

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