Top 20 Best Halloween Shirts to Celebrate the Spooky Season in a Style | Unifury

Top 20 Best Halloween Shirts to Celebrate the Spooky Season in a Style | Unifury

Halloween is the favorite festival of all time, where we wear fun clothes, make funny faces, eat chocolate, celebrate the house with decorations and dress up in spooky style. It’s the biggest season for Halloween lovers to let their creativity and sense of humor run wild. 

The spooky season is almost here, have you organized your outfit for the month of October yet? Are you honestly still going to wear the same clothes you wore last year? 

The month of October has a vibe of its own and to become part of that, you must dress yourself up! We are not talking about cosplay but just casual wear with a touch of Halloween feels to it! 

Having said that, we have found a bunch of cool Halloween shirts on Unifury that can be customized personally before shipping. You can change the words on the print, the type of apparel (t-shirt, long sleeve, or hoodie), and even increase/decrease the number of pets on the t-shirt! 

Interested? Let’s find out what the season has in store for you all! 

Where to Buy Halloween Shirts

Here is a possible list of all the places you can buy Halloween shirts online. Essentially, there are other places where you can get Halloween shirts. But check out these places to see if you can find what you are looking for! 

  • Walmart

The t-shirts available at Walmart for Halloween are very basic ones that you may even find elsewhere. However, the store has a large collection of Halloween apparel which is worth checking out!

  • Unifury

Unifury has a collection of Halloween shirts that can be customized according to different sizes, colors, and types (such as long sleeves and hoodies). In this article, we will provide you with a long list of Unifury Halloween apparel that is suitable for couples, dog lovers, pet lovers, and witch lovers. So, do check them out in the product reviews below! 

  • Etsy

The Halloween t-shirts available on Etsy are unique and artistic on another level. In fact, they can compete for head-on with the Halloween t-shirts available on Unifury. The only downside is that you can’t customize them like you can with Unifury apparel. 

  • Red Bubble

Red Bubble is also a great place to find a large collection of Halloween t-shirts with themes of the Grim Reaper, dancing skeletons, monsters, ghosts, bats, pumpkins, witches, Wicca, creepy cats, and famous horror movies. 

Some of the images and quotes are insanely funny. So, instead of terrifying other people to death, you will be able to make them laugh out loud! 

Classics like Sanderson Sisters, Garfield tarot, Tales from the Crypt, The Addams Family, Hell Raiser, Stranger Things, and Hocus Pocus art will definitely stand out from the rest!

  • Halloween Shirt Company

The Halloween Shirt Company is another wonderful place where you can browse through various spooky t-shirts with unique Halloween designs. The t-shirts cover the themes of Dracula, Frankenstein, headless horseman, devil disguising as Santa, swamp monster, wolfman, witch, and other creepy characters. 

From what we have observed, the designs on the t-shirts are super creepy and grotesque. If you like these types of art, then the Halloween Shirt Company can satisfy your needs! On top of regular shirts, the shop also offers bags, mugs, jewelry, pants, and other goodies with the Halloween theme.

Design Ideas for Halloween Shirts

When it comes to design ideas for Halloween shirts, the sky is the limit. You can be as creative as you want and drift from the norm. Having said that, here are some ideas that you incorporate while designing your Halloween shirts. 


Fonts of the Halloween shirts are essential because it has to embrace the spooky theme of that time of the year. In fact, the font can completely change the tone of the words written on the t-shirts. The scarier, the better!


According to traditional beliefs about Halloween, the souls of the dead visit homes on Halloween. So, you must dress up in scary costumes to ward them off. In this case, design the t-shirts with terrifying images of skulls, monsters, bats, witches, zombies, and ghouls.

Make sure there are pumpkins, full moon, blood, and goblin images on your Halloween t-shirts to suit the theme of the day.  

Funny Themes

Halloween t-shirts don’t have to be always scary. You can get away with funny ones too! For example, input some funny images of ghosts, witches, zombies, or Harry Potter. 

Also, you can try adding some hilarious quotes, like ‘Error 404 Costume Not Found’, ‘I’m just here for the Boos’, or ‘Candy is Dandy but Wine is Divine.


Popular color themes used on Halloween apparel are orange pumpkins, white or grey ghosts, black cats, and green monsters. But it is also possible to add other colors to make the t-shirts stand out from all the other over-the-top costumes. 

You don’t have to dress up like Batman, Eleven, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, The Evil Queen from Snow White, or Voldemort to celebrate Halloween. Just put on a Halloween-themed t-shirt and you don’t have to worry about wigs, colored hair, make-up, and whatnot!

Create Your Own Personalized Halloween Shirts with Unifury

AtUnifury, you can design your own Halloween shirts without needing help from outside sources. Customization is quick and simple, so you don’t have to spend too much time on what to wear for Halloween!

Before you place an order with Unifury, you have to make sure that the Halloween shirts you are ordering are up to your taste. The system lets you choose from ceramic ornaments, garden flags, hoodies, matte canvas, photo tiles, puzzles, sweatshirts, long sleeves, and t-shirts. 

Then, you can choose from different sizes starting from M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, and 5XL. Colors are also available in beautiful shades of blue, green, pink, white, black, yellow, orange, purple, grey, red, and so much more!

You can customize everything you want, even the number of dogs, dog breeds, car number plates, and names can be changed to your desire. With this being the case, you have plenty of chances topersonalize your Halloween shirts collection with Unifury. 

Top 20 Best Halloween Shirts to Celebrate the Spooky Season in a Style

Personalized Halloween Long-Sleeve Gifts for Dog Cat Lovers- Pickup Truck

Are you planning to spend next Halloween with your cat or dog? Hoping to take a road trip down the pumpkin road? Gift these Halloween t-shirts for adults to a pet lover you know and make their October a bit more amazing!

With the full moon leading the way, the little furry friends can accompany you on Halloween night through the graveyard so you don’t have to face the ghosts all by yourself!

Personalized Halloween Long-Sleeve Gifts for Dog Cat Lovers- Pickup Truck

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Personalized Custom Cat & Couple Hoodie Halloween

These cat and couple combo Halloween t-shirts are the perfect gifts for human couples who love to live together with a bunch of furry kitties. You can also add the wings to the cats that have passed away.  The bats flying over the super full moon and the witch hats on the pumpkin depict a lovely picture of a romantic Halloween date!

Personalized Custom Cat & Couple Hoodie Halloween

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Wicked Never Looked So Cute, Cute Halloween Shirt

People have a misconception about witches in general due to their devious history. However, not all witches are born evil. Some are born cute! These personalized Halloween shirts can be the perfect gift for your friends who like to practice magic, burn sage, use herbal medicine, and meditate with crystals.

Moreover, by getting them these shirts, you are complimenting them for their personality without judgment! Now that is a sign of true friendship!

Wicked Never Looked So Cute


Personalized Halloween Long Sleeve Gifts for Dog Lovers - Dog Witch

Do you know someone who owns a dog that is called Zeke? If you do, then these cute Halloween shirts can be the perfect gift for an especially spooky day! With the full moon in the background, while pumpkins, bones, and candies are laying around, the little pug is surely enjoying Halloween in its own special way.

Even if you don’t know anybody like that, this little cute pug smiling on the t-shirt can make anybody’s day!

Personalized Halloween Long Sleeve Gifts for Dog Lovers - Dog Witch
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Personalized Custom Dog & Cat Hoodie Halloween - 2401

Can you relate to the feeling of a family pet passing away? Whether it was a cat or a dog, you just miss it so much and think about it day and night. Their animal peers can also join in the celebration while the moon is out there shining its warmth on them.

These family Halloween shirts can bring you some comfort if you are one of those people who are missing their family pet on Halloween day.

Personalized Custom Dog & Cat Hoodie Halloween - 2401
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Vintage Halloween Image Men's T-Shirt

Some men don’t like to dress up too much for Halloween, but instead prefer to wear a simple t-shirt with a Halloween theme on it. If you know someone like that, then these Halloween costume shirts are the perfect October gifts!

With the addition of a creepy abandoned house, cobwebs, pumpkin faces, demons, and a boiling cauldron, the t-shirt gives off a really chilling image of Halloween.

Vintage Halloween shirts


Personalized Halloween T-shirt Gifts for Dog Lovers - Flying on Broom

We really like when artists come up with interesting images of Halloween and add cool elements like a flying broom on the Halloween shirts for women. This one is one of those t-shirts. Dog lovers will thrive wearing this on the 31st of October!

If you look closely, there is a small pumpkin pot by the edge of the broom to hold sweets. Keep your treats there and distribute them to everybody!

Personalized Halloween T-shirt Gifts for Dog Lovers - Flying on Broom
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Hippie Halloween Shirt Women Fall Shirts

Now this beautiful t-shirt will look absolutely fabulous on women or young girls who want to bask in the hippie vibe on Halloween week. Do you plan on wearing a full-on costume to the Halloween party? Then, pack this t-shirt in your bag just in case it becomes too uncomfortable to keep the costume on! Moreover, it is a perfect summer t-shirt to wear casually. So, don’t just reserve it for October!

Do you love your best friends till death? Why not gift them each with one of these Halloween hoodies to seal the bond forever? It gets better if it is the 5 of you in the group and you share a deep bond with one another!

Even with bats flying around and the full moon looming from behind, the bond between female best friends can’t be broken so easily!

Hippie Halloween Shirt, Womens Fall Shirts

Personalized Halloween Sweatshirt Gifts for Dog Cat Lovers - Dog Cat Pumpkin

Do you have Pugs, Siberian Huskies, or Golden Retrievers at home? If your canine buddy falls under any of these categories, then this Halloween print will look great on sweatshirts, mugs, or hoodies!

It gets better if you can gift this Halloween personalized apparel to friends, colleagues, or family members before the Christmas fever hits them! Anyhow, the bright orange design on the plain black background can catch anybody’s eye when you go out wearing this sweatshirt!

Personalized Halloween Sweatshirt Gifts for Dog Cat Lovers - Dog Cat Pumpkin
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Dancing Skeleton Shirt Skeletons Happy Halloween Tshirt

If you are looking for a simple black t-shirt with a Halloween theme, then look no further! Here is something that can send chills up the spines of onlookers. Yes, a bunch of skeletons is dancing under the stars!

Looks like the passed-away witches have resurrected on Halloween day from their graves to celebrate under the night sky. That is how special this day is for the witches and those who practice Earth magic.

Dancing Skeleton Shirt Skeletons


Local Witches Union Salem Shirt

The Salem theme is speaking loudly on this Halloween t-shirt, which makes this one the perfect gift for your witchy friends who are conscious of their special lineage. Long gone are the days when witches had to hide.

Now they can put on witchy clothes during broad daylight and stroll around proudly. These old navy Halloween shirts are symbols of pride and freedom. Hence, give it to those who will appreciate it.

Local Witches Union Salem Shirt

Vintage Halloween T-shirt

If you are not in the mood to dress up too fancy on Halloween, then you can just get this simple t-shirt that depicts the spooky day vibe. The owl on the t-shirt is making eye contact with the cat and the moon as if they know something nobody does. 

Besides, the orange and yellow colors go really well with the black background. Do you have secrets you don’t want anybody to know? Wear this and flaunt an aura of mystery while you attend the Halloween party bash!

Vintage Halloween T-Shirt

Is it October Yet Shirt | Spooky Season Shirt | Halloween Shirt 

Are you looking for personalized t-shirts to gift your peers in October? Maybe something on the lighter side with some flowers to describe the season and the bats to emphasize Halloween? This festival Halloween t-shirt is cute, trendy, and aesthetic. 

You don’t have to dress up extravagantly on Halloween just to fit into the crowd! In fact, you can stand out more with a simple comfy t-shirt with a hint of Halloween on it.

Is it October Yet Shirt Spooky Season Shirt


Personalized Grandma's Little Ghost Halloween Shirt with Pumpkins

Are you granny’s favorite by any chance? But do grannies even have favorite grandchildren? Aren’t they all the same to them? 

You got that right and you should wear that on your torso this October to show your love and support for your dear grandma! If not you, then gift this personalized Grandma's Little Ghost Halloween Shirt with Pumpkins Symbol to your peers who are into their grandmas as much as you are! 

Personalized Grandma's Little Ghost Halloween Shirt with pumpkins


Tis' The Season Fall Shirt

Looking for something cute and fun to wear on the spookiest day of the year? This one may be the one you are meant to wear! There is a delicious array of beverages made just for Halloween. The pumpkin faces have Micky Mouse ears, giving off a joyous vibe instead of a spooky one.

But there are bats and cobwebs in the mix with delicious whipped cream on top! If you notice the beverage on the left corner, it has little Mickey Mouse/pumpkin heads floating in the drink! How creative is that!

Tis' The Season Fall Shirt

Dance with Death Classic T-Shirt

The dance with death theme is one of our favorites because death and rebirth are a constant cycle of life. Some people are not afraid of death. In fact, they just embrace it when it comes to them. 

If you know people who believe in the concept of death and rebirth, you should gift them this beautiful artistic t-shirt! You can pick your favorite color and even wear it as a couple!

Dance With Death Classic T-Shirt


Women I'm A Nightmare Before Coffee Tshirt Funny Halloween Movie Tee

Are you one of those people who can’t function without your morning coffee? Have you ever become a monster because you missed your morning cup of Joe? 

Give everybody a warning about this little secret of yours by wearing this t-shirt not just in October but any time of the year! You never know, other people may offer you a free cup of coffee so you can keep your calm!

Halloween funny t shirt


Halloween Character Totem Pole Tee with Ghost

Now here is a really spooky t-shirt that we have encountered so far. If you want to get back at your bullies, then go out wearing this scary masterpiece! 

The ghoul, the crone, the black cat, the skull, and the Halloween pumpkin are just the Justice League you need to scare off other bullies! In fact, if you have nothing to wear for Halloween, just put on this t-shirt and head out!

Halloween Character Totem Pole Tee with Ghost


Vintage Halloween Town T-Shirt

We saved the best one for the last and this is a vintage illustration of a Halloween Town that celebrates Halloween every day of the year! The full moon is always up in the sky watching the town. 

Pumpkin patches are everywhere and pumpkins are sold to other towns for profit. People are not people but strange-looking shadows. Sights of flying ghouls are common. Overall, just what you need to celebrate Halloween in style!

Halloween shirts - Halloween town


Wrapping Up

The list of Halloween shirts that we have illustrated here is all unique and customizable. Whether you are a fan of your grandma, dogs, cats, passed away pets, witches, pumpkins, or monsters, you won’t have trouble finding what you are looking for!

If not for yourself, you can gift these t-shirts to your colleagues, friends, or family members to celebrate the spooky month! 

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